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Thomas Knight

"Just call me a knight in shining armor"

0 · 471 views · located in Shadieville

a character in “Angels Hands are Tied”, as played by Tarnished_Gold


❝Thomas Elliot Knight ❞

❝ All women love semi-rape. They love to be taken.❞


❝The Basic Facts❞

❝ I am a warrior of youth❞

| Name |
Thomas Elliot Knight

|Nick Name |
Tom, some woman call me Knight, I like it.

| Gender |

| Age |

| Sexuality |

| Role |
Rapist, I remember having sex with a girl at a party. Don't see how I'm labeled as a rapist.

| Face Claim |
James Franco

❝What I See In The Mirror❞

❝ And don't delude yourself this was rape. That would flatter us both.❞

| Eye Color |
Chocolate Brown

| Hair Color |

| Height |

| Weight |
I'm a dude we don't weigh ourselves, uh last time I had a physical, I was 190.

| Skin Tone |
I have glow, woman love it.

| Body Markings |
I have a tattoo of the superman logo on right shoulder, and Celtic knot on my left chest peck.

|Grade |
Been out of school for ten years.

❝ Behind The Façade ❞

❝It's her fault. She made me do it. ❞

| Habits |
I have a habit of getting depressed, and drinking.

| Likes |
  • Working
  • Drinking(on weekends of course)
  • Video games
  • Reading Novels(Tom Clancy mostly)
  • Grown man who loves bubble gum.
  • Comic books(DC mostly)
  • Being called Knight

| Dislikes |
  • Getting wasted
  • Mention of family.
  • Being called a Pig.
  • Sluts.
  • Driving.

|Current Job |
Police Officer, desk job, not into all that driving around.

| Pets |
I had a hamster, don't know what happened to it, one day it was just gone.

| Personality |
I'm a cop. I protect lives for a living. I'm a rounded out pretty good guy, a little baggage and damages, but overall a good guy. People seem to enjoy hanging around me, so I'm outgoing, playful, protective, sweet, easy going, and a little bit of a tease. I think of myself as a smart guy, and I'm confidant, not arrogant just confidant. I will say I am a very poor excuse for a pet owner.

❝The Past and The Present❞

❝ No thoughts of yesterday, no dreams of tomorrow ❞

| Future Plans? |
Get married, maybe.

| Family |
I like to think of myself as an orphan, but know that I'm not. Pain and sadness happen to everyone, find me one kid that grew up in a happy home. My family chose to glorify a man that did horrible things, sure divorce happened after it was heard about, but that didn't stop me from seeing a monster every holiday, and some dinners. I did my counseling, so I don't see any need to go into any more family issues. I have a sister we talk sometimes, but for the most we keep our distance, better this way.

| History |
My mom gave birth to my sister and a year later me. Mother divorced the man after striking her in one of his "crashing" moments. Grew up dirt poor, having three meals a day would be surprising, until my mother met a man, I was eight, he worked for CPS, a good guy, a little rough around the edges but a good guy. We would get spanked for things we didn't even do, for what he thought we might do. And these were spanking that left bruises and scars. But we always had food, and clothing, life was good, so why come out and say what was happening? I lived without a father, saw what it did to our home, our mother, so I kept my mouth shut. Until the depression grew, and grew. After I told my mother, she divorced him, but my sister, loved the man, he never laid a finger on her, and she loved him as a father. Four years passed and he never touched me or anyone else again, thinking he had changed my sister went to live with them when she was eighteen. She was wrong, the man went up on a family trip with his side of the family, and the son of a bitch did it again, to a thirteen year old girl, his niece. Five years have passed from then and the bastard is in prison the girl didn't hide it like I did, and my sister and I talked but never see each other. I have some anger towards my mom, she left a man for hitting her once, and she allowed us to get hit, and kept hanging around a man that did things to her only son for years! I went to college, and got a job as a cop. I live in an alone in an okay house, I sleep with woman, and get drunk a little more than I should, but I don't have sex with just any women, I have standards.

So begins...

Thomas Knight's Story