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"Oh me? I'm Ab-I mean Elizabeth Marakath, nice to meet you."

0 · 470 views · located in Japan

a character in “Animi”, as played by Maci-Care



Alias: Elizabeth Marakath

“I am Elizabeth Marakath, just call me Elizabeth, unless your my friend, then you know what to call me.”

Angel Number: 15

“Lucky number 15! Wait, what does this stand for?”

Changes To Appearance: When Abana uses her powers, a couple things happen to her appearance. For one, markings show up under her eyes. Also, the more of her power, her skin turns to stone, but it takes awhile, it starts at her hands and feet and then continues up from there, but only after long successions of her power. But, also has it’s draw backs, one is that she can’t really fly with her wings. But Adana doesn’t really use her wings much. Along with this when she uses her power her eye color and hair color change. For her eyes, they turn to a solid white color. Now for her hair, it will turn to a greyish rock color. But like I mentioned before if she uses her power for a long time, that won't change her hair or eye color.

“People always change, the timing is always different.”

Wing Appearance: Her wings are actually double colored. Well because she has two pairs of wings. Her smaller wings, which are the first ones anyone sees, are a silverfish grey, while the bigger ones, which are behind the silver ones, are a black color.

“Wings? Well I don’t use them much, but you’ll find out soon enough.”

Core Location: Well Abana's core is int he palm of her hand, which she usualyl keeps covered with a black glove that goves up to her elbow, but has one on each arm so it doesn't look out of the ordinary.

“Core location? Uh, what the hell you talking about?”

Personality: One word to describe Abana is cold. But that isn’t all she is. But besides that, let me describe all of her. Let’s go over the, uhm, “good” things about her, if that is, at all, possible. Well, she is very loyal to whoever she has feelings towards, or friends, maybe to even die for, or maybe even keep their cores safe for them. She is also very honest, or in her view. Abana will tell the truth on her opinion towards someone, caring or not towards how mean it is. Now onto the part that is actually mostly if not all Abana. Some words that describe her, most of her, and all of her; bitch, cold, sinister, manipulative, oh and don’t forget about flirtatious. Yes these are the words that describe her attitude and personality. First lets go over how cold she is, well she will basically kill anyone in her way to anything she wants, no matter who they are, hell it could be some random ass baby stroller on the sidewalk, she will crush it, along with anything in it. This also leads to how sinister and manipulative she is, she will use anyone to get what she wants, and use anything to do so, anything, anyway. And now onto the flirtatious part. Abana will basically flirt her way to victory and to death, she does this all the time, even more than being a bitch. Flirting is what she would call one of her talents, but then people don’t know if what she shows is true or not. Abana has three goals, to have fun, to kill, and raise hell on this pathetic so called planet. Oh and on the side note, if she truly wants to be nice to someone, she will. This can be for deceiving people, or towards the one that she likes,.

“I am what I am, I do what I do, I kill you.”

Unique Power: Abana has control over earth. Well not exactly, the world just the element. Rock, earth minerals, dirt, and such.

“Powers? Oh, well I control earth. As well as gold, silver, iron, and other materials in and on this pathetic world. Don't forget my favorite, diamonds.”

Background: The background of Abana? Oh ok. Well with her current vessel, Elizabeth Marakath, she hasn’t done much with this body, but she does like the look of it. Abana’s vessel, Elizabeth Marakath, isn’t from Japan, or anywhere near Japan. The vessel is actually from America, but neither of her parents are. Elizabeth doesn’t know who her real father is, just her mom, and now step-father. Her mom was from England before she mysteriously died, and her dad, unknown. Her mom met the new guy stepfather while actually going on vacation in. That’s about all the family memories Abana has of Elizabeth. Abana does have many other memories of Elizabeth, but they weren’t much help on anything, well except the old Elizabeth knew basically all about this town and knew every road and store. Her dad, who is now missing job, at the water department of the city as the manager, and being at the house a lot she saw tons of stuff about water lines, and even a map of the water piping around the whole city, which doesn’t really help much to anyone, except maybe if something bad happened to certain areas of the city. Elizabeth is probably her second one; first one was a little girl, more about that later. Now about previous run-ins with Shemhazai or what she calls, Hunters of her kind. She’s surprisingly has had more than a few. All of them she’s had fun with, only a couple she’s been injured, also all were in the little girl vessel, no encounters with her current vessel. Oh one encounter is when some human try to help her thinking she was just a little girl in need of help. After he pulled her into a house that he was using as a hideout, Abana pulled a not to important support beam from the wall and basically knocked him over, which made him go unconscious. After she realized he was knocked out she pinned him to the ground to make sure he didn’t go anywhere and went out for a little bit. That was funny for her, but was confused when she showed back up, the guy was half eaten, she just thought it was some wild animals.

“Background? Ha, no such thing for me.”

Arc: TBA

“It’s a secret, but it will send a message about a new time to come for these weaklings.”

Theme Song: None.

“Theme song? Does the screams of pain and the sounds of death count?”

Other: Abana is more than likely to be the first one of the group to kill an angel just for it's power. Oh, she's been thinking of who she wants to first attack, but wont do it until the time is right.

Relationships: Abana works with a small group of other Angels to reek destruction. She isn’t the leader of them, but isn’t the weak one. Abana is the one that will most likely kill someone even if their name sounded stupid, or if they were at all different. She’s also the most, uh, ‘sketchy’ of the four. Doing her own stuff all the time, sometimes telling others, sometimes not telling, More than a few times the other angels that she betrayed her, but then knew she loved to do harm to pathetic humans. Her relationships with anyone are out of her question, to her, it is me, myself, and I.

Angel 6-Judas: Abana knew Judas for awhile, when he used to be with her and the group. One of her favorites, hell she didn't even care he was a cannibal, he was just sadistic and crazy, and Abana liked that.

“Judas? Yeah I miss him in the group, he’s my favorite…”

Angel 7-Samandiriel: Abana see Samandiriel basically as one word, creep. Especially with his obsession with Cameal, it kinda scares her. But does like how he doesn't care for humans

“Sam is creepy, I try to stay away from him."

Angels 8-Urim&Kakabel: Well she doesn’t like them at all for one reason, they want peace, which she hates. So let’s start with Urim. To Abana, she likes him more than his brother, he likes to fight and he has a wicked temper, which Abana kind of want to set off. Now Kakabel, Abana just hates this kid. Always being passive, always being happy, and completely against destroying humans and their world.

“Urim and Kakabel? The brothers? Kakabel, I hate. Urim, well I don’t really dislike him, just how he won’t kill these pathetic beings.”

Angel 9-Naomi: Naomi is a terrific actress, that is what Abana thinks of her as, thus, not letting Abana trust her fully.

“Naomi, Naomi, if she was a human, she would be an actress, also if she was a human, I would have to kill her”

Angel 11-Baraquiel: Abana’s perspective on Baraquiel; sympathetic, lazy-ass. She doesn't like how he has a power like control over lightning and doesn't use it to hurt people, plus she doesn't like lazy people.

“Lightning, what a great power. Too bad it’s wasted with someone like Baraquiel.”

Angel 12-Cameal: Well not the first person Abana would want to be stuck with, but not the last. She likes how dedicated Cameal is, has the heart to do what he wants, and sees the best out of people, still not a person she would trust.

“Ehh, not bad, but the dandelions he gives shows how he wants to make me smile. If I don’t it’ll drive him crazy, good idea…”

Angel 13-Arel: Arel is along her fav five lists, mainly because of how cold and how she loves the same type of music Abana does, pain. But with her being in her little group, she has a little more respect for her, but barely any trust. Abana doesn’t trust basically anyone, and very few if that. But to her, Arel is cool.

“Arel? Like a bloody sister. No literally, bloody, that’s all I like about her, and heartless. Just like me.”

Angel 14-Israfel: Abana ignores that Israfel is color blind and has some sort of weird thing called synesthesia or something, but likes how he is overconfident and manipulative. She can’t see why to dislike him, besides the random flirting, which gets on Abana’s nerves sometimes.

“Israfel; basically an overconfident brother, who flirts way too much.”

Angel 15-Abana: Well Abana thinks of herself as well as herself, awesome, and better than everyone else, but also the most deadly.

“Abana? I’ve heard of her, and she’s pretty tight. And to be honest, she sounds like someone everyone should be afraid of.”

Angel 16-Shiva: Well they get on the same page a lot, but they do disagree on things, like not attacking when Abana wants to, and waiting. But besides that, Shiva has her respect, but like almost everyone else, not her trust.

“Yeah Shiva is out leader, but I don’t like her chasing people out of the group. Especially ones that I think I could maybe trust, but whatever, since she’s leader, she can do whatever she like… *cough cough*”

So begins...

Abana's Story