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Anime High School {Please Join}


Welcome to Cherryblossom High!

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Freshman(15),Sophomore(16),Junior(17),or Senior(18)?:
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Imagay" miss hisumia if you would kindly get back to the break room" he said noticing people transforming what did they not know how to be discreet there was normal people here " great this things always happen to me, at least they should take it outside if they break anything i could not fix it" he said biding his time deciding whether to act or not.

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Character Portrait: Drew Leach Character Portrait: Imagay Ghilt Character Portrait: Jensen Taylor Brentwood
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Drew skipped down the street, making sure he didn't see the one punk, from his hometown, named Tristan around here. No one had met Tristan yet, and that was probably a good thing

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Kizen returned home after school, "I'm home," and felt the room was just as chilly as the outdoors where he came from.He shut the door with a soft bang, "I'm home."
In response,he heard a clattering noise from the other side of the room.Past it,even.He then realized the door to the balcony was open,and his roommate Rin peeked in. "Sorry.Welcome home," she had a half-smoked cigarette in one hand and didn't open the screen door even a bit.So typical of her.
Kizen rolled his eyes and left his bag by the main door,shuffling towards the hallway to the kitchen. "What's for dinner today?"
He heard Rin call from afar, "You choose this time."
"Ok," he said.And then he pulled out a pan and a whisk,turning on the stove to whip up some omelet rice.

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Rin went back inside after a few minutes and closed and locked the big wooden door before the screen one.When she made it to the kitchen,she found her roommate Kizen already sitting at the table with his feet up,a pan of omelet rice on an oven mitt in the middle of the table.
She got herself a pair of chopsticks from the kitchen drawers before finally sitting down across from him, "What took you so long?" she asked.
Kizen glanced at her before turning to the oven clock.It was 4:30. "Is it really that late?" he scrutinized, "What were you doing home anyway?I didn't see you all day in school."
"I was in school," she shrugged, "Just happened to find some free time to smoke while waiting for you.You took pretty long though.What happened?"
He shook his head, "Nothing.Just thought I might check out the library on the way."
"Mm," she nodded.And they finished their meal in utter,lethargic silence.

"By the way," blurted out Rin all of a sudden while they were washing the dishes, "You might need some headphones.Would help not keeping me up at night with your guitar playing."
"You said you loved loud music," Kizen argued.
"Not at 3 am,I don't," she said simply, "I like my sleep better than anything."

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{Alyssa walked in silence, making her way along the side walk to school. She would be wearing black skinny jeans with slashes up each pant leg, white converse with little drawings in different colored markers, a grey tank top with My chemical romance band logo, and a purple zip up hoodie with cat ears. Her long blue green hair is up in pony tails, even then her hair nearly touched the ground, she wears her usual dark eye shadow that makes her deep silvery blue eyes pop. The sound of the world around her is drowned out by the music she hears in her ears, ear buds plugged into place while bruised and scared by Mayday parade plays. The i-pod she listens to it on is nestled in her pocket, while an old ratty tan messenger bag hangs loosely on her right hip. She is new and nervous, hence the ear buds, and beings it late November a nice chill is in the air making her shiver...but honestly half of it was her nerves.

She would stop for a moment to look up at the large building, she wasn't sure why she was she manage to get in at such a high prestige school....okay well she did know how. She didn't get in from rich parents, but on her high grades and average of a 6.8. Yea she worked hard for her education, and was trying her hardest to reach the top. Of course she still has a lot of work to do, the highest in Japan as far as she knew was around 9.0. But with how shy she tended to be, not many people would know how smart she really is. She swallowed hard then walked on, first to the principles office to figure out her classes and then were her locker is. The halls were full of kids, making her even more so nervous especially when someone bumped into her. She would flinch and dunk out of their way in a hurry. She would finally find her locker, fumbled with the lock with a spinning dial. Unfortunately she wasn't very good at these stupid things, she grew a little frustrated, anxiety bubbling up in her stomach.}

"Come on you stupid lock...."

{She grumbled to herself, and a bit louder then she thought due to still having her music blaring in her ears. Not realizing others were staring at her and her little shout of words. She tugged on the lock, still struggling to open the darn thing. She wanted to get her things in before she headed to her dorm. She was even more anxious to know who her room mate would be....why did they have to move?}

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Character Portrait: Kizen Hitachi
Character Portrait: Nix Renovamen
Character Portrait: Rin Makoto
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Character Portrait: Jensen Taylor Brentwood
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Character Portrait: Alyssa Parker
Alyssa Parker

Alyssa is a sweet shy emo girl who has been transferred to the new school due to bullying at her last school.

Character Portrait: Rin Makoto
Rin Makoto


Character Portrait: Toma Howler
Toma Howler

"Let's all just get along and have fun together!"

Character Portrait: Kay Laughing
Kay Laughing

new to the school, just transferred from Brtain's Southermore High.

Character Portrait: Imagay Ghilt
Imagay Ghilt

" Honestly i don't care much about school"

Character Portrait: Nix Renovamen
Nix Renovamen

To light a candle is to cast a shadow. - Ursula K. Le Guin

Character Portrait: Kizen Hitachi
Kizen Hitachi

"You won't like me when I'm angry."

Character Portrait: Susumiko Kagome
Susumiko Kagome

The fine artist

Character Portrait: Drew Leach
Drew Leach

"Oh, and just because I like humans, doesn't mean I like you personally."


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