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A high fantasy world where your family's animal spirit decides your place in the social hierarchy.

543 readers have visited Animalis since iMinstrelsy created it.



The Legend
Once upon a time, in a land very different from our own, lived a myriad of beasts of different sizes.

These beasts were all land-dwelling, both carnivorous and herbivorous. They lived in turmoil for many years, each beast living each day just to be able to eat Gaia's bounty.

Gaia became troubled over her children, so she reached out to Sol, the sun. Sol sympathized with her plight, seeing the suffering of her children who were starving and fighting.

He gave her children three gifts.

The first was the gift of Fire. He created the Phoenix, and sent them to Gaia to bless the Dragon's with the ability to breath fire. This Fire would represent his presence on Earth, a gift to show his love for Gaia's children.

The second was the gift of Flight. To those who paid greatest respect to the sky where he dwelled, he blessed with wings and the ability to whisper their prayers more closely, and in-turn would warm their bodies with his rays.

The third gift was Wisdom. This was given to all creature's, allowing them to rationalize and form rules to govern their society fairly. From this rose the Kindgoms and the mage's who learned to use harness the divine Fire to protect these Kingdom's.

Seeing how Sol was praised by Gaia, Sol's sister the Moon Goddess Lunia, became jealous of how much Gaia's children adored him. So she too went to Gaia and offered gift's.

The first gift was Water-Breathing, giving this to Gaia's creatures who had expressed love for the sea. The second gift was Swimming, in the form of fins to allow them to move more freely in the water. The third gift was Magic, the forbidden Gift. This gift allowed those who worshipped her to learn the secrets of manipulating the water, using it for the very forbidden art of fortelling the future.

Sol scolded his sister for giving Gaia's children this divine power, however, she ignored him and claimed the night was her dominion. In Beastarium, this is why such forbidden lunar magic is only effective during the full moon, where she has enough power to defy Sol's warning.

In The Time of Kingdom's

In recent, Medieval times, the gift of Wisdom is most prevalent.

It has been centuries since the first beats roamed Gaia, but their children are still walking among her forests and mountain's. They have formed cities, town's, societies among her tree's and lake's, on her shores there are harbor's for ships'.

As the time had passed, the beasts had become more human-like, only bearing subtle traits of their bestial heritage. They no longer bear fur on their bodies, and they are walking up-right on their hind-leg's. Though all of them still bear the horns, wings, tails, ears of their ancestor's.

They have formed 'Houses', where each species of creature belongs to depending on what traits they display. Their crests bear the appearance of their original ancestor's.

The House of Dragon

Possessing all three gifts of Sol, they are held in high regard as the Royal Family. They rule over the country and are generally unquestioned. As children, they are taught to harness their ability to breath fire and the ability to fly. They do not breed outside of their blood-line, only marrying into other Dragon clan's and families. But they are all considered 'House of Dragon'.

All of them are considered nobility, and are highly respected. They live in the Imperial City and are discouraged from leaving.

They all come in different color's, but the official colors of the royal family are Royal Blue, Purple and Gold.

Just because they are all from the same house doesn't mean they are all directly related. There was not just one or two dragon's blessed by Sol, but many.

They bear wings, horns and long tails. Sometimes they may have spikes or patches of scale on their bodies.

Sea-Dragon's are Dragon's that were blessed by Lunia, the moon Goddess. They dwell in the sea. They are also considered nobility, but most are cautious of them as they are considered somewhat 'outsiders' by the Sky Dragon's of the Monarchy. Many consider them dangerous, as they are known to prey upon non-sea dwellers who wander into their water's. They often have either silver-tinted or black appendages. They have no wings, instead bearing finned-ears and long, flowing finned tails. They may also have fins on their forearms. They also bear the dragon horns, which sets them apart from most other sea-dwellers.

Dragon's are very regal creatures, often cold, distant and appearing emotionless. They can also be hot-tempered.

The House of Gryphon

Representing command of the Skies, the Gryphon's have a neighboring Kingdom that is affiliated by the House of Dragon.

They live in a mountainous and dry area, where it is very difficult to grow food. Because of this, they are generally carnivorous and are adept at eating preserved or spoiled meat. They are known as being a bit barbaric, as proud and boisterous people. They are well-muscled and extremely good at developing battle strategy.

They are known as the Sky Warriors, and they comprise the King's army. They can earn a place as a noble if they serve in the military or have a military-known family.

There is a tale that they will pay large sums of money for the children of peasant families because of their lack of food. This is mainly told as a children's cautionary tale to listen to their parents, lest they be sold to the Gryphon's.

The 'peasants' of the Gryphon kingdom are known as the Sphinx. They were born without Sol's blessing of Flight, meaning they lack wings but carry every other Gryphon characteristics. They are not allowed to be considered noble's even if they serve the military due to their lack of wing's. It is considered of bad taste for a Gryphon to marry a Sphinx as they may breed out the wings in their children.

Traits include large eagle wings, lion's tails and winged ears. The Sphinx lack the wings, but carry the other features. They also may have feathers on their forearms/ankles.

The House of Phoenix

The Phoenix are considered the ambassadors of Sol, his direct descendants. They govern the Church and places of Worship for Sol.

There are still some elder's that exist from when Sol first created them, although they are very old and many of them have already been reborn into the humanoid creatures of today. They are forbidden by Sol to breed, because of they are immortal and will consistently been reborn. Because of this, there are about 300 Phoenixes and no more.

They live in the Dragon Capitol city, under the protection of the Dragon house and the Gryphon warriors. They are very wise, and although they do not commonly remember their past lives, they carry the wisdom with them from each cycle they go through.

They are healer's, mage's and consult's to Sol. They are considered the most powerful magicians in all of the world.

The House of Pegacorn

These folk live in the forest, as opposed to a city or a town. They are shy creatures who prefer solitude from the other race's, finding solace in nature. They prefer to live in a world before the 'interference' of the Sun and Moon. They consider themselves Gaia's Children and are very loyal to nature in general.

They do not follow the law's of the Kingdom's, and consider themselves wholly neutral and not involved with the rest of the world.

The Pegacorn's are both blessed by Moon and Sun, having wings from the Sun and magic from the Moon. They are powerful magicians, although they specialize in fortune-telling and healing rather than any sort of battle magic like the Phoenix. They have harnessed a way to heal wounds with water, explaining why many assume their tears to have magical properties (they do not).

It is a sin to harm a Pegacorn, as they are both the children of the Moon, Sun and Gaia. To do so is punishable by death, as well as cursing your family to 1000 years of bad luck.

The 'lower' Pegacorn's are even closer to the Earth, called Unicorn's. They are the union between a horse and a Pegacorn. They are held in very high regard, although they are very rare as many Pegacorn's don't venture out of the forest or mate with lesser being's at all.

The Unicorn's are considered ambassadors of peace. Traveling with a Unicorn will ensure your safe travel (most of the time). Unlike the Pegacorn's, who sparsely leave the forest, Unicorn's will occasionally travel out to use their magic to heal weary traveler's. They are also not allowed to be harmed, similar to Pegacorn's.

The male's have a horn, which has elemental properties for defense and mating purposes. The female's instead have a jewel in the middle of their foreheads and are more proficient in magic than the male's.

They carry the white ears, long white lion's tails (with fur tuft) and occasionally, cloven hooves with white tufts of fur on the ankle's. Their eyes are always light-colored and it is not uncommon for a unicorn to be born blind (although Pegacorn's cannot be blind).

The Land Houses

The Land Houses are all separate houses, but they are all peasant's or lesser than the royalty mentioned above. Each Family has their own house, depending on their species.

The Land Houses are considered the very bottom of the social Hierarchy.

The House of Rat

The very, very bottom of everything. They are considered even too lowly to hire in dirty peasant farm's and low-end merchant cart's. They make their living by begging, stealing and stealing children to sell on the slave market (or to the gryphon's). They make up almost the entirety of the Thieve's guild.

They are crafty, have rat ears and their tails which keep them balanced and alert while they are crawling through the street's.

The House of Weasel

The Weasel's are only a step above the rat's. They are wholly merchants, and are known to work hand-in-hand with the rat's to get their dodgy merchandise. They are known for being incredibly good salesmen, but their wares being hit or miss with quality. Some Weasel's have been able to buy minor noble titles with their fortunes form peddling.

The House of Ram

These are farming folk, who plow the field's in the country-side. They also are known for their amazing skills in tailoring, especially from their own wool. The female's of the species are known as Sheep, and they comprise most of the peasant-folk and are very plenty in the city. They are known for being subservient to the House of Dragon, although there are a few rebels (quiet ones albeit). They get along very well with the Gryphon's, despite their children sometimes being kidnapped and sold to them for food.

The males have horns, ears and tails. Sometimes cloven hooves. The female's have everything but the horn's.

The House of Ox

The Ox are known as farmers as well. They are large, boisterous folk similar to the Gryphon's but much more humble. They are known for being respectful to the monarchy and therefore, are treated fairly well by the kingdom.

The female's (Cow's) produce milk for the Kingdom.

The males will have horns, ears and tail's. The female's the ears, tails and occasionally small nubby horn's.

The House of Rabbit

The Rabbit House is very, very large. They multiply the most out of all the houses, and therefore there is a birth restriction. They are known for being the poorest of all the working class peasants, despite being the largest house. Their children are routinely sold off by the parents for money to the Gryphon's, who eat them. Rabbit families will sell their daughters and son's off to other slave trade markets, such as maids. Many noble's will have rabbit's as part of their house-servant's, as they are considered poor yet well-groomed.

They also are considered to be good 'land messengers', such as delivering mail and packages.

If they do happen to climb the ranks into the military, they are known for being amazing bowmen for their large ears and fleet feet.

They have ears, tails and if they are lucky, will inherit the leg's of their rabbit ancestor's.

The House Of Deer

The Deer live in the forest alongside the Pegacorn. They are very good at evading traps, and are known for their skills as ranger's. They are very quick, like rabbit's, although not quite as well with hearing. They do not live in towns or cities and so, are considered a bit 'wild' (if not dignified and graceful). Being forest-dwellers, they are knowledgeable about lore and magic. They, like the Pegacorn's, are neutral and often do not have a problem traveling. However, they are hunted and at times, they can be shackled into slavery or sold to the Gryphon's for meat.

The male's have large antler's, the female's do not. They have tails and ear's of their ancestor's, and occasionally their leg's (similar to a Faun/Saytr appearance).

The House of Mice

The Mice are considered to be very intelligent, despite their small size. They are a tiny people, standing no more than 4ft high at any given time. They have large ears and long tails. They are above the rat's for their intelligence, and are tasked with running libraries and places of study - alongside the Owl's. However, they are under Owl's and occasionally, the Owl's will be offered a Scholar from this House as an offering of peace to keep them from hunting them. The Owl's have a notable taste for mouse flesh, despite their equal intellect.

Mice are similar to rat's but are notably smaller, with larger ear's. Once again, they are a short people, being no more than 4ft high.

The House of Cat

Cat's are considered cunning creature's, and have a middle-standing in the hierarchy. They have the most variety out of any of the house's in terms of jobs, as they are adaptable and good at many things. They are considered 'Jacks of All Trades' and easily teachable. It is not uncommon for another professional to take a cat as an apprentice, so they are adept in many area's.

The higher standing in the House hold small titles of nobility, and are fighting very hard to get the rat's removed of their's. They have a taste for the flesh of Sky house's and will pay large sums for their flesh on the black market (even though it is forbidden to eat most creatures with wings).

The lesser 'street' variety of cat will sometimes steal mice children from their beds to consume them. This however, is mostly just a nasty rumor (although at times it rings true, if not only for the extremely desperate).

The house of cat includes other cat sub-species such as lions (who live with Gryphon's), tiger's, domestic house cats (street cats), bobcat's...etc.

They have the ears and tails of their ancestor's, and come in many different pelt color's (for the ears and tails).

The House of Fox

The fox work closely with the rat's and the cat's. They are considered a 'medium' between them. They are higher up than the cats in terms of nobility, being that cats have a nasty reputation for liking the flesh of the winged. They have a peculiar scent that some houses abhor and some revel.

The lighter the pelt of the fox, the higher of nobility they are. Brown foxes are usually seen mingling with rats and street cat's, while the light-colored fennec are usually seen carousing with duke's and duchesses. They are known for being a bit pompous and sly, regardless of their place in the hierarchy.

They have some magical quality to them, and have harnessed the ability to disguise themselves with Illusionary Lunar magic. This is a learned, forbidden ability and like all moon magic, could only be used during the full moon.

They have the ears and tail of their ancestor's.

The House of Wolf

The Wolf are known to be the only Land house to be affiliated with the Moon Goddess. They believe if they prey (howl) that they too will be granted the ability to use magic. Their current leader is a delusional old man that believes he was visited by Lunia and given the gift of immortality so that he could lead the wolves into becoming part of the royal family.

The wolves are split into pack's, although they all follow a central leader that is known for having been arrested for speaking about reason against the Dragon house, however most wolves are smart enough not to repeat his gusty word's in public.

They have the ears and tail of their ancestor's, and carry a particular scent that distinguishes them as wolves.

Other Land Houses

If none of these houses suit your fancy, feel free to PM me with your idea for a new house and I will add it. I will not be adding anymore mythical creature house's unless you have a really good reason.

The Sky Houses

These have exclusively, the gift of flight.

The House of Peacock

The House of Peacock is a prominent figure in nobility. Their colorful feather's are coveted as center-pieces for decoration in noble family home's, and are used as quills for the House of Dragon's scholar's and scriptwriter's. They are considered very thespian.

The males have colorful feathered tails, while the females have much shorter brown tail's. The female's are actually often sold off into slavery, or used exclusively for breeding. The males have a 'crest' at the top of their head's as well.

It is very, very common for peacock's to be androgynous mate's for nobleman's pleasantries. Peacock males are almost always prefer other males of the species for relationships or unified marriages, with the females being used just as baby-fodder. The house of Peacock is unique in this way, that the females are considered a lower-class than their male counterpart's.

The House of Magpie

The 'Jack of All Trades' of the Sky Houses, similar to cat's. Their wings (male or female) are extremely colorful, often with bright yellow's and green's. However, this only the underside of their wings and so sometimes, they can be mistaken for Crow's or Raven's.

They are well-known trickster's, clowns, thespian's and actor's. They cannot hold a noble title due to their general occupation as performer's, as performer's are considered 'trashy' or 'improper' despite being enjoyed by noble's.

They have their colorful wing's (at least the underside) and medium-length colorful feathered tails. They also have feathered ear's (black).

(( I know the pic isn't of a Magpie, but they look pretty similar. :P ))

The House of Sparrow

They are considered the most common sky-dweller. There are many of them, and they have varied talent's. Mostly they are merchants or collector's, as they have good eyesight for treasure. Due to their normal appearance (brown coloring), they aren't very revered and therefore cannot hold titles of nobility. Some of them are rumored to have become pirate's (:P).

They have brown wings and feathered tails, with feathered ear's.

The House of Dove

The Doves are considered the ambassdor's of Pegacorn's, and are revered messenger's. Many of them are royal messengers, and therefore hold titles of nobility. They are considered regal and beautiful animal's.

Other than being messengers, they are also adept at singing, which they often do for an audience of nobility. They are considered gentle, frail and unfit for the battlefield or adventuring.

The females in particular are viewed as more like commodities, and sometimes they will be sold as housemaids, bedmates or wives to nobles who want to marry their sons to a respectable daughter. They often have very little choice in their fates and are entirely governed by the House of Dragon or the House of Gryphon. They are similar to well-treated pets/slaves, although some Dove families have managed to carve out a niché as nobility that make decisions for their family rather than being governed by the monarchy.

They have white wings and white tails, with white ear feather's.

The House of Falcon

Sky warriors and messengers of war. They are only one step down from Gryphon's in combat prowess.

They are often solider's, even the female's, who are considered very swift. Their eyesight is impeccable and so they are often used as scout's for the army's various purposes. They are very well-allied with the House of Gryphon and most falcon families live in their Kingdom. Sometimes they are referred to as the 'Speed Gryphons'.

They are considered skilled hunters and are enemies with the house of Deer and Mouse.

They have large falcon wings and tails, with winged ear's.

The House of Raven

Messengers of death and the night, these are the Rat's of the sky-dweller's. No one wants anything to do with them, since they are said to be heavily affiliated with the Moon Goddess and therefore, away from Sol's light. They surface at dusk and rumors say they will kidnap children for the Gryphon's and Rat's. Another rumor says they love to feast on eyeball's.

In truth, they are more regal than they are assumed to be. They do hold positions of nobility, and they hate the reputation given to them by their cousin, the Crow's. They are hired often as Assassins for the House of Dragon or Mercenaries by other noble's.

Sometimes Crow's with masquerade as Raven's to get into noble homes, where they steal their valuables (Both Crow's and Raven's are notoriously greedy).

The only difference between a Crow and a Raven is their birth right, however, Crow's are now marked at birth with a tattoo that sets them apart from Raven nobility.

Other Sky Houses

If you have another House of Sky to suggest, please PM me!

The Sea Houses

Other than the Sea-Dragon's, many of these creatures are not humanoid enough to interact with the general populace. They also cannot travel very well, considering they cannot be outside of the sea-water or they will cease to be able to breath.


These creatures, as described above, are called the Animalis. Would you like to join their world?

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Draconius City

Draconius City by RolePlayGateway

[u]The Imperial City[/u]


Citivas by RolePlayGateway

[u]Citivas is the largest city in the country. It contains the largest marketplace, and is the home of the Thieves Guild. Beware the beggars, for they are not always what you perceive. [/u]

Grypium City

Grypium City by RolePlayGateway

[u]The location of the Gryphon kingdom's palace. You are still in Imperial Territory. It's a dry, desert village with clay buildings and a bustling bizaarr buzzing about rare jewelry. The Royal Armory and it's Knight school are also located here. [/u]

Grypium City

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[u]The location of the Gryphon kingdom's palace. You are still in Imperial Territory. It's a dry, desert village with clay buildings and a bustling bizaarr buzzing about rare jewelry. The Royal Armory and it's Knight school are also located here. [/u]


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[u]Citivas is the largest city in the country. It contains the largest marketplace, and is the home of the Thieves Guild. Beware the beggars, for they are not always what you perceive. [/u]

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