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Connor Krauklis

" Why do they hunt us down ? "

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a character in “Angel....or Mutant?”, as played by ceh12


Name: Connor Krauklis

Age: 13

Description: Connor is somewhat big for his age standing at 5'4 and 135lbs but extremely weak. He lacks upper body strength and doesn't have any way of showing otherwise. Although he does make up for it in his legs allowing him to run at quick speed allowing him to dash away from most obstacles. His face consists of two brilliant emerald-green eyes, and shaggy light brown hair (or a darker shinier shade of brown when wet) that goes down almost past his neck.

Wing Color: Silver with a few black feathers

~Super Speed - Capable of running at speeds up to 45 mph but for no longer than twenty minutes at a time.
~Night Vision - Allows Connor to see in the night as if wearing night-vision goggles
~Third eye - Connor can sense someone approaching him from up to thirty feet away (note: he does not have an actual third eye)

Personality: Connor is extremely skittish around anyone mutant or human. He is very friendly and agreeing when befriended and is loyal till the end. He is babyish at times of fear and will sometimes cling to those bigger than him. He is very docile and in an argument he will sit out and walk away from the fight. He almost never gets angry and when he does it's usually a short burst and ends quickly.

So begins...

Connor Krauklis's Story


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#, as written by ceh12

"GET HIM!!!" a Master screamed as Connor sped past the guards and into the wilderness. He had just gotten out by one of the newer Masters not locking his cage properly. A few vampires came bounding after him as Connor dashed to the woods hoping to escape from them. He jumped over the branches and looked back to see one fall over after a branch hit him in the gut. He made it around a bend but the remaining four that hadn't crashed into themselves were faster than most. Connor realized what had happened and jumped to the ground and started running. His legs were weak from the testing he had just gone through but he did it anyways, making it out of the woods and leaving the vampires back confused and lost in the dark forest.

Connor was exhausted and about to faint but made it to the edge of a small town. It was almost abandoned and quite run down at that. He looked down the streets and saw no one. No humans, or more important not a single vampire had followed him, he hoped. Connor wrapped his arms around himself and walked over to a large building and knocked on the door lowly. The door creaked open and revealed the dusty inside. It was quite tidy luckily and Connor began to search fruitlessly for something to eat. He went to the kitchen and found nothing but a box of rat poison. There were dead rats scattered around but he wasn't that hungry anyways. He opened a dresser and found some candles and a box of matches. "Yes finally something useful. " he said happily and took a match out and lit a candle with it. He put the box in his jeans pocket and sat the candle down on the table and looked around a bit better at the now slightly illuminated home.

He saw what looked like a painting and wiped the dust to see the picture. It seemed to be the home of a small but normal looking family. Connor sighed and ran his fingers over the painting. "Why can't that be me ?" he said to himself and pressed his wings to his back ashamed of them. He sat down in a large chair and curled up and sobbed slightly. He didn't want to be like this, he didn't want to run anymore. He just wanted to lay down and die, but he knew silently he would never be able to do it so all did was lay down hoping he would be able to sleep and wake up the same way he came inside. Alone.


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Character Portrait: Connor Krauklis
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#, as written by ceh12
Connor sighed and sat up unable to sleep. He wandered around the house for a bit and was on the brink of tears as he kept thinking about being normal. He made it to the attic and began to look in the small space. He rummaged through the boxes until he found something useful. It was a small jacket just about his size. He kept looking and found a small knife which he used and cut the slits he would need for his wings. He put the jacket on and slipped his wings through. It fit very well and it was extremely cozy.

He walked downstairs satisfied and decided he had stayed his welcome. He put the candle out and walked into the dark world which was illuminated by his night vision. He walked around the town looking for food but every house was barren. His stomach growled lowly as if it was about to attack. "Ugh" he moaned. He then heard a hiss from the woods and ran in the opposite direction. He wasn't sure what it was but he wasn't going to find out.

After a few minutes of running it was silent and Connor was lost. He kept wandering through the woods aimlessly and shouted "Hello anyone there?" he screamed fear showing through his voice. His biggest fear right now was a Master coming in from behind and grabbing him by the neck and strangling him and taking him back to the ward.


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Settings: Heated lab in the freezing colds of Antarctica

Dr. Gunther stared at the various monitors secured to the lackluster gray wall in his office. What better place to have a secret lab than in the isolated white plains of Antarctica?

Each screen was filled with one interesting image or another. A few of them even ineffectually displayed the outside of the Antarctican Ward in all its insipid glory.

But the most interesting monitors were the ones right in front of Dr. Gunther. The ones that showed them.

Generation 5

The most advanced form of Pouli Anthropos.

There they were in all their glory. Tall, graceful creatures, that looked almost as endearing as softly painted pastel angels. Their wings were smooth and shiny, as healthy as any well fed fowl, and they expressed the slim musculature that was to be expected of their generation. They were beautiful.

Okay, who was Gunther kidding? The children were ragged, poorly dressed, escapees, with little to their names but the few various items they’d conned and stolen out of innocent, unaware, humans. Still, it was better than nothing.

Their cunning showed their willingness to survive and thrive in relatively poor conditions. Weather they accomplished their survival by brute force or trickery varied from child to child, but, 88% of the time, resulted in victory.

They showed poor social skills in regards to humans, but seemed to trust one another (out of the few that had actually encountered each other), and showed a willingness to work together, or become accomplices.

Carefully, he looked from monitor to monitor, meticulously observing the actions that took place within the walls of the black boxes.

The first one he glanced over showed two of the older children speaking, strangely enough, near a dumpster. For a millisecond, he wondered how they were tolerating the repulsive scent of garbage, before shifting through his files.

“Taylor Rice” and “Samuel Echtin” were their unnumbered names. The poor boy, in an attempt to divulge answers about the Ward, questioned the girl. She answered in a typically sarcastic manner. Then, she asked a literal question. Something Gunther thought was a plausible question.

“Hey...have you seen any…more of us?” came her quiet frizzled voice through the monitor.

Gunther chuckled, low and devilish, something that would send chills down the bones of the innocent.

His eyes traveled to the next monitor. One of the younger subjects, “Conner Krauklis”, was out and about in the forest, lost and screaming. No doubt his terrified shouts would eventually attract the attention of those mongrels Gunther had created so many years ago.

The next screen was a bit more interesting. A boy had a death lock on her. For a moment, Gunther was petrified that he would kill her. But then, she was dropped out of his grip. Fear ran rampant in her eyes, and Gunther made no attempt to hide his disgust.

“Dear Eins,” He whispered to himself, shuffling through her papers, “He is your friend. Do not be afraid,” Speaking to himself in this manner, Gunther sounded almost crazed. Of course, with Eins being more than complicated, the doctor had no plausible way of knowing what she was thinking without being close to her. He cared little. Eins had just been a stepping stone for his latest project. The boy, however, was more than a stepping stone. Generation 5, his name was “Jude Oakheart”. Surprisingly he had manifested the power that allowed him to escape.

Then, to the right of his present screen, there was “Marcus”, or so it seemed he was named. The child had cleverly stolen a credit card, proceeded to clear the scene of any plausible evidence, and went on to use the withdrawal money to his advantage. Gunther found the amount of items he had ordered impractical, but kept it to himself.

“Clever, very clever…” Gunther grumbled, as the child disappeared within the confinements of a bathroom, to which Gunther refused to have his camera follow.

Then, his cameras went to the scene of drama. His most least desired experiment, vs his most desired experiment.

Michael, that mongrel of a Vampire, had approached three of them. “Brendan McAdams”, “Matthew Bernard” and “Marceline Bernard”. Gunther’s lips edged into a smile as he wondered how each individual child was handling the confrontation between Avian and Vampire. He doted on it little.

A “special” thing caught his eye.

A Generation 4. They had all been eradicated. Or so his scientists had reported to him. And yet, here was a twenty year old Generation 4 male, with big thick muscles, and a clear mutation that had caused it. Even his wings were broader than the norm.

Screen capping his face, Gunther plugged the image into his databases.

No name. Just an image of the same man, though younger, with a smaller body (the beginnings of his advanced muscle development had begun to show in the teenage picture).

He was coupled with a young, quite miniature, female, with a darker skin tone.

Both of them had supposedly died in a plane crash.

Gunther was going to have a word with the employees of the South American Ward.

Suppressing his anger, his eyes moved on to the next screen.

A boy very similar to “Brendan” popped up on the screen, along with a innocent, and very confused looking girl, who happened to coincidentally also be another experiment. “Carter McAdams” and “Haley Price”. He was urging her to get a move on, do a perimeter of the area. Gunther theorized “Carter” knew trouble was on the rise by the fact that the twins, “Bredan” and “Carter” had been observed expressing a special connection with one another. It disappointed him that “Marceline” and “Matthew” had not developed a similar power, both children also being twins.

However, “Brendan” and “Carter” were identical. “Marceline” and “Matthew” were fraternal. Maybe it made all the difference.

“Alice!” he called. A small girl, no more than six years, with curly blonde hair, bounded over to him, placing her hand in his.

“Yes, Daddy?”

“Do you see the children, Alice?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She responded, ice blue eyes grazing over each Avian filled monitor with intelligence far surpassing the age of six.

“Alice, one day you will rule them all.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Marceline POV

I resisted the urge to immediately run for my life.

One thing that remained, however, was that everyone stayed calm.

Brendan, Matthew, me…not a single one of us showed any apparent fear.

“Michael,” I responded calmly, and a bit too confidently. I was thrilled. Never before, in my time at the Ward, had I been allowed to directly call a Vampire by his name. Out here, the rules were different.

“Making friends is a good idea. Don’t you think so? Besides, I’m sure one of you make friends with your brethren,” I said, mockingly referring to his team of vampires.

“Why don’t you go ahead and come for us?” Matthew said, a steel edge in his voice.

My eyes, for a second, glanced back towards the building where the “adult bird kid” was stationed. Something looked odd about his feet. They had changed color. It almost seemed like, from his knees down, there was short course fur, and a furry tail sticking out from his behind.

Must be a power or something.

For a moment, his eyes zeroed in on Mike. He crouched down, preparing for flight, or so I thought.

And then, he jumped.


For a moment, the Vamp had turned to look at me. He knew I was there, and he was letting me know it. I returned his cold hard stare with a much calmer one, making a face as he turned away to greet the children.

The young blonde girl eyes seemed to wander for a moment, falling on me. I ignored her stare to calculate the distance between me and Mike. It was about twenty feet.

No sweat. I had the enhanced muscle strength, not to mention the fact that I was able to half morph my legs into something more lemur like, powerful, and equipped for jumping and climbing.

Perhaps Mike was expecting me to fly to him, attack him from the air. That’s what most Vampires expected, at least.


I crouched, down and then, bam, rocketed off from the roof opposite the store. I probably looked just like a monkey, taking a leap like that, but I landed exactly where I wanted to.

Right next to the Vampire.

“You wanna back off, Vamp?” I asked, calm like Solo had taught me.


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#, as written by ceh12
Connor kept walking, everytime a twig snapping he jumped in the air. He then calmed himself and continued on his journey. He didn't care where he was going as long as he could get away from the Ward, and the Masters, and the Vamp...oh no. He spun around and there were three staring him about to attack. "No no no." Connor shouted as he darted in the other direction. He heard them getting closer and closer to him. "They're faster." he thought but really he was going slower. He was still feeling tired so he couldn't run at full capacity.

Connor didn't care about speed he only needed to escape. The constant obstacles were no match for his night vision but the vampires kept on him not letting anything get in their way. The movement of vampires was admirable but still average at best. Connor then had an idea. He kept an eye out for a hill and eventually located one just large enough. He ran till he got as close to the edge as he could before stopping on a dime and ran past the group who skidded down the hill and fell onto eachother.

Connor sighed a quick breath of relief then he took off to what looked like another town. This one was much more vibrant (at least compared to the last town) and looked like there was a lot of commotion going on. He fixed his silvery wings to go inside the jacket and Connor walked over and tried to see what was happening.