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Hian lau Shi

"It makes no difference who we are. This net has been cast over all of us."

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a character in “And the Stars Revolted”, as played by The Adversary


Hian lau Shi


Name: Hian lau Shi
Nickname: Neiru (nay-roo) :brisk, quick, clever, sharp:
Age: 41
Sex: Male
Race: Jin Fo
Height: 5'10''
Description: Hian is descended from the Nobou Gun, an ethnic group hailing from a central, warm climate region of Yalinga. This is evidenced by his less pronounced brow ridge and slightly elongated jaw. Standing of average height for his race- lithely built with wiry muscle, digitigrade legs, two sets of three fingers and two toes- there's not much about Hian that would make him stand out among his own. His skin is a mixing of ruddy brown and a murky green splotched haphazardly across his body, while his eyes are a piercing silver. While many humans might not notice, Hian is in truth more muscular than your average jin fo male. More than just the typical agile form, his is better described as truly athletic. He carries himself with poise, almost a kind of regality that humans could easily misconstrue for haughtiness. All the while he observes the world with eyes that seem unfeeling; ever rigid and composed. It would, however, be difficult to call his presence intimidating; even just a little. The jin fo being known for their passive proclivity as compared to humans and all. More.. solemn. Meditative. That's when he not in his suit, of course. Once hidden behind the dull material of his mask, Hian is almost impossible to read for anyone unfamiliar with jin fo body language. All the while, if you were to ask another jin fo they would probably say he looks relaxed.

Talents/Skills: Heavy machine operation, zero-g construction, engineering, infiltration, atypical combat and cyberwarfare.

Personal Equipment:

Heavy Lifesuit
Devised to protect from radiation, bacteria, the elements and any other possible hazards the wearer might face. The suit is also fitted with onboard cyberwar and medical suites. Composed of super lightweight alloy plating fixed to the shoulders, torso and thighs overtop an armored weave of dense fibres, with some personal touches added for personality. Otherwise designed to be comfortable and resistant to damage. The last inclusion is an advanced form fitting barrier emitter, which serves as the armor's first line of defense. Strictly follows the jin fo technological philosophy ascribed by humans as "sophisticated simplicity".

Personality: They say that being employed as a Warrior-Servant for the Defense of the Greater Commonwealth is never a job for optimists, and that if you go into the job with your glass half full it'll soon spring a leak. Others assert that it gives you a better appreciation for your life. Especially during zero-g training when your head's aimed down at a celestial body with only the magnetic grapples on the bottoms of your feet keeping you from being sucked into atmo. The former party usually claims this also supports their outlook. Hian falls somewhere in the middle. While he definitely can not claim that his perspective has totally benefited from his career choice, it did affect him in several ways. While walking along the skeleton of a space station, satellite or even a starship - or while behind the arms of a construction drone - he had time to think. He found himself more able to contemplate in the void between worlds. Whether that means he thinks better under pressure or that he just daydreams easily is still up in the air. At least it means he's good at multitasking, because he never slipped up and managed to retain the lessons. Calling him a deep thinker would be incorrect, however. His musings were typically self explorative, allowing him time to consider things that he ordinarily never thought about. For example: Humans. He has no hatred for humans, nor does he look down on them. He just thinks they're overly assertive and too eager to start a fight at times. Which must in itself be taken into consideration by others due to his choice to relocate to human space and find work there, even if his motives have hidden facets. In a way, a lot can be said about him from that. Like most of his race, he doesn't tend to let differences of nature or opinion stop him from generally treating another sentient being with some amount of decency. Doesn't mean he won't kill someone if he has to. He'll just do it politely.

History: The Commonwealth's armed forces are largely very different than any human military. Smaller, lighter, faster and never really in the mindset of "about to go to war". Servants- as they are officially called- typically exist, during times of peace, to aid in the maintaining of the structure of their civilization. As such, once combat training has been completed most servants will go into civilian fields as extensions of the Authority of Defense. Hian wound up in construction. Although that is by no means his true mission. He volunteered after completing supernumerary education, not feeling fulfilled with where his life had been going beforehand. He felt lacking and insubstantial. He was by no means a violent man, and among the jin fo the service is not seen as a violent path. That's because "service" is taken much more literally among them. It was eventually determined by various elements amidst the Authority's higher echelon that Hian would be suitable for a particular task. Through secure briefings he was informed as to the existence of a largely concealed enemy, one who had been responsible for the early death of the star Wan il Gishin. After being inducted into the resistance by word of mouth alone, he found himself taking a more active role in aiding agents with usually illegal operations like information running. It wasn't long before he was being given similar assignments. It was along one of these posts, about a human medical vessel, that he was nearly killed for it. In the aftermath, he aided in locating several survivors- including a redheaded young human female. He laid low for a time, volunteering at the hospital where she had been taken. Once she'd finally come out of her coma, he learned her name: Collette. He did not tell her at the time that he knew her true species; resistance channels had whispered about the presence of a vyras, and extra care was taken to ensure no one who should not know found out. He attempted to befriend her, probably due to lingering guilt over the incident. The years went by, and Hian fell back into the strange gray part of the system where the resistance worked. He was eventually uprooted from the Commonwealth and set back down on the border - the human side of it. Dahl's Cradle, to be precise. He easily landed a job with the planet's industrial magnates with his experience. Not to mention, there have always been plethoras of humans eager to try and siphon the technological secrets of the jin fo.

So begins...

Hian lau Shi's Story

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Days kicked off fast on Dahl's Cradle. In fact, they never really ended. The sun rising over the planet's western hemisphere signalled a massive changing of shifts. One both sides of the world the day and night crews traded places to keep the machine ever running. Shuttles and ships landing, docking, loading and leaving. Merchant freighters exiting their jumps just twenty miles from the moon, bearing whatever the Cradle didn't manufacture itself. Shipments of refined ores, minerals and rock coming down to the factories from the asteroid belt facilities. Wings of mining pilots returning home, their ships refueled and dispatched with new crews. The Earth Scraper Breaking Orbit keeping in line with the planet's night cycle, slicing silently through the darkness. And despite all the here-to-there goings on nothing really changed. Corporate worlds like this tended to be little more than a bustling monotony. The company was in control, and to pay for your right to live on their planet you did your job to support their business. Almost every single occupation was connected in some way to the Van Zandt Group or one of its partners. That was just the way things were.

Hian had been busy supervising the assembly of individual ship components. Sections of the hull, engine and frame surgically pieced together before being lifted up into orbit where they'd find their places in the shape of a new vessel. He would have preferred being on one of the teams fabricating the parts at least, or to be up where the final product came together. Either way, it was all a good respite from his real job. Sometimes he'd get lucky and need to fill in for someone or take over if something went wrong, but the company trained good workers, and the automated systems were reliable. Hian didn't understand why humans were so distrusting of their unmanned equipment. He actually found himself complaining, for once. He didn't like managing, he was a hands-on kind of man. He wasn't about to be a child about it, though.

His replacement came in, and he clocked out. He did like the night shift, because it meant he was free to move about in the morning. Grabbing a ride on a maglev, he just watched the skyline. The glowing sun in the distance, wreathed with white light. Huge, white manmade spires climbing upward and surrounded by high altitude traffic. Shortly after disembarking, aiming for his room at a nearby housing complex, everything changed. A siren went off, people started milling about nervously. Just as the PA kicked on a sonic boom blasted through the air. Everything else seemed to be drowned out as hundreds of citizens watched in dumbstruck horror a fireball roaring down through the sky. Its impact was even louder, echoing across the city like thunder. Hian launched forward, weaving through the confused and frightened crowd toward the crash site.

**Minutes Before**

"Jump drive at critical, recommend aborting and issuing SOS."

"I'm really not gonna," Adamma growled through clenched teeth, wracking her mind for possibilities. She brought up a holo-schematic of the ship, breaches highlighted by glowing orange across the port side, and one large blot on the belly. The skiff was laboring, right now largely held together by the space-time envelope wrapped around the craft. And not even the jump drive was faring well. Once it gave, the ship was going with it. The instant she dropped out of warp she'd need to act fast depending on where that was. Technical readings were pouring out left and right, and the damned computer wouldn't shut up! There wasn't much she could do other than try and keep the drive going, or at the very least overriding its automatic shut down protocols for a bit longer.

The problem was that eventually it would just stop listening. They all had a point where nothing short of outright hacking the system itself would stop it from powering off. Only a suicidal moron would do that, because a jump drive hitting critical has about the same destructive potential as a ten megaton bomb. Adamma found herself eyeing the display vehemently, quietly hissing, "Come on, come on..." Her hands were as tied as they could get, and this thing just wasn't willing to bend in the slightest. And then it actually did happen. There was a chirrup from the console, and she was unceremoniously dumped back into normal space. Roughly forty miles from a planet and heading closer fast. "Oh," her eyes went wide and jaw slack, and after that brief second's delay she flew into overdrive, starting by trying to veer the ship away from the planet.

"Forward propulsion is offline," the computer informed her coolly.

"Yes, I'm fucking getting that! Now, unless you've got something useful for me: Be! Quiet!" She roared furiously, fingers flying across the interface. She tried redirecting power to the rear engines, hoping she could maybe angle the ship away. That didn't work, because they sputtered out seconds later. Unfortunately they'd actually kicked in briefly, so she was now spinning toward the planet at an alarming rate. She rubbed at her eyes with her palms, trying to take deep breaths, but just wound up kicking the console a couple of times in outrage. "Okay, okay! Uh.. calculate trajectory, where are we going?" The display shifted to an image of a city, right on the border of a body of water. A large one. An ocean, actually. With renewed vigor she tried the thrusters, hoping at least to avoid a populated area. Her spirits began to soar when the estimate started to slide closer and closer to the shore.

"Recommend evacuating as soon as possible," the computer stated.

Adamma sneered, "Oh, you don't say." She locked the thrusters and leapt from her seat, racing to the locker where she'd stowed her gear. She decided against making an inane comment about the computer going down with the ship. It wasn't sentient, anyway. Already wearing the body of her environment suit, she snatched the helmet, wrap and her guns. Very quickly she checked her neural interface. It was still there, she thought with an abrupt nod before racing to the escape pod. Small ship, one pod. Small pod. She crammed herself inside and hit the launch key. The door slammed shut, and she felt the pod shifting while the magnetic locks began to disengage and the computer calculated the best possible place and time to launch her. She kept her eyes open, staring intensely at the ceiling and counting down with each breath until- finally- the pod was seemingly sucked out of its recess in the starboard side of the ship.

The weight of the inertia was nothing compared to the jolt of hitting atmo. An outer shell of ceramic was burned away during descent, sparing the titanium plating beneath from most of the considerable heat. A screen informed her as each leg of the trip down was reached. Another shudder when the upper panels deployed, slowing her velocity considerably to prevent death upon impact. Finally, fifty metres above the water the rockets at the base of the pod fired up, and seconds after contact was made a set of emergency buoys inflated. The pod rocketed back to the surface, and after a brief scan made by the onboard systems, the door opened. Adamma pulled herself up, peering over the lip of the door and watched as the flaming wreck of her skiff went down into the ocean miles away. She slipped back down into the pod, pressing a hand to her forehead and squeezing her eyes hut. "God, I've gotta get some sleep soon," she groaned.