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Haley Price

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a character in “Angel....or Mutant?”, as played by deadaray


Haley Anne Price


Haley is an athletic thirteen year old girl, lean and muscular. Her chocolate brown hair falls naturally pin straight down to well below her shoulders and her eyes never stay the same color for long. Years of experimentation have made her body strong and flexible and brought her endurance level up far above the norm for a girl her age.

Wing Color:
Pristine white wings with flecks of silver and beige

Haley's powers aren't the typical ones people generally think of. Whether it be by design or just a side effect of countless experiments, her immune system works impossibly fast. It's both a blessing and curse, because things like broken bones tend to start their healing process before the bones are reset and deep cuts heal before the wounds can be cleaned. All of Haley's senses were made infinitely stronger with the exception of her sense of smell. She can see, hear, taste, and touch things most people couldn't even dream of, but she can barely smell at a rudimentary level. The only real 'power' Haley possesses is the ability to project her thoughts and accept those of others. They have to be within a certain distance, though she isn't sure quite how far that distance is. Her ability to hear other people's thoughts is extremely limited as she can only hear the thoughts they willingly and or purposely put forth, and her ability to project her thoughts to others does not include the power of suggestion.

At heart, Haley is just a basic, normal teenage girl. She lives her life under the protective covering that everything is what you make it, and any situation can be turned for the best. She trusts without fail and forgives too quickly, and as hard as she may try she's awful at hiding her emotions.

I haven't exactly figured out all the aspects of this part yet, so I'll fill them in as I figure them out :)

So begins...

Haley Price's Story


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Low hanging tree branches whipped Haley's face as she ran through the forest. It felt like she had been running for ages, but she wasn't ready to stop yet. In the distance she could see a bright light shining through a dense patch of trees. Back at the ward they had done all sorts of fitness tests. She had been forced to run, jump, swim, and fly for miles. It seemed inevitable that one of them would be bound to come in handy eventually. Apparently 'eventually' was today. The trees were getting closer and closer together, and she could feel their sting as they hit the plethora of cuts and bruises that littered her arms, legs, and face.

Suddenly the trees were gone and Haley burst through onto the sidewalk of a busy street in what appeared to be a small suburban town. Okay, first things first, where on Earth am I? She thought, looking around for a street sign. She hoped the outside world was like the movies she'd been forced to watch in the ward. It looked about the same, so why wouldn't it be? Haley had had to teach herself to read with little things she found in the ward. It took a while, but it was a great way to pass the time and break away from the world she lived in. A few years ago she had found a book about a bunch of kids who's DNA had been spliced with that of a canine. They were just like her, well except for the fact that they had different animals inside them. Anyways, the book had been labeled "sci-fi" for "science fiction". It struck her as odd, why would it be science fiction? Back at the ward Haley had met a couple kids with canine DNA in them. That was lesson one about the real world, mutant kids weren't just abnormal out here, they didn't exist.

"Maine Street" She read aloud when she finally found a street sign. People were staring at her and her automatic assumption was that they knew. Somehow they could just tell she was different. Haley instinctively pulled her wings in a little tighter to her body and turned to keep walking, which is precisely when she saw her reflection in a store window. Her face was covered in small cuts and bruises, her clothes were torn and caked in a mix of mud and blood, and there were twigs stuck in the knot that was once her hair. That certainly explained the staring. Crap.

She walked into the store in hopes of finding a bathroom or something to clean up in. Instantly a motherly looking blonde woman ran over to her, "Oh my word deary, what in the world happened to you?" She asked as she started pulling the twigs out of Haley's hair.

"I, uhm, I went for a run and got a little lost." She lied, then realized it still didn't explain her appearance, "and I fell down a hill."

The woman shook her head, "my my my, well come on back and we'll get you cleaned up." Before she knew what was happening, the woman grabbed her arm and led her behind the store's counter and into a large storage room. There was a small sink in the corner with a first aid kit and a few basic toiletries next to it. "Thank goodness we have this stuff back here," the woman said as she picked up a hair brush, "The boss likes us to look pretty when we're working, says it will help us sell more clothes. Were you running down by Breton Creek? That's the only real big hill I can think of around here that could do this much damage. You would've needed to be going pretty fast though." Haley nodded silently.

The woman gave her a new outfit and bandaged up all of her cuts, talking idly about one thing or another the whole time. "No charge deary, do you need help finding your way home?" She asked as she led Haley back out to the main part of the shop.

Haley shook her head, "No I'll be alright," she said, inching towards the door. "Thank you so much, I'll be sure to tell all my friends about this place, I hope you have a good day." She said and made a beeline for the door. Friends? What friends? The only friend Haley ever had was a girl years ago that the scientists paired her with during tests to save time.

Now what? She thought.


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Brendan McAdams:
"Up to you bro." I said as I looked from the brunette girl, to the pair sitting on the roof of what appeared to be a gas station, and back again. From our perch up high we could easily see both. It wasn't like I didn't already know which one Carter was going to pick, but if I asked him about this it should hopefully give me more pull on our next decision. Or at least I liked to think it would.

"Let's split up." I heard him say.

I knew it, of course he would pick- wait, what? I could feel his eyes on me, could sense the smirk forming on his lips, but before I had a chance to say anything he was gone. In the blink of an eye he was on the ground with his wings tucked in and his hand extended. Well, at least I'd been right about which he would pick.

I turned my attention back to the pair on the roof. They were obviously eating, and by the looks of it they'd stolen the food from the building they were sitting on.

"Sounds like something Carter would do." I muttered to myself. The street lights hummed below, emitting a pleasant orange glow over everything they could reach. Wasn't that from a movie? Something about 'everything the light touches...' - oh, it doesn't matter.

I took off into the night, circling high and wide above the gas station twice to make sure everything was clear before dipping below the tree line and forcing myself into invisibility and landing silently on the roof.

Invisibility isn't what everyone likes to think. At least not for me it isn't. There's no simple on/off switch to flick that magically makes me disappear. It's a mental strain that takes so much focus and energy it's absolutely ridiculous. Even so, it comes in handy. Like now for instance, when I can stand on a roof top and go unnoticed while I listen to what the two not so subtle bird kids have to say.

Carter McAdams:

The look on Brendan's face when I flew off; priceless. He seriously looked like I had just threatened to steal his first born or something, which just for the record, I definitely don't want. Well, maybe someday. Kids can be cool sometimes, but really I don't want any. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm totally going to have a son someday. I think I'll name him Tyler. I like the name Tyler.

Wait, can I even have kids?

Doesn't matter. Well it does, but now's not the time.

Focus Carter.

Oh God, now I sound like Brendan. That's all he ever says to me. 'Focus Carter', 'Pay attention Carter', 'Are you even listening to me Carter?', "Carter stop playing with that, it's explosive'. Annoying, right? I don't know how he ever get's anything done.

Right, okay, focus.

Mutant or normal girl? She looks normal enough. Then again, so do I, looks can be deceiving. She looks flustered though. Probably needs help right? I should probably stop circling her now and just introduce myself. I'm getting kind of dizzy anyways. Yeah, I should stop.

"Hi there," I said with my most charming of smiles as I held my hand out for her to shake, "I'm Carter."


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Haley Price

To say I was surprised by the sudden appearance of the boy before me would be a HUGE understatement. Floured maybe, completely stunned, possibly even a little terrified. Even those descriptions don't quite hit just how shocked I was.

The entire interaction caught me so off guard that I found myself grabbing Carter's hand if for no other reason that to keep myself from tumbling backwards. He had to be from the ward, no doubt about it. Either that or I'm seriously losing my edge.

When I found my balance again I smiled and shook his hand quickly before releasing it.

"Haley. It's uh, nice to meet you." I said, about as awkward of an introduction as possible if I do say so myself. Instinctively I took another step back to put some distance between us. He seemed nice enough, but this entire situation was about as strange as it could possibly get, and I still needed to figure out where in the world I was. Okay, where in America I was, I knew for certain I was in America. Then again, he could probably help.

"Yeah, so I'm uh, I'm going to go now.. Carter, right? It was nice to meet you Carter." I said with a small smile, taking a few more steps back towards the safety of the woods in the process.


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Carter McAdams:

Woah is she skittish or what? If I had to guess I'd go with a week out, maybe two, but definitely no more than that. Definitely a bird-kid though. Unless normal people learned the art of healing their cuts and bruises in a fraction of a second. Which I seriously doubt.

I took two quick steps forward and one to the side, which did a pretty good job of blocking her route back to the forest. Woops, those were supposed to be normal steps. Great now I'll really scare her off. Brendan's going to kill me.

"Look, you're probably hungry right?" I said.

Food was always a good way to win people over. It would be a good way to win me over. Especially pizza. Pepperoni, or buff chic, or oh, what was that one I tried that one time? Hulu chicken? Yeah, that was good. Wait, why am I talking about pizza?

Haley, right.

"Just stay here for one second, okay? I'll be right back." I said, and without waiting for a response I was off again.

Brendan McAdams:

I could feel him coming before I could see him. Of course, with how fast he was moving how could I possibly see him? He could see me though, because in the blink of an eye he was standing directly in front of me with his hand out asking me for money.

It's a weird fault with my power. Carter can always see me, no matter what. Kind of like how I can always tell where he is even if he's moving to fast to actually be seen. We just call it the 'freaky twin thing' because really, what else could it be?

Carter's always had terrible timing when it comes to stuff like this. The fact that he didn't even glance at the other two bird kids but rather came and stood with his back to them to ask me for money? Especially when they're clearly getting ready for a fight.

"What do you need money for Carter? We just ate." I said as I pulled my wallet out of my pocket and handed him ten bucks nonetheless. We've only actually been buying our food for a couple days now, and I know Carter hates it, but I'm fairly certain it helps us stay under the radar.

I didn't get an answer, because as soon as he'd come he was gone again and I was standing there alone on the roof. No use being invisible now.

It's always a huge relief dropping the invisibility cover. It's like my mind just gets so much clearer and lighter.

"You guys can relax." I said, ruffling out my wings for good measure, "I'm Brendan by the way."


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Haley Price

Food hadn't even crossed my mind. Okay, that's a lie, it crossed my mind about 10 miles ago, but the thought was gone just as soon as it had come. Probably swiped from my mind by one of those tree branches. At the mention of it though I felt my stomach grumble. Honestly though, when wasn't I hungry? Oh yeah, that's right, never.

"Yeah I-" I started to tell him I was hungry, but before I had the chance he was gone. So I wound up just mumbling a "nevermind" to myself. I adjusted my new clothes a bit while I waited. They were still a bit stiff and uncomfortable, not worn like what I'd had on before. Of course, my previous outfit was practically falling off and unwearable, so I guess it's good I got rid of it.

Carter was back far too fast for my liking. I still hadn't decided whether or not to trust him, and I'd barely even had the chance to turn around before he was in my my face again. Of course, he was holding a crisp ten dollar bill in his hand, and the prospect of food was just too promising to want to leave.

"What can that get us?" I asked. The concept of money was understood, but I didn't have the slightest clue how to use it.


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Carter McAdams:

Okay, I take back what I said about two weeks. Definitely less than that. Maybe one?

I wrapped my arm around Haley's shoulders to lead her towards the store. "So how long have you been out for?" I asked. Part of me wanted to know how she'd gotten out to, but those stories hardly ever ended well so I bit my curiosity in the butt.

Weird phrase right?

As we walked through the store I stared picking up random cheap foods from the counter and handed them to her in quick succession. Ten bucks was certainly not enough. Why did Carter only give me ten? I obviously need more, and I bet he knew that too.

Brendan McAdams:

"Woah slow down." I said as I threw my hands up, palms facing forward. "One question at a time, yeah? Right, okay so where do I start? Yes I was invisible, and that was my brother Carter, right twat that one, can't even have half a conversation with him before he's gone, and what was the third question? Oh yeah, the wallet. Carter swiped it about a week ago from some guy in Nevada."

That was probably way too much information to give two complete strangers right off the bat, but from what I could tell they seemed nice enough. Besides, they're looking for their family, how bad could they really be?


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Haley Price

"Out?" Haley repeated as she walked alongside Carter into the store, "only about two days."

It felt like so much longer than that though. Some how running made time move so much slower. Especially when it came with the constant fear of being chased. It moved even slower staying up at night to keep guard. Sure eventually she'd passed out from pure exhaustion, but sitting up and listening for the vampires had basically been torture. Almost like another test from the lab.

"What about you, how long have you been out?" Haley asked.

Judging by the ease with which Carter moved around and blended in she had a feeling it had been quite some time. While Haley kept sneaking glances over her shoulder, Carter's main focus seemed to be the brightly colored packages of food he kept tossing at her. Most of them were things she'd never even heard of, too accustomed to the boring and bland food of the ward.

Haley found that if she just stuck close to Carter no one stared. They could easily just be two normal kids out for a late night snack, and wasn't that a nice thought.


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Brendan McAdams:

What's wrong with 'twat'? That's exactly what he is.

I stepped forward and gave Marcy a high five anyways, even if she had just made of my insult.

Of course, as is the life of a bird kid, nothing can stay light and easy for long. I waited and extra couple seconds after Marcy took a look before doing an idle 360 with my eyes to make it less obvious that I was in fact looking somewhere specific. I have to be honest, he blended in well. There's a chance I would have just overlooked him, no question Carter would have.

What really caught my attention though was the man on the roof above him. He surprised me enough that I almost had to do a double take. The possibility of an adult bird kid had never even crossed my mind. Not in a 'oh I didn't think they were real' sort of a way, no, I had actually never even considered it before. Why would I?

Mary's words pulled me back to the present and I nodded. Well actually, first I fought back the urge to laugh because what kind of bird kid can't fight? That would basically be like signing my own death certificate.

"Carter can too." I said quietly, "and hopefully the girl he found can too." I still wasn't positive she was a bird kid, but judging by the fact that Carter was still down there the odds seemed to be in our favor.

I kept calm when the vampire landed. It seemed strange that a vampire would ever try to take on three bird kids alone, so I automatically took another subtle glance around. Nothing.

Carter McAdams:

Two days out? Wow, I knew I was good, but that good?

"We've been out for just over a month." I said as I plopped the last bit of food into her arms and headed for the counter to pay. Seriously, why did Brendan always want to pay for things? It was so much easier to just take them! Paying meant waiting in line. Stealing saves time.

"Wait-" I said, more to myself than to Haley, "somethings wrong."

The freaky twin thing never fails, and something was most definitely wrong. Without any explanation I grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the store, taking off at a dead sprint for the woods as soon as we were out. Somebody called after us about paying for out food but that was really the last thing on my mind.

"Stash it, we've got to go." I said quickly. There was a small hole in a tree to our left so I took a few things from her arms and shoved them into it.

My wings were already out before the food was even done being stored. "We need to run a quick perimeter, okay? We fly as a pair, high and wide, and look like we have no idea there's anything up. Just a peaceful evening flight, yeah?" I said. Perimeters were always a pain, but Brendan swore by them, and as much as I hate to admit it they've come in handy on more than one occasion.

I gave her a quick smile before launching up out of the trees from a standstill and flying high and wide into the night just as I'd specified.


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Settings: Heated lab in the freezing colds of Antarctica

Dr. Gunther stared at the various monitors secured to the lackluster gray wall in his office. What better place to have a secret lab than in the isolated white plains of Antarctica?

Each screen was filled with one interesting image or another. A few of them even ineffectually displayed the outside of the Antarctican Ward in all its insipid glory.

But the most interesting monitors were the ones right in front of Dr. Gunther. The ones that showed them.

Generation 5

The most advanced form of Pouli Anthropos.

There they were in all their glory. Tall, graceful creatures, that looked almost as endearing as softly painted pastel angels. Their wings were smooth and shiny, as healthy as any well fed fowl, and they expressed the slim musculature that was to be expected of their generation. They were beautiful.

Okay, who was Gunther kidding? The children were ragged, poorly dressed, escapees, with little to their names but the few various items they’d conned and stolen out of innocent, unaware, humans. Still, it was better than nothing.

Their cunning showed their willingness to survive and thrive in relatively poor conditions. Weather they accomplished their survival by brute force or trickery varied from child to child, but, 88% of the time, resulted in victory.

They showed poor social skills in regards to humans, but seemed to trust one another (out of the few that had actually encountered each other), and showed a willingness to work together, or become accomplices.

Carefully, he looked from monitor to monitor, meticulously observing the actions that took place within the walls of the black boxes.

The first one he glanced over showed two of the older children speaking, strangely enough, near a dumpster. For a millisecond, he wondered how they were tolerating the repulsive scent of garbage, before shifting through his files.

“Taylor Rice” and “Samuel Echtin” were their unnumbered names. The poor boy, in an attempt to divulge answers about the Ward, questioned the girl. She answered in a typically sarcastic manner. Then, she asked a literal question. Something Gunther thought was a plausible question.

“Hey...have you seen any…more of us?” came her quiet frizzled voice through the monitor.

Gunther chuckled, low and devilish, something that would send chills down the bones of the innocent.

His eyes traveled to the next monitor. One of the younger subjects, “Conner Krauklis”, was out and about in the forest, lost and screaming. No doubt his terrified shouts would eventually attract the attention of those mongrels Gunther had created so many years ago.

The next screen was a bit more interesting. A boy had a death lock on her. For a moment, Gunther was petrified that he would kill her. But then, she was dropped out of his grip. Fear ran rampant in her eyes, and Gunther made no attempt to hide his disgust.

“Dear Eins,” He whispered to himself, shuffling through her papers, “He is your friend. Do not be afraid,” Speaking to himself in this manner, Gunther sounded almost crazed. Of course, with Eins being more than complicated, the doctor had no plausible way of knowing what she was thinking without being close to her. He cared little. Eins had just been a stepping stone for his latest project. The boy, however, was more than a stepping stone. Generation 5, his name was “Jude Oakheart”. Surprisingly he had manifested the power that allowed him to escape.

Then, to the right of his present screen, there was “Marcus”, or so it seemed he was named. The child had cleverly stolen a credit card, proceeded to clear the scene of any plausible evidence, and went on to use the withdrawal money to his advantage. Gunther found the amount of items he had ordered impractical, but kept it to himself.

“Clever, very clever…” Gunther grumbled, as the child disappeared within the confinements of a bathroom, to which Gunther refused to have his camera follow.

Then, his cameras went to the scene of drama. His most least desired experiment, vs his most desired experiment.

Michael, that mongrel of a Vampire, had approached three of them. “Brendan McAdams”, “Matthew Bernard” and “Marceline Bernard”. Gunther’s lips edged into a smile as he wondered how each individual child was handling the confrontation between Avian and Vampire. He doted on it little.

A “special” thing caught his eye.

A Generation 4. They had all been eradicated. Or so his scientists had reported to him. And yet, here was a twenty year old Generation 4 male, with big thick muscles, and a clear mutation that had caused it. Even his wings were broader than the norm.

Screen capping his face, Gunther plugged the image into his databases.

No name. Just an image of the same man, though younger, with a smaller body (the beginnings of his advanced muscle development had begun to show in the teenage picture).

He was coupled with a young, quite miniature, female, with a darker skin tone.

Both of them had supposedly died in a plane crash.

Gunther was going to have a word with the employees of the South American Ward.

Suppressing his anger, his eyes moved on to the next screen.

A boy very similar to “Brendan” popped up on the screen, along with a innocent, and very confused looking girl, who happened to coincidentally also be another experiment. “Carter McAdams” and “Haley Price”. He was urging her to get a move on, do a perimeter of the area. Gunther theorized “Carter” knew trouble was on the rise by the fact that the twins, “Bredan” and “Carter” had been observed expressing a special connection with one another. It disappointed him that “Marceline” and “Matthew” had not developed a similar power, both children also being twins.

However, “Brendan” and “Carter” were identical. “Marceline” and “Matthew” were fraternal. Maybe it made all the difference.

“Alice!” he called. A small girl, no more than six years, with curly blonde hair, bounded over to him, placing her hand in his.

“Yes, Daddy?”

“Do you see the children, Alice?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She responded, ice blue eyes grazing over each Avian filled monitor with intelligence far surpassing the age of six.

“Alice, one day you will rule them all.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Marceline POV

I resisted the urge to immediately run for my life.

One thing that remained, however, was that everyone stayed calm.

Brendan, Matthew, me…not a single one of us showed any apparent fear.

“Michael,” I responded calmly, and a bit too confidently. I was thrilled. Never before, in my time at the Ward, had I been allowed to directly call a Vampire by his name. Out here, the rules were different.

“Making friends is a good idea. Don’t you think so? Besides, I’m sure one of you make friends with your brethren,” I said, mockingly referring to his team of vampires.

“Why don’t you go ahead and come for us?” Matthew said, a steel edge in his voice.

My eyes, for a second, glanced back towards the building where the “adult bird kid” was stationed. Something looked odd about his feet. They had changed color. It almost seemed like, from his knees down, there was short course fur, and a furry tail sticking out from his behind.

Must be a power or something.

For a moment, his eyes zeroed in on Mike. He crouched down, preparing for flight, or so I thought.

And then, he jumped.


For a moment, the Vamp had turned to look at me. He knew I was there, and he was letting me know it. I returned his cold hard stare with a much calmer one, making a face as he turned away to greet the children.

The young blonde girl eyes seemed to wander for a moment, falling on me. I ignored her stare to calculate the distance between me and Mike. It was about twenty feet.

No sweat. I had the enhanced muscle strength, not to mention the fact that I was able to half morph my legs into something more lemur like, powerful, and equipped for jumping and climbing.

Perhaps Mike was expecting me to fly to him, attack him from the air. That’s what most Vampires expected, at least.


I crouched, down and then, bam, rocketed off from the roof opposite the store. I probably looked just like a monkey, taking a leap like that, but I landed exactly where I wanted to.

Right next to the Vampire.

“You wanna back off, Vamp?” I asked, calm like Solo had taught me.


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Brendan McAdams:

I listened idly to the conversation happening around me. My main focus was on the two dark spots I'd just seen launch into the air about 100 yards away. There was no doubt the first one was Carter, and it looked like the second was the brunette, though the back lighting made it hard to make out specific details.

I could only assume he knew about the vampire. Judging by the way the girl was flying though, he hadn't told her. She moved in huge swooping circles that held a playful sort of grace. Not a care in the world.

The vampire on the other hand, Mike they called him, he looked less than amused by the sudden appearance of yet another bird kid. Bird man more like. He spoke with a certain confidence, like he knew he was going to win whatever fight might come from the encounter.

Which brought me back to the fact that this was a lone vampire taking on four bird kids. Most vampires wouldn't even take on two by themselves, but this one looked calm as ever. If it was a scare tactic, it was definitely working.

There had to be more of them.

Instinctively I focused my energy and disappeared. Once I felt that tug that comes along with invisibility I took two steps to the left and one back. What's the use in being invisible when everyone knows where you are, right?

Carter McAdams:

"You've done this before!" I called out as Haley angled her wings down just the smallest bit and dipped down on my right only to come shooting up again on my left for the third time. I never would have guessed she knew anything was up if I hadn't been the one to tell her.

She just laughed and shook her head.

"See anything?" I called again. So far there was nothing. Well, that's a lie. There was a guy walking down the street eating a hot dog, weird. There was a couple walking a dog too, not weird. Plus there were the three kids in the park around the corner from the store. Well, not kids exactly. They were probably about my age. No vampires though.

"Five on the roof of the store we were just in, looks like at least three of them are birds." She said. It wasn't shouted through the night though. Her voice was close and clear, despite the growing distance between us, and it almost sounded like it was inside my head.

My surprise must have been pretty obvious, because before I had a chance she was talking again.

"I can push my thoughts, that's what they called in the Ward anyway." Haley explained, her voice clear as a bell inside my head.

I was still confused, but suddenly her words sunk in and my eyes shot to the roof. There were only supposed to be three. Carter and the two who'd been there before. Not five. Certainly not someone that big.. Was that-

"Is that an adult bird.. kid?" Haley's voice rang through my thoughts.

"Is that even possible?" I called back. I didn't think it was. Then again, I didn't think it was possible to put your thoughts in other people's heads. I mean, mind reading is one thing, but mind... sending? That's kind of cool.

"I don't know." She thought, and then she gave a small chuckle and I saw her turn her head to look at me, "you don't have to yell you know, I can pull just as well as I can push. Pull thoughts that is, just kind of focus on me hearing it and I will."

Pull? What does that even mean? Sometimes I wish the scientists were a bit more creative. Seriously, that's a cool talent, why give it a crappy name like 'pushing' and 'pulling' thoughts?

"[i]Let's just fly high and see what happens.. can you hear me?" I thought, focusing hard on sending my thoughts out. Haley just nodded and swooped up again.