Angel of Aion

Angel of Aion


When the Demon's finally fight the Angel's of Aion..the world split's in two.

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Ever since the beginning of time Angel's have watched over the world's in there kingdom of Aion. But to every light there is a opposite. For every ying a yang. And as so the demon lord Xenin has created an army of corrupted souls. These are known as devils. As rage rises Xenin sends his warriors to fight those of the high court of Aion. This is there war. These are the warriors!

Warriors background:

There are two types of warriors: Demon and Angel. These two have specific elements they control. Depending on the class shows what weapon they use and style they fight.


  • Fire: The ability to control and harness fire. Known for huge buster blades.
  • Skeleton: The ability to move there bones into weaponds or shields. Are fast but defenses aren;t the best. Weapon consist of Sythe's.
  • Lightning: Can create sparks of lightning. Are known for speed and weapons consist of katanas


  • Earth: The ability to use giant rocks. Are known for there great strength, Use there fist or weapons that add to there strength with blunt force
  • Water: Smart and quick to reason. With the ability to control water there weapon would be small blades
  • Wind: Wind Angels are increadibly fast. They are known for being the ninja class of Angel's so they use ninja weapons

Arch Form:

There is a second form to every class and element. These classes are called Arch. It can only be used by higher up Angels and Demons. When this happens a set of wing's will grow on the user's back made of there certain element. It also gives you a halo made of the same element. Or horns made of your element if your a demon.
When in use the user has an incredible boost in energy and can use there elements in ways never before thought by the user.

Main Character's

Owari (God):


Character Skeleton:

Appearance: (ANime pic workd)
Anything else you wanna put

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Aion and Hell

Aion and Hell by Zix


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