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Alexis Jaeger

Great Horned Lizard

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a character in “Animal Bodies”, as played by JEDH3


Alexis Jaeger was previously apart of the American Military, and volunteered as a test subject during the genetic experiments. The geneticists engineered his body using the DNA of a Great Horned Lizard, covering his body in thick scales and sharp spikes that are highly protective, stopping small arm fire and bladed weapons. He also has keen claws, is able to see I.R. light, Prefers the heat, eats insects, and has a desert camouflage pattern across his scales. He was trained to be proficient in virtually any combat situation, able to use a myriad of firearms as well as other combat methods. He carries three blades on him at all time; a regular sword, a specialized sword that delivers high-voltage electric currents, and a bladed arm guard.

After the gene project was canceled, he was scheduled to be terminated and erased from Department of Defense files. However, with some help from a sympathetic handler, he was able to escape and live out in areas that are uninhabitable to humans. He still wears his uniform and carries his blades, however he has forsaken all paths of bloodshed. He is currently 22 years old, and has been living in solitude for the past two years. He is extremely quiet, and has an aversion towards other people. He suffers from severe PTSD due to his combat experience, and often is depressed or angry for no particular reason.
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Alexis Jaeger's Story


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#, as written by JEDH3
Alexis woke up early that morning and went for a walk through the surrounding forest as was his custom. He loved the mornings; the air was crisp and cool, the dew felt good on his bare feet, and most importantly- all was quiet. He walked for around a half hour, picking up insects for his morning meal as he went, before returning to his permanent camp. Returning to his home, He spent a few hours running through sword drills. He had left all violence in his previous life, but he felt that the martial arts sharpened his mind, as well as kept him in shape and took up a few hours of the day. Once he was finished, he did his chores of gathering water, cleaning his equipment and the area, gathering firewood for the next few days, and fixing the leak in the ceiling of the hut he built.

Once everything was finished at this camp, he decided to go hunting. he could survive off of insects if there were enough of them, however he could rarely find enough to last him for long. He had an incredibly slow metabolism, so this was not normally a problem, however he still needed a full meal around once a week. Heading off into the forest, he hid himself in a blind spot in the trees. for the next few hours, he would sit there completely unmoving and barely breathing until an animal of some sort passed by.