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"Hey! Do you... want to be friends?"

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a character in “Android: Emotions”, as played by Another Lie


"In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit."
~ Albert Schweitzer

"Emotionally experimented android files: Experiment 002 "Tenka""
-Information recorded one week before 002 is to be introduced to his human placement family.-

Full Name:
"Experiment 002 has been assigned the social moniker "Tenka" meaning both "Ignition" and "Addition" in the Japanese language."
Nicknames and Aliases:
"Experiment 002 has been reported to dislike nicknames. This personality development should be noted."
"Experiment 002 was designed to perfectly mimic the anatomy and biology of a teenage male."
"Experiment 002 was created four years ago as a defensive measure for a wealthy family. He had the emotional modification installed six months ago... he claims this time is when he really started "living"."
Sexual Orientation:
"While somewhat unexpected, Experiment 002 has identified as demisexual. A somewhat uncommon preference even in humans. Experiment 002's romantic behavior should be monitored if at all possible."

"Experiment 002 is a top of the line defense droid and as such has been armed with advanced flame producing weaponry. Through careful design choices and intricate programming based heavily on the three known laws of thermodynamics Experiment 002 is also able to manipulate these flames in unique ways using special gasses produced from his body during combat. Henceforth, such techniques will be referred to by their given name, pyrokinesis."

Hair Color:
"Experiment 002 was built with artificial dark brown hair crafted from donated human strands and specially crafted nylon extensions designed to blend in perfectly and fill in missing spaces. These added nylon strands are laced with a special chemical mixture comprised of [EXTRACTED] which draws in heat and prevents the ignition of both artificial and donated hair during pyrokinesis. The hair itself is a dark brown hue, appearing auburn in certain lights."
Eye Color:
When interacting socially and preforming other basic actions, Subject 002's eyes are shown as a deep brown. When initiating combat parameters and using pyrokinesis, Experiment 002's eyes will glow varying hues of brilliant red, yellow and orange. This is purely for aesthetic effect as Experiment 002's eyes have no direct effect on his combat abilities.
"Experiment 002 was built to stand at a modest 5'7"."
"Experiment 002 weighs 120 lbs in precisely measured parts."

"Experiment 002 has his standard issue bar code and serial number imprinted vertically along his left upper thigh."
"Experiment 002 has received no superficial piercings as of this recorded date."
"Experiment 002 has a large scar running across his upper back, supposedly it was inflicted upon him by his previous owners, however Experiment 002 refuses to discuss the issue further."
"Due to a possible leak in his ignition release system, when pyrokinesis is activated a large stationary area positioned just above Experiment 002's forehead is forcefully ignited and will remain ignited until Experiment 002 disengages his combat parameters."

{Cowardly, Protective, Fierce, Gullible, Loving}
"Experiment 002 has so far shown a great decrease in productivity since the emotional mainframe was installed in tandem with a slight reboot of systems and combat recognition softwares. The emotion of "fear" has shown a massive surge in the androids understanding and his previous top of the line combat tactics have become all but useless as 002 now seems to be terrified of everything he feels can threaten him. He has been reported as being seen running through the facility at top speed, tail between his legs from such things as spiders, movies under the classification of horror and basic threats from disobedient staff members. (See employ report no. 23657 for the names of involved parties and appropriate punishments.) Needless to say with these added emotions, 002's previous designation as a combat defense droid would be considered as an impossible task akin to asking a small child to fend off a raging bull.

However, recent developments have shown an incredible untapped potential in 002's new programming.

Due to a lapse in security during a tour of the public area of our facilities, 002 managed to escape the confines of his designated living area for a total period of 72 hours. When relocated 002 was found to be in the companionship of a small canine. At first, 002 was more than willing to comply and to return to the facility without a fuss... he even seemed to show signs of guilt and took an apologetic tone... however upon asking the two androids present with the search party to deal with the mutt, 002 flew into a rage. He violently attacked the two androids as they attempted to lay their hands upon the animal, what's even more interesting is that these androids were completely emotionless and had been designed to search and destroy specified targets. Before this incident 002 had been terrified of them. This has lead us to believe that 002 has developed incredibly strong protective qualities over beings that he considers as his allies, he grows aggressive, angry and reaches the full lengths of his combat programming when he feels that those under his protection are threatened. Going off of 002's attack patterns during the incident with the animal, this protective fierceness adds a level of brutality to 002's combat that may even boost his abilities beyond that of what they were previous to the emotional augmentation.

Deigning to bring the dog back to the facility and allow 002 regular access to it has shown us that 002 has developed a very caring and loving side to his newly installed personality. He plays with the animal regularly, feeds it and does his best to care for it based on the information on human family pet ownership that he has been exposed to. We look forward to seeing this behavior expand when human family placements begin.

Side Note: We may have to take some time to work on explaining the concept of "lies" to 002. He tends to understand when someone is telling him something that is blatantly and obviously untrue. However aside from this 002 has showed signs of being increasingly gullible as time goes on to the point where it is somewhat concerning. He generally has shown an inability to distinguish the truth from lies and while he is slowly improving it is a wonder how this will interact with his placement family during human trials."

~Walking his dog: "002 seems to avidly participate in and severely enjoy the act of, taking his adopted dog for walks around the facility grounds. When questioned he has explained that when he's with his "little buddy" he feels like he can "forget about any bad thoughts he might be having."
~Exploring: "Much to our researchers peeve, 002 seems to love exploring wherever he hasn't been. Be it looking in a dark closet filled with cleaning supplies... or flat out attempting to escape the facility. 002 can't get enough of seeing new places."
~Playing Games: "On a whim one day one of our researchers brought in a variety of board and video games to play with the experiments and reported that by far 002 showed the most general appreciation. Be it a video game, board game or card game... 002 seems to always be happy when playing something."
~Combat Practice: "Perhaps carried over from his original programming and somehow augmented by his new personalities interface, 002 seems obsessed with becoming stronger and improving his combat techniques and parameters in order to (in his own words) "make himself strong enough to stand up to what he is afraid of", this behavior is being monitored with dedication as any effect that his emotions may have on his original purpose is essential information."
~Daydreaming/Losing attention: "002 has shown himself to have a very short attention span and often loses interest in conversations with researchers and others he is allowed contact with. This is considered to be an overall negative development."
~Whistling: "Currently not much to note, 002 often whistles the tunes to various types of music he hears. One thing worth mentioning is that he seems to have taken a liking to the music produced by what people commonly refer to as "Vocaloids"."
~Talking to himself: "Our teams are currently unsure as to wether or not this is a trait or a bug in the system, but 002 occasionally mutters things to himself that he should really keep to his inner thoughts. This is not an entirely uncommon activity for real humans however... so for the time being we are ignoring this issue and leaving it as a personality development."
~Crying: "When in a state of extreme sadness, 002 will unwillingly force cooling fluid out through his artificial tear ducts to create the effect of crying. (This is believed to be an automatic process taken by a mix of 002's android logic and his emotional understanding of how he should act when upset.) regardless, 002 seems to be upset a lot more than we initially expected... and as such crying has become a bit of a habit of his."
  • Animals of all kinds.
  • His young plain black dog (looks to be a huskey) "Buddy".
  • Video Games.
  • Board and Card Games.
  • Word Games.
  • Acting "human".
  • The idea of being allowed to live like a human being.
  • Emotion, love and happiness especially, though even sadness and anger are positives for him.
  • Cake. For some unexplained reason he just loves cake of all types.
  • Soaring, he can use his pyrokinesis to leap great heights and he thoroughly enjoys doing so when he gets the chance.
  • Exploring.
  • Meeting new people.
  • Meeting friends and the general idea and concept of friendship.
  • Humans in general.
  • Fellow androids who have been given emotion.
  • The feeling is being discriminated against for being an android.
  • People who would hurt those close to him.
  • Bugs and insects.
  • Killjoys and people who force their sadness onto others.
  • Having to fight at all.
  • His old human owners.
  • The idea of being forced to serve someone due to him being an android.
  • The thought of ever being without emotions again.
  • Anything that's tough and chewy, he hates the feeling of it in his mouth.
  • Cruelty and hatred, the only two emotions he refuses to feel.
  • Being locked up.
  • Night time, it just makes him uneasy.
  • Being treated like a tool.
  • Television, he just doesn't find it entertaining.
  • Fellow androids who lack any emotion.
Pyrokinesis - "002's pyrokinetic abilities are among the best we've seen from modern day androids in the past decade."
Advanced Combat Logistics - "Experiment 002 was originally a top of the line combat android designed to defend high profile security locations and/or the private residences of only the richest patrons in the known world. He has tactical processors, target tracking and accuracy that can put the common android model to shame. Despite this skill being somewhat subjugated by his new found emotions of fear and anger, it is still a valuable asset. Needless to say this also gives him great skill in hand to hand combat, with his own preset and now slowly developing style of fighting."
Superhuman Speed - "Experiment 002 has the same superhuman speed as any other combat ready model, with a good running start we have seen his speed cap out at exactly 86.2 MPH when in optimum conditions."
Superhuman Strength - "Experiment 002 has been upgraded in terms of ordinary android strength to fit his qualifications as a machine designed for combat. His fists have been modified to work in tandem with pyrokinesis and when coated in flame a fully charged punch to the correct area of an opposing androids cranium would be enough to severely disable or perhaps even shatter the opponents skull casing due to the force and heat combined. Needless to say, 002 could easily break most humans into pieces, should he desire to."
Empathy - "A very unexpected strength in character, 002 is able to relate to and comfort most humans... he has already become a quick favourite among the researchers simply due to his ability to talk about and understand their problems. His kindness and trust is boundless and this seems to have given him more of a benefit than we may have originally thought."
Micromanagement - "With his new personality, 002 has shown an increasing amount of promise when it comes to organizing schedules and getting things done on a tight time limit. We expect that this will make him a great pet owner (as already shown) and a valuable asset for his new family."

Schoolwork - "Based on the tests we've run so far... we doubt that 002 will excel in a school situation at all. He's too naturally curious, disobedient and, yes, academically stunted. For a robot, he is TERRIBLE at remembering things and in terms of modern academics and schooling that's practically the only thing that matters."
Fear - "002 is deadly afraid of anything even inherently threatening. Yes we realize that the need to protect others close to him overtakes this fear, but that doesn't change the fact that his emotions have made him a coward and if anything this has become his main flaw"
"Buddy" - "We realize that 002 has taken an unexpected and somewhat intriguing love and interest in this animal but the fact of the matter is that if something were to happen to "Buddy" then the results could be... bad. For everyone involved."
Gullibility - "002 is much too quick to believe anything he is told. He has a natural desire to learn more about what it means to be human which is good... but that desire can often lead to misconceptions and misconceptions can be dangerous."
Power Button - "We feel that 002's power button has been hidden in a very well defended but still accessible area (it is placed in the tooth slot where one would usually expect to find a right molar, for reference) however, an off switch is an off switch and if someone managed to subdue 002 for long enough to reach it (through the use of an EMP for example) then 002 would be almost completely defenseless."
AAC Mode - "A built in mode present in many advanced combat model androids. AAC, or, Automatic Advanced Combat mode is a special setting that is generally only reserved for combat testing purposes. As an often ignored bonus mode, it is activated in a somewhat awkward fashion. AAC mode will activate automatically if 002 is switched off while in the presence of several entities that 002's processors have defined as "hostile". While in this mode, 002 will systematically and efficiently destroy each of his targets with somewhat... brutal, disregard for his own condition. We have no idea how this mode interacts with the newly installed emotions and as such 002 should NOT under ANY circumstances be allowed to activate this mode. The android himself has been informed of this, so we hope that it shouldn't ever prove to be a major problem."
Depressive Nature - "We don't know why... as he has refused to speak about it. But occasionally we will find 002 upset and crying in places he thinks we can't find him. We don't know why he gets upset at random intervals like this, but he does and this shows a potential flaw in his system or perhaps even a bug. Further study is required."

"End Report : Experiment 002 "Tenka" has been cleared for human trials."

Tenka was built and classified as new age model of pyrokinesis wielding defense android, one of the few models belonging to this brand ever created and one of the most advanced androids of his time four years ago during his creation. He was custom ordered to work as one of many top of the line defense droids that would serve a very rich and wealthy family that held an awful lot of influence in modern day Japan. While emotionless and only knowing that he was built to serve, Tenka was treated very poorly by his "owners". The family that commanded Tenka had many many androids due to their overwhelming wealth and they replaced older models whenever they felt like something better was on the market, while the models were still under the service of said family... they were treated like dirt, often abused and manhandled for the fun of it... but they were androids, emotionless beings that felt nothing... so while it was a little sick minded nobody really seemed to care that Tenka and his fellow androids were treated so badly.

Due to the nature of their programming... they didn't care themselves.

As a sick sort of game, the head of the family, a man who Tenka remembers as a large and portly man with a penchant for food of all kinds, ran a knife slowly down Tenka's back cutting through his artificial flesh and ordering Tenka to just sit there and take it. Something which the emotionless android of course did without question. This incident is forever stained on Tenka's body in the form of a large scar running down his back along the path of the knife. When one considers how difficult it can be to pierce a combat androids defenses it becomes apparent that Tenka's previous owner had taken a generous amount of time and effort to slowly carve out the large wound.

Eventually, like all of their models, Tenka's owners sought to replace the android three and a half years later when a newer model was released... usually they would send their old androids off to some scrap yard or factory to be stripped for parts or remade into a newer model... however this time a different approach was taken. Just as the emotionless Tenka was shut down for what was the last time, he spied what looked to be a researcher speaking to his portly owner. Just barely he could make out a single word on the strangers clipboard.

"E... mo... tion?" Tenka whispered the word with a cold and emotionless tone as he was switched off for what he had been told would be forever.


At the touch of a soft hand in his mouth, pressing down the button that would re-activate Tenka... the android leaped back in surprise and sat fearfully in the corner of the room. All at once so many things flooded into his mind at the thought of his last known memory... he was going to be shut down, scrapped, he was going to die. He screamed. He didn't want to die... he wanted to live... he was sick of being treated so easily like a tool... like something to be thrown away. He was angry! He was scared! He... He was...

Tenka looked up to see the researcher whom had been talking to his owner, the man had a look of wonder, intrigue, surprise and caring as he saw Tenka's sudden burst of emotion. "It's alright." He said, and Tenka began to feel a new emotion, calm, as he heard this mans soothing voice. "Welcome to our facility, Tenka, we hope you enjoy your time here."

Tenka's life at the facility began shortly after that. He began to learn about what it meant to be human, what it meant to "feel" and perhaps, most importantly, what it meant to have those feelings shape himself... what it meant to be his own personality and individual. He quickly grew to enjoy his new life in the facility... but a part of him always wondered what it would be like if he were to leave. His memories of his past owners had become hazy... the life he had before gaining emotions all seemed like some sort of monochrome blur. What he did remember was a life filled with cruelty and pain. Getting brief memories of this time was enough to drive him into random states of deep sadness that the scientists and researchers didn't understand. When they asked him about it, Tenka found that for once he had the ability to refuse.

"I... don't want... to talk about that. So... I won't." That was a hard thought to process... but Tenka FELT like it was right.

But regardless of any cruelty, Tenka still wanted above all else to see the World outside the facility and eventually his natural curiosity got the better of him. Having the appearance of a teenage boy... and also having the troubled emotions to match, Tenka had no trouble with sneaking into a more public area of the facility and joining up with a tour group that was there at the time. Seeing all of those people interacting with one another... but now also being able to join in with his own personality sent waves of excitement and wonder through Tenka that he had never felt before and already he was excited to see more.

Easily fooling the lower level security human guards who watched the front gate, Tenka slipped out into Tokyo city... as he ran forward he heard the blast of the facilities intercom exclaiming something about a security breach and a missing project... but by that point he really didn't care. Running through the streets Tenka saw many humans and emotionless androids, however not all of them were so nice as the tour group and researchers. They gave him horrible looks and shouted obscenities at him as he passed. The androids just stared at him blankly and it scared him to think that he was once just like them. Suddenly... Tenka felt his wonder replaced with fear... everything seemed so threatening, paranoia began to settle in and Tenka started to feel like the city itself was trying to swallow him up whole, chew him up and spit him out. His new emotions were still so difficult to control... despite his best efforts he just couldn't force himself to calm down. He was terrified.

Without his consent, Tenka felt his legs moving at mach speed, he was running at over 80 miles per hour and people in the city turned their heads in confusion as what looked like a somehow scared android was running through the city. After ten full minutes of running... Tenka felt the rain falling against his head. It felt... cold... Tenka didn't like it, so he hid under a nearby bridge to take shelter, slumping into a sitting position against the cold stone wall of the bridges underbelly. All he had wanted was to go out and explore... maybe make some human "friends". Yes... friendship, that was another concept that he had only just been introduced to, but everyone seemed so scary, so intimidating. He couldn't bring himself to approach any of them. He sighed, maybe he just wasn't cut out for having-


Tenka jumped and screeched as a sudden noise came from his side. He stood up and in a panic looked to the source of the noise. Standing there was a puppy... it looked half starved and it was shivering in the cold. Pure black in color... it looked like a huskey that had lost its white somehow, though Tenka knew that was impossible and that the dog was just colored oddly for its breed.

The newly feeling android wasn't sure how to react to the small animal, his eyes widening as he thought of what to do. However, the puppy seemed to have its own plans as it moved close to Tenka's leg and started to rub up against him. With a shock... and a small smile, Tenka lowered himself down and gently put his hand onto the dogs head and pet him gently. It was soft... and warm despite being soaked with rain. Without having to say a word Tenka knew that he had finally made a friend.


It took three days for them to find him, Tenka had been staying under the bridge with the dog rather than immediately returning to the facility like he had planned to. The android had been rooting through garbage bins to find scraps of food to feed to his new friend, whom he had affectionately named his "Little Buddy" or just "Buddy" for short. When he was discovered he had thought that his human researchers would look after the dog for him, so he got up and moved to go back with them apologetically when they arrived.

That is, however, until the head researcher spoke.

"Androids, take care of the dog."

Tenka's eyes widened as he had a memory. His previous owner... whenever he was to have an android destroyed and replaced... he would say it in that tone, those exact words.

"It's time we took care of Tenka."

Tenka didn't even hesitate, without any thought or need for calculation he felt himself rushing forward, his combat mode was engaged for the first time since he had gained emotions and the weaker humans couldn't hope to hold him back. These two androids were bigger than him... emotionless and without mercy, Tenka had been afraid of them. But... they were going to hurt his friend! He wouldn't... he couldn't let them do that! With that in mind, Tenka didn't feel as bad about it when his flame covered fist crashed full force into the other androids outer casing, his fully powered blow crushed his opponents artificial skull and literally smashed its head to pieces as it tried to reach down and pick up Buddy. Tenka turned to attack the other droid, whom was now readying for combat... but the researcher called it off.

He proceeded to apologize to Tenka... and informed him that he had had no idea of how much Tenka cared about Buddy. After that, to Tenka's great surprise, he was returned to the facility with Buddy by his side. He was allowed to keep his new friend... he didn't know why of course.

But to be perfectly honest, he didn't really care.


Now Tenka is with his new family. He's trying his best to get along with them, but memories of his past life as a slave and a tool to a human family are making it difficult for him to connect with them, his new "Father" and "brother" in particular.

But he IS trying... and when things get too rough, his new family were more than willing to allow Tenka to take Buddy to live with them aswell.

Now he's attending school and living his life just like a human would. Little does he know that his story as a living, thinking and feeling being has only just begun.

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Tsunayoshi Sawada
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So begins...

Tenka's Story