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Maya Himayati

"Three packs a day keeps lots of things away."

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a character in “And the Stars Revolted”, originally authored by Lifecharacter, as played by RolePlayGateway




Name: Maya C. Himayati
Nickname: N/A
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Race: Android
Height: 5'5
Description: Maya was built to be an attractive twenty-something year old. Her false skin was based on a lighter variation of that found in young, Indian women back on Earth and lacks any blemishes or markings other than an external serial number found on the inside of her right ear's tragus. Of quality make, she has no exposed mechanical or electronic components and could easily pass as human, though that doesn't stop her from weighing roughly 240 pounds and hydraulic powered limbs capable of freely applying almost 800 newtons of force. A series of sensory devices have been installed under her skin to replicate the sense of touch, as well as olfactory sensors found deep inside her nostrils. These are all optional and she may disable them at any time, but that defeats the purpose of being made of such complex technology.

Embedded into this skin of hers are thousands upon thousands of replica hairs colored with fade-resistant dyes to match the dark brown hair color that matches her skin tone. What was once kept at a short, practical length to prevent heavy machinery from catching any loose strands has been lengthened to reach the small of her back and is allowed to flow freely now that such risks no longer apply. The optical devices that stare out from under some of those strands have been crafted, like the rest of her body, to hide the artificiality of her workings behind a set of gray eyes that even come with a glistened coating.

Talents/Skills: The "Strong AI" CPU installed in Maya and those made alongside her is able to process sixteen different tasks concurrently and retrieve information immediately from stored memory as well as from extranet sources, all while maintaining complete sapience and autonomy, of course. This CPU, along with all parts necessary in maintaining a consistent cognitive existence found in the artificial skull, are equipped with surge protectors that redirect all voltage over the designated safety limits down through the neck and reworked back into the rest of the system.

Alongside the advanced AI present, many programs were installed to make her an effective employee of the Van Zandt Group. Amongst these included basics such as all the mathematical equations used by the company, several languages including English, German, Chinese, and Spanish, and an in-depth understanding of human and Jin Fo emotions, body language and culture. Further, advanced programming was also requested and installed to allow the operation of several types of civilian vehicles including cars, small shuttles, bicycles and motorcycles, and the use of the company's operating system.

Maya's assignment required additional installations of the schematics and operating manuals for the heavy machinery used by the company, and the logistical layout of the factory she would be employed at along with all the sites connected to it. Mr. Castell also requested further training in domestic work and paid out of pocket for installations related to the use of home appliances as well as several dozen cookbooks worth of food recipes. Since being relieved from duty at the factory, she has deleted the logistical information dealing with that place to free up room for other potential installations, but has yet to find any that she wants.

Personal Equipment:
P.O.P. Gun: The Projected Overcharged Pulse Gun is a tool that uses a non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse to disable machines of all sorts by destroying their electronics. Originally developed for police and military use to help in the non-lethal apprehension of personnel, it was later modified for use in the industrial market as a portable kill switch. Their practicality has been debated as they only seemed to be used in events where there either isn't a kill switch for some ungodly reason or it malfunctions, but since its introduction it has prevented a few dozen workplace deaths along with their lawsuits and does seem to increase worker morale. Due to the increase in power often required to shut down large machines or vehicles on work sites or in factories, these are only usable by adequately powered Android who supply the tool with the additional power. It's quite draining.


Multipurpose Thumbs: Aaron Castell was a smoker and a heavily diseased one at that, and didn't like carrying around lighters or his medication, so he had Maya carry it around for him. Under the retractable nail of her right thumb a lighter capable of varying degrees of heat was installed while a hypodermic needle was installed in her left, with the fluid cartridges for the needle carried around normally.

Personality: Maya, like most Androids, came with a standard, helpful personality that lends itself to their effectiveness in their tasks. They also come completely capable of picking up mannerisms, speech patterns, attitudes, and a slew of inappropriate language from the people they happen to work with. Her current demeanor, therefore, can pretty much be blamed upon Aaron Cartell and his employees, as damning a statement as that is because Maya quickly lost the ability to hold her artificial tongue after being exposed to them for so long. Her words almost always contain a trace of venom hidden behind polite conversation, when she's not being openly abusive of course. She rarely indulges in hollow rhetoric or gentle lies, speaking openly and truthfully regardless of the potential effect it may have on those listening. None of this has ever really impeded her in her work as an assistant, as she was more than capable of relaying practical information without the extra bite and her undercurrent of insults snark and sarcasm didn't always reach everyone. The only time she ever really reigned it in was around Aaron's family as well and the occasional child that hadn't irritated her, partly due to his requesting it and partly out of her attempt to not demonize herself in front of small children or family.

With all that said, she does have quite the issue with other Androids. Maya is personally proud of her origins as a machine that has achieved sapience and emotion and views those less inclined to indulge in these things as detestable. She considers Androids to be a capable companion to the organic people of the worlds, not a submissive batch of robots created to make their lives easier. Those Androids who do what they're bid by organic masters without thought and complaint she views as little more than slaves, and will become agitated upon witnessing this, often to the point of vocalizing her displeasure. As for Androids who are too entrenched in their logic to choose to use their emotions, she's not much of a fan. Logic, she believes, is a minimalistic and base trait that machines centuries ago were capable of, with emotion being the thing that truly elevated them to where they are now.

History: Maya was created amongst a batch of a hundred or so other androids to be the high quality assistant to the managers and other middling level employees of the Van Zandt Group that hadn't already had ridiculously expensive, custom made assistants created for themselves. She was assigned to Aaron Castell an old man managing a plant just outside of West Bank, serving as his personal driver, file manager, schedule maker, maid, and general thing doer. It was a pretty good job that provided her with a more than decent wage, her boss' nice house to live in, a nice group of people she could call family, and the benefit of only having to answer to one person. The fact that that one person wasn't troublesome to deal with and, actually, very kind to his employees--including Maya--certainly didn't hurt. Her days were rather routine: wake Aaron up, make breakfast, go over the schedule, drive him to work, go over the plant's current status, inspect the plant and the employees, make recommendations to him, and carry out his decisions.

When the old man died eleven years after her introduction, Maya suddenly found herself without as much job security as she ignorantly thought she had. She assumed that, since she had pretty much been running the plant under Aaron, she'd get the promotion to plant manager. Unfortunately, someone else who had been rising through the corporate ranks found themselves as the new plant manager and brought along their own assistant, leaving her without a definite position. Not ungrateful for the eight years of service, she was offered other assistant manager positions for the same salary, but she only lasted a few months before requesting to simply be assigned to a lower position. She now holds the position of "File Manager" for one of the smaller offices, leaving her with a bunch of mostly pointless busywork to do day in and day out. Eleven years of saving almost every cent of her salary allowed her to live in a more than decent apartment and have some luxuries, but that didn't stop her from being bored moving File A3456 to Folder Q8788 and watching progress bars. At this point, the only thing she really enjoyed was visiting Aaron's grandchildren and great grandchildren. She felt old at the young age of fourteen.

Other: Despite lacking any of the biological organs necessary to actually be affected by tobacco, Maya has taken up smoking since Aaron's death and can usually be found with a primitive, paper-wrapped cancer stick in her mouth when outside the office.

So begins...

Maya Himayati's Story

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Busywork, that's what life had been about for the past few years. Sort these files. Run that program. Check some numbers. Sort some more files. Watch a progress bar. All this could be done by an automated, mindless program but loyal employees with no position needed to be placed somewhere and given something to do. The only thing that changed from day to day was the specific characters found in the files and the location of the spider that always froze up whenever someone entered the room. Well that and the occasional meeting but attendance had been altered to observation after a dozen or so interruptions, meaning that they became just as mindless as the deskwork.

That was where Maya found herself this morning, in her small office looking around to find where the spider might be today. The computer screen she was supposed to be looking after was busily running automated programs and performing each and every task she herself was supposed to be doing. Since her employers were likely very aware of the installation of foreign software on their network, she assumed they really didn't care whether she herself was doing the busywork or not, so long as she was still employed at the Van Zandt Group there were no complaints from those above her. After a few minutes she found the little bastard hidden within one of the many crevices of her seat and, satisfied by her hard work, sat back in her chair likely startling her officemate and let her mind wander. First she went through any emails she had gotten, then checked the recent news, then browsed for clothes and furniture, then possible vacation spots. She had cleared her starved mailbox, read every headline and decided they weren't interesting enough to pursue further, picked out a new jacket and a new chair for her apartment, and selected a number of candidates for her next break from work. It was a productive day so far.

She had concluded her extranet wandering after about fifteen minutes and rose from her seat, itching to leave the room to give the spider the opportunity to move. She pulled open one of her many identical drawers and withdrew three of her many paper-wrapped cigarettes from it. She let the automated programs enthusiastically sort through her busywork as she left her office and made her way down several hallways to the door that led to the outdoor patio. Since the morning shift had just barely gotten started, she was alone on her break, and took up residence on a seat that had a good view of the sea you usually couldn't get so far from the beach. She bit down on the paper-wrapped tobacco and flicked her thumb open to light it as the sound of something breaking through the atmo resounded. She watched as a ball of fire hurled itself down into the water as her cigarette went deprived of the vital ventilation that it needed to keep lit.

As a few employees energetically emerged onto the patio to try and put a visual to the sound they'd just heard, Maya stood and went over to the ledge to watch as hundreds of foamy circles indicated the crash site. She wondered how much damage would be done to the beach from such an impact as she noticed a distortion in the waves likely caused by something much smaller, probably a piece of whatever had just fallen from the sky. She relit her cigarette and took an inhumanly long breath amongst the clutter of her coworkers talking amongst themselves. When she finally released the smoke that had built up inside of her, a dark cloud emerged from her mouth and drifted across the sky toward the result of some idiot's failed attempt at piloting.