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Angel With Amnesia

Angel With Amnesia


When the war began, my life ended. I had to grow up quick and raise my new family. Then I met him. He was the key to the war ending. He just didnt know it yet.

983 readers have visited Angel With Amnesia since KayEyeEmm created it.


The year is 2034. World War III has began. A year into the war, both my parents were killed. Me and the rest of my family were forced to live in the storm shelter. Then, he found us. He saved us and loved us. He stopped our fears and silenced our cries. He was the one.
--A War Orphan


It's America versus the rest of the world, and America is losing. Adults are dying in battle and kids are left to defend themselves. Young boys are taken by enemy soldiers as recruits. Young girls, for pleasure. The sick soldiers will stop at nothing. Finally, a hero awakens. An angel, sent by god himself to end the war, finds himself in a storm shelter with a group of children and no memory of who he is or what he has to do. Can the young girl help him? Will their friendship evolve? What will the world think of the angel?

It’s all up to you.


Main Characters
Young Girl (15-17): Taken by KayEyeEmm
Angel (16-18): Taken by Mela
Girl’s Brother (6-9): Taken by LittleMissGeorgia
Girl’s Sister (1-3): Taken by LittleMissGeorgia
Minor Characters


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Role: (Orphan, Soldier, Or Main Character)
Side: (America Or The Rest Of The World. Orphans are for America always.)
Appearance: (Realistic Picture)
Personality: (5-7 Traits)
How Your Parents Died: (Delete If Soldier. 3-7 Sentences)
Any Other Relatives: (Delete If Soldier)
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Allison sat up in her bed, which was more like a palette of covers and pillows, and stretched. Morning light shone dimly through the cracks in the wooden storm shelter doors. "Morning everyone." She stood up and walked to the table in the storm shelter, which held a latern, that she turned off, and a few bowls, and a bunch of cereal and other nonperishable foods. "Anyone hungry?"


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Lara's little eyelids fluttered open. She blinked widely, her eyes trying to get used to the particularly bright chink of light that shone through a crack in the wooden shelter and onto her lightly tanned face. She twisted her small body a little, pulling the covers around her tightly. She pulled her teddy bear closer, burrying her head in its soft fur. She took in a deep breath, taking in its familiar, comforting scent. Gently, Lara blew a strand of her golden blonde hair from where it was tickling her cheek and turned over again, trying to find a comfortable position in her makeshift bed. Slowly, Lara lifted her head and met the eyes of her older brother Josh, who was lying in a mess of covers and pillows that vaguely resembled a bed.

Josh met the big brown eyes of his little sister with his own blue ones. Her face was bathed in sunlight and it reflected off her hair, giving the impression of an eerie golden halo. Josh gave her a small, brave smile and she returned it with one of her own. Josh had been awake for almost an hour now, or at least he thought so. He hadn't wanted to move though, in case he woke anyone. His elder sister always looked so tired since their parents had died and she was tasked with looking after her younger siblings, and the other orphans. And, although he was only young, Josh understood the concept of selflessness. He wanted to let his elder sister sleep, just for a little while.

"Joshy-" Lara began in low voice, her voice sweet and innocent. She didn't realise she was doing anything wrong.

Josh pressed a small finger to his lips, his eyes wide. He pointed clearly at Allison. Then he pressed his hands together and rested his head on them, indicating sleep. Lara nodded childishly, burring her face back in the soft fur of her teddy.

There was rustling the other side of the shelter where Ally was sleeping. Josh's eyes flicked swiftly towards it and he sat up, ready to protect his sister as best as his little body and non-existent skills in combat would allow. He was always fast to react to any sound, almost jumpy, ever since his parents died.

However, he found with a smile, it was only Allison, moving in her bed. She seemed restless, as if she was on the edge of waking up. Josh glanced back over at Lara. She still lay peacefully with her teddy. She was too young and too protected to understand that an unaccounted noise could be anything other than safe.

Allison sat up and stretched, turning to her younger siblings and some of the other orphans.

"Morning everyone, she said, standing up. She padded across the shelter to a table and switched off the small lantern. They always kept it on at night; Lara was terrified of the dark. But now the morning sun shone in they no longer needed it.

Lara sat up in her bed and smiled at her big sister.

"Anyone hungry?" Allison asked.

Lara nodded enthusiastically. "What's for breakfast, Ally?" she asked, a huge smile across her little face that revealed all her tiny, pearly white baby teeth.

Josh nodded, less enthusiastically than his younger sister. He knew there wasn't always enough food to go around, and even though the concept was hard for a seven year old to grasp, he always tried not to be greedy.


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Connor silently ate a hamburger that he had taken from a food stand. He glanced around the room of the shelter as he expected them to be as hungry as he was, though he knew to fend for himself. Connor took a large bite out of the hamburger and used a tissue to wipe his face as he would place the hamburger in a paper brown bag.
Connor stood and walked to the broken bookshelf with two books. He took one of the books and began reading and sat at a table next to Allison. He knew the girl from before, at least they had seen each other around the shelter. Connor handed her the brown bag with the rest of the hamburger and with several napkins.
"Take this."
Connor silently read through the broken pages of the book, seeing images of George Washington, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson. He stared at the national anthem on a particular page as he remembered his mother once singing it. He tried to distract himself of bringing painful memories back to haunt him, so he placed the book on the shelf and took the other one. Connor noticed it was full of blank pages, so he took a pen and drew in it while glancing behind him at Allison and her siblings.

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"I'm not scared, Ally."

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Character Portrait: Allison Faye Suliivan
Character Portrait: Connor


Character Portrait: Connor

Could this get any worse?

Character Portrait: Allison Faye Suliivan
Allison Faye Suliivan

"Come close. Sing happy songs."


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Re: Angel With Amnesia

Well...I guess we are on hold until a new angel comes along...

Re: Angel With Amnesia

Yeah, I'm sorry, but I can't be in this RP. Judging by the first post, I'm going to have a slight problem. You see, I like to spend time and energy on my post, adding thoughts, reflections and so on, and I can see that Georgia keeps her post decent and up to proper standard, but if the GM, of all people, don't post well enough, I am going to go crazy.

Really sorry, Kay, but... Two lines? really? I write between 500-700 words in a normal post, often more, and I have issues... yes, maybe I'm a little OCD, but my mind just stopped working for a second when I saw the starting post. I would love it if I could just not care, but I don't work that way, so I'll have to drop out. Hate to be the person to ruin this for you, but I can't make myself post here... I just can't.

Re: Angel With Amnesia

Posted :)

I decided to write for them both in one post because I think it would get too complicated and time-consuming to have separate posts for each as a lot of their interactions will be between each other.
Also gives me more to play with if I can have them talking to each other in the same post.

Re: Angel With Amnesia

Sure thing. =D

Re: Angel With Amnesia

Just making sure new people or people with blonde moments understand. Not trying to judge anyone already up here. But even I have times where I think, "Um ok so what now?"

We will start right before the angel enters. I think he should like fall through the storm shelter (which is an older one with the wooden shutter tyrp doors that face the sky when they open). However if you have a better idea, feel free to use it. I just came up with a simple thing off the top of my head. Wait for the other 3 characters to post where they are before you enter though.

Re: Angel With Amnesia

Lol... not to be condescending, but I HAVE roleplayed before, you know. xD I'd say it's somewhat pretty basic knowledge how you act 8 year old boys and 15 year old girls. I dunno, maybe that's just me. ^^

Re: Angel With Amnesia

OK then...NPC them is what we will do.

-Derek, male, 8 yrs old
-Cassie, female, 15 yrs old
-Sam, male, 17 yrs old

-Male from France
-Male from Spain
-Female from Russia

Use them as needed but try to keep in the simple outline of the character. An 8 yr old boy isn't going to start a rant about the history of France or the reason time travel isn't possible. And a 15 yr old girl isnt goin to beg for a dollie or cry like a baby.

Re: Angel With Amnesia

Nah, the people I RP with a like me in that department. If anything, this would only make things better... trust me. ^^

Lmao. That's just a matter of using [righ] and then repeated, with an / before 'right'. ^^ That, or you can choose to write 'center' or 'left'... wherever you want it. ^^ It really is simple... just takes a bit of practice to some, I imagine.

HTML? xD It's what most webpages use... ^^ In short it's a lot like BB, though with <> in stead of []

Re: Angel With Amnesia

Haha, drives me crazy too :P Wow, we sound like a pair of grammar/presentation Nazis, if anyone was considering joining they'd be put off reading this, probably scared them :P

Seriously??? I just about managed colours and sizing but I had to use Wikipedia and it took me ages... Bold and italics I can do, I have so many problems trying to get pictures in the right places in my profiles though!
Okay, this might sound like a really stupid question, but what is HTML coding?!

Re: Angel With Amnesia

Yah... ^^ Like I said, people should do whatever they feel comfortable doing. Unless they don't use paragraphs.. that drives me absolutely crazy, and it's enough reason for me to kick someone out of one of my RPs. xD I can't take it.

Oh pff... BB-coding is easy! =) Really, just as easy as HTML... well... easier actually. ^^

Re: Angel With Amnesia

Yeah, I prefer not to use colour either. And the coding is sort of complicated :p
I'd probably go for italics as I find the thinner, slanty writing looks less important and more like a smaller character.
But I really don't mind, I read all of the post before replying and post not set out right drives me crazy so I always try to make it easily readable. I was just thinking for other people, that's all. Really don't mind :)

Re: Angel With Amnesia

You're welcome. ^^

Don't think there's a need for any of that though. It's merely a matter of people writing properly, then there'll be no confusion... it's a given that you read a post thoroughly to reply to it in accordance to what was done in it. ^^ I dunno... different colours and such just tend to irritate my eye when I read a post, but I suppose people should do whatever they feel comfortable doing. =)

Re: Angel With Amnesia

Yeah that's exactly what I meant :) Thanks
Maybe we could italic them or something then? Or a different colour? Just to set them apart?

Re: Angel With Amnesia

I'm with Georgia. ^^

Basically, what you're saying, Georgia, is that we should just NPC them? ^^ We don't need to make them bold though... Personally I like to use bold when I quote someone else in my post, so give a specific thought or reaction to something another has said.

Re: Angel With Amnesia

I already have two characters, both children. But if you really needed me to make another one I could make a soldier.
But maybe we don't need them as actual made characters? Maybe if we just agree, for example, there's 4 orphans 3 boys and a girl, and 3 soldiers. And if we need lines from them we can just add them into our posts in bold to show it's a random character.
Sorry, that was really badly explained but I hope it makes sense. I'd just really like to start this RP :)

Re: Angel With Amnesia

I can't. =/ Got too much going on to take on another charrie. Hope that's alright, as the Angel is pretty big in and of himself.

Re: Angel With Amnesia

Ok...No one else is going to come along...We can start or we can all make another character so we have two each...That way we can have soldiers and orphans...

Re: Angel With Amnesia

He is, isn't he? xD Welcome to the world of Alex Pettyfer. Lol. I am currently developing a slight celeb-crush here. I take pride in making every one of my characters have different names and looks, though, so it's the first time I've used him for a charrie. =D

Re: Angel With Amnesia

All accepted :) by the way Mela...the angel...HOT! lol

I want a few orphans and soldiers before we start, but if we will start in a week for sure. Even if we don't have any more characters.

Re: Angel With Amnesia

And I finished Alistair. ^^ Guess we're all set then.