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"Fly away, cling to your hopes for freedom. I'll hunt you forever."

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a character in “Angel....or Mutant?”, originally authored by Guardian Angel, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Michael

Age: 18

Description: Michael is a worn and torn individual, he stands at a tall 6' 4" and has a very solid frame, his build resembles that of a soldier's. Atop his head is short jet black hair, his face marred by battle with experiments. One scar runs down the left side of his neck, another along his jaw line. The final scar on his face skims across his cheek lightly. Another notable scar is a large burn mark that takes up the majority of his abdomen. Mike had a collection of others on his back from various punishments from his masters. Mike is usually seen wearing standard gear, he usually outfits himself with extra guns and gear just to be prepared. Mike's eyes are two different colors, his left one being green, and his right being blue. Most experiments tend to remember him by this trait. Whether it's from a memory of horror, or a past instance of joy.

Personality: Michael is surprisingly calm for a Vampire. His past is full of scientists tampering with his genes, he assumed they were trying to quell the madness in Michael's mind. Naturally he has a bad side, because of this. Recently Michael is noticing changes in his behavior. No longer constantly hungry for death. He naturally sticks out from his comrades now, his mind isn't clouded by rage. This allows a different persona to break through. Michael is a hyper lethal weapon, and he acts as such in combat. He tends to speak rarely, as he has no one to talk to. He tries to read when his masters allow it. He is dark and cold from the outside, and very intelligent from what scientists can ascertain. Not even those who work at the ward knows what drives him. Which makes him slightly dangerous in their eyes. Due to his lack of standard mental behavior, he is only kept alive due to his pristine retreival record. Though Michael would deny it flat out, he is beggining to have feelings of regret about the path he is made to follow.

Power: Michael's powers manifested as soon as the Ward began tampering his his genes, his power is simple. It's a brute form of telekenises. Michael can generate a huge wave of force with him at the center. It expands in every direction including up. It has a range of about twelve meters, and is relatively not lethal to anyone caught in the blast, unless if they are hit by debris, or get thrown into debris. Michael generally never uses it, for if the Ward found out they would probably execute him for being too dangerous. The only draw back on this power is a grave one. If Mike uses it too much in a short period of time, he causes muscle damage to his limbs, and internal bleeding to his own body. He only uses it to escape if he's overwhelmed by the enemy, or to repel a series of attacks.

Bio: Mike doesn't know very much about his past, he doesn't remember a family. His masters said that the scientists were all the family he needed. He doesn't know if he has any siblings, the only brothers and sisters he'd ever known were his fellow Vampires. Mike used to be hungry for war, he wanted to kill any experiment he saw. He was full of rage and anger. After a while his mental conditioning lost its hold on him. His Mad ravings were replaced by depressed silence. His happy dreams full of blood were replaced by horror. Mike hated his feelings, and what they were doing to him. Though now that he is nearly free of madness, he can think and form strategies in a much clearer fashion. Mike guesses that's why the Ward hasn't killed him yet. Mike still could function after everything his mind had gone through.

He hides his new form of intelligence from his masters. He still acts like the lunatic he used to be, even though it breaks his new semblence of a heart. Mike grew, and he survived. He even developed a power of his own. Nothing that he could use anyways. His record of captures soon rivaled his kill count. Mike would terrorize the vampires that terrorized the experiments in their spare time. He made the Ward a slightly better place for it's prisoners without being caught. Though you can dress up a prison so much. It's still a prison, no matter how much justification Mike made, he always knew that there was nothing he could do that would stop the scientists' torture methods.

Mike slowly sprialed from his normal nature. He felt regrets, and pain for others. He couldn't leave the Ward though. Even if his intentions were becoming blurry, the vampire in him may have receeded, but it was still there.

So begins...

Michael's Story


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The only sounds present, was the sound of dripping water, and the faint noise of birds chirping. Mike sat atop the ward facility, some of the fences surrounding the facility were open. Vampires were scrambled in every direction to find the experiments who escaped. Mike swung his legs silently observing the sky. The sound of bird's wings were made apparant to him. Mike's eyes grew alert, and aware. He scanned the skies, looking for figures. Suddenly a small weight was pressed onto Mike's hand. He looked down and beheld a small bird resting on his pointer finger on his right hand. Mike's eyes lost the cold edge that Mike forced into them. He hadn't heard a bird kid, but a simple bird. He almost forgot the idea of birds being normal. Mike never got to enjoy the beauty nature had to offer, he was a killer. He had no other purpose to do anything else. His mind wandered, he tried to think about his early life, but it was when he was in his maddened state. Everything was unclear, but now Mike can understand his actions. There's a special place in hell for him. That much was for certain. He looked down at the bird. Mike shooed the bird off of his hand. It fluttered away, and dipped back into the treeline.

Mike sighed as he got to his feet. He had work to do. There had been many that escaped. His job was to restrain and bring atleast one back. If he could do that, then the rest would willingly return, or atleast some of them anyways. Mike's wings flared open, and he launched himself off of the roof. He would land when he was close to the city's perimeter. After all arousing attention wasn't his objective. Regardless of Mike's intent his life marched on violently. He landed at the edge of the treeline, his wings came back in. Mike's jacket covered up his gear, and his wings quite nicely. Mike activated his beacon for his partner. Vampires generally didn't work alone all of the time. Mike usually worked by himself. Listening to the mad ravings of his brothers and sisters made him feel sick. Anyone like him was either dead, or turned back into their former monsters. There was no one who could help him face the things he'd done. Like it or not Chasing bird kids was tearing his heart in two. He simply didn't know what to do. Vampires didn't survive long outside the walls of the Ward. Bird kids tended to kill on sight, or reject anything with bat wings. Like it or not, there was no alternative. Mike would continue to uphold his dark reputation.

Mike had tried to run at one point in time. He only got large burn wounds, and a dead partner out of the deal. He cracked his knuckles. Mike had the strength, and reflexes of a trained soldier. He was also the designated marksman in his old squad. He was more than proficient with a firearm. Not to mention, he was of a bulkier brand of Vamps. Mike could deal a real mean punch when all of the standard abilities were taken into account. Mike practiced his slouch, and leaned against a wall. He was getting pretty good at it. He had his hands in his pockets, and looked around for any hints or signs of birdkids while he waited for his back up.

The only thing that labled Mike as ineffective when trying to be incognito, was his eyes. Anyone that saw them once would recognize them again. They were something Mike couldn't hide. Mike tried contacts, but he always threw them out if the Masters wanted him to wear them. They made his eyes puffy, and they itched. Pausing for an itch mid combat wasn't acceptable by Mike's standards.

Mike simply began whistling a tune, and sat by a thrift store with his eyes shut. He simply told himself to relax, and wait.


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Mike gave the ready signal, marking bird kids as he went along. His partner got into position, flanking him as he traversed the town. Mike yawned, and stretched; pointing to a series of rooftops. The attack was not ready to commence. Mike was the first of many, he was supposed to gather intel. He opened his cell phone, and began speaking. The phone was designed to be a radio in disguise. He was broadcasting to the base. "There are two that took flight a while ago, another I glimpsed on foot. The store appears to be the hot spot. When you move in, make sure to patrol the routes around the general stores. Make sure to check the flow of power in the city, if an abandoned building is using electricity, bring the hammer down. Ask around for kids with tattered clothing, I want this op done in record time. Break." Mike's phone would buzz if they needed to contact him.

Mike continued to walk, his face umoving, doing his best to disguise all emotion. The Ward likely had someone watching Mike, to observe any changes, anything that would warrant an execution. Mike whistled a small tune, stationing himself across the street of a store. It appeared as if A bird kid recently landed there. He would have to wait for back up. Two Vamps couldn't take down multiple bird kids, Mike assumed there were around four in the area, maybe more. He had no way of knowing if any escapees bugged out.


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(@ Guardian Angel, I couldn’t wait for your response, so I posted the post. Hope it’s alright with you.)

Matthew POV

“Twat?” I snorted. He’d just called his brother a twat. Beside me Marcy chuckled.

“High, five, Brendan, for being stuck with a twat brother like mine,” Marcy said, smiling and raising her hand.

I gaped at her. Marce had just called me a twat. What a twat.

While my sister was in the process of giving up five fingers to her new found buddy, I took one scoping glance around the place. Everything was different with my night vision. Brighter.

Most bird kids couldn’t see this well, due to the fact that most of us didn’t have owl vision. And, in reality, while birds could see for what seemed like miles, their night vision was only about as good as a human. This meant that my enhanced left eye was a serious bonus for me.

And that’s when I saw him.

He was leaning on the opposite building, across from the store, casually looking it over, imposing and petrifying as ever. He was like a Cheetah. We were the Gazelles.

I got the impression that he hadn’t seen us on top of the roof yet.


I nonchalantly scanned the area surrounding him, beginning to internally panic when I realized that I couldn’t see any of “them”. On the outside, however, I remained as relaxed as ever. Showing fear was not what bird kids were supposed to do. Showing fear was what got bird kids killed.

One thing did stand out against my eyes, causing my heart to jump into my throat, and covering me in realization. The same buff guy who’d been staring at me in front of the market when I’d been on the ceiling. He was there, on the roof of the building that our potential Vamp was leaning on, holding a bag of groceries (most of which looked to be like ramen…WTH?), and looking just about ready to leap down on our observer. He caught my glance, and punctually put a finger to his lips, telling me to be quiet.

But, I wasn’t entirely concentrating on the guys face. I was concentrating on his two huge, obviously matured wings, sprawled out against the length of his back. They looked a bit bulkier than the norm for our type of wings, and I assumed his genetic makeup made him more muscular than your average bird kid. Kind of like a heavy Rottweiler, compared to a more streamlined Doberman.

A noticeable fact however, was that, due to his height, his wings were only about as long as Marcy’s, and far shorter than mine or Brendan’s.

Damn. An adult bird kid…bird man…whatever. I’d never seen one of us fully matured. Most of us were deemed failures, and “put down” before we could reach our adult age. Once again, damn.

“Guys,” I whispered, lips barely moving, at a volume so low only our advanced hearing could make out the words coming from my mouth, “Building opposite us.” I said the three words, stressing on ‘opposite’, and hoping the two would be smart enough to take a passing glance at the guy leaning against the wall.

He was familiar. That’s how I’d spotted him, and known what he was. Because he’d guarded us for weeks on end before we’d escaped.

Marceline POV

Hearing Matthew words, I continued smiling, but allowed a glance out of my peripheral vision.

Oh god. I knew him. I knew how Matthew had spotted him.

That was Michael, one of the strangest, most terrifying, Vampires you will ever meet. He’d been put to guard us often, during our stay at the Ward, and he was no pushover. Something was kind of different about him, compared to other Vamps, which was a reason that I thought they put him in charge of the kids. Because he scared us in ways I couldn’t quite understand. There were days when, he’d seemed so calm, I wasn’t sure if he was going to hit me or not.

I doubted the idea that he would remember us. I’m sure we hadn’t been the only kids he’d babysat before. Besides, to him, we were just lunch.

“Brendan, you can fight, right?” I whispered, just as low as my brother before me.

There was no way Mike was just standing by the opposite building of ours. He’d seen us already. And damn, why hadn’t we noticed? He was obviously planning an attack, standing there indifferently as if he had all the time in the world.

About a million misgiving started going through my brain, all at once. Why hadn’t I been paying attention? What about Brendan’s brother Carter? Where had that kid gotten off to? For all we knew, the Vamps had already snatched him. Were there even more bird kids in the area than I had previously thought? I mean, what other reason would their be to ensnare us in an ambush so elaborate we couldn't see any of the other Vamps?

My wings remained plastered to my back, and in an attempt to calm down and look unaware, I push them out into a limp relaxed position.

This was different from when Brendan had been invisible. That time, we had known he was there, and he had known we were aware of him. That time, if he had been a Vampire, a fight would have been inevitable. But this time, the Vampires didn't seem to be closely surrounding us. They were definitely in the area, but not enough for us to immediately snap our wings out and start flapping. That would only alert them to the fact that we knew of their presence.

"I think we should let them make the first move," I said quietly, lips barely moving. I was trying to think up possible escape routes and fighting tactics. My brain was in overdrive, and once again, adrenaline was pumping through my blood. My muscles twitched with the fight or flight urge, and I used every humane judgement I had to fight my instincts.


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Mike closed his eyes for a few moments when his phone vibrated. He fished it out of his jacket pocket, his eyes glazed over as his mind was seiged by another train of thoughts, full of death and bloodshed. Mike's mind had fractured under multiple pressures long ago. He wondered when his ability to reason would go? Maybe it would drift off like a rock in a river. Defiant at first, but worn down by countless hardships. Mike only had a few ops left. He was one of the eldest of Vampires, he didn't have much time left. That was certain. Mike had an unknown lifespan, Mike was a glass half empty kind of guy. He looked up at the sky and flicked his phone open. A voice answered between bouts of jibberish.

"We see one poised behind you on the rooftop, eh's ready to move on you Mike. We need five more minutes to set up, before we can go ahead." Mike nodded his head. He had a few ideas. He knew how to hold up a bird kid. Mike didn't want to show his cards, but if he was about to be attacked... He was left with no choice.

"I'll keep the ones in the store busy, the other one will likely follow to block my escape, if not to intercept me before I get close. I'll get you some time to set up." Mike crushed his phone, and took no heed of the person behind him. He spoke as loud as he could without arousing attention of the humans around him. Whoops he thought with a sad smile. He hadn't even alerted his crew to have a med team on stand by. If Mike was seriously injured, his future would be bleak.

Mike by all rights hoped that he was walking to his death, his bones ached, he was ready to die. Mike deep down was a pascifist, he would never admit it, but he hated violence. With his new found intelligence, he discovered why his heart ached when he was in combat. It hurt him to hurt others. To them he was a monster. He hoped they would kill him. Mike's obedience kept his family alive, he knew there was a great chance that they were dead, but he couldn't take that chance. If Mike died in combat, then he would be putting no one in danger.

Mike took a deep breath, and slipped next to an old woman. She was heading across the cross walk to the store. For all the bird kid behind him knew, Mike was willing to harm any number of civilians. No one with a right mind would engage Mike while he was next to someone so fragile. He cocked his head to the side, and looked at the bird kid behind him, Mike's eyes were cold and calm. Devoid of emotion. He really hoped that none of these bird kids had offensive powers, because he was greatly outnumbered. He pushed the doors open, and leaned against the door. All Mike had to do was to stall them, maybe he wouldn't even have to raise a hand. He made sure to position himself at the door, because his ability would be very effective if they all charged at once.

"Mister & Miss Bernard? Making all sorts of new friends aren't we?" Mike lifted one eyebrow, his face still unreadable. His eyes glancing over to the birdkid that was behind him. Mike couldn't afford to be hit by him, that's all the intel he had on him. Mike rarely did anything too horrible in front of Matt and Marcy, but he hoped they would fear him enough not to attack. Mike was bulkier then the average bird kid, this gave him basic enhancements in strength and endurance, but he lacked in speed, and flexibility. Mike was a shock trooper, designed to take a lot of hits. His strength couldn't best any birdkids with strength mutations, but he could still hold his own. Close quarters, Mike moved quickly, but when it came to flight Mike couldn't keep up. If the bird kids were smart, they'd go out the back. Fly away to fight another day.


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Brendan McAdams:

What's wrong with 'twat'? That's exactly what he is.

I stepped forward and gave Marcy a high five anyways, even if she had just made of my insult.

Of course, as is the life of a bird kid, nothing can stay light and easy for long. I waited and extra couple seconds after Marcy took a look before doing an idle 360 with my eyes to make it less obvious that I was in fact looking somewhere specific. I have to be honest, he blended in well. There's a chance I would have just overlooked him, no question Carter would have.

What really caught my attention though was the man on the roof above him. He surprised me enough that I almost had to do a double take. The possibility of an adult bird kid had never even crossed my mind. Not in a 'oh I didn't think they were real' sort of a way, no, I had actually never even considered it before. Why would I?

Mary's words pulled me back to the present and I nodded. Well actually, first I fought back the urge to laugh because what kind of bird kid can't fight? That would basically be like signing my own death certificate.

"Carter can too." I said quietly, "and hopefully the girl he found can too." I still wasn't positive she was a bird kid, but judging by the fact that Carter was still down there the odds seemed to be in our favor.

I kept calm when the vampire landed. It seemed strange that a vampire would ever try to take on three bird kids alone, so I automatically took another subtle glance around. Nothing.

Carter McAdams:

Two days out? Wow, I knew I was good, but that good?

"We've been out for just over a month." I said as I plopped the last bit of food into her arms and headed for the counter to pay. Seriously, why did Brendan always want to pay for things? It was so much easier to just take them! Paying meant waiting in line. Stealing saves time.

"Wait-" I said, more to myself than to Haley, "somethings wrong."

The freaky twin thing never fails, and something was most definitely wrong. Without any explanation I grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the store, taking off at a dead sprint for the woods as soon as we were out. Somebody called after us about paying for out food but that was really the last thing on my mind.

"Stash it, we've got to go." I said quickly. There was a small hole in a tree to our left so I took a few things from her arms and shoved them into it.

My wings were already out before the food was even done being stored. "We need to run a quick perimeter, okay? We fly as a pair, high and wide, and look like we have no idea there's anything up. Just a peaceful evening flight, yeah?" I said. Perimeters were always a pain, but Brendan swore by them, and as much as I hate to admit it they've come in handy on more than one occasion.

I gave her a quick smile before launching up out of the trees from a standstill and flying high and wide into the night just as I'd specified.


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Settings: Heated lab in the freezing colds of Antarctica

Dr. Gunther stared at the various monitors secured to the lackluster gray wall in his office. What better place to have a secret lab than in the isolated white plains of Antarctica?

Each screen was filled with one interesting image or another. A few of them even ineffectually displayed the outside of the Antarctican Ward in all its insipid glory.

But the most interesting monitors were the ones right in front of Dr. Gunther. The ones that showed them.

Generation 5

The most advanced form of Pouli Anthropos.

There they were in all their glory. Tall, graceful creatures, that looked almost as endearing as softly painted pastel angels. Their wings were smooth and shiny, as healthy as any well fed fowl, and they expressed the slim musculature that was to be expected of their generation. They were beautiful.

Okay, who was Gunther kidding? The children were ragged, poorly dressed, escapees, with little to their names but the few various items they’d conned and stolen out of innocent, unaware, humans. Still, it was better than nothing.

Their cunning showed their willingness to survive and thrive in relatively poor conditions. Weather they accomplished their survival by brute force or trickery varied from child to child, but, 88% of the time, resulted in victory.

They showed poor social skills in regards to humans, but seemed to trust one another (out of the few that had actually encountered each other), and showed a willingness to work together, or become accomplices.

Carefully, he looked from monitor to monitor, meticulously observing the actions that took place within the walls of the black boxes.

The first one he glanced over showed two of the older children speaking, strangely enough, near a dumpster. For a millisecond, he wondered how they were tolerating the repulsive scent of garbage, before shifting through his files.

“Taylor Rice” and “Samuel Echtin” were their unnumbered names. The poor boy, in an attempt to divulge answers about the Ward, questioned the girl. She answered in a typically sarcastic manner. Then, she asked a literal question. Something Gunther thought was a plausible question.

“Hey...have you seen any…more of us?” came her quiet frizzled voice through the monitor.

Gunther chuckled, low and devilish, something that would send chills down the bones of the innocent.

His eyes traveled to the next monitor. One of the younger subjects, “Conner Krauklis”, was out and about in the forest, lost and screaming. No doubt his terrified shouts would eventually attract the attention of those mongrels Gunther had created so many years ago.

The next screen was a bit more interesting. A boy had a death lock on her. For a moment, Gunther was petrified that he would kill her. But then, she was dropped out of his grip. Fear ran rampant in her eyes, and Gunther made no attempt to hide his disgust.

“Dear Eins,” He whispered to himself, shuffling through her papers, “He is your friend. Do not be afraid,” Speaking to himself in this manner, Gunther sounded almost crazed. Of course, with Eins being more than complicated, the doctor had no plausible way of knowing what she was thinking without being close to her. He cared little. Eins had just been a stepping stone for his latest project. The boy, however, was more than a stepping stone. Generation 5, his name was “Jude Oakheart”. Surprisingly he had manifested the power that allowed him to escape.

Then, to the right of his present screen, there was “Marcus”, or so it seemed he was named. The child had cleverly stolen a credit card, proceeded to clear the scene of any plausible evidence, and went on to use the withdrawal money to his advantage. Gunther found the amount of items he had ordered impractical, but kept it to himself.

“Clever, very clever…” Gunther grumbled, as the child disappeared within the confinements of a bathroom, to which Gunther refused to have his camera follow.

Then, his cameras went to the scene of drama. His most least desired experiment, vs his most desired experiment.

Michael, that mongrel of a Vampire, had approached three of them. “Brendan McAdams”, “Matthew Bernard” and “Marceline Bernard”. Gunther’s lips edged into a smile as he wondered how each individual child was handling the confrontation between Avian and Vampire. He doted on it little.

A “special” thing caught his eye.

A Generation 4. They had all been eradicated. Or so his scientists had reported to him. And yet, here was a twenty year old Generation 4 male, with big thick muscles, and a clear mutation that had caused it. Even his wings were broader than the norm.

Screen capping his face, Gunther plugged the image into his databases.

No name. Just an image of the same man, though younger, with a smaller body (the beginnings of his advanced muscle development had begun to show in the teenage picture).

He was coupled with a young, quite miniature, female, with a darker skin tone.

Both of them had supposedly died in a plane crash.

Gunther was going to have a word with the employees of the South American Ward.

Suppressing his anger, his eyes moved on to the next screen.

A boy very similar to “Brendan” popped up on the screen, along with a innocent, and very confused looking girl, who happened to coincidentally also be another experiment. “Carter McAdams” and “Haley Price”. He was urging her to get a move on, do a perimeter of the area. Gunther theorized “Carter” knew trouble was on the rise by the fact that the twins, “Bredan” and “Carter” had been observed expressing a special connection with one another. It disappointed him that “Marceline” and “Matthew” had not developed a similar power, both children also being twins.

However, “Brendan” and “Carter” were identical. “Marceline” and “Matthew” were fraternal. Maybe it made all the difference.

“Alice!” he called. A small girl, no more than six years, with curly blonde hair, bounded over to him, placing her hand in his.

“Yes, Daddy?”

“Do you see the children, Alice?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She responded, ice blue eyes grazing over each Avian filled monitor with intelligence far surpassing the age of six.

“Alice, one day you will rule them all.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Marceline POV

I resisted the urge to immediately run for my life.

One thing that remained, however, was that everyone stayed calm.

Brendan, Matthew, me…not a single one of us showed any apparent fear.

“Michael,” I responded calmly, and a bit too confidently. I was thrilled. Never before, in my time at the Ward, had I been allowed to directly call a Vampire by his name. Out here, the rules were different.

“Making friends is a good idea. Don’t you think so? Besides, I’m sure one of you make friends with your brethren,” I said, mockingly referring to his team of vampires.

“Why don’t you go ahead and come for us?” Matthew said, a steel edge in his voice.

My eyes, for a second, glanced back towards the building where the “adult bird kid” was stationed. Something looked odd about his feet. They had changed color. It almost seemed like, from his knees down, there was short course fur, and a furry tail sticking out from his behind.

Must be a power or something.

For a moment, his eyes zeroed in on Mike. He crouched down, preparing for flight, or so I thought.

And then, he jumped.


For a moment, the Vamp had turned to look at me. He knew I was there, and he was letting me know it. I returned his cold hard stare with a much calmer one, making a face as he turned away to greet the children.

The young blonde girl eyes seemed to wander for a moment, falling on me. I ignored her stare to calculate the distance between me and Mike. It was about twenty feet.

No sweat. I had the enhanced muscle strength, not to mention the fact that I was able to half morph my legs into something more lemur like, powerful, and equipped for jumping and climbing.

Perhaps Mike was expecting me to fly to him, attack him from the air. That’s what most Vampires expected, at least.


I crouched, down and then, bam, rocketed off from the roof opposite the store. I probably looked just like a monkey, taking a leap like that, but I landed exactly where I wanted to.

Right next to the Vampire.

“You wanna back off, Vamp?” I asked, calm like Solo had taught me.


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Mike's odds weren't good as is, they'd only get worse as the bird kids gathered. Mike only had one advantage, it would be very difficult to land a hit on him for one, and for two time was on his side. For every second that ticked by would allow the town to get increasingly populated by his fellow vampires. Mike knew this was an impossible mission, all he had to do was to keep them talking. No bird kid would talk to a vamipre for one minutes let alone five. Mike was slightly taken through a loop when he was adressed as his name. More often then not bird kids spat curses at him. Then again they had good reason. Mike called bird kids by their names, there was no need to strip them of that right when he could avoid it.

“Making friends is a good idea. Don’t you think so? Besides, I’m sure one of you make friends with your brethren,” Marcy said in a mocking tone. To which Mike found cold irony.

“Why don’t you go ahead and come for us?” Matthew said, a steel edge in his voice.

Mike opened his mouth, ready to speak until the one on the roof sped towards him, with a jump. Mike was shocked, but didn't show it. He breathed a sigh of relief when the bird kid stopped. He was waiting for the last moment to unleash a wave of force, but didn't even have to.

“You wanna back off, Vamp?” The new one asked, just as calm as the others. Mike was pleased with how calm the bird kids were handling his own presence. They would make it far. Mike was certain of that much. He was also starting to think even when his fellow vampires got into position, it wouldn't matter. They would need helicopter support, plus snipers on most of the rooftops. Half of the fire teams were set up, but Mike never had any high hopes for this op. He half hoped he would've been issued a position as a guard in the middle of nowhere. Mike would cope easily with that, for being deployed on many search and capture missions left him worn, and tired.

"An interesting question for one such as myself, surely a crazy beast of a person wouldn't be able to discern the difference between 'wanting to back off,' and 'having to back off.' I wouldn't be able to tell you if I wanted to; however, I can tell you that I have no choice in the matter." Mike finished with his eyes closed, and a genuine grin. He was looking right at the newsest and closest bird kid. Mike was doing a great job of stalling, or so he thought. It was a plus that he enjoyed talking to bird kids, he never usually had the chance. He was usually keeping them in their cages, or dragging them off to one.

"And to answer your two questions previously made known to me." Mike paused to turn to Marcy, and Matt.

"To you Mister Bernard. I am clearly already 'here,' so I have already come for you, and to you Miss Bernard, I am a blood thirsty monster. My kind doesn't place value on friendship." Mike finished with his usual blank expression. Mike anticipated the bone shattering punch that the nearest Bird kid was going to give him. He was ready to use his shock wave if he even so much as moved in a manner that warranted action. Only a few more minutes before Vampires burst through the back. He just had to keep on talking.


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Brendan McAdams:

I listened idly to the conversation happening around me. My main focus was on the two dark spots I'd just seen launch into the air about 100 yards away. There was no doubt the first one was Carter, and it looked like the second was the brunette, though the back lighting made it hard to make out specific details.

I could only assume he knew about the vampire. Judging by the way the girl was flying though, he hadn't told her. She moved in huge swooping circles that held a playful sort of grace. Not a care in the world.

The vampire on the other hand, Mike they called him, he looked less than amused by the sudden appearance of yet another bird kid. Bird man more like. He spoke with a certain confidence, like he knew he was going to win whatever fight might come from the encounter.

Which brought me back to the fact that this was a lone vampire taking on four bird kids. Most vampires wouldn't even take on two by themselves, but this one looked calm as ever. If it was a scare tactic, it was definitely working.

There had to be more of them.

Instinctively I focused my energy and disappeared. Once I felt that tug that comes along with invisibility I took two steps to the left and one back. What's the use in being invisible when everyone knows where you are, right?

Carter McAdams:

"You've done this before!" I called out as Haley angled her wings down just the smallest bit and dipped down on my right only to come shooting up again on my left for the third time. I never would have guessed she knew anything was up if I hadn't been the one to tell her.

She just laughed and shook her head.

"See anything?" I called again. So far there was nothing. Well, that's a lie. There was a guy walking down the street eating a hot dog, weird. There was a couple walking a dog too, not weird. Plus there were the three kids in the park around the corner from the store. Well, not kids exactly. They were probably about my age. No vampires though.

"Five on the roof of the store we were just in, looks like at least three of them are birds." She said. It wasn't shouted through the night though. Her voice was close and clear, despite the growing distance between us, and it almost sounded like it was inside my head.

My surprise must have been pretty obvious, because before I had a chance she was talking again.

"I can push my thoughts, that's what they called in the Ward anyway." Haley explained, her voice clear as a bell inside my head.

I was still confused, but suddenly her words sunk in and my eyes shot to the roof. There were only supposed to be three. Carter and the two who'd been there before. Not five. Certainly not someone that big.. Was that-

"Is that an adult bird.. kid?" Haley's voice rang through my thoughts.

"Is that even possible?" I called back. I didn't think it was. Then again, I didn't think it was possible to put your thoughts in other people's heads. I mean, mind reading is one thing, but mind... sending? That's kind of cool.

"I don't know." She thought, and then she gave a small chuckle and I saw her turn her head to look at me, "you don't have to yell you know, I can pull just as well as I can push. Pull thoughts that is, just kind of focus on me hearing it and I will."

Pull? What does that even mean? Sometimes I wish the scientists were a bit more creative. Seriously, that's a cool talent, why give it a crappy name like 'pushing' and 'pulling' thoughts?

"[i]Let's just fly high and see what happens.. can you hear me?" I thought, focusing hard on sending my thoughts out. Haley just nodded and swooped up again.


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(I apologize if this post seems....meh...I was very tired when I wrote, but I doubt I'll have time to get this in tomorrow, so I had to do it tonight. Might be too busy tomorrow morning. Once again, I apologize.)

(@ Guardian Angel, My rping my not exactly be the way yours is, but I tried my best to keep him in character.)

Mike’s glance idly passed over the back door of roof. Just a few more minutes and he would be home free. Distracting these kids was what he had come up here to do. Distracting he had done.

For a moment, all of them were silent, Vampire, and Avians alike. The atmosphere felt tense with anxiety and anticipation, and Mike felt sour regret bubbling up inside of. These kids had a chance. They should’ve run.

Abruptly one disappeared from his view. If Mike was panicked, he didn’t show. But the kid had just disappeared, vanished, out of sight.


Just then his phone vibrated, an almost indiscernible feeling against the thickness of his protective gear. But, then again, he was Vampire. Everything was different through these eyes. What was dull to a human was as clear as daylight to him.

He flipped open the phone, keeping a careful eye on each child, even acting as though he could see the one that had disappeared.

“Boss, we’re good to go. We’ve got the building surrounded. Caught a couple o’ them mutants up by a dumpster too. Sent six of the men after them. We’ve got about 20 remaining, three in the store, incognito, five surrounding the perimeter, ten above the clouds ready to come down.”

“Clear.” Mike said, before snapping the phone shut.

In an almost regretful whisper, he said, “Time’s up.”

Flipping off the roof, he did a loop, before flying upwards.

Then all hell broke loose.

@Marcy, Matt, and Brendan

The Vamp dove down from the clouds, his colleagues following suit. Immediately, his vision clouded red. He would have to resist the urge to smash these kids brains right through their skulls, as was the typical Vampire way. All of them would.

They jetted past Mike, diving to whichever kid was closest.

One grabbed the girl in a deadlock, trying to choke her into submission. Two others aimed for the same girl, coming down with incomprehensible speed.

Another Vamp whipped the blonde boy in his head with his foot and devastating accuracy.

Three others came down on the spot where the invisible boy had been formerly standing, whipping their arms back and fourthly, blindly aiming for the kid. They had to catch him at some point.

Two others descended upon the adult male, grabbing him by each arm.

@Taylor and Sam

The six vampires were descending upon these in particular two children with a slow speed. The kids were close to the public. They had to be careful.

With a brief nod from the head of the small splinter group, an in particularly fast female shot out and caught the blonde girl, who had been floating off the ground a bit, by her head, snapping her teeth dangerously close to the girls ears.

“Why don’t I cut all the pretty hair off from this head,” The Vamp hissed into her ear.

Another went to apprehend the boy, crashing into him with brute force.

The rest followed slowly, lips pulled back in frightening smiles.

“Say hello, to goodbye,” one growled, grinning like a maniac.


I was barely able to screech before a Vampire grabbed me by my throat, causing my former screech to choke out of my mouth.

Another was dashing from my feet, at which point I promptly thought, fight, fight, fight.

Using the choker as a prop I raised my feet, ignoring my stifling lungs, and kicked the incoming Vamp in the face. He screamed, pulling back and holding his nose. Then, in a split second decision, I decided to use the shield.

It erupted from my skin, a light blue sheen, with enough force to frighten the choker away. He banged at it, causing an immediate headache.

But I couldn’t stop to think. Another was already clawing at my shirt. Up, up, and away. I dropped my shield as I ascended, looking down only to observe who was following me.

I flapped powerfully, using my speed to my advantage. I had fast flight. One of my few freak powers. But if I kept it up at this rate…I would lose too much energy between fighting and flying.

And so, folding my wings, I dropped like a rock. The three Vamps that had been tailgating me yelped as fell back down, smashing head on with the very third.

We tumbled in the sky, before I snapped my wings out, catching myself the last minute. I was only faintly aware of my bleeding nose, the pain in my back when my wings opened, the bleeding left wing.

Pain. Dead on pain.


“Ow,” I shouted, holding the left side of my face. There was a delicate trail of blood dripping from my lips, and I almost felt sorry for my face. Too bad, I’d already been hit like that at the Ward.

“Sucker,” I shouted in a Vampire esque voice, and I turned back around to smash my fist into his forehead. His eyes bulged out, faltering with the surprise attack.

Looking up I spotted Marcy. She was dropping. Fast.

Just as I was about to snap out after her, the Vamp jumped me from behind, sinking his claw like hands into my shoulders.

I gasped, stuck between fear, and panic for my sister. Only when I saw her floating slightly above to ground did I feel safe to resist the Vamp. Dropping down, I rolled on my back, tumbling along with the Vampire, and trying to grab for his wings.

God this was going to be a long night.


What the hell. The knew exactly where to strike. Holding my arms like pitbulls, both vamps gave me devilish grins.

I frowned, trashing around. One of the Vampires tripped, clear surprise flashing across his face, surprised with my strength. The other, however, was a bit more resilient.

He held onto my arm, aiming his teeth for me. Ew. I jolted my half lemur leg upwards, kicking him in his chin. He gasped, and blood burbled from his mouth before the second grabbed my tail and pulled.

God, I think this was how Goku felt every time his tail got cut off. Except, mine was still intact. My lips pursed together, and, doing a roundabout, I clipped the Vamp in his ribs. He crumpled to the ground, and I flew up towards the sky before broken jaw there grabbed my foot.

“Coming with me, huh?” I asked.

I looked around.

We were surrounded.


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"All remaining forces, move in; and take care to remember that lethal force is not an option." Mike spoke into the phone with a commanding tone. One had to be firm with Vampires, they tended to challange other Vampires for rights as leader. Mike put down many vamps, that's why he was never challanged. He was feared amongst even his own, he has a reputation for being cold, calm, and collected. This was an alien trait amongst Vampires. This difference inspired respect through fear. Mike usually was deployed on suicide missions, things that couldn't be done. All things considered, his marks were nearly perfect. His record had a few blemishes, though nothing to be killed over. Mike closed his phone, and put it in one of his chest pouches. He threw off his jacket during his escape. His armor was slightly standard, his was a tad heavier. Mike's suit had to withstand the force of his ability without suffering wear. Mike replaced his phone with an ear piece.

The time for stealth had passed as soon as he realized Marcy and Matt were his targets. A test perhaps? To see if Mike was indeed loyal. He was struggling to coordinate the attack. Mike didn't feel right about this. He could give his forces advice: Avoiding the adult Bird hybrid would be key. From what Mike saw, he was very versed in combat, the experiment had even been gifted with high strength levels. They would need to stop him with sedatives, no the only thing they could do to that experiment now, was to simply keep him occupied. That would mean throwing reserve forces at him whenever possible. The Invisible one would be problematic, Mike would probably suggest finding a way to void that ability. Whether that means pouring water all over the ground, or marking the target somehow. Marcy and Matt were tough, but all one had to do was throw enough Vamps at them, and they would fall eventually. Mike didn't have intel on any other bird kids, so it would be vital to focus on the ones he did know how to counter. Atleast somewhat anyways.

Mike maintained radio silence, and swooped up to a building. He sat on the side, dangling his feet over the edge. Mike folded his wings in, the leathery texture of the membrane rubbing on his spine always made him want to shiver. He used his sharp eyes and senses to observe the battle field. Mike looked at his hands, scarred by cuts, his knuckles worn by countless punches. Mike stood up, his wings jumped out from his back. Soon two vamps landed on either side of him. One was too afraid to make eye contact, none-the-less he still spoke. "There is a bird kid in the woods, should we engage?"

Mike nodded and told them both to go. After they left Mike leapt into action. He allowed himself to fall, he flew low and as fast as possible. A few of the vamps that engaged the two bird kids behind the store had flatlined. Mike grunted, and flew over the battle. He signaled for three vamps, and pointed at Matt. Mike made a circle in the air with one finger. They'd understand, Mike wanted them to keep Matt out of the air for as long as possible. Marcy seemed to be occupied. The adult bird kid was proving problematic. Mike signaled at two more bird kids in the area to engage the adult.

The only sound Mike could hear was the flapping of his wings. He wanted to change that. Mike drew his sidearm, and signaled the rest of the vampires hovering over Taylor, and Sam to move in. Mike fired two bullets at Sam while still in flight, the projectiles roared towards Sam, coliding with the pavement a foot away where he was positioned. Mike ensured the shots were opposite of the store. His intention was to provide incentive for Sam and Taylor to move towards the other group of bird kids. Together the bird kids could wipe the floor with any number of vamps. Together they can do this. Mike was confident. The lack of powers hampered his vampires. Mike's guilt silently lessened. He spiraled through the air. Mike knew what he was doing was wrong, but he had to get into the fight. He landed on the roof, he masked the sadness of his aching heart. The weakness his emotion gave him. His reluctance to cause pain. Mike was about to charge until his radio came to life. "Mike flank around, stay airborne, if the experiments get away we'll need a heading." A scientist spoke through the Communications network. Mike nodded, and took to the skies once more.


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Marceline POV

I frowned, licking my lips, and tasting the sweet tang of blood. Gosh, I wondered how beat up my face looked. The Vampire I’d crashed into was flailing towards the ground, desperately trying to get his wings to work. He let out a low moan as he slammed against the ground with a heavy thud, a bloodcurdling crack coming from his left wing.

I winced as I shot away from the broken Vamp, now acutely aware of the prickling pain running along the span of my left wing, and the joints where my wings and back connected. Risking a glance at a jewelers window, I hastily assessed whatever injuries I could make out in the fleeting moment.

Blood was still leaking from my nose, but from the way it felt, it wasn’t broken. The source of the pain in my wing became obvious upon the brief glance. A large cut ran along the side of my wing, oozing blood that ran like water, lacing itself between and underneath my feathers, and dying them a dark, almost black, red.

The injury was enough to force me to pump my wings harder than normal just to get my bearings in the air.

Flying up high, I tried to make out the scene as appropriately as I could. Matthew was having a one-on-one with a particularly ambitious Vampire, throwing in punches when he could, and getting his fair share of a beating. His bottom lip was swollen and red, and a bright trail of blood had leaked off his chin and onto his shirt. Something looked awkward about the jerking way his right arm was moving, and I had no choice but to assume that the ball of his arm had popped out of its socket. There was a blue-black bruise beginning to form like a discombobulated fruit underneath his eye on his cheek bone.

All in all, he seemed to be holding his own.

I felt some anxiety upon still not being able to spot Brendan. The kid had prolonged his invisibility to the point where the dumb witted Vampires were still flailing their arms in a blind attempt to clip the boy somehow. I bit my lip, holding back constrained laughter, watching the way they bumbled around in a serious attempt at a go at the invisibly kid.

The strain on my lungs made me realize that I’d probably cracked a rib or two, seeing as a splitting pain traveled up along the right side of my chest.

The adult mutant was being pressured by three to four Vampires at once, but he seemed to be holding his own. Or at least he had been holding his own. But just in case you’re not a mutant freak that’s fought Vampires before, let me tell you, four Vampires is a lot to take on at once.

Fluttering closer to the fight, for a better vantage point, I was able to spot the unmistakable swelling of a broken wrist, and the fact that both his nostrils were leaking rose red blood right over his lips.

Yep, four Vamps are overwhelming. Even our buff mutant-superman was faltering in his fighting.

Getting ready to dive in to help the guy, I stopped cold when I heard the distinctive shot of a gun.

Frantically my eyes searched for my brother, praying, hoping, he hadn’t been shot. Thankfully, he was still standing strong against in his man-to-man fight with his persistent Vamp, only wavering to check and make sure I hadn’t been shot. Our eyes met for a moment, and I could only imagine the relief in his were reflected by my own spectacles.

Scoping my surroundings out, (before being abruptly smashed in the side by a Vamp) I was able to see Mike holding a rifle of some sort, obviously the one that had carried out the shot, and couldn’t help but wonder what he’d been doing? Killing one of his men to save them some pain? Killing an innocent human who’d accidently spotted the fighting? Shooting a fire hydrant?

I don’t know.

All I knew was that I was going to rip the hair off of the Vampire attacking me till he went permanently bald.


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#, as written by TheFlag

Samuel immediately felt the drain from using his abilities he stumbled backwards almost colliding with the floor again, he somehow retained his footing and remained standing barely. He had just used the last of his electrical potential, he needed to recharge either through his natural process which only generated so much power or through absorbing some more energy, which certainly packed more of a punch but he doubted he'd be able to obtain it during this situation, as it took time to refill his energy levels.

Samuel wearily looked around, before noticing Taylor she had managed to avoid the blast, which made Samuel sigh with relief as a weight was lifted off his chest. Although the blast was certainly not lethal, he was sure it hurt, but nevertheless he was glad to see Taylor unharmed. As Taylor nodded obviously impressed, Samuel was hesitant before muttering unsure "I don't think I can do that again. At least not for awhile." Samuel noted he had caught a couple of the vamps in his blast, he was impressed by this feat and smiled mostly to himself, proud of his actions. This should give them leeway to make a run for it.

As Samuel was going to signal Taylor to take flight, he heard the roar of a gun his sensitive hearing picked up on this almost instantly and he fell backwards quickly trying to avoid it, only to notice the bullet marks about a foot away from him, he yelped at how close the bullets had been from hitting him before shuddering. Samuel's head looked up towards the source of the bullets where he saw a vampire hovering a gun in hand, as Samuel twitched he managed to note that several other vampires were descending in on them, it looked like the one who had fired the gun was leading them or something, he didn't realize vampires could do that due to them being so, violent which was the only word that came to mind besides crazy, viscous and pure evil.

Samuel twisted his gaze away from the sky when the vampires had nearly descended to the ground, staying in this enclosed space suddenly seemed like a bad idea, taking to the skies seemed like the way to go, he noted. As he slowly observed the scene, he twisted his head back before calling to Taylor, "We should really get out of here..." his eyes widened as he noticed the vamps landing on the ground, "Because they're calling in the cavalry." his voice was dry, and somewhat sarcastic.

In a second Samuel was in the air, flying past the vampires and maneuvering through the buildings away from the store. He wasn't sure how he had exactly avoided the vampires as he was sure one could have easily grabbed him, but he guessed he underestimated his prowess in flying. He flew very shortly but rose above buildings, he had hoped Taylor had begun to follow behind him but he couldn't risk checking. His flight was short however, as a couple the vampires that had followed, had managed to beat him to the ground. It seemed like a war zone, as he couldn't fly without being swarmed, hit body was covered in bruises which he was sure would heal in mere minutes, a minor inconvenience, he was more worried about Taylor.

Samuel noted that flying was suicide so he had to run, which attracted some vampires. As Samuel paused he could hear a fight just as viscous as the one he was previously in, he emerged from the area only to have his jaw drop, there were several others like him fighting a dozen or so vampires, he stood there bewildered by the situation for a second he looked totally out of it, not sure how to react. His eyes scanned through the others, he hadn't even traveled that far only a block or so, and now he had stumbled across this.

Samuel's mind finally sparked, before it focused on Taylor. He quickly turned around to see if she had followed or was in virew, but all he felt was a fist colliding with his face, he fell to the floor. A vampire was behind him howling with delight at its hit, Samuel scowled rubbing his cheek, before he promptly using both his legs, kicked it full force in the stomach it reeled back, giving Samuel some breathing space, as he scurried to his feet, Samuel looked around even more bewildered at the situation then before.


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I had quickly flown towards the ground as Samuel began to recover. He seemed okay, but as he mentioned he probably wouldn't be using his power again, I sighed. Oh well then. I jumped, nearly flying into the air at the sound of gunshots. I folded my wings in slightly, afraid of getting them hit. I looked to see if they had hit Samuel since the sound was closer to him but nope. Thank god, I would have panicked if they did. Still, they were too close for comfort. Using my main ability, I searched and saw red moving shapes moving towards us.

Just great. I let out a annoyed hiss. "We should really get out of here..." Samuel started "Because they're calling in the cavalry." I smirked slightly and nodded. Samuel took off into the air, and I glanced at the vamps once more, taking off after him. I kept him in my line of sight while at the same time, glancing back to see if they were following us. And it's pretty hard trying to make sure you’re following someone and at the same time make sure you’re not being followed. Of course though Samuel started landing and I followed, narrowly avoiding a Vampires grasp as I landed. I ran to catch up with him and then saw them. More bird people like us. And more vamps.

Honestly though, I was still caught up on the bird kid thing. The vamps were sort of forgotten for a split second. It was still hard to ignore the joy filling up inside me. Though, I was snapped back into reality as strong hands put me in a tight headlock. I grunted. My eyes quickly searched for anything, anything at all to help me. A few lone rocks laid on the ground. It wasn't much but it was something. Concentrating (hard to do when the life is being squeezed out of you) I stared at the rocks. One by one, they slowly rose and flew straight towards me. I flicked my eyes upward, and they quickly changed position. I could hear the vamp wince and let out a small "ow."

Rocks didn't have much effect, but they distracted him, and I wrenched upwards. For a split second I saw Samuel kicking a Vamp in its stomach. Then I had to resume to my own fight. I bit down hard on its hand, and it let out a pained wail. I continued biting though, harder, while at the same time thrusting my elbow backwards into his stomach. He let go of me, and my mouth remained on his mouth for a few seconds, before I kicked him in his rib, and then flew up to survey the scene.


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God, I was bleeding from head to toe. My Vamp lay on the ground, arm broken, coughing up blood. His blood shot eyes roamed over to my face and we stared each other down for a few minutes.

"Well?" His voice was gruff, sounding almost impatient, as he asked the question.

"Well, what?"

"Aren't you going to kill me?" he spat, looking devastated now. Understanding washed over me, and for a moment, all I could do was stare at him.

"Dude," I said, as calmly as I possibly could, "I'm not a monster. I don't kill other uselessly. And I'm not going to kill you."

Turning away before he could answer, I swooped up into the sky. My sister was tangling with a Vampire. It looked like she was trying to pull its hair out of its head, and I stifled a pained laugh watching her ungracefully tear off a lump. The Vamp held its bald spot, hissing and roaring like a maniac, and attempting a snap at Marce's neck. My sis was damaged pretty badly. One of her wings looked like it'd taken on a pretty sore hit. She looked like she was limping in the air, if that makes any sense.

As for me, one of my arms had been twisted. It'd eventually pop back into place.

Euro had taken his fight to the ground. He seemed to be holding up. One of the four Vamps that'd been attacking him had retreated, probably due to some painful injury or another.

Surveying my surrounding I was able to spot two new additions. No not more Vamps. Two bird kids. One, a male, was in a scuffle with a Vamp, giving it a good kick to the ribs, and then rolling away.

Another one, a female, had flown up in the sky.

Taking one pained breath, I flew up to her. She looked okay, not hurt, but it never hurt to ask.

"You okay?" I asked, realizing how weird it was that a random bird kid had just flown up to her without much thought for introductions. Without waiting for her answer, I motioned to the boy, "Is he your friend?"

Hey, what can I say. In the middle of a battle I was trying to figure out relations.

I'm such a lady killer.

Besides that, the Vamps were slowly falling away, and there seemed to be less and less of them fighting.


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Mike's eyes grew sad once he realized all of the carnage he let ensue. He should've put an end to it sooner. Mike counted a few were dead already, and the birdkids were getting hurt as is. Mike had done his job, Mike was sure that his forces were just practice. If the Ward was serious they would've deployed helicopters, maybe a few tranq units to back everyone up. His troops were armed with weapons that they simply weren't allowed to use. He gave a deep sigh, a headache was starting to manifest itself, as Mike swooped down with his rifle slung to his back. Mike broadcasted on all channels. The more experience his team had, the better they'd be. Even if that meant keeping them alive after a failed op. That's what Mike told himself anyways. He knew that he hated to see his kind die. He hated all of the death in his life. Senseless death.

"All able troops, we are pulling the wounded out. Disengage, we are in no condition to keep fighting." Mike looked out for his own, even if they were crazed animals. He swooped down, and landed on the roof where Matt has disposed of his vampire. Mike knelt down, one broken arm. Internal bleeding, probably punctured a lung. Broken ribs were likely, for that was the most common wound Vampires usually suffered due to their unprotected ribcages. Mike picked up his fellow vamp, and briefly glanced at the bird kids before leaving. His wings pumped hard to get himself and his cargo out of harms way. Mike angled away with a flock of surviving vampires, carrying the wounded. Mike looked down at the male vampire in his arms. "You did good today, remember that." That's all Mike was willing to say. Mike only knew one thing for certain, though he hated it. He would have to actually fight the next time he met those bird kids. The Ward wouldn't want one of their most lethal fighters sitting back, worthless as he was.

Mike traveled for only a little while, flying as fast as he could. Mike made sure his beacon was running, for he didn't want shooters to kill him on sight. Mike landed once he got the go ahead. "Get the med teams ready, we have a few wounded." Mike spoke calmly. He knew the Ward would just throw a few of them away, but Mike had to try to save the few he could.


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I guess I hadn’t expected the turn of events that consorted the words “setting me free” in referral to my father’s decision to send me to Arizona.

Take note: I’d never before called Daddy the word “father”. I didn’t think that’s what little girls did. But after the events of today, the bitter resentment in my heart was telling me not to call him anything, at least not any word that denoted that idea of affection. Today was the first day my “father” had hit me. Ever.

Usually, he’s a fake, but sweet man, often trying to entice me into playing along with his convoluted plans by throwing “heartfelt” and “affectionate” words in my face, and messing with my “emotions”.

But today was far from the usual. Today he became harsh and unforgiving, with a lashing hand and scorching words. Today he became the tyrant I’d never expected.

See, here’s what happened: A few of his assistance had been preparing me for the flight to Arizona. I did nothing along the lines of helping them. They simply packed my clothing, dressed me, and executed a rerun of everyday’s boring events. A physical examination was performed as usual, as well as a check up on my mental stability and telepathic level. Then, I was prepared to hop aboard one of Daddy’s luxury jets, an impossibly fast one at that. I’d made a fuss about which form I was to arrive in: My adolescent form, or my childish six year old form. Due to the ruckus I’d caused, one of the female scientist (it always was the women) had decided to play along, stoop down to my six year old intellectual level, and allow me to dress accordingly to a child. This hadn’t gone over well with him. He came and slapped me when I rebuked against his wishes to change formation. Frightened to death by his actions, I promptly changed forms and was redressed consequently.

That brings me to the three hour flight, for which I know you have no interest in. Three hours of a mutant freak staring out a window is something I’m sure many of you don’t dote on, especially those of you who have flown from American to Korea. It’s a hassle isn’t it?

So, if you figured anything out about me now, you must know not much stands out to me. Or rather, I don’t comprehend enough for things to stand out to me. So, hence my landing in Arizona, I went through the very boring process of being checked up again (a physical and mental), before being loaded in a crate and shipped over to an undisclosed location in Arizona, obviously another one of our bases.

There I was walked through the hallways of the experimentation section of the ward. Not everyone at the Ward has wings, you know. I saw a terrified looking, kind of duck child, staring at me from behind his quarter’s windows. He didn’t necessarily look like a duck; rather, his feet were webbed, a uniquely different thing to what I was used to observing. He didn’t smile at me, and I didn’t smile back. But in an attempt at…pity, I sent over a thought to him.

They won’t kill you. You’re useful, different.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if my words were true. I’d just said it to comfort him, and lo and behold, his eye brightened under his thick black eyebrows. I still didn’t smile in reaction to his response. I wasn’t sure what to do. So I simply looked forward and allowed the guide to tow me along to a meeting room.

I guess it was plain for a room of this type: long, polished, dark brown table, with an array of equal seats on each side, with yet a few people in the room, and “father’s” face on the large monitor at the head of the table.

One female scientists (they were much more…motherly, than the males) guided me over to a chair, holding it out for me to sit in, before retreating to her own place across from me.

My father nodded, and another male flipped out a phone of sorts, scrolling through the contacts, before finally pressing what seemed to be the “send button.”

“Michael,” he said abruptly, as though someone had answered, “We have a job for you that requires your immediate return to the Ward. I’m sure you’ll be…fairly pleased with your new toy.”

With that he snapped the phone shut, and the room fell into a dull silence waiting for this Michael arrival. Personally, I suppose, my inner self was expressing something like excitement. Was this the Vampire that was to oversee my transition into the human world? Or was he simply the head of the Ward in Arizona? Antsy, I shifted in my chair wishing I could be back in Antarctica, where thing all of sudden seemed a hell of a lot easier.


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Mike took a small break in the woods, taking the long way back to the town. He sat atop a sturdy tree branch, large enough to support Mike's weight. He calmly leaned back on the trunk of the tree, breathing in fresh un processed air. When you grew up with synthetic smells in your nose one tended to like the fresh air that much more. The same bird from before, earlier in the day, landed on Mike's hand. He brought it up to his face and observed it with one eye. Mike stretched a finger, to which the bird hopped over too. Mike gave a deep sigh. Surely Mike was hardwired to kill anything he wanted to in his free time, but Mike never liked killing even the smallest of creatures. He found peace in the fact that he could preserve a fraction of lives he crossed every day.

The phone rang in Mike's pocket, which in turn scared the bird away. Mike drew the phone out of his pocket, and spoke in his usual cold voice. "What is it?" Mike's voice was that of an indifferent killer.

“Michael,” he said abruptly, “We have a job for you that requires your immediate return to the Ward. I’m sure you’ll be…fairly pleased with your new toy.” The Vampire spoke, his voice as careful as can be. Mike gave a small grunt in response and closed his phone. The branch creaked, as Mike launched himself onto the ground, and from there took flight. He Silently wondered what was so important to have him return. He calmly angled his way downwards, and flared his wings before hitting the ground. He opened the front doors, and marched his way through the building. Some Vampires stopping out of sheer respect on his way in. Mike was sad that he only gained respect through fear, but there was simply no other way with his fellow Vampires.

Mike opened the door, his face devoid of any emotion. Mike shifted, and glanced to the screen. His posture changed from relaxed, and uncaring to alert and at attention. Mike's eyes met Gunther's for a few moments. Mike's eyes still keeping their half asleep appearance. His eyes shifted over a girl sitting in a chair situated near a table. She appeared to be as clueless as Mike was. His eyes shifted back to the screen. Mike gripped his power, rage boiling up inside of Mike. Emotionless as ever Mike spoke in a guarded tone.

"How may I be of service, sir?" Mike spoke calmly.


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Awkward didn’t even begin to cover the atmosphere in the car. I wondered, out of sheer curiosity, if any of them were feeling claustrophobic. I knew what it was like, coming from the Ward, and then getting freedom. Everything with plausible amounts of space was welcoming. Everything with barely any space was terrifying. Hopefully, these kids were tougher than that.

As I’d requested, Sam had taken a seat next to me up front, while the rest of the kids had piled in the back. Taylor had slipped into the backseat with an awkward look on her face, and in an attempt to reassure her, I said, “You did a great job Taylor. So long as she isn’t bleeding as much as before, we’ve got more time.”

I wasn’t going to lie. It was crowded in here. The addition of our wings, all of various widths and lengths were another thing to take into consideration. If I’d just let my wings out loose enough, I’d be touching the tip of Sam’s shoulder. Therefore, I kept them plastered tightly against my back. I was uncomfortable having anyone but Solo touch my wings. Years of countless experiments and pain had made me impossibly frightened of situations with the involvement of someone besides me or Solo touching my wings.

My hands were firm on the steering wheel; while I had no driver’s license, I’d had plenty of practice in my early days of escape.

Something had been bothering me, pricking the back of my mind constantly, since we’d started driving.

“Kids,” I said, sighing, “There’s no way they aren’t going to call the FBI out on you guys…just…be careful…”

Well, I’d totally chickened out of what I was originally going to say. I’d been mustering up the courage to tell them I’d be ditching them after the girl was safely checked in but…I couldn’t do that. No one knows that way an adult knows the feeling of looking a kid in the eye and shamelessly telling them that you wouldn’t be there with them. I mean, personally, before this, I’d never done something like that. But I’d seen it plenty of times in movies.

I sighed again, focusing on the road ahead of me. I could already see the peak of the hospital’s roof, and was quickly beginning to feel the familiar anxiety build up within me.

“We’re nearly there, guys.”


I stared at the careful wrap that Taylor’d made out of Marce’s blood soaked sweater. It seemed to be holding up, something I was thankful for. In a car with three guys, a woman was always useful. My mouth twisted at my own sexist joke, before I turned my face down to look at Marce. She looked so beat up. Her hair, which was usually already messily tied up, was clearly and obviously knotted now. Poor kid. She’s have a total drama session trying to untangle it when she woke up.

“We’re nearly there, guys.” Euro’s voice interrupted my thoughts.

Ew, the hospital. The second most dreaded place on my list of most dreaded places. I knew the moment we arrived we’d be hit with the scent of heavy chemicals. I’m not sure how to describe what the drive was like. Long, boring, antagonizing, irritating, upsetting…I could go on but I won’t.

I just knew the moment we arrived, I wanted to turn tail and run. We hadn’t reached the transparent set of double doors yet, and I was already able to smell the high, disgusting, fear inducing scent of disinfectant, hear the various conversations of random people talking about their relatives, or friends, or acquaintances, and the conditions they were in.

A few of them gave me peculiar looks. In order to hide Marce’s wing, I’d stuffed it under my own sweater. It looked like I was a pregnant man, walking with his accident ridden sister to get treated for insanity. Jeez.

I couldn’t help but notice that Euro’d donned his hood, and was pointedly looking down. Away from the cameras I guessed. We didn’t really know anything about Euro. Heck, we didn’t know anything about each other. But hey, we’re all the same peas in one pod. How bad could we be?

Everything went by in a flash. You’d think there’d be more detail to what we did, but really it was simple. Marce was in critical condition, and from the moment she arrived, she was sent into emergency. The rest of us were guided to the waiting room, save Euro who was called upon several times, by several nurses to speak with the doctor taking care of Marce. I could only guess why (cue sarcasm). I was called in once; for a blood transfusion. By the time I arrived back in the waiting room everything was fuzzy, and I was feeling gosh darn tired.

Plopping myself down on a soft, plush like chair, I tried to deliver a report to Taylor and Sam, “She’s doin all right. Doctor says ‘s gonna be a few weeks before she can return to normal health.”

Weeks in our case probably translated to days.

I was quite for a moment, before a few other questions struck my mind, “Where are you guys from, by the way? I mean, a Ward I would guess, but you guys got any specific directions on you? Any places you were supposed to be heading? Any plans of your own…?”

As hazy as I was, I was still tense. Everything was so…disgusting, and uncomfortable here. I could never fathom how a normal humans, patients included, could stand to be here, much less sleep here.

As I questioned them, I completely overlooked one very important detail: Euro had disappeared.


”Hello?” I called out. No one replied. It was dark where I was. And we all know how well birds do in the dark. You know, unless I’d been my brother, or had owl blood (hoot, hoot).

My lips pursed as I blindly felt my way through wherever I was. The things I touched. They felt like prickly bushes and thorns, and I silently prayed for me to regain my sight. Everything was so dark. Everything was so lonely.

And there was a pain. An indescribable pain piercing my left wing.

I wandered for while. Nothing but silence. The wandering seemed to last forever.

And that’s when I heard them. Or rather, I knew they were coming with no other more specific forewarning. Sharp, snapping teeth, glistening white in the dark, with outspread wings, bigger and more agile than mine. They followed me through what I now assumed to be trees, dipping and diving and cackling like maniacs. I couldn’t achieve flight here. My wings, they were too thick to properly snap out in the crowd of the bushes and trees.

Instead I ran towards it. A beautiful light that split the forest in half. And when I arrived there, when I arrived at that entrance, I found the most beautiful thing in existence. A wide, outstretched field of healthy green grass, with the clear blue sky as its overseer.

Knowing this was my chance, I snapped my wings out…I snapped…my wings…

Where were my wings? The hung limp by my side. I couldn’t feel them. And they were coming. All of a sudden things were going faster. I just kept running and running, and trying and trying, but my wings refused to budge.

And then they descended on me. They hissed and jabbed me with electric sticks, sending me to the ground. And when finally I was subdued, one took a long silver knife out from its pocket, covering my eyes with one grisly, smelly hand.

And all I could feel was the sharp, protruding pain of that knife cutting into my wings.


"How may I be of service, sir?" The “Michael” had arrived. He was calm and collected when he slipped into our room, quickly assessing the presence of all who was there. I felt him glance over me once, but I couldn’t be sure of it.

My father seemed to be having an icy stare down with the Vampire.

“Mike,” he said innocently, hidden venom dripping from every word, “How good to see one of my most successful Vampires again. I have a special job for you, lad. I want you to take care of this here girl. Alice, stand up,”

Gunther commanded me with the same terrifying disposition he had used earlier, and I immediately snapped out of my seat.

“You,” he said, once again addressing Michael, “Will take care of her and teach her the way of human beings. Make sure she successfully integrates herself into the human populace. And if you can do so, we’ll see about further promotions within the Ward.”

My father smiled in a way that could only be described as “evilly” before cutting off the video chat.

I turned to Mike. Not a word was uttered around the table, and for a while I simply assessed my new caretaker.

Sighing (who knew I was capable of it) I said in a monotonous voice, “You were assigned to “babysit” me as father has thought of it on so many occasions. So I will listen to you, and understand from you the ways of people.”

Once again the room was silent. A coughing Vampire, the same one who’d contacted Mike, spoke up, “Maybe you should take her somewhere, Mike.” He suggested, “Get started on the whole teaching her to be normal thing. Gunther’s kept her locked up for most of her life. She doesn’t know anything.”

“No to mention,” A female scientist intervened, “she’s only a year or so.”

“A year and six months,” I corrected. While I deterred to show it, I was actually seething on the inside. If hate is the right emotion, then, I hated it when they spoke of me as though I wasn’t there. As though I was just come pawn on a chessboard.

Standing stoically still, I patiently awaited Mike’s response. Surely he would think up some activity to keep me entertained.


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Matthew (@TheFlag and NTNO; you guys should try continuing the conversation in your own ways, asking other questions, etc. I feel as though my character overshadows yours just a bit too much, and I don’t want that :( )

I awaited their answers patiently. Taylor responded with a prompt no, clearing her throat in the process. For a moment, I wondered how long the two of them had escaped from the Ward. Had they unknowingly come from the same Ward and accidently met up? Or had they been together the whole time?

“I think I came from..." Sam began, pausing for a moment as he seemed to organize his thoughts "Arizona. As for plans, I haven't really had time to formulate one."

I nodded, prying apart my lips to inform them on my own situation. For a moment, my eyes flashed brightly as I remembered the crumpled up piece of paper stuffed in Marce’s sweater. Jeez. There was no way that thing had survived the blood showers in one piece, as cruel as it sounded to joke about my sister’s condition. I’d just have to hope that it was at least legible.

Just then Taylor seem to grasp onto something I had been completely and utterly oblivious too.

“Where’s Euro?”

Where was Euro? A better question would be, how long had we been here? Certainly long enough for them to have patched up my sister. We’d been sitting here for what seemed like hours.

“I don’t know,” I answered dumbfounded, just as a nurse sauntered over to us.

“Is your name Matthew?” she asked politely, a small yellow, sticky note looking piece of paper in her hand. I nodded, still too shocked with Euro’s disappearance to find words.

“Well,” she said, hesitating, “Amazingly, your sister,”

“Marceline,” I filled in automatically.

“Marceline,” she corrected herself, “Is in stable condition. Her wound seemed to, well, miraculously speed up in the healing condition. However, you all can’t see her just yet.”

I nodded. The nurse and doctors would never understand just how advanced us bird kids were. Speedy healing was a part of the package.

“Also, the young man who dropped you off left this note for you.”

I took the note from her dainty hand, unfolding it to read the insides.

I’m sorry. I have a family. We’ll meet again someday. I’m really sorry kids. Oh and I’m human.” I read aloud. The words were scrawled on the paper as though he’d rushed them down. My lips pursed. I felt both betrayed and yet at the same time, responsible to keep Euro a secret.

I could only assume so many things: First and foremost, Euro was a young guy. Family probably meant a wife, or something, and a baby. I couldn’t jeopardize his life like that.

“He’s human,” I repeated the word human, emphasizing on it, and hoping to convey to Taylor and Sam the idea that we couldn’t let it slip up that Euro was one of us. We could be putting his family in danger. I mean, I hoped he wasn’t lying to us. He’d helped us, why would he be lying?

I slumped down in my chair, disappointed and tired. Tired but not necessarily sleepy. I didn’t know what to say, and honestly hoped that Taylor or Sam would change the subject somehow. This was just…too devastating.


I remained emotionless. Perhaps a normal person would have arched their eyebrows, but I knew of no such thing as plainly expressed emotions. Or rather, I preferred to keep what I was feeling to me, only if the reason was because I didn’t really understand what it meant to express myself. Slowly, by the indication of the female scientist, I lifted myself to my feet following Mike’s lead.

He seemed…intelligent…or at least I had to assume so. Something already felt different about him, different to the way other Vampire’s acted. He seemed careful, and controlled. He also seemed to have recognized me as soon as the scientist had uttered my age.

That in itself proved how well known I was amongst the Ward intelligence. Anyone with power in the Ward knew about me. Which meant if my father trusted Michael to take care of me, trusted Michael to know about me, Michael must have had a rather high ranking amongst the Vampires.

I followed him through the hallways, uncomfortable with the looks that the majority of scientist threw my way, praising my form as though I was some kind of prize animal. I heavily disliked it. You may wonder why I didn’t use the word hate. I once heard that hate means you must have once loved quite a bit. I get the impression that many don’t believe, but I do. And so, for now, I shall try to avoid the word “hate”.

“Tell me,” I said in a monotonous voice, directed at Mike, “What is it you do here at the Ward? What is it we’re going to do?”


Do surgery on my wing, will you?

My lips pursed as the doctor tersely touched the edge of my formerly ripped wing, reveling in it’s presence.

“Are you done masturbating to my wing yet?” I asked casually, implied venom subtly dripping from every word. Taken aback, he snapped his hand away, pale freckled face running bright with blood.

“Sorry,” he stuttered, already seeming to grasp for an excuse.

“I don’t want hear.” I cut him off, before he could continue. “Where’s my…family…” I said carefully, referring to all of them (Matt, and the new kids, Taylor and Samuel ) as my collective family. It was safer that way, if the doctor thought we all had connections to one another.

“They’re outside. They can’t see you yet,” He murmured, quickly beginning to dismiss himself, “I’m sorry miss, but you’ll just have to stay here. Good night.”

He rushed out of the door flicking the lights off. Asshole.

I sighed, rubbing my forehead, and flexing my fixed wing. It was beginning to feel much better, but the ache in my head was worsening.

Euro had driven us here. He’d helped the doctors patch me up. But he’d never once said he was a bird kid as well. All I remember hearing of his hushed conversation with the doctor was that he’d been strolling along when he’d found us. He explained his bird knowledge by saying he worked in a pet shop with a section dedicated to parrots and parakeets. All his excuses would have sound like lies coming from a kids mouth, but he was an adult.

Then, when everything had been over, he’d come and spoken with me.

”Sorry, but what’s your name?” he looked down at me sheepishly, and I almost melted under the light brown eyes begging for forgiveness. I’d never in my life met a guy who was able to that. Then again, there’s always firsts.


“No prob Marceline,” he twined his fingers, glancing the other way then back. His words spilled out of his mouth like a rushed waterfall, “I have to leave you Marceline. I have a family, a pregnant wife, a special baby on the way…”

Special. Winged, he meant.

I nodded. “Thanks Euro…you gotta do what you gotta do.”

He nodded back in agreement, looking genuinely sorry. “I’ll leave a note for the kids. We’ll meet again someday.”

And just like that he was gone.

I frowned. The rest of the kids would be devastated when they found out. I was.

Flapping my wing, I tested it out on the curtain, which abruptly began flowing with the motion of wind I was producing.

I couldn’t handle being in here. It smelled disgusting, and felt cramped. Slowly, I slid out of the hospital bed, grabbing my jeans and my shirt. My regular, blood soaked sweater was now dyed with dark, almost black spots of dried blood. Against the dark purple background of the sweater, the blood looked like an out of place design.

Oh well.

I slipped it over my head, glad for the fact that blood doesn’t smell. I’d ditch it some other place.

Prying open the window, I did one of the things I knew how to do best. I jumped.

Spreading my wings out, I let a sliver of wind catch me, before pumping myself higher in the sky. I winced as my wing ached a slight bit before subsiding.

My headache was already beginning to disappear. The fresh (or as fresh as polluted air can get) air was a welcome change to the disinfectant scent of the stinky hospital.

I can’t tell you how long I flew. The trip back to the area where I’d been, by air, was about fifteen minutes, tops. It didn’t take long before I got to a shopping district, grinning as I looked down at the ant-like people still out and about. Which, to me, was not many. They wouldn’t be able to make my shape out against the pitch black darkness of the night sky. To them, normal people who’d never seen a bird kid, I would have looked like some giant bird. To a bird kid, I would have been recognizable.

For a second, my eyes blurred, and I snapped my head forward.

Oh no. Once again they blurred, and I felt myself tilting to the left. My left wing had given out.

In a matter of seconds I was spiraling downwards. In a desperate attempt to adjust my direction, I tilted my body, and remaining wing, aiming for a rather desolate alley near an already closed store.

When I was close enough to the ground of the alley, I spread my right wing out, slowing my speed, but still toppling me into the ground. At least it didn’t hurt as much.

But let me tell you. It still hurt.

“Ow,” I scowled, tightening, my wings against my back. My right neatly tucked itself into my sweater, but after a determined effort, my left simply plastered itself awkwardly up against my back, too stiff and painful to fully fold into my sweater. Jeez, what a mess I had gotten into.

“Stupid,” I reprimanded myself, refusing to blame my wing (yes I treat my wings just like any child would treat their teddy bear; like a real person…I wish I had a teddy bear.) The walk back was probably a good hour.

“What’s wrong with you Marce?” I sighed, pulling myself to my feet and dusting my jeans off.


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“Tell me,” Alice said in a monotonous voice, directed at Mike, “What is it you do here at the Ward? What is it we’re going to do?” Mike hadn't quite anticipated Alice to beat around the bush, but she was surprisingly straight forward. Mike slowed down to walk alongside her, rather than lead the way. Mike would likely answer any answer she had to offer. He wasn't exactly the person that liked to lie. Mike prefered to speak in deceptive truths. Blending his speech patterns to dance around a question with vague answers.

Mike's eyes were unfocused, clouded with past events. He walked for a small while longer, turning a corner while formulating the words. When he turned the corner he gave Alice a wide birth. Mike decided it would be best to tell her most of the truth. "I'm one of the operation managers at this facility. I take orders from Gunther's proxies. I'm just another ordinary Vampire really." Mike's eyes would occaisionally drift over experiments in their cages. Though he wouldn't allow it, regret filled the pit of his stomach. He looked away, reminding himself that such feelings couldn't be allowed to cloud his judgement. Mike kept pushing the guilt down.

"As for what we're doing here, I believe your father explained it rather thoroughly. To explain it in simpler terms. I am going to be preparing you for your deployment into the field." Mike answered casually. They eventually reached an exit. Where Mike pushed open the doors. The best way to experience the outside world, was just to simply dive in head first. Mike always had very few choices of his own when in the field. Most of the time, some proxy was telling him orders. Mike was only present to track targets, or coordinate attacks. Mike was under the notion that it was his duty to protect and teach Alice. His intentions blurred. Mike rarely got to interact with anyone that was capable of thinking clearly, though he knew he would be unable to be himself around her. He would always have to wear a mask of emotions, just as he had always done with everyone else. His gut told him to teach her, then be done with her. Mike knew deep down that Gunther wouldn't allow that. He didn't know what that man had in store for everyone, but Mike didn't like to think what was going to happen to himself in the near future.

"Any other questions?" Mike asked calmly. His mind slowly drifting away. He was almost always thinking about anything but the present. Always doting on the past, always trying to envision the future. Mike sought distraction from the things he was doing. He continued walking pondering on events long since passed.


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So that was it then? I didn’t believe him, to be honest. I felt like there was a bigger picture behind his role in the Ward, but kept it to myself. He must have been important, whether he knew it or not. Otherwise, with the amount of malice Gunther referred to Vampires with, why would he trust Michael of all of them? There must have been some change in him, something that sparked my father’s decision and interest in him. After all, I’d seen Mike on countless monitors back in Antartica…

Which reminded me. I’d gotten a taste of the air outside when I’d had been transferred from plane to truck. It was cool now, at the night, but I knew what Arizona was, and I was not looking forward to the sweltering heat of tomorrow.

"Any other questions?" Mike asked in a cool voice. I struggled to match my pace with him step for step as he seemed to unconsciously speed up.

All of a sudden a tirade of questions assaulted my mind, things I wanted to know, things I’d never seen, people I’d never met but knew of…

“Have you met them,” I asked quietly, still straining to keep up with him, “The winged children I mean…what are they like…Where am I staying?”

I had a feeling that we wouldn’t be going anywhere special tonight. It was already late, and, from what I knew, I doubted the idea that shopping areas would be open. For a second I felt a pang of regret, wishing that I could have arrived earlier so that he could have taken me somewhere else, anywhere. I remembered once seeing a “McDonalds” on the screen of one of my father’s monitors as he observed some of our escapees.

I wanted to go to McDonalds one day too….

And then I asked, “What’s McDonalds?”

I inwardly cringed. I had a vast expanse of knowledge, but not an in depth look into what I knew. It was embarrassing to say the least.


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“Have you met them,” I asked quietly, still straining to keep up with him, “The winged children I mean…what are they like…Where am I staying?” Mike noted her curious nature. It was to be expected, as she was only a year and a half old. He slowed his pace down. There was no easy way to teach Alice everything in a small time frame. Why Gunther entrusted Mike with Alice, he would never know. Perhaps she was a pipeline back to Gunther, to inform on Mike, and how he was behaving. Mike knew that Gunther had no solid proof of his intelligence, excluding his calm, and quiet demeanor. Mike was still able to convey the idea that he lacked emotions. He simply didn't know what to do, what actions he should take to avoid a coming conflict. Mike only had one answer to his solution, and that answer wasn't acceptable. Impossible even.

"I've been charged with guarding a handful of them. It is also my duty to test and bring back the ones that have escaped. As for what they are like, they are faster, more flexible, and all around better thinkers then my kind. Special abilities are to be expected among Avian hybrids. They rival us in flight, though most of them lack knowledge of the outside world. I've met many in the past, but that is a story for another time. You will be bunking in your own room. I will allow you to choose an empty one." Mike was trying to stay brief but informative. He assumed Alice would be a quick learner, for she was young, and could still grasp new concepts rather quickly. He stopped around twenty meters outside of the Ward's perimeter.

Alice asked, “What’s McDonalds?” quite randomly. This one caught Mike off guard. He glanced at her, making contact with her green eyes. He looked back into the woods, and breathed the night air.

"McDonalds is a series of fast food stores around the country, even the world. People go there, and pay for quick cheap food with currency. Not quite healthy, but it's still food I guess." Mike added the last part, obviously voicing his opinion about the place. He didn't think Alice would quite care about anyone's opinion, but he still voiced his own. After all Alice was going to be spending a lot of time with Mike. It would make sense to add a bit of himself into his 'teachings.'

Opinions had a strange way of giving frame work to basic ideas. Mike was willing to offer his own opinions sometimes, as an example rather then something to emulate.


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I waved casually to Eins as Marcus introduced both himself and his companion.

"So, Marceline... we need to get you back to the hospital. How far away is it? I guess walking is an option... but flying would be better. If I helped, do you think you could fly with one wing?"

I’d just been about to tell Marcus the distance of the hospital, when he made his suggestion to put it in mild terms.

I frowned feeling my pride stiffen every friendly muscle I’d just had.

God, I could imagine it now. We’d look like an awkward giant-three-winged bird toddling through the air. It was so embarrassingly laughable that I couldn’t even bare to look at it in a humorous light. Or maybe that was just my pride speaking. Biting my lower lip, I deliberated for a moment, allowing Marcus and Eins to be covered in a blanket of silence.

Let’s see. Walking would save me all the shameful feelings of not being able to carry myself on my own two wings. On the other hand, in my ever increasing bad condition (being made worse by my rebellious nature) I was bound to tire myself out before we’d reached half-way there. And the whole trip would probably end up taking, about, two hours. Far too long. My brother and the rest of them would find that I’d snuck out of bed already.

Which left flying. In my condition, flying with Marcus’s assistance would give us about twenty minutes to make it back to the hospital. Enough time for the kids to find out about me being gone, but also enough time for me to get back without giving any of them heart attacks.

It was at a time like this that I wished Euro hadn’t decided to pick up and leave us. Damn that boy….man for having other things to do. With his herculean strength (or his car stealing skills) we may have slid out of this one at a much faster rate.

But no, I was left with other bird kids who were similarly malnourished to me, and just as clueless as I was about stealing cars.


I wasn’t going to lie to them though.

“I don’t like this idea….but it’ll have to do. There’s no way we can make it back in time on foot…so to the air away….”

I spread my good wing, holding out my arm for Marcus to grab onto. My pride was bending my will into all sorts of impossible positions, and I could only imagine my conscience wreathing under my decision. What can I say? I liked being independent.

Motioning to the length of the alley with my other, not outstretched, arm, I said, “The alley should be long enough to give us an adequate running start.”

After all, with the two of us bumbling along, I didn’t think we’d have enough space to just jump into the sky.

“Maybe she should take a head start?” I said, jerking my chin towards Eins. If she was already in the sky, there’d be no worry about leaving anyone behind, and we’d have more space in the alley, rather than just having her go stand behind us, or outside by one of the stores.


There was so much to learn, so much to comprehend, I thought my mind would overflow with the questions that were pricking the back of my mind. Rubbing my forehead, I tried to make sense of what Mike had said.

I’d seen Vampires attacking the bird kids on the screens back at my father’s lab. But never before had I gotten a good in depth look on either species. What Mike was telling me was so different from what I knew from passing glances at blurry screens (you would think Gunther could afford better).

And McDonalds. The way he’d spoken of it all of sudden made it much more distasteful than I had originally thought.

Pursing my lips, I asked another question, a much more important one, that had been pricking my mind for quite a while.

“Where are we going now?” We were outside. The Arizona air was cool now, chilled by the snug blanket of the night sky. “Any place in particular, or are you just going to stuff me back in the Ward?”

For a moment, I surprised myself by breaking my usually monologues tone. The last words I said came out cracked, with a bitter tone, and I blinked away the strange wet substance known as tears. Father condemned me when I cried, and therefore I knew better than to cry. But he wasn’t here now, and with him gone, there was space in my head for me to think about how I felt. Emotions. Something I didn’t necessarily understand.

“Sorry,” I apologized quickly, going back to my dull, non-threatening tone.


“What do we do after this?” Taylor asked, all of sudden concentrating on her swinging feet. I frowned. Good question.

"Well I'd say we get Marceline, and get the hell out of here. The nurse said she was doing alright. I'm sure she'd be alright now, right now we're taking a unnecessary risk." Samuel responded, looking my way and shrugging.

Raising my hands, I quickly made my position clear, “Don’t look at me that way,” I said, chuckling, “I’m not the leader. If there had to be a leader, I would chose Euro, but he left our sorry asses alone….well, anyway, I agree with Sam. I think we should get Marce, and get out of here. This place gives me the chills.” I shrugged my shoulders, as if I was trying shake of a nasty substance from my back.

I turned my head, searching around for the nurse that had addressed us earlier. My eyes didn’t find her for a while. She was camouflaged in with all of the other, similarly dressed, nurses, and even with my stellar vision, I was forced to pick body apart from body in an attempt to discern her.

When I finally spotted her, I waved my arm timidly, to which she responded by coming over.

“Yes, sweetie.” Aww she talked to me like I was a scared little kid.

“Umm, can you tell us what room Marceline is in?” I said in my most polite teenage voice.

She hesitated for a moment, before saying, “I’m sorry but you and your….siblings,” I arched my eyebrows in surprise. Marce must have told them we were all related, “Can’t see your sister just yet. You’ll have to wait till the morning.”

Her tone was as friendly as ever, but I had a feeling she knew about our secret. Maybe from Marce’s doctor or something. And I had feeling she was keeping us from seeing Marce because maybe, just maybe, a certain government investigation team was on its way to apprehend us. Which meant they didn’t want us going anywhere. This nurse had, in the span of a minute, become far more creepy and deceptive than I had originally thought.

She smiled at me again, before curtly nodding her head, and disappearing back in the masses of nurses.

Getting up and stretching, I turned back to address Sam and Taylor, “So, who’s up for an adventure. Any ideas on which direction we should head?”


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I grimaced under Mike’s conditions. They were, by the tone of his voice, absolute. Not that I knew how to fly. I mean come on, I’d been cooped up my entire life in Gunther’s lab. I’d never used my wings. Not being able to explore on my own, though, that one hit a tender spot. Even if Mike was locking me in room 24/7 I still had to stick with him. I was only learning as much as I was allowed to stray. Which meant I had no independency.

"Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I would like to ask you a question. If you choose not to answer, I will not be offended. Do you have any abilities, or powers that I should be aware of?"

At least he was giving me a choice. It wasn’t like he wouldn’t find out later. Somebody give him my files, and one way or another, he’d know everything about me, right down to my genetic make-up. So, might as well tell him now.

I sighed, before being my longwinded explanation. I would try and shorten it as best as I possibly could.

“First and foremost, you should know that I don’t have a pair of ‘parents’. Gunther’s not my real father,” I internally flinched when I said that but continued anyway, “I was born from the DNA of many of the bird kid mutants, including some of the ones you know…looking at it from that point of view, I have many parents.”

I twisted my fingers together as I began listing off my powers, “I have increased intelligence, for my age. It doesn’t mean to say I’m extremely smart. I just understand things quickly, and am smarter than the average child my age. Of course, most one year olds can’t do what I do. I can turn invisible for a small amount of time. It’s kind of like a shimmer, and I’m gone…but you can still hear my heart beat, my breathing etc. if you listen closely enough….”

I avoided Mike eyes for a second while considering if I should tell him about my last power. Sighing, I gave in. He would know about if I didn’t tell him anyway.

“I can shape shift…but not normal shape-shift…” Closing my eyes, I allowed myself to shimmer down to my much smaller six year old self, “I change the appearance of my age of so it seems.” My voice had risen about an octave with my more childish vocal cords.


"Well..." Marcus seemed to be taking a shot at explanations. "Hovering is pretty much flying... kind of." He stopped abruptly, taking one long breath, before trying again. "Look, just get a running start and jump into the air. Your wings will do the rest. Worst case scenario, you get a few feet in the air and then fall. But if you can hover, I don't see that happening."

I sighed. I wondered if Marcus was just frustrated with her, or being a typical guy. I couldn’t tell, since I didn’t really know what the two’s prior relationship was.

I could feel my face softening, melting down to Mother-hen Marceline. I was pretty sure I had multiple-personality disorder, or something. Or maybe that was just me adjusting to the situation, like I’d always done for my brother.

Sighing, I pinched the bride of my nose before stabbing at an explanation of my own.

“Eins,” I said, trying to sound friendly, “Marcus is right. If you can hover, that means you have what it takes to fly. Besides,” I frowned as I stapled words together to form a coherent explanation, “Flying kind of has to do with the wind too. Flapping is to help you get up and stay aloft. The wind is what allows you to glide and stuff. The only time you really ever have to worry is when there’s little wind, which means you have put in some extra flaps…”I sighed. I could understand why Marcus had, had a hard time with this explanation. “You’ll understand what I mean when you get in the air…you’ll feel it, in your wings and body and stuff…Just trust me.” I said the last three words in the friendliest, most trusting tone I could muster up, before falling quiet.

I was never that…maternal…to people outside of Matthew. It was embarrassing. Clearing my throat, cheeks flashing red from embarrassment, I turned to Marcus, “I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Both you and I know that. This is going to sound awkward but...I don’t think you’ll be able to hold me arm or shoulder. I’ll probably end up with a broken arm, or popped out socket…so..I think…you might just have to hold me…like…around the waist…or something…”

That was it. My face was full blown red. I frowned, quickly turning to look at my friend, the wall.

God if there was a time to slap me, it would be now.


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"Okay, now that you were truthful with me, I will return the favor. The thing is, if I let anything bad happen to you Gunther will kill me. I hope you can understand and forgive me for these rules I've imposed upon you. If you prove capable, then I will make exceptions. The more you learn, the less strict I will be. Plus a few sessions at the fireing range wouldn't hurt either."

I nodded complacently as Mike told me the truth. I knew for a fact that what he was saying was honest. I knew Gunther. He would crush anyone who got in the way of his goals. The Vampires were just another expendable tool that my father used at his own discretion. When he felt they were no longer good, he simply got rid of them.

So, I knew Mike was telling me the truth when he said Gunther would kill him if he were to let anything happen to me.

"I'm not asking you to trust me in any way, but if you ever have a problem, or a question about me for that matter. Feel free to ask it. I won't mandate which form you choose, but I only ask you don't shift in public."

Well, to be quite frank, that was a rather open invitation. My questions still burned in my mouth, but I held my tongue. I had a few things of my own to inform Mike on, things that, in certain respects, made me feel embarrassed. My clothing at the moment hung loosely around my body; of course being for a sixteen year old, they would have never fitted me perfectly. Still, they covered me, overflowing around my body, and giving me a hard time when it came to moving.

Shifting back to my normal form, I said, “You won’t have to worry much about me flying away…I can’t fly. I’m sure you’ll understand when I say, Gunther’s never allowed me out and about much. Also, by his orders, I’m to stay in my sixteen year old form whenever I’m out and about with you, so you won’t have to worry much about me randomly changing back and forth between forms.”

I hesitated for a moment. My ability to speak with others, through my thoughts that is, was a handy thing. While I wasn’t able to mind read, I’d been able to persuade people, or rather trick them, into thinking that I was the one thinking for them. They didn’t understand that their conscience voice and mine were too different ones. It had come in handy in certain situations between me and my father’s personal assistants and scientists.

Taking a deep breath, I continued speaking, “I think I’ll be able to keep my brain in check, and resist using any mind abilities with one exception. Or rather a request. I want you to teach me how to fly. A least give me times of the day, and places where I can go out and practice. Not that I’m planning to, you know, run away or anything.” I tact on the last sentence quickly, hoping to avoid any suspicion from the Vampire.


I didn’t expect what I saw when Eins broke out those wings of hers. My shoulders stiffened, and I eyed them carefully. Marcus was either extremely oblivious to what Eins wings looked like, or he knew something I didn’t. I was going to go with the second choice. Because I understood from what he was saying, something about knocking Vampires out, that he wasn’t stupid. He clearly knew what danger was, so why would he be with Eins if she was a Vampire. But she definitely wasn’t one of us.

“Good job, Eins,” I called in a hesitant voice, trying to reinforce Marcus’s thoughtful encouragement. I’d tried to keep the uncertainty out of my voice, but it cracked anyway. I internally reprimanded myself. I didn’t want Eins to be afraid of me. Or did I? I mean, how would I be so sure if she was on our side or not?

Marcus didn’t seem to be bothered by the whole waist thing, and with my new found surprise, the blush from my face began to recede away. I could feel a pulsating pain come from my damaged wing, and I assumed it had something to do with stress. Because I was stressing out. I mean what had I agreed to when I told them about the kids back at the hospital? For all I knew, they were double agents, about to whips out knives and guns on my sorry ass.

Shaking my head, and still looking at Eins, I slowly put an arm around Marcus’s shoulder. I was too scared and unsure to be bothered by the contact anymore.

“We’ll be able to take off,” I said in a far off sounding voice. Then, in a low whisper, out of Eins earshot, I murmured, “Marcus, what is Eins? I mean” I subtly signaled to her wings with a casual flick of my hand, “What are those? On her back. They’re not, you know, wings like ours…” I trailed off, nervously glancing at the girl. My instincts had kicked in, and all of a sudden I was in flight or fight mode. I swallowed quietly, eyes darting to the entranceway of the alley. My only escape. Not that I could fly or anything.

(@ Abridged. I think perhaps you should have them take off in the your post. I don’t mind if you rp Marce’s actions. Then I’ll have her, you know, lead them to the hospital post after that. I don’t want this whole taking off thing to take too long.)