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a character in “Angel....or Mutant?”, as played by Abridged



Marcus. A last name seemed kind of pointless to him at the time.




Marcus stands at five foot seven with a physique that is very thin without actually appearing bony or malnourished. He has tousled, feathery (as in thin, not literally) black hair and light brown skin, with features that suggest spanish genes from at least one of his parents. Dark eyes, full lips, and a nose that is slightly flattened on the end. His face is mostly boyish with hints at maturity. He is usually found in a pair of pathetically torn jeans, mistreated sneakers, and a faded t-shirt. He recently procured a fairly new leather jacket just bulky enough to hide his wings. It was a "consolation prize" from a delinquent who tried to decapitate him with a switch blade.

Wing Color:

His wingspan is roughly fourteen feet. On the outside, his wings are a deep blue-black with the odd streak of white here or there. On the inside, they are like this:



Photographic Memory/Reflexes: He has a picture-perfect memory of whatever he experiences, and doesn't have to be actively paying attention for this to happen. This photographic memory allows him to absorb and retain knowledge at an incredible speed. Photographic reflexes allow him to imitate, down to the slightest muscle twitch, any action he sees. Due to the Ward wanting to explore this ability, he was given access to a couple professional fighting and martial arts videos, among others. A side effect of this mental activity is frequent and sporadic migraines, not to mention mental trauma from bad memories... we'll talk about that in a minute.

Besides abilities that are unique to him, he also has standard avian-hybrid abilities. He has wings, air sacs, porous bones, and accelerated but limited healing. He is also extremely light in terms of weight, and despite this fact, he is physically superior to most humans in almost every aspect, even muscle bound grown men.


Marcus is a sarcastically humorous, but mostly sarcastic, and sometimes this trait becomes downright morbid in his darker moods. Like any teenager, he is a myriad of emotions, but even when he's angry, he controls himself pretty well. He's very paranoid and suspects that almost everything is a trap. "Actions speak louder than words" is the best way to take his personality. While he's not outright hostile to others, most of the time he seems less than friendly and rather aloof, though it's hard to tell. It's more like a vibe than anything he says or does. And in fact, if you're ignoring his less than endearing "vibes", you'll find he's pretty quick to help others and not so quick to harm, unless the being in question is from the Ward. He's a vicious fighter and doesn't have a medium when it comes to others, at least not in most cases. Either he cares, and thus does what he can to help you, or he doesn't, and he feels no remorse at all for what happens to you... or what he does to you.


You really don't want to know. Being a living lab experiment and mutant freak is not exactly a happy fairytale. He recently escaped and is doing everything he can to survive while staying under the radar. That doesn't stop trouble from being attracted to him, however, and on his second night of freedom he had a bad run in with a couple of delinquents, who he set straight with a couple broke bones and bruises. He got a jacket out of it at least.

So begins...

Marcus's Story


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As suddenly as the pain had started, it stopped, air flooding back into my deprived lungs as I gasped desperately, trying to stay awake after the crushing pressure that had nearly incapacitated me. The arm grinding down upon my throat had been torn away, causing gravity to take effect once more as I fell back to the ground, stumbling forward due to my disorientation and swiftly overturning myself, causing me to slump against Marcus for support as he drew off his jacket and spread his own wings in the attempt to increase his mobility. Evidently, both he and my second master had thought along the same lines as myself, using our speed for advantage in close quarters even if we couldn't actually fly. Although, they must have had a harder time than myself, since it seemed that their wings, unlike my own, could not also serve the ancillary purposes of "Shield" and "serrated bladed weapon." I suppose I should simply give thanks to my own design, then, as it seems that my own capabilities are somewhat of an anomaly.

It seemed that our first ally had arrived, as a boy who looked quite similar to Marceline quickly showed himself and rushed to support her. I'd at least succeeded in one regard, then.

A sudden spurt of pain as my shoulder contacted Marcus reminded me of my previous injury, and I stumbled backwards somewhat, giving a quiet gasp as I instinctively clutched my dislocated right shoulder in a futile attempt to make the agony stop. Now that the adrenaline had slowed somewhat inside me, I was feeling the full effects of my wound, and despite my valiant attempts to compose myself, my vision rapidly blurred as I began to tear up from the inescapable torture of my badly jarred arm.

"It hurts..." I mumbled without even realizing it, nearly fainting from shock at the agony the likes of which I had never experienced, even whilst taking on some of the pain of my fellow mutants back in the Ward. Even if I managed to retain my consciousness, however, I could tell one thing.

I wouldn't be able to continue fighting from this point.


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#, as written by TheFlag

Samuel nodded anxiously towards Taylor and Matthew, he took a deep breath before slowly turning his back away from them and stepping towards the left hall. As Samuel approached the opening he looked back briefly, before steadying himself and taking another step forward. This time however he didn't falter; he knew that he had to do this. As Samuel continued down the bleak, dull hallway he felt the cold chill of fear begin to creep up his spine, his eyes darted forward instinctively examining his new surroundings in more detail while he steadily continuing forward. The hallway seemed so still, serene came to Samuel's mind; there wasn't anyone walking through these halls, and the noise was now a hushed whisper. This added to the atmosphere, but most importantly it also added to Samuel's distress, he wasn't exactly sure what to expect from the unnerving silence. To put it simply: in a room full of people he felt safe, no matter how many were secretly against him, silence however was different he couldn't help but feel something was out to get him.

Samuel took a sharp turn before letting out a sigh of relief at the sight before him: there were people, although the amount was small Samuel's tension was eased considerably. They were mostly pushing empty hospital trolleys along, a few were heading in and out of rooms holding documents of data. However Samuel's momentary ease didn't last of long, he wasn't sure why, but the tension just seemed to return as quickly as it had left; he knew it had something to do with the way everybody was moving, it seemed rushed and slightly false. Samuel could just sense something bad, he wasn't sure if it was pure-avian instincts, or just common-sense; then again he had developed quite a paranoid streak since his escape from the Ward. Samuel gulped not exactly sure what to do, a sense of panic seemed to wash over him, he felt an irresistible urge to flee from this building and never look back. The feeling he felt there was similar to the feeling of being caught in a trap which had not sprung yet. For a second the feeling to escape wasn't a suggestion it was a maddening imperative.

Samuel sighed before shaking his head shakily he couldn't leave now, he had gone down this rabbit hole (on his own accord) and he had to see it through, he knew the consequences but for a moment he didn't really seem to care. All he knew was that he had to see this through. Samuel began to continue through the hallway until a thought struck him; he could at least prepare himself, it wasn't a solution but it would make him feel better. His eyes scanned the edge of the hallway until he spotted what he was looking for, a bathroom but that wasn't all he spotted. Two of the male nurses had spotted him from down the hall, which was non-surprisingly empty by now. He could immediately tell that these people weren't ordinary nurses, they didn't look the part, but he could also see in their eyes that there was harm, which was more distressing. The two nurses did not even attempt to stop him, but simply strode towards him, one had a case, and was unpacking it slow and steadily: he pulled out a long hypodermic needle, while the other pulled out a baton of some sort, both looked calm and business-like. Samuel stood there dumbfounded for a few seconds before his rationality regained itself, and he quickly rushed into the bathroom slamming the door behind him.

The bathroom was empty like everything else, and there were six empty stalls next to several sinks with urinals on the other end of the room. Samuel had originally intended to come inside here, and drain the power from the lights, he didn't have time to do it now of course, but he still had a rather vague plan in mind. Samuel's eyes glanced at the stalls, and then towards a small window which was tightly shut. Samuel had to act quickly; he dived over to the window and tried to force it open it didn't budge an itch it must have been or something, he hesitated before exerting more force, he could hear it creak and that willed him to push harder until the window was fully open. Samuel turned in panic, they were probably almost upon him by now he quickly ran over to one of the stalls shutting its door behind him and quickly getting up on the seat, he knew they were going probably going to check the stalls but they wouldn't be able to spot him: hopefully anyway. Samuel paused before closing his eyes and forcing concentration, he was trying to become invisible to no avail, he was beginning to panic now, rationality was beginning to crack as he heard the bathroom door creek open.

Samuel heard them shuffling forward, until a giant wham! entered his ears. Samuel winced he knew they were kicking the stall's doors open. He closing his eyes, shivering slightly. Another wham! had entered his ears, Samuel was in outright panicking now, he was positive he was in the third stall, and the surge of adrenaline that had washed through him had made everything slow down. As the stall to his door was kicked open, he saw the man with the baton fall back down from his kicking stance, before scowling adjectivally, he looked around in the stall failing to spot Samuel, who had by now relaxed and was breathing heavily; he wasn't sure how he had done that, but regardless felt a large weight lift of his chest. As the two nurses checked the last three stalls, the one with the needle muttered uneasily, "Where did the bugger go?" The one with the baton looked around, in thought before spotting the window that was open, he gasped before stating, "I think the little shit might of gone out the window." Samuel looked on casually aware that there was a slight pressure on his brain, he had another five minutes before he'd have to become visible again, but they'd be gone by then so it didn't really matter. Samuel watched laughing hysterically as the two nurses ran out quickly, he fell to the floor howling with laughter, this wasn't the funny sort of laughter but more of the, I-can't-believe-that-worked kind of laughter.

Samuel pushed himself off the floor, wiping his eyes; the occasional snort of laughter erupting. As Samuel looked around the bathroom, he decided it'd be best if he did what he had originally planned. Samuel slowly walked forward until he was directly under the light, he could feel a small buzzing sensation in his stomach and he raised his hands, almost as if to touch the light. Suddenly a spark of yellow static electricity escaped from the lamp and jumped into Samuel's hands, it buzzed around for a second before steadily feeding into his hands, the light was flickering on and off rapidly now, he was sure that other electrical appliances would be acting up, as he wasn't draining just this lamp, but the whole hospital but none of the appliances would be drained as bad as the light, since that was the source. After about a minute he let go satisfied that he had charged himself up enough. Samuel pushed himself forward, raising his right hand and sparking a small spark of electricity from his fingertips, "Perfect..." he smiled, before snapping his right hand shut.

As Samuel readied himself to leave the bathroom: a voice entered his head, causing him to nearly jump out of his skin, before looking around obviously startled and bewildered, Third floor, eastern corridor off of room 308. The Angels are under attack. Help them. the voice whispered, and then it was gone. Samuel looked around wide-eyed for a moment, before regaining his composure, he wasn't sure whether to act on this, it could be a trap, he hardly recognized the voice which had entered his head after all, but nevertheless he felt a certain obligation to do so. The obligation wasn't anything special, more of a natural curiousness which Samuel couldn't help but check, anyway now that he was charged up he felt confidence bubbling up, before he grinned. Samuel walked out of the bathroom with some hesitation however, but he was almost certain that he invisible anyway so it didn't really matter to him. Samuel walked out to see the hallway was completely deserted, he relaxed before letting himself become visible again. Samuel began running at a quickened pace forward, he looked up at a sign above the hallway's archway, which told him he was exactly on floor two, and in the western corridor.

As Samuel continued running down the western halls, jumping over the occasional obstacle he came across a small stairway, which he quickly dashed into and up a flight of stairs as quickly as he could, he didn't want to waste anymore time. As Samuel emerged he could hear something, which sounded like a gunshot, his senses were immediately on high alert, and he instinctively fell to the floor; he scowled edgily, before realizing the trouble the others could be in. Samuel dashed ahead, before sliding along and soon finding the eastern corridor, as well as the ominous room 308. The first thing Samuel noticed was the scene that had played out before him, his eyes went wide at what he had seen: a woman her arm a mess, was holding a gun in her other hand towards Matthew who was supporting his sister, behind him however was two others, both he didn't recognize; he could tell however he was a bird-kid due to his black wings, the other he couldn't get a good look at, but she looked different.

Samuel had fortunately however, emerged behind the scenes and had not drawn the woman's attention... yet anyway. Samuel stopped when he was a few feet away from her, hoping she wouldn't detect him. Samuel sprang with surprising speed off his legs and onto the woman's back, forcing her to the ground, he heard something slide along the floor, he suspected (hoped) it was the gun. The woman turned slightly before elbowing Samuel in the face a few times, they didn't do much damage due to him being on top of her, but they still hurt, and Samuel felt blood drip from his nose, it didn't matter all of his wounds didn't last for long after all. Samuel quickly grabbed her head, before slamming it into the ground repeatedly, her blows got weaker and weaker, until they stopped completely. Samuel rolled off the woman, before speaking roughly "Sorry I took so long..." he coughed, before spitting some blood on the floor and staggering to his feet, using the wall as support.


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"Eins, we have to get moving," I snapped, in no mood to coddle her. Yeah, something was definitely wrong with her arm, but now was so not the time to worry about it. She wasn't dead, she wasn't bleeding, and she could walk. That was good enough for me. The sympathy would have to wait until we weren't about to be killed or captured by the Ward.

"We need to go back to Marceline," I said, really having no idea whether that was true or not. Was now a good time or bad time to be separated? I'm just not good at these decisions in the heat of the moment. I checked to make sure she was following and I headed back through the semi-crowded hall, shoving people out of the way and occasionally throwing a punch if someone tried to stop me. The hall seemed to clear in front of me and I soon found out why.

A nurse was holding a gun on a boy who looked remarkably like Marceline, and who I just instantly assumed was related to her. Marceline herself was a short distance away and seemed to be hurt. The sight filled me with as much panicky fear and anger as the the sight of the gun did.

Martial arts is kind of useless when a gun is in your face. You don't need to touch someone to hurt them with a gun. In the movies I'd watched, the hero used special martial arts to dodge bullets. The Ward had used guns on mutants with even greater abilities and had never failed to kill them.

As if to prove me right, the nurse pulled the trigger. The sound was deafening in the hall and I flinched, expecting to see blood gushing everywhere or to feel the unexpected pain of a bullet wound myself.

But since Marceline's brother was still in one piece and no one else (including me) was lying on the floor in a pool of blood, she must have missed. He had to have been lucky to avoid that at such close range.

I was wondering what I could do to take her down when another kid -probably a mutant- began to sneak up on her. I stared... I couldn't help it. Easy way to ruin someone's ambush, by staring at them while they sneak up on someone. Luckily my reaction didn't seem to ruin it; he sailed through the air and tackled the woman hard. I couldn't help but be impressed as he slammed her head into the ground repeatedly. I was even more impressed when she kept fighting. Vicious.

He climbed off of her when she stopped moving and apologized for taking so long.

"No problem. Not like we're facing a life or death situation or anything," I said sarcastically, but I half smirked at him to show that I didn't mean it. "Can we leave now?"

A couple of the nurses I'd taken down were closing in on us again, though now they were being slow about it, as if approaching dangerous wild animals. Which I guess is a good description. Oh, and they were pulling out guns too. Copy cats. My smirk disappeared in an instant and I tensed up again. I so did not want to get shot today.

"Now what?" I asked seriously, all traces of sarcasm gone. Not like we could rush them and they definitely weren't close enough for me to do anything. I was useless.