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Fumiko Chiaki

"Baka wa shinanakya naoranai"

0 · 190 views · located in New York, Present Day

a character in “Angels Vs Demons: Apocalypta”, as played by Machubi-Uniki



Fumiko (Fumi) Chiaki or as from Japanese culture: Chiaki Fumiko
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5’2.5”
Weight: 91 lbs.
Hair Color: red, but usually dies her hair blue and pink.
Eye Color: Blue, Azul, Ao, etc.
Personality: Fumi is a complex spirit. She strives for attention which explains the reason she prefers the Lolita style and blue and pink hair, however she doesn’t necessarily like the attention. She simply likes to draw it. To most that doesn’t make sense, to her it does. She likes the act of drawing eyes, not actually having all the eyes on her. She’s also quite a bright person. Her personality is fun, funny, and happy. Her actions, smiles, even her way of talking are cute and cuddly, and if it wasn’t for the dark undertones of her personality she would probably have hundreds of friends. She loves to set up pranks, and do acts of kindness that in the end aren’t so nice. Not all of the time, sometimes she really does do nice things, however, in the end it always come out to benefit her. She loves candy, it might as well be a part of her personality. It is impossible for her not to be completely distracted by candy of any kind-except gum- and it is literally on her mind twenty-four seven. Ironically enough, you can tell when she has something evil planned, or already in action when she has a giant swirled lollipop. That and she would be wearing bright Lolita clothing which is completely contrary to her dark Gothic Lolita.
Likes: Lolita, Candy (lollipops in particular), Black and Blue, Gothic styled clothes of all sorts, Silly and dangerous pranks, self-satisfaction.
Dislikes: Gum, bright colours, Angels, other Demons (aside from her dearest Leviathan)Shape-shifting, and Spinach.
Weapon of Choice: Surujin, usually has a Uchigatana and a Wakizashi.
Offensive Power: Newton’s Second Law
The ability to control mass and acceleration to create a force.
Force is equal to mass times acceleration. With this power you can change the mass or acceleration of an object to change the net force applied to the object. The direction of acceleration can also be controlled in the X Y or Z planes. Mass is harder to change in the object than the acceleration of the object is.
The good:
-Mass can be increased or decreased in any object without changing volume.
-Acceleration can be applied in any direction to move an object
-Acceleration can be used to cancel out forces like gravity (which of course means it can do the opposite also, however gravity is an outer force which effects all things, thus it really can’t be done).
The bad:
-Mass is more difficult to change.
-Large changes in mass may hurt the object you are changing.
-Will have to take into account the forces already acting on the object.

Defensive Power: Non-Existent
The ability to move outside of space-time, giving the impression of not existing
This is the temporal ability to erase oneself from the time-space continuum, and thus not be bound to the "boundaries" of what is physically possible in the material realm (it would only allow defiance of space and time, and the like, not things like Summoning or Reality Bending). Not to mention, all memory of the user will be erased (they will not appear in pictures or prophecies, and there will be no evidence of their existence other than their presence), until they phase back into space-time.
The good:
-Immunity to time manipulation, bodily alteration, reality bending and recording devices (no traces)
-Loss of bodily needs to eat, drink, sleep and breathe
-Defy space-time (walk up walls, teleport, leave peoples' memories when you leave their presence)
The bad:
-Someone with the ability to manipulate the time space continuum could make this permanent.
-Might get annoying if people forget who you are as soon as you leave their presence
-Makes robberies and such too easy (MIGHT get boring)

(After addition: When this ability is activated all previous memories, or recordings of anykind are forgotten, or deleted. While actually using it, her existance can't be recorded by any piece of technology or even the brain. It can be recognized but not remembered or recorded. So a picture taken of her won't show up, or a recording of her won't actually show her, very vampirey. Afterwards, when the ability is deactivated, all memories, or recordings (Pictures, videos, etc.) from before the activation will be returned. However there still won't be any remembrance or evidence of her existance while during the powers usage since nothing was ever actually caught on any tape of anykind, nor was it ever registered in the memory sector of the brain.)

Bio: Fumiko-chan was born in Japan (who’d a thought?) Her parents were business people, very wealthy business people, together they practically managed one of the largest Japanese companies in the world, so when they gave birth to a daughter with three sixes on her forehead they knew what they needed to do. Hide her from the world. Within their mansion they kept her safe within a room with no windows and barely any light if any at all. They gave her dolls, so many dolls, just hoping and praying they would be enough to keep her entertained. It wasn’t. After a while she reached an age where she was to begin her schooling. They hired a private tutor. Fumi learned fast. The family went through tutor after tutor, until finally the young lady decided she wanted to go to college. After being rejected multiple times she was locked up within the room for a year, during that time she began to hear a voice. Perhaps she was finally bridging the line that kept her from crossing to insanity perhaps not. However, that voice helped her escape her mother’s, and father’s grip and she did end up reaching New York City. Currently she is living in an old-run down apartment however, she honestly doesn’t mind. She’s just happy she has windows.
Demon: Leviathan, the gate-keeper to Hell.
Theme Song: You Know that I'm no Good by Amy Winehouse

So begins...

Fumiko Chiaki's Story