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"I love her, and she loves me."

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a character in “Angels Hands are Tied”, as played by Tarnished_Gold


❝Benjamin James Jackson❞

❝Don't say it's the end of the road
Remember the flowers I sent ❞


❝The Basic Facts❞

❝ I am a warrior of youth❞

| Name |

| Nickname |

| Gender |
I'm a guy.

| Age |

| Sexuality |
I'm straight!

| Role |
"Abusive" Boyfriend

| Face Claim |
Mitchel Musso

❝What I See In The Mirror❞

❝No one else will love you, the way I love you.❞

| Eye Color |

| Hair Color |
It was dark brown, but I dyed black.

| Height |

| Weight |
I weigh about 140

| Skin Tone |
I'm white, not really tan.

| Body Markings |
My ears are size eight gauges

|Grade |

❝ Behind The Façade ❞

❝Don't you hear sincerity in my voice when I talk? ❞

| Habits |
I have a habit of getting some little anger outburst, but there really not that bad.

| Likes |
  • Jes
  • Parting
  • Drinking(Social events, and with Jes, sometimes alone.)
  • Smoking pot.(Social events, and without Jes)
  • Baseball
  • My mother

| Dislikes |
  • father
  • When Jes makes him hurt her.
  • Jes upset with him.
  • School(other than Baseball)
  • My coach

|Current Job |
I don't have a job, why would I need?

| Pets |
I have a white rescue kitten named Penguin. She is Jes' and mine baby.

| Personality |
I like to be control, and don't like it when people try to control me. I already told you, I get angry sometimes, but I'm not like an asshole. I'm a baseball person, who enjoys parting. I'm sweet when I needed to, and protective, I don't like Jes hanging around certain people. Only because I care. I get jealous but that means I care right?

❝The Past and The Present❞

❝ No thoughts of yesterday, no dreams of tomorrow ❞

| Future Plans? |
Well I plan on going to college on my Baseball scholarship and I'll take classes to on accounting.

| Family |
I love my mom, I hate my "dad", he beat up on my mom a lot for stupid. I swear I'll never be like him. Other than that I'm an only child.

| History |
I'm an only child of a doctor and a lawyer. I have a lot of free time, and a lovely trust fund. My parents are divorced and it's a good thing. My "father" was a real asshole, came home and drunk, then beat my mom, he slapped me a couple times, but my mom left him before anything real happened. My mom thinks that is runs in the family, bipolar disease and wants make to take my meds, but I take over medicine so I don't see the big deal.

So begins...

Benjamin's Story


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Jessie sat there on her bed looking at her newest bruise from him. Sniffing, she'd run her fingers through her hair. Looking at the time she'd shake her head and sigh. It was time to go to school. Sliding off her bed, she'd walk into her closet, she had to find something he would approve of. Her navy blue off the shouler fringe shirt followed school rules, but also she thought he would like it. Turning right around and grabbing her white jeans she quickly got dressed and gave herself a once over.

She felt pretty, and she thought she looked pretty. Leaving her closet she slipped on her black pumps and sighed. Grabbing her rose necklace Ben had given her, she placed it around her neck before applying makeup to any bruise she saw, and made her eyes stand out with some dark brown eyeshadow. She smiled getting her things together, she quickly made her way down the stairs, but not before checking the time. She had to be ready or else, he would leave her. Running into the kitchen she grabbed a banana, and put her hair up into a messy bun.

She was running a bit late today, but she was rushing to make it out the door on time. Giving her mother a quick kiss she shouted up the stairs. "Come on Cat! Ben's gonna be here any minute, and if you wanna ride with us you need to hurry up!" She'd sigh as she opened the door her eyes scanning the road for her boyfriend's car.


Grunting as he got off the couch, he rolled over and puked his guts out. "Ugh... shock therapy to my guts..." He'd grumble before staggering to the kitchen. "Kory! Get your ass down here now!" He shouted from the breakfast bar. "If you want to eat you will!" God he felt like shit, probably looked like it too, smeared makeup, wrinkled clothes, smelling like alcohol, and stale cigarettes. A walking bar is what David was. Walking over to the sink he checked the time before shaking his head. That boy... didn't even seem to care about his old man. Shrugging David left the kitchen and banged on his sons door. "You got some vomit to clean boy...if you want to go to school.." David was an impatient man... it was easily seen in his actions. Jiggling the door handle he finds it locked. "Lock yourself away all you want... still have to see me." A laugh as he walked away.


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Caitlin woke up early that morning, groaning softly. She had snuck into the shower and scrunched her all in thirty minutes before sneaking back into her room. She never really wanted her family to know that she usually got up early just because they often would ask her a lot of questions about if their outfit looked good enough or something like that. For quite a while she was pacing around her room with nothing but a towel wrapped around her as she tried to decide what she was going to wear. "Come on Cat! Ben's gonna be here any minute, and if you wanna ride with us you need to hurry up!" Oh shit, really it was almost time for school already? Damn, this was not good because she wasn't even close to being ready. Now she was panicking, and when she started to panic it wasn't a good thing. She shoved herself into her closet, throwing cute outfits onto her bed in search of something not only school appropriate, but also something that she liked to wear. "I'll be down in a couple of minutes, let me get dressed, and put my makeup quickly!" She called out, sighing angrily. Finally she found what she thought was a good enough outfit which consisted of a light blue summer romper, a white bow that she put in her hair, a pair of white toms, and her makeup done just perfectly to match the outfit. Okay so maybe it wasn't exactly school appropriate, but first off she didn't care and second of all if she needed to she brought a change a clothes and finally if any kid didn't like it then all she can say to them is for them to get over it. Once her clothes were fully on, her makeup was perfect, and her hair was prefect she hurried down the stairs and to her sister's side. "Hi," She said softly, looking her sister over and smiling approvingly. "You look pretty!" She exclaimed then gave her sister a gentle hug. She sighed softly, grabbing her bag which was next to the door and slinging it over her shoulder.