Oshiro Suzu

"I feel like they're keeping something from me"

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a character in “Angels Five”, as played by Lost Soul


Name- Oshiro Suzu
Age- Appears around 16
Gender- Female
Type- Cyborg

-Outfit 1- http://i1306.photobucket.com/albums/s56 ... 1352134088
-Outfit 2- http://i1306.photobucket.com/albums/s56 ... 1352129987
-Outfit 3- http://i1306.photobucket.com/albums/s56 ... 1352129843

Role- Vocaloid
Style- Pop

- Peaches
- Music
- Singing
- Dancing
- Purple everything she owns is purple in some way

- Fire
- Vegetables
- Being thought of as a psycho killing robot, thanks to the original Vocaloids
- The loss of her memory

Skills/Talents- Even though she does not remeber her life before being a Vocaloid she has always had the talent for dancing and singing. Suzu is also good at baking, and often makes sweets for the others.

Personality- Suzu is an all around happy person, who's optimism often affects the moods of people around her. But there are times when she seems sad or confused this is due to the fact that she remembers nothing of the life she had before becoming a cyborg entertainer. She often questions managers and officials in charge fo the new Vocaloids but is sad when she is either ignored or blown off. This frustrates her because she fools she has the right to know about her past. She wonders if she'll ever learn the truth.

Background- Suzu's doesn't remember her life before becoming a Vocaloid she has blips of what she thinks are memories. A hospital people around her who seen to be very sad but other then the only thing she knows is music and singing for the company.

Band/Group- Solo/Angels Five
Built in microphone
Computer generated costumes, can change at will.
All various types of dancing and singing were downloaded into her memory.

Unknown to Suzu before becoming a cyborg she was a very sick girl with a fatal disease. She was on the verge of death when she was taken, by the corporation. A deal had been made with her parents that she would be cured if they signed her over, Suzu had been a very talented singer and dancer before becoming sick. Her parents fearing the death of their child and unable to continue paying for her care, signed her over even though it was made in the agreement that they were no longer able to have contact with her. What they didn't know is that in order to keep Suzu under the corporations control and from seeking out her parents her memory of them and her illness was wiped.

Theme Song:
Perfume Electro World

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Oshiro Suzu's Story