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And You Are...?

Crescent Academy


a part of And You Are...?, by DeathScythe386.

Crescent Academy, beginning and end.

DeathScythe386 holds sovereignty over Crescent Academy, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The academy it all started at.
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Crescent Academy

Crescent Academy, beginning and end.


Crescent Academy is a part of And You Are...?.

11 Characters Here

Mikuru Takano [53] "P-Please go easy on me..."
Ciel Khulaz le Faye [40] "You know when your vehicle is about to cross the lane when the lights go red at the exact moment? I get annoyed by those moments. 99.9% of the time."
Misato Aokigahara [35] "Can I start cleaning now?"
Misato Amane [28] "You want an opinion that matters? Joke's on you, I don't have one!"
Kiro Kanato [28] "I hate humanity. N-Not you, though."
Billie-Jean Marie Jackson [26] A rainbow colored girl with the best intentions but usually just messes up
Ai Mochizuki [24] "You don't build up walls around yourself to keep people out, you build them to see who cares enough to break them down"
Tadakatsu Isogai [15] "Well if you don't have any stupid ideas, care to hear one of mine?"
Kanoko Sei [4] "Don't trust just anyone."
Harley New [1] "Sup. I'm American and can kick you ass at any sport. No more needed."

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Character Portrait: Ciel Khulaz le Faye Character Portrait: Misato Aokigahara
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Class has finally finished and Ciel had started packing up her things. After sliding the last of her stuff into her bag, she turned to exit the doors, waving goodbye to Mikuru before she left. She walked to the train station and waited for the train to arrive. While waiting, she opened her phone again to check out what happened on her "secret life". She skimmed through the pages without minding the fact that she appears as a potential target for thieves and others.

Aokigahara had to stay in after school. He had to help with the janitors in cleaning the classrooms, preparing them for tomorrow's classes. After the task, he received some compensation and headed to his next job: the bakery. He set his stuff down on the employees resting area and greeted Sora, his coworker. She minded the stalls as Aokigahara helped out in the kitchen, carrying sacks of flour, sugar and baking powder to and from the kitchen. "Tough work but someone's gotta do it." He reasoned out as he needed the money if he wants to continue studying here.

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Mikuru exited from the classroom and waited for BJ to catch up to her. When she did, Mikuru put on her best smile.
"S-So, my parents a-are restaurant owners a-and I'm sure they'll le-et us practice cooking."

Misato just walked home casually.
"Yo, Miso~ I'm home..."
He walked in Misano's room. Misano nodded.
Welcome back, bro. How was school?
Misato sighed to himself. Misano hadn't been mute before, so he was still getting used to his own father making his sister mute.
"School was fine, sis. How about you? Did... did he do anything?"
Misano shook her head.
He passed out the moment he came home today. We're lucky.
Misato nodded in agreement.

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Character Portrait: Mikuru Takano Character Portrait: Billie-Jean Marie Jackson
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BJ hesitated. She really wanted to have fun with Mikuru but she had practice for dance team after class."I can't today Mikuru-san. I have dance practice. Could we possibly do it tommorrow or another day when I don't have practice?"

BJ made plans to meet Mikuru later to teach her to cook . She then picked up her uniform and then went straight to dance practice where she spent two hours practicing with the team. They had gone through the choreography for an upcoming dance competition. The dance was a hip hop routine to a Drake song. The dance was fast paced with a lot of more provocative moves. The dance then switched to a pop song by Katy Perry, and than a mash up of a lot of different hit songs. The dance ended with the drake song and everyone in their starting positions.

After that BJ went out to her car and drove to the dance company she's apart of. She practices in a studio by herself for an hour before taking a break.

She makes a couple phone calls to leasing agencies. If BJ was ever going to improve in life she was going to have to move out. She loved her family she truly did, but she just couldn't live in that place anymore, not if she wanted to have friends. She scheduled a couple tours during her off days.

BJ then went back to the studio and danced for another hour before going home.

Billie-Jean then went back home to an empty house. A note left on the fridge said her parents where at a week long conference. BJ grabbed a pop tart headed back to her room to do her homework.

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Packing his things, Kiro was slightly hurrying due to the encounter he had just a while ago that nearly had him late to class. Wordlessly he started out of the classroom, this time, practically running through the crowd. Once he was out the gates, he walked a good distance from the school before he jumped over a fence by complete instinct, and after that, he looked up at a sycamore tree. "Get down from there. Come on." "Caught already? Seems like you're sharper now." He glared at the girl sitting on one of the branches half-lazily, her chin resting on her palm.

"Seriously, Kanoko. Get down from there." He sighed, scratching the back of his head. "Catch me?" "If I can still handle your weight." "Then catch me." She jumped down, luckily, with Kiro managing to catch her, though he staggered back a little. He set her down on the ground, before taking a few steps back and giving her a stern look.

"So what were you doing at Crescent, exactly?" "Surprise, surprise. I thought Ryusei told you already." The face of the albino shut-in of a brother Kanoko had flashed into his mind. During the times he used to come over as a kid, he always saw that face somewhere and had even befriended and talked to him once.

"Told me what?" "I'm transferring to Crescent. Tomorrow."

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Mikuru had frowned a bit.
"O-Okay... W-Whatever works f-for you..."
She then walked home all by herself. Eager to tell her family about what happened.

Misato looked at his sister.
"So, what do you wanna do?"
Misano shook her head.
No idea. I'm just happy to be free of him for even a day.
"I have to agree with you on that..."