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'Do not come with me to the Casbah, we shall make beautiful music together right here!'

0 · 360 views · located in Japan

a character in “Animi”, as played by SkunkishBlue


Image Name
Yasei (It means Feral or Wild in Japanese)

Ren Kichida

Angel Number

Current Appearance
Yasei's Current Alias has calm and soft, bright blue eyes. His hair is white as snow, and fasioned over one eye. He wears a Black T shirt, A Red Leather trench coat, Black Leather trowsers and Black fingerless gloves. He wears Black eyeliner around both of his eyes

Changes To Appearance
When Yasei changes into his Angle form and unleashes Power, he becomes animalisic, Moving slouched forward. His hair also grows a couple of inshes and he grows small fangs. He gains markings on his back and on him neck although in his current form they can't be seen.

Core Location
Yasei’s Core is situated in his Right eye, When he is using his Powers his Right eye is Red instead of his usual Blue colour.

Yasei has a tendency to try to flirt with everyone he meets; gender and sexuality mean nothing to him, he will happily try it on with a straight guy or a Lesbian woman. From a pleasant compliment to a reference to having sex, he will flirt with you, even in the midst of battle he will flirt. As the saying goes, he’s ‘like a Dog with a Bone’.

Unique Power
Yasei means Wild/Feral in Japanese. His power is that when he wants too he can become really animalistic, moving on all fours, growing small fangs and slight hair growth. He attacks by biting as a small damage attack and he has three-pronged forearm-mounted razor-sharp claws on each hand for a more powerful attack.
Yasei also has the power for control animals for a short time. Turning pets against their owners and controlling them to do anything that he wants, he usually uses this as a distraction technique or for attacking a far off enemy with a sneaky attack from behind.
The main method that Yasei uses to kill is disembowelling his ‘Prey’ using his three-pronged forearm-mounted razor-sharp claws, but not only killing them, but also kissing them at the same time.

Wing Appearance
Yasei's has Two Black wings, They are blacker at the wing base that at the tips witch gain a more grey colour.

Yasei is on his 2nd Vessels, His first was a 19 year old girl who he found in the streets of Tokyo at night. She wasn’t very well known as she was new to the area and their for nobody would know that she was any different from normal and that made her the perfect vessel, But she had a boyfriend. Despite what most angels would have done in that situation He decided to keep him alive for a while because human relationships entertain him.

3 weeks past, Yasei had been living with his Boyfriend, secretly killing at night. One day there was a knock on the door, it was the police investigating some murders and some CCTV evidence pointed Yasei’s direction. He disembowelled the Police officers right there, his Boyfriend seeing everything, Yasei killed him by suffocation to keep the body as healthy as possible and then Swapped Vessels to him, He then set off to hide, knowing that more police would be on their way. His Second Vessel is his current Vessel, A 20 Yeah old.


Theme Song
Strapping Young Lad - Love?



So begins...

Yasei's Story