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"Everything is just so very great, isn't it?"

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a character in “Animi”, originally authored by MaxStokes, as played by RolePlayGateway




Alias: Jeffrey Schmidt

“You really don't need to be scared of me.”

Angel Number: 12

Current Appearance: Currently inhabiting the body of a 16 year old. The body is tall and lanky, a little bit over 6 foot and has light brown hair with white but not pale skin. Eyes remain shut and always has a genuine looking smile or grin on his face.

Changes To Appearance: To activate his power, he opens his eyes and they glow in a bright white light that blindingly envelopes everyone around him. When his wings come out, his physical appearance does not change except that his core surfaces in his skin. Inside the subspace that is created when he uses his power, he can manifest himself as anyone or anything, or nothing.

Wing Appearance: Cameal's wings are pure white, soft and fluffy with long feathers. They also seem to be more for show than use. They reach from about a foot above his head down to just past his knees when folded.

Core Location: His core is located in the middle of his back at the base of the neck.

Personality: Always happy and content, all he wishes is to have everyone see the world and it’s beauty as he does. He realizes that not everyone shows his optimism though, so he tries his hardest to help them. He believes that those who die in the worlds he creates stay forever within them. In eternal happiness.

Though he has his own personal goals on this world, he likes spending time with the other Angels. He is saddened when they do bad things to the humans, but he can’t change what is in the past. Since his power is not an offensive one, he can only try an convince them against their violent ways.

What he most enjoys about this world is its inhabitants. The only thing he enjoys more than the natural beauty of all of existence is interacting with others. The variety among the humans is especially fascinating and beautiful. He loves to observe their daily lives, communicate with them, and help them along to their happiness when they can't seem to find it themselves. This is why he can’t let his kin and himself be sent back.

Unique Power: The Sight of God

Cameal opens his eyes, creating an extra-temporal subspace that pulls everyone in the immediate vicinity inside. Time does not pass outside the subspace. The environment that exists here is completely of Camael’s design. It can be anything, but he will always seek to make it beautiful and for it to satisfy the desires of those he pulls in.

The problem is that while it is an existence all in it’s own, it is not inherently true and after an extended amount of time passes within it, 48 hours, everyone but Camael that resides within it dies. When this happens, the extra-temporal subspace ruptures and everything returns to normal, well with the exception of the previous residents being brain dead. Angels, who are exempt from this, both physically and mentally return.

The catch is that the subspace can be ruptured if those who are in it destroy things of great beauty, or Camael’s manifestation. Camael also has the ability to take down the subspace any time he wants to. Taking down the subspace early does not cause the death of its inhabitants. However, he can only use his ability once per day and is therefore extremely vulnerable afterwards.

Background: The boy that Camael inhabits was a sad sort. He had spent his whole life working so hard to help his poor family. Then, just when it seemed to be getting better they all died. His mother, his father, his ten year old sister, all gone in an instant. He couldn’t bear the heartbreak of it, he wanted it all to end. Camael was so glad that he could help him out, so very glad. After gaining his body, he has helped about eight other people who were unhappy. He also has helped one Shemhazai during his time here. The Shemhazai was fighting with another Angel, he was happy he could keep his relative alive while also making the Shemhazai happy. He just loves it so much when everybody gets what they want. The name of the Angel that he saved was Samandiriel. After the encounter was over, Samandiriel asked if they could team up to keep each other safe. Cameal, being the kind hear he is, naturally agreed and Sam began to follow him everywhere he went.

He currently does not attend school, and instead works for and resides with an old widower who owns a small convince store. Samandiriel lives with him too, trying to stay as close to Cameal as possible. Cameal works as both the stocker and the clerk for the store most of the time. The old man is around eighty and often needs his rest. Sam hangs out at the store nearly every day, but Cameal takes the work as more of "his" job and doesn't want to tie Sam down with work. He would rather him be able to go out and make new friends. Though he does sometimes ask Sam to watch the counter while he does some heavy lifting.

Arc: Secret, but I suppose you might be able to gather the gist of it.

“Friends don’t keep secrets, but surprises can be fun!”

Theme Song: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

Other: Content subject to addition.

Relationships: Camael likes all of his Angel relatives. He may disagree with a few of them on a few things, but he is very accepting and forgiving. He is happy everyone is getting to experience such a great new place. He will often try and convince the others against killing the humans.

6th : Judas: "I do really wish he would just calm down a little bit. While I don't like that he kills so many of the humans, at least it seems to make him quite happy and I can't be mad about that. Although, I really should help him find a substitute for his favorite food, maybe tuna sashimi..."

7th: Samandiriel: "Sam......I wish he could be happier. We hang out a lot and it makes him happy, but still I think he is missing something. I wish I could get him to spend time with the others or the humans, I'm sure he could make lots of friends if he just tried hard enough. Maybe then things wouldn't seem so dark for him...."

8th: Urim & Kakabel: “Oh, brothers make the best of friends. They care for each other so much, it really makes me happy to see them getting along so well. I really like Kakabel though, I can tell he really enjoys where we are now. But don’t tell Urim I told you that, I don’t like to play favorites...”

9th: Naomi: "I wish she was a little bit more in touch with her emotions. She seems to just use them as tools, but I don't think that will make her happy. I wish I knew what to do to help her....."

10th: Yasei: "He seems to try and be intimate with everyone, but I think it's really just a game to him. If he stopped treating it like that, I think he would be happier. I wish I could convince him to stop hunting the humans though, I should try and introduce him to the joys of fishing....

11th:Baraquiel: "He seems to know how to make himself happy easily and he doesn't kill humans a lot, he seems to just enjoy existing. I'm happy that he can let things go and just do what he enjoys, so I don't think I need to help him much. However, I can't seem to shake the feeling that there is something weighing on him..."

13th: Arel: “She seems angry a lot and likes hurting the humans, but I think that somewhere down deep she just wants to be happy. Well, I think that about everybody though…”

14th:Israfel Paschar: "I just love it when he has his wings out, their so beautiful. *Ahem* I think he likes listening to music, so whenever he is around I try and play some for him. From what I can tell, he acts quite benevolent, I hope doing so makes him happy...."

15th: Abana: “I may not agree with Abana on much, but I’m sure she’ll eventually come around. Until then, whenever I see her I should give her a few of these dandelions that I seem to find everywhere, they are so pretty. If I keep it up, maybe it'll give her a true smile one of these days...”

16th: Shiva: "She doesn't talk much and I don't believe I've ever seen her smile at all. I think she lost a friend a while back, that's not very good at all. I should try and find her a new one..."

So begins...

Cameal's Story