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David Kolkin

"I drink because the bitch wouldn't shut up.." [WIP]

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a character in “Angels Hands are Tied”, as played by Nami L'Chi


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So begins...

David Kolkin's Story


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Jessie sat there on her bed looking at her newest bruise from him. Sniffing, she'd run her fingers through her hair. Looking at the time she'd shake her head and sigh. It was time to go to school. Sliding off her bed, she'd walk into her closet, she had to find something he would approve of. Her navy blue off the shouler fringe shirt followed school rules, but also she thought he would like it. Turning right around and grabbing her white jeans she quickly got dressed and gave herself a once over.

She felt pretty, and she thought she looked pretty. Leaving her closet she slipped on her black pumps and sighed. Grabbing her rose necklace Ben had given her, she placed it around her neck before applying makeup to any bruise she saw, and made her eyes stand out with some dark brown eyeshadow. She smiled getting her things together, she quickly made her way down the stairs, but not before checking the time. She had to be ready or else, he would leave her. Running into the kitchen she grabbed a banana, and put her hair up into a messy bun.

She was running a bit late today, but she was rushing to make it out the door on time. Giving her mother a quick kiss she shouted up the stairs. "Come on Cat! Ben's gonna be here any minute, and if you wanna ride with us you need to hurry up!" She'd sigh as she opened the door her eyes scanning the road for her boyfriend's car.


Grunting as he got off the couch, he rolled over and puked his guts out. "Ugh... shock therapy to my guts..." He'd grumble before staggering to the kitchen. "Kory! Get your ass down here now!" He shouted from the breakfast bar. "If you want to eat you will!" God he felt like shit, probably looked like it too, smeared makeup, wrinkled clothes, smelling like alcohol, and stale cigarettes. A walking bar is what David was. Walking over to the sink he checked the time before shaking his head. That boy... didn't even seem to care about his old man. Shrugging David left the kitchen and banged on his sons door. "You got some vomit to clean boy...if you want to go to school.." David was an impatient man... it was easily seen in his actions. Jiggling the door handle he finds it locked. "Lock yourself away all you want... still have to see me." A laugh as he walked away.


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"Kory! Get your ass down here now!"

As always, Kory was awoken by the hoarse, angry voice of him. He had slept a little bit after he was able to escape to his room before the full assault could be unleashed on him. Kori groaned in anger as another yell came from the kitchen: "If you want to eat you will!" Kori finally opened his eyes to stare at his ceiling, loathing that he had awoken once more. He would lying if he said that ending himself wasn't on his mind, but it posed a few problems. Shay would be seriously pissed off at him if he committed suicide: nobody would be there to help with the music store if he did. The little sparrow hiding in his window would be left for dead as well.

Sighing grudgingly, Kory hauled his ass out of his bed to an upright sitting position, just as the door was banged on. "You got some vomit to clean boy...if you want to go to school.." Kory nearly threw a nasty retort back at him, but said nothing as He jiggled the doorknob. Good thing that Kory invested in a lock, or he would probably have another bruise or something. Lock yourself away all you want... still have to see me. He then walked away, but not before adding a chilling laugh that got Kory every time. That laugh symbolized everything wrong with that thing, that man that called Kory his own.

Kory narrowed his eyes angry, and stood up to stretch while examining the few bruises that remained. There weren't as many as normal, which was quite the depressing thought for anybody that wasn't him. Seeing this as his opportunity, Kory grabbed his clothes for the day - black skinny jeans, his spiked belt and a black band shirt - and made a break for the washroom. Not 5 minutes later, Kory emerged from the washroom fully bathed, hair straightened, dye reapplied, and the little bit of makeup he felt like wearing today. Normally, his makeup appliance was determined by how bad the previous night had gone. The worse it was, the more he put on.

In hand was the carpet cleaner, some paper towels and a rag as he passed David, to which Kory simply knew as Him. Truly, the man looked like absolute shit today, which made Kory smirk slightly about. However, knowing that He was an impatient bastard, Kory headed towards the mess of puke on the floor by the coach, and gave a little bit of a sigh. "At least have a freaking bucket next time." Kory mumbled under his breath. He wasn't sure if He had heard him, but he knew that if he had he would be getting a swift hit somewhere. Then again, that was expected in their house: Kory does something 'wrong', David kicks his ass for it.