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Rin Makoto


0 · 320 views · located in Cherryblossom High

a character in “Anime High School {Please Join}”, as played by theycallmeemo



  • Name:
    Rin Makoto
  • Gender:
  • Age:
  • Personality:
    Typical strong-silent type;Speaks only when spoken to,much patience and tall temper,physical>verbal fighter,lethargic and cynical.
  • Family(Alive/Dead?):
    Orphaned with a late younger brother.
  • Nationality:
  • Sexuality:
  • Freshman(15),Sophomore(16),Junior(17),or Senior(18)?:

  • Eyes:
    Typical Asian shape,but hazel color.
  • Hair:
    Currently brown and medium length,choppy.At times may cut and/or dye/bleach it.
  • Facial Structure:
    Smooth features as well as a sharp face,cheeks are soft however.
  • Height:
  • Build:
    Somewhat slender,but toned the meat in her arms as well as her thighs.
  • Tattoos?:
    Cherry blossom decal down her left thigh and a Chinese-style dragon on her right shoulder.
  • Scars?:

  • Likes:
    Post-rock music,clear weather,solitude,small animals.
  • Dislikes:
    Overbearing people problems.
  • Talents:
    Plays piano and ironically the viola,hand-to-hand combat.
  • Flaws:
    Despite her naturally deep voice,her giggle is cutesy.
  • Weapons:
    Fists;brings a switchblade sometimes.
  • History:
    There's no history,she's a poor orphan.
  • Extra Information:

So begins...

Rin Makoto's Story

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Kizen returned home after school, "I'm home," and felt the room was just as chilly as the outdoors where he came from.He shut the door with a soft bang, "I'm home."
In response,he heard a clattering noise from the other side of the room.Past it,even.He then realized the door to the balcony was open,and his roommate Rin peeked in. "Sorry.Welcome home," she had a half-smoked cigarette in one hand and didn't open the screen door even a bit.So typical of her.
Kizen rolled his eyes and left his bag by the main door,shuffling towards the hallway to the kitchen. "What's for dinner today?"
He heard Rin call from afar, "You choose this time."
"Ok," he said.And then he pulled out a pan and a whisk,turning on the stove to whip up some omelet rice.

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Character Portrait: Kizen Hitachi Character Portrait: Rin Makoto Character Portrait: Character Portrait: Character Portrait: Character Portrait:
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Rin went back inside after a few minutes and closed and locked the big wooden door before the screen one.When she made it to the kitchen,she found her roommate Kizen already sitting at the table with his feet up,a pan of omelet rice on an oven mitt in the middle of the table.
She got herself a pair of chopsticks from the kitchen drawers before finally sitting down across from him, "What took you so long?" she asked.
Kizen glanced at her before turning to the oven clock.It was 4:30. "Is it really that late?" he scrutinized, "What were you doing home anyway?I didn't see you all day in school."
"I was in school," she shrugged, "Just happened to find some free time to smoke while waiting for you.You took pretty long though.What happened?"
He shook his head, "Nothing.Just thought I might check out the library on the way."
"Mm," she nodded.And they finished their meal in utter,lethargic silence.

"By the way," blurted out Rin all of a sudden while they were washing the dishes, "You might need some headphones.Would help not keeping me up at night with your guitar playing."
"You said you loved loud music," Kizen argued.
"Not at 3 am,I don't," she said simply, "I like my sleep better than anything."