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A freak accident results in the escape of some highly dangerous "Anomalies". Can they be re-captured? Or will this be the beginning of the end for mankind?

1,322 readers have visited Anomaly since Cadounus created it.


The Intro:

Professor Crossman sat down for the first time in 12 hours, and felt his feet throb, relieved to finally be given a rest. A small sigh escaped his lips as he leant back in the armchair, feeling the luxurious leather squeak gently against his skin. This blissful relaxation lasted only mere seconds though, before a screeching alarm jolted him back to his feet.
Instinctively, he tugged open the door, made from 6 inch thick, industrial grade steel.
A young man in a lab coat was hurtling down the corridor toward him. Crossman immediately noticed the dark red patch of blood that was spreading across the mans left thigh.
“SIR!” The man yelled between agonizing breaths, “They’re out.”
Crossman’s eyes flew wide, as he swiftly processed the terrible information he was being given.
“What?” He questioned quickly, “All of them?!” His voice was shaky and frantic.
“As far as I know.” The young man’s eyes scrunched up in pain. “I think everyone else was killed.”
A rock appeared in Crossman’s stomach, pulling it to the ground.
They were all dead? His expert team of researchers?
“Okay.” Crossman said, massaging his temples, and trying desperately to think on his feet. “How did this happen?”
“That’s the problem.” The young man winced again. “We don’t know. We don’t know how they overpowered us.”

Crossman nodded firmly.
“Very well.” He spoke, quietly, formally. “Call the White House. We need to get going.”

Hey everyone!!!
So basically, the premise of this roleplay is that a research facility had some sort of mishap, resulting in the escape of many highly dangerous specimens. As a result, A team of highly skilled assassins must be dispatched to try and capture or kill the specimens.

Professor Richard Crossman began his research into these specimens, often referred to as “Anomalies”.
The “Anomalies” are all very unique specimens, and they are each a member of a different “race”. Each of the Anomalies has extremely different strengths and weaknesses. In response to their escape, Crossman quickly liased with the White House to set up what is called “The FDA Initiative.” The FDA initiative is a group of highly trained human assassins, outfitted with incredible technology and weapons. Their job is to either capture or contains the Anomalies, for the safety of the human race.
Below is a list of races, and their abilities. If you wish to play an Anomaly, you must choose a race from this list.  The alternative is to play a character in the “FDA initiative.”


You can play a human Anomaly.
This human has to have a special skill though, something that sets them apart from others. Be it an incredible speed, and a nimble body, or perhaps the ability to self-heal from all but fatal shots. Be nice and specific about what makes them special.

The immortals are an incredibly fascinating race who are resistant to mortality. Bullets cannot penetrate them, and knives can barely pierce their upper layer of flesh. They heal at a normal rate, but just do not die. Each one has a single fatal flaw, which can kill them. They keep this secret very closely guarded.

Not much explanation needed here. We all know what Vampires are. Although it’s probably worth saying that I wont be accepting any Edward Cullen’s that are submitted.

The Undead
This race of “Zombies” should be familiar with us all. Although they are slightly different. Unlike the sluggish, stupid zombies we often see in horror films, these undead are swift and smart, with a lethal bite, which can convert you into one of them.

These incredibly dangerous beings can tower up to 8 feet tall. Their heavy-set, muscular frames make them formidable opponents. They are disgusting, cruel and powerful monsters, with an unquenchable bloodlust.

These are, on the outside, normal humans. But they can turn into a vicious, rabid wolf at the flick of a switch. Different people’s transformations are set off by different things. Some are triggered by anger, others by fear. Some have even learned to control their transformations, able to do so at will.

The demons are winged, dark angels. With blood red eyes, and dark souls, they are incredibly quick and extremely proficient with ranged weaponry.

These have the ability to transform their body into any shape, or being.

These people have the uncanny ability of “Telekinesis”. They have the ability to move things with their minds, and even infiltrate peoples minds. Their skills need a lot of training, and must be trained.

Ideally I’d like only one of each race. But if you really want a race that is already taken, let me know.
Also, if you would like to create an Anomaly from a race NOT listed above, let me know.



Human: Reserved: KayEyeEmm
The Undead: Reserved: Hingyou
Ogre: REGO
Shapeshifter: Reserved: Katie46
Psych: Reserved: LittleMissGeorgia

FDA Initiative:

Squad Commander:
Agent 1:
Agent 2:
Agent 3:
Agent 4:

Code: Select all

[u][b]Character Skeleton:[/b][/u]



[b]Anomaly/FDA Agent?:[/b]

[b]Race:[/b] (Anomalies only)


[b]Brief personality description:[/b]

[b]History (optional):[/b]

[b]Main gadget/skill: [/b](FDA only)

Thanks for reading. Please do submit a character!!


Toggle Rules

> No godmodding.
> Please keep public content within the site rules.
> No "Perfect" characters.
>The GM's word is final
> Swearing is okay, just don't be excessive.
>Violence and romance encouraged.
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The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 4 authors


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Alambil

Ru liked being a chair. The shape could be bent in different ways.

She folded herself up and fell to the floor with a loud, metallic crash.

It didn’t hurt. Nothing could hurt a chair.

Her metallic body seemed to melt together, pick itself up, and re-form back into a chair that was once again unfolded, but now lying on its side.




She liked the feeling of being made of metal.

Suddenly, a noise!

The white door, the same color as the walls, slid open.


The scientist who walked in always ignored the shoes on his feet. Why should he notice her?

But he did.

He picked her up.

“Come now, Ru! Just a little blood, then I’ll give you a cookie.”

He held the tempting snack near the hole where he would have stuck his foot if he had wanted to wear her.


They were much more fun to eat than to be.

The man closed his fist tight and squeezed.

She crumbled.

A million tiny pieces.

That was the fun part.

She whizzed back together, grew, grew, grew into the man.

His white coat, stiff.

His black hair, short.

She reached her hand out, muscular, hairy, strong.


Lips went round, like the cookie, as they said the word.

He flashed his teeth and handed it to her. With the other hand, he drove something deep, deep into her chest.

She screamed.


Nothing can hurt a chair.

The chair is safe.

“Sorry, Ru. Needed a tissue sample this time.”

His shoes began to move away.

Towards the door.

The door…



Scientist with a needle.

The door opened.

The scientist ran.

Ru ran. She caught him. She took a tissue sample. And another. And another. Lungs. Arm. Heart. Eye.

The scientist slumped in the doorway.

Ru ran.

New shapes. Everywhere.

Shapes without names.

Then, something familiar. A door.

But the color was… strange.

She could see through it.

She saw a new shape.

She became it.

She had eyes. These were familiar. Scientists had eyes. But these were red.

She had hair. This was familiar. Some scientists had hair. But this was long and hung in her face.

And there were strange shapes growing out of her shoulders. They bent like the chair, but they were not cold and solid.

These were soft and warm.

She looked at her new shape.

It looked back.

She smiled.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Geekly
Ally glared down at her chains. They were long, she could fly, but no higher than at least 10 feet. She looked to the other side of the room where her bow and arrows lay. The scientist that took her blood had set them there to taunt her. She glared at the bow for a moment, then to the two way mirror. She knew they were watching her, always watching. The doors burst open as the scientist made his way to her. He wore a cocky grin on his face that Ally wanted to wipe off.
"How are you today, my little devil?" He spoke in his usual confident tone. Ally only glared. "I thought so, well I brought you a gift!" He said pulling a needle out of his pocket, sticking it into her neck.
Ally mentally cringed as the needle took her blood.
"Wings." He comanded.
Ally scowled at him, "Why the hell would I? I'd never take an order from you." She spat at his shoes.
He sighed, "Can never make anything easy can you?" He walked around her, shoving her shirt up he stuck his gloved hand into the barely visible opening, pulling out a dark wing, making Ally scream in pain.
As he headed to the open door, Ally's deep red eyes burned bright, her wings shooting out, looking dark, mangled, and demonic. With a mighty tug, she flew upward, snapping her chain, she flew towards the door, snatching up her bow and arrows, taking one and shooting it right in the back of the man's head. She flew through the open door, down a hallway finally bursting out through double doors.
She flew quickly and proficietly, speeding away from hell itself and flying towards the heavens.


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Character Portrait: Lep R. Caun Character Portrait: Ru Character Portrait: Ally
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0.00 INK

Lep sat in the center of the room, pondering. One could hear the hamster wheel turning--literally. Squeaking echoed across the room as the appearent young man thought, long and hard. Finally, he stood up with a frown on his face, folding his arms. The unhappy face, though, stretched beyond the limit of what a human should frown--as if the boy were a cartoon of sorts.

"Pfft." He made the mocking sound to no one in particular. "Screw gravity." With those two words, gravity seemed to lose its hold, the lad begining to rise without real reason. He floated until he hit the ceiling ten stories up, just sitting there with his arms folded.

A voice came on the intercom. "Gravity's still there."

Lep blinked twice, then looked down. He looked back up, now to the reader, a look of sudden realization upon his face as he pulled out a sign reading "Oh dear". He then dropped like a rock, legs falling first, the abdomen stretching, with the upper body snapping to form the whole human shape once again, not unlike that of Wile E. Coyote. When he hit the ground, he was comically flattened to the floor, thin like a pancake.

The voice on the intercom laughed. "Man, that never gets old..."

Lep just peeled himself off of the floor, blowing air into his thumb to retain his shape with a 'pop'. He went back to pondering, this time with a pacing manner, walking in a circle. The squeaking of the hamster wheel was heard once again. Lep walked in this circle for a few rotations before stopping to check his watch, which had not been on his arm before. Looking at the watch, he smiles as a lightbulb lights over his head--again, literally. He pulls out a pair of glasses with red hypnosis swirls on them, 'ACME X-Ray Glasses' printed blatantly on the side, looking through the wall to watch several figures approach the door. Giving a mischievous cackle, he runs behind a black cannon, which, once again, had not been there before. He pulls a match from his pocket, lighting the fuse, then clamors into the cannon, popping his head out with a green helmet on, the fuse getting shorter and shorter.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the door, Lep's doctor was ready to take some blood samples of the strange boy. His assistiant nurse was just about to open the door when he stopped her. "Wait." They waited for a few seconds, before a 'boom' was heard on the other side of the door, followed quickly by a 'clank' as Lep's face dented outward in the thick metal door.

The doctor nodded to the nurse. "Now."

The nurse opened the door to be met with a one-tooth-missing smile by Lep as a second fuse was already lit, and just about down to the metal. The hissing fuse disappeared for a moment, before a loud 'boom' echoed again, Lep flying from the room and out into the hallway. He bounced from wall to wall, accidentally opening the doors for others, before flying past two females; one, a near-succubus by appearance, the other, a mirror copy. Lep halted for a moment in midair, looking to the females for a moment, giving a wolf whistle. He then flew into the wall, comically stuck halfway in.

"..." Lep struggled for a moment before his muffled voice was heard. "Uh...little help, please?"


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0.00 INK

#, as written by REGO
Damon sat. A normal enough phrase but Damon was far from normal. Damon sat on a steel bench, tied in a straightjacket, thick chains attaching him to the walls in every way possible. Back, ankels, neck, he even had a mask covering his face with a thick leather. The room was small, so small he had to hunch forward to fit. Three sharp rings of a bell meant it was yard time essentially. They stuck him in a large room, releasing all the chains that confided him. He took a moment to wiggle a little bit, then pushed off the straight jacket and mask. At this point some may assume he was a criminal in prison on high alert, it seems logical, but the place Damon is in follows no such logic. He stretched to his full height. Standing a good 3 feet above the scientist he knew where observing him via video camera in the next room, only protected by a thick steel wall. Damon chuckeled, as if anything could protect them from him if he grew angry. A man walked in, fully clothed in what Damon assumed padding that was supposed to protect him. He would merely point a small gun at Damon, that would release a large shock, making Damon pass out, then he would awaken in the same chains that bound him earlier that day. He knows because this happened everyday.
Damon held his hand up to stop the man, his voice surprisingly smooth and deep for someone of his appearance, "Stop, I grow tired of this." He glanced at the large battle ax they (stupidly) let him swing around at this time. He quickly reached for it, swinging it at the man, chopping him in half. He walked out to his small room, taking all his belongings, just a few pictures of the other anomalies some doctor gave to him. He rushed to the door, not willing to test his axe skills with freedom on the line.

He escaped. He had done it. He walked and continued on up a mountain. He honestly didn't know where he was going, but as long as he was away from humans he was fine. He didn't need to be locked up again so soon after escaping, and humans would surly send him back. At the top of the mountain he saw a shack. An old woman looked at him, gesturing for him to come inside. The old woman, a witch of some sort, felt pity for the boy cursed with his looks. She put an everlasting spell on a suit, so that when Damon wore it he appeared like that of a normal human. After he joyfully thanked and thanked her, she sent Damon on his way. On the way down Damon began to feel weak. He sat at the side of the trail. Soon a young couple came into view. Damon's stomach growled, and he slowly grabbed his axe, walking towards the couple.
The man immediately pulling the woman behind him, "Um, what can I do for you?" He said, Damon could smell the fear coming off him.
"Hold still." Damon growled "This will only hurt for a second."


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Character Portrait: Ru
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Geekly
Ally had escaped... she burst out laughing as she soared about the clouds. Her smile wide as she landed, finally content for the first time in a long time. She landed on the branch of a large pine tree, her now white wings falling naturally into her back. The forest was dense but she could still see the ground. She sat on the branch giddy with herself.
Out of the corner of her eye she saw movement. She quickly hopped to a lower branch, extending her wings and drawing her bow and arrow. Her eyes squinted, as she saw a figure, it must have been a girl. As the girl came closer, Ally saw something coming out of her back. As she came even closer, Ally hopped to the ground, her arrow pointed at the figure. The girl looked up at Ally. Ally's eyes widened as she saw herself infront of her. She watched her red eyes look at her, her wings dark wings twitch slightly as they became pure white. Ally watched herself smile at her as her clone ask, "What's that?" She pointed at the arrow being pointed at her head. Ally looked in disbelief as her replica morphed into an arrow lying on the mossy ground.
She slowly dropped her bow and arrow, falling to her knees and picked up the arrow, "What the hell is going on?" She breathed. The arrow turned back into Ally. Realization hit her, she must have come from the same lab as her. That was the only explanation...
"Hey, Hey!" She tried to regain the attention of the girl who was now playing with the dirt on the ground. "What's your name?"
"Ru." She said simply.
Ally smiled brightly at her next realization, she had made her first friend.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by REGO
Damon racked his brain, not believing what he had just done to that random couple.
'My hunger just took over me, it wasn't even me! Yes, I shouldn't even feel guilty about it, it wasn't his fault, but the fault of those awful scientists!' He thought to himself as he sat on a bench in a small city, his suit on of course. He looked into the wallet he had taken from the man. The couple had a total of around $200, but money didn't concern him, he was wondering where the hell he was going, where the hell he was. Damon was still unfamiliar with this new world around him, he has just walked in the opposite direction of the lab, ending in him on a bench in some park, in a city. He looked to the pictures he kept of the other experiments from the same lab as him. He knew someone had broken out, that's why they were all on such high alert that day, but who is out in the same strange world as him?
"Um,excuse me? Do you know where exactly I am?" A soft voice tapped Damon on the shoulder.
He turned to see a girl girl around his age with red bangs covering her emerald eyes. Damon smiled, "To be honest, I have no clue either."
The girl seemed to laugh, had he said some inside joke of some sort? She extended her hand to him, "I'm Anna."
Damon shook her hand, muttering his own name. She smiled brightly at Damon, "Well, Damon, do you want to be lost together?"

Damon had made good friends with the girl. Infact, he believed he had fallen in love with her. They went out together often, then at the end of each day they would part ways, Anna to her apartment and Damon to the streets. Eventually they would spend whole nights at her apartment. Damon felt this relationship made him very happy, even though he didn't know what this relationship was.
Anna sat Damon down on her beaten old couch. "Damon, I know we haven't known each other for very long, but I think, no I am very much in love with you."
Damon smiled as her cheeks flushed red, Damon had learned this happens when someone is embarrassed. He then looked guiltily at his shoes. He had to stop fearing her. "You love me? You'd never leave me right? Even if I have something really bad about my past to tell you."
She smiled tears in her eyes, "Yes Damon."
Damon sighed, slowly he sat himself on his knees infront of her, his hands folded in her lap, speaking softly, "Anna, I don't come from this city, or any normal place for that matter... I- I was born in a lab, where scientist would do experiments- where I never had parents. And as a product of that I'm a monster now. I had escaped shortly before meeting you, and I..." Damon paused, taking a moment to stand. He slowly peeled away his suit as he continued, "I had gone to some woman who gave me this suit, and then, I saw this couple." Damon had explained how he had made a meal of the couple, Anna's facial expressions changing drastically throughout the story. At first amusement, then sadness confusion and finally horror. Her eyes welled with tears. Damon had tried to take a step forward to calm her, but she stopped him.
"Don't." Her voice broke as she uttered that one word. "Damon, whatever the hell you are, do not get any closer." She darted for her room leaving a very confused Damon. She came back a few minutes later with a suitcase. Damon's eyes widened. He ran infront of her.
Grabbing her by the shoulders he held her in place, tears rolling down his cheeks. "You said you would never leave me! You said you loved me Anna!"
Anna looked at him coldly, "Who in their right mind would ever love a monster. Now let go of me, you freak!" She shoved him harshly. Really hardly a pat to someone as strong and tough as Damon was meant to be, made to be. But he crumbled before her none the less. He watched as she got to the door. Suddenly she turned to Damon. He looked hopefully to her, "I swear to God if you follow me, try to find me, even think of me, I will send you back to that God forsaken place you came from!" With that she left.
Damon stared at the door. He felt his heart shattered beat pulse to his ears. He looked away from the door, anywhere but the door.
He looked into the mirror. His suit was halfway off, from his waist up was his pale green skin his legs normal, in the mirror was the monster that drove away Anna. Damon breathed deeply. Stomping up to the mirror his punched his fist right through it. His fist ending up in the dry wall. He stomped around the apartment smashing all the mirrors, anything that gave a reflection. He breathed heavily. Putting his suit the rest of the way on, he left the apartment, bloody hand and all.
He suddenly felt very hungry, mabey he would catch a bite to eat. He smiled and went to find the unlucky person.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Alambil
So many new shapes!

Delicate, curved, twisted, moving shapes.

And the colors – she had never imagined there could be so many!

Ru approached a very big shape.

It towered above her, blocking out the brilliant light that burned far beyond where the ceiling should have been. Yet, it was grounded too. It seemed to be attached to the floor.

Looking up, she saw the red-eyed shape from earlier.

It jumped down and pointed something at her; a long, slender shape with a sharp point at the end.

“What’s that?” Was it a kind of needle? Curious, she took on the shape.

It was very similar to the tall, grounded shape

as if they were the same thing in different forms.

Definitely not a needle.

Red-eyed shape.

Ru wondered how deep the tall shape was buried. She began to dig.

“Hey, Hey!” The red-eyed shape spoke.

“What’s your name?”


Ru stopped digging.

She had never met any shape, except the scientists, who were able to speak. And she did not think this thing was a scientist: it did not have a white coat. But it did have white… somethings.

“What are these?” she asked, pointing to the white things that folded in and out like chairs from her shoulders.

She had made them white this time, changing them to match the red-eyed shape.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to her.

“Do you have a name?”

Scientists did not have names, but maybe this thing did. It was more like her than a scientist.


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Character Portrait: Ru
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Geekly
Ally stood infront of the store. She looked through the window at the store clerk. Ally saw the man begin to close the store.
"Ok Ru," she called for her attention but Ru was looking up at the big neon sign that displayed the mini mart's clinched name. Ally snapped infront of her face to grab her attention. "Alright, Ru do you remember that man in the blue uniform, remember that shiny badge on his chest? Oh you should try him. Oh remember what he did with that guy? How I said that he was arresting him. They only do that to bad people, and do you see him he's a bad person." Ally finished with pointing at the clerk.
Ru nodded a look of realization crossing her face. She turned her form into the police officer from earlier. She entered the shop, followed by Ally. Ru went straight to copying the cop from earlier. Ally quickly grabbed a large bag filling it with drinks and food, then grabbing all the money from the register.
Ally heard sirens in the distance, "Hey Ru? Lets go. I think you got the bad guy! Good Job!" Ally saw a police car pull up, thinking quickly she drew her bow and arrow. "Ru, go pick a candy."
As Ru turned her back looking at the strange sweet items, Ally shot at the officer, shooting both straight through the head. As Ru came back she displayed the candy she had chosen, "Alright lets get going, our ride is here." Ally smiled brightly to Ru leading her to the police car.
Ally drove quickly, swirving slightly. She looked at the card they had taken off the man. They arrived at a fancy hotel, Ally lying her and Ru's away into a suite.
Ru sat, in the form of a random man she must have seen on the street. Ally smiled, "Ru, do you want a cookie?"
Ru's eyes widened, she shook her head covering her chest. Ally sighed. "Ru, you don't ever worry about shots or scientists ever again. I make it my personal mission to keep both of us away from that place. And you won't have to trade a shot for a cookie, ok?" Ally tried to smile, but the memories of when she was younger flooded her mind. The scientist taking so much until she was so weak, and bribing her with a cookie.
Ru snapped her out of her thoughts, "You promise?"
Ally smiled brightly this time, raising her right hand, "Scouts honor!"
Ru smiled then looked confused, "What's that mean?"
Ally opened her mouth about to explain, but she couldn't think of anything. "I have no idea..."
Ru shrugged, munching on her cookie.


2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Lep R. Caun Character Portrait: Damon Briggs
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0.00 INK

The wind blew fiercely as the lone fighter stood against the gang, the two pairs of differences matched against each other. Lep, on one end, a green-colored shred of cloth around his forhead, the two lengths billowing as the wind attacked it. Facing him was a small mob of gangmembers, all wearing red bandanas on their heads, ready to bust some brains. Lep stood tense and ready as he pointed to the leader, shouting out from the distance between:

Kore wa saigo no keikokuda! Watashi ni watashi no yūjin o atae tari, chi ga koborenakereba naranai!
(This is your last warning! Give me my friend, or blood shall be spilt!)

While Lep spoke in Japanese, a flame of vengeance in his eyes, there were subtitles underneath him, showing what the nonsensical shouting really said. The gangsters laughed. "Well, well, mista tough guy." The leader tossed up and down an orange ball of fluff, taunting Lep. "If you want yer pet that bad..." He laughed, then tossed the hampster up in the air, shooting it with a handgun. A squeak was heard as the body hit the ground, Lep rushing over.

Hampton! Īe... Īe... Anata ga ikite iru watashi ni oshiete... Nanika... Nani mo... Nani mo iu,-shin wa sore o imaimashī!
(Hampton! me you're alive...say something...anything...anything, god damn it!)

Lep's body shook as the tears poured, his body shaking with rage.

Anata...deki sokonai. Anata. U~iru. Shiharau.
(You...bastards. You. Will. Pay.)

The gangsters stopped laughing as Lep stood, the cackle of pure energy resounding. "Da fuck?" The others pulled out their own weapons as their leader yelled out, "Drop the sucka!" They fired wildly at Lep, who dodged the bullets with agility, seemingly teleporting from side to side as he approached, jumping up when he was in range. The gangsters looked up, almost wishing they hadn't.

Soto sezoku no ha!
(Blade of the Outwordly!)

Lep drew an sword from his back, the material unknown in compisition. It was black like the metals forged in Hell, while an inscription of some sort glew like the Pearly Gates. Further, the sword seemed to change shape at Lep's will, the blade drawn as a short sword, growing to be the shape of a katana. Lep sliced sideways, catching the leader from shoulder to the bottom of the ribcage. Lep knelt for a moment, catching the momentum of the land, as the leader gave a slight laugh, a gurgle, then fell into a bloody mess of two pieces. Lep leapt up as the others attempted to scatter, scared shitless.

Ribenji no ikari!
(Fury of the Fallen!)

With the shout, Lep did not fall from the skies as before. Rather, he gave a grunt as he teleported rapidly, cutting them down almost simultaneously, his final teleport putting him to his origional position, the bloodied sword sheathed. The last gangmember fled, hoping that he just might get away. Lep, simply pointed at the man, an unamused and tense position gracing his body.


A ball of green energy formed at the tip of Lep's finger.


The ball began to pulsate, energy emitting from it as the very wind seemed repelled by it, the rocks of the earth beggining to defy the master energy of gravity.


As the word was shouted with power and fury, the ball shot forth a beam of pure energy, eradicating all in its path--including that of the gangster. Nothing was left but charred earth.

Lep...Watashi no repurakōn no yūjin.
[ leprechaun friend.]

These word were spoken by the orange fluffball, somewhat reddened by blood, which was now attempting to stand on its hind legs. Lep turned quickly, the tears returning.


Lep ran to the hampster, picking it up, oblivious to the bullet wound sustained to his shoulder

Shikashi... Watashi wa anata ga omotte ita... Karera wa... Karera wa anata o utta...
(But...I thought you were...they...they shot you...)

Nan, watashi ga shinda to omotta? Hotondo arimasen. Dangan wa chōdo watashi o kasume. Watashi wa daijōbudesu.
[What, thought I was dead? Hardly. The bullet just grazed me. I'll be fine.]

Lep wrapped the wound with gauze, found in the small pack on his back. The hampster began to scold Lep.

Hei! Jibun jishin ni keikō ga aru - anata wa mada sono ude o hitsuyō to shite imasu.
[Hey! Tend to yourself--you still need that arm.]

Lep looked to his shoulder, now feeling the pain, endorphins beginning to wear off.

Watashi wa, Hanputon o tsutomeru. Shikashi, watashitachi ga tekisetsu ni watashitachi no kizu o doresu ni doko ka kireide, yasumu basho o mitsukete mimashou.
(I will, Hampton. But let us find a place to rest, someplace clean to dress our wounds properly.)

Hampton squeaked his approval as he scurried onto Lep's uninjured shoulder, the duo walking calmly away from the bloodied mess of the gangmembers. Lep clutched his shoulder to help it stop bleeding, but he could feel himself start to become lightheaded. They would need to find help soon...there. At that bench. A man, too large to really be a man, sat there. He looked kind enough.

Sā! Sā! Anata wa watashitachi o tasukeru koto ga dekimasu ka? Wareware wa, atama to kizu o yasumu basho o hitsuyō to shite iru...
(Sir! Sir! Can you help us? We are in need of a place to rest our heads and wounds...)

It was at this point Lep tripped on a rock, catching himself on his inured arm, yelping in pain.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by REGO
Damon sat on a bench once again, not sure what led him to sit in the same place he had met Anna, but he decided not to be bothered by it.

His stomach growled loudly, he took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. It did quite the opposite as he smelled fresh blood. He focused on the scent, his eyes landing on a man speaking in some strange language, with words appearing underneath him. He had reconized him from somewhere... Damon slapped his forehead, he took his wallet out seeing the pictures of the other anomalies, pulling out a picture of the man.

He quickly ran to the guy, helping him stand. Damon held the picture to his face, and sure enough it was a perfect match.
Damon didn't hesitate in easily throwing the man over his shoulder and taking him to an apartment

Damon sat opposite the man. His deep voice rose an octave, nervously saying, "Are you- do you..." Damon took a moment to collect himself, he was hungry but this guy might be the only one to understand what he had gone through. Damon growled in frustrasion, "Crossman; are you an experiment of his?"


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0.00 INK

Lep gave a shout of surprise as the man picked him up, throwing Lep over his shoulder, but did not resist the man. His instinct told him that the man was to offer help. And his instinct was right; the man took them to his home, seating him a chair, then sitting opposite. As the man asked about Crossman, Lep pulled out the rest of his medical supplies, laying them before him.

Hai.... Watashi wa kurosu man no esukēpu sa reta jikken no hitotsudesu.
(...yes. I am one of Crossman's escaped experiments.)

Lep took an herbal ointment of some sorts, putting it to the wound on his shoulder. The wound hissed as it was disinfected, Lep hissing with equal pain. He protruded a small dagger, coating it with the ointment, then proceeded to dig the bullet of his flesh. Once removed, he once again put the ointment on, patting the hissing would dry, following with an herbal paste, finally wrapped tight with cotton wrap and gauze.

Watashi wa anata mo kurosu man no jikkendearu koto, tsugini, sore o toru?
(I take it, then, that you too are an experiment of Crossman's?)

With his good arm, Lep halfway drew his sword in caution.

Matawa anata wa watashi o torimodosu tame ni koko ni iru no ka?
(Or are you here to take me back?)


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0.00 INK

#, as written by REGO
Damon sighed in relief as the man explained he was an experiment as well. He stared in awe as the man took things out of nothing to treat his wound, jumping a bit when he hissed in pain.

Damon read the man's accusation, noticing he was drawing his sword.
Damon snarled, standing to his full height, snatching his axe, banging the end on the floor, the noise similar to thunder.
"How dare you! I take the courtesy of not eating you, and this is how I'm repaid? I should slauter you now!" He fumed, but just turned, his head turned to the floor. "Why would I help that man... why would I help someone who did this to me!" He yelled shoving his suit off, turning so the man could see his hideous face.

He cringed as he saw his reflection on a random piece of a shattered mirror.
He sighed, "So are you gonna trust me or not?"


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0.00 INK

Lep had not moved a milimeter as the man's rage revealed the true beast that was before him. At the question, Lep gave a small dark laugh, re-sheathing his sword. He had not meant his words as an acquisition, but as a cautionary asking; however, he did not blame the man--if that was what he truly could be called--for his violent reaction.

Katagi no bitto wa, wareware wa arimasu ka? Shinpai wa arimasen. Mishiranu hito ni jibun jishin o akiraka ni hitotsu wa aru fīdo no yūjin yori mo shinrai sa reru ōku no riyū ga aru.
(Bit of a temperment, have we? No worries. One who reveals themselves to a stranger has more reason to be trusted than a friend who feeds you lies.)

Lep packed away his supplies and put them behind him, the instruments and supplies seemingly dissapearing.

Mata, watashi wa I to onaji jigoku o hete kita ningen o shinrai suru koto ga dekimasu
(Besides, I can trust a man who has been through the same hell as I.)

Hand off of the sword, it was now offered to the man in a friendly shake.

Watashi wa, Lep Remeous no Caun-desu. Dono yōna namae de watashi wa, yūjin o yobu koto ni suru?
(I am Lep Remeous Caun. And by what name shall I call you, friend?)


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#, as written by Geekly


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#, as written by REGO
Damon laughed loudly, his voice booming throughout the apartment, he shook Lep's hand enthusiastically, "I admire your courage! Shaking hands with an ogre that could eat you in a second!"

"Ahh, one second, wait." He said as he walked into the kitchen and grabbing two large bottles, still talking to Lep, "You know, some wouldn't even go near me when I looked like a man, it was hard to find meals, I'm starving to be honest. Some might think I'm the bad guy, but those damnable humans and their curiosity always poking and prodding those things they cant understand." Damon growled, then shook his head, smiling again.

He placed the two cups and bottles on the table, pouring liquor into one then pushing the glass to Lep. He continued pouring a thick red liquid into his cup, taking a gulp, "I hope you don't mind, it rather curves my appetite." Damon gestured to his cup, then leaning in towards Lep, "Well you know I'm an ogre, but what being are you exactly?"


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0.00 INK

Lep gave a small laugh as he took a sip of his drink, realizing the taste to be that of a fine, red wine. A very nice selection of it as well. He allowed Hampton to take a deep drink as he spoke.

Shōjiki ni iu to, watashi no oni no yūjin wa, watashi wa shirimasen. Watashi ga shitte iru subete wa watashi ga kono sekaide wanaida to iu koto wa... Mata, kono dimenshon. Kore wa, watashi wa kurosu man o tōshite shitte imasu.
(To be honest, my ogre friend, I do not know. All I know is that I am not of this world...nor this dimension. And this, I only know through Crossman.)

The hampster gave a sigh, done drinking for the moment, handing the glass back to Lep.

Hai, hai. LEP to watashi wa otaku mangabon to otaku no zen'i no kappuru ga hakken shi, kore de sodachi,-betsu no jigen kara kite imasu. Made, kurosu man to kare no norowa reta sōsaku-tai ga watashitachi o hanarete nusunda... Ā! Watashi wa jibun jishin o dōnyū shite imasen. Watashi wa Hanputonhamusutādesu.
[Yes, yes. Lep and I come from another dimension, found and raised in this one by a well-meaning couple of a comic book nerd and an Otaku. Until Crossman and his damned posse stole us away...ah! I have not introduced myself. I am Hampton the Hamster.]

The hampster looked up to the ogre, squeaking in sudden fear of realization. Lep rolled his eyes with a sigh, picking up the fluffy critter and placing it on his shoulder, petting it.

Ima, genzai, Hanputon. Wa shitsureina koto shinaide kudasai.-Shi deimon ga koko ni wareware no yūjindesu. Hanputon koko de watashi no yūjin, petto, soshite arushuno ryōshindesu.
(Now, now, Hampton. Don't be rude. Mr. Damon here is our friend. Hampton here is my friend, pet, and conscience of sorts.)


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0.00 INK

#, as written by REGO
Damon read Lep's explination, nodding occasionally. His eyes widened slightly in surprise as the hamster spoke, but quickly shrugged it off.

Damon smiled, waving his hand, "oh please, I've received worse." His smile faded slightly, eyes gazing into space. He leaned back, taking a small drink from his cup, "A conscience, what an interesting thing," he turned his attention back to Lep, "How great it must be. To have one."

Damon cleared his throat, "Well, how are you, you seem powerful, I assume escape was easy. How did you escape? I would have thought that security would have gotten better after some of the other experiments... Have you met any of the other experiments so far? I thought that I met an experiment but he turned out to be some sort of circus folk. Rather sweet man." Damon was looking off into the distance, his stomach growling painfully. He coughed into his hand, turning his attention to Lep again, "Oh! I haven't even giving you an opportunity to answer! I tend to ramble when I'm hungry," Damon explained. "Not to worry though, I don't eat friends." He smiled.


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0.00 INK

The hampster gave a nervous, but relieved, laugh.

Yoi... Watashi wa anata ga watashitachi no nihonjin ni unzari shite shutoku shite iru to kakushin shite imasu. Dakara... Lep, watashi o mite mimashou.
[Good...I'm sure you're getting tired of our Japanese. So...Lep, look at me.]

Lep looked at the hampster, the creature grabbing Lep's nose and pulling, the nose stretching like a rubber band, snapping back into place as Lep held his face. "Ow!" The serious overtone that had been over Lep seemed to dissapate immediately, Lep giving a cartoony frown. "That hurt!"

The hampster ranted at Lep with a series of squeaks, before climbing up Lep's head, opening it like a cookie jar, then crawling inside the seemingly empty cranial cavity, closing the head once again, no line or crevice to be seen. Lep just shook his head.

"Anywho...others. Yes." Lep gave a nod of positivity. "I have met another experiment. The Invisible Man--nice guy, but a little transparent." The sound of a snare and cymbal went off at the pun, coming from everywhere and nowhere. "Yeah...but they caught him a while back. It was funny, that they caught him, but I went unseen. Speaking of unseen..." He pulled out a newspaper, showing the ogre the front page, which read MYSTERIOUS DEATHS, ROBBERIES BAFFLE POLICE. The article spake about two females, of whom robbed stores with indeterminable speed, and caused plenty of abnormal deaths. The main picture showed a fuzzy still from a mini-mart's security camera. One female had a forked tail swaying behind her, while the other was halfway between a police officer and a young woman.

"I'm thinking we may have two more friends to meet."


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0.00 INK

#, as written by REGO
Damon blinked as he looked to the newspaper, standing he stretched out, pulling his suit over his green skin, "I suppose it would be best to start looking. Hopefully after we eat though." He said, looking into the shattered piece of mirror on the wall, fixing his hair and adjusting his suit.

He took a look back to Lep, "Actually I have one question, what are we to do after we find them? Don't get me wrong I know what I want to do... they seem tasty, but I thought you might have a better plan."


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0.00 INK

Lep facepalmed at the ogre's subtle suggestion of a plan to eat the two other experiments. "For one, we could see if they'd like to stick together as a group--four heads are better than one." The hampster wheel began to squeak as he thought. "We could find someplace where we could live together--or, at least, close to one another. Help each other out."

Lep scratched his head. "That's as much of a plan as I got. The rest I was thinking of playing by ear." He shrugged, his stomach giving a terrible growl, the vibrations appearing as literal ripples on Lep's abdomen. "Speaking of food...what do you suggest to eat?" He blinked a moment, before adding. "Something not human."

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Great preformance there NewKid. Hampton is from the hamster wheel from the first post right?

Also I guess it's my turn. I presume that Lep saw Damon before he had met Anna. If you don't disagree I'm probably going to leave off from my post and he'll most likely meet Lep after trying to eat him. I wont lie I'm not comforable with controlling other people's character's, especially a complex character like Lep. So it might turn out short, with the end waiting for a response from you...


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Katie46- D: sorry I guess I got carried away... and of course you can have more control of your character!! Do you even have to ask? And that's a good idea, oh you always filled with great ideas!

NewKid- HOLEY CARP! that was really good! Epic fight scene! Love Lep, very entertaining.

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NewKid - Wow! I am thoroughly impressed. Nice post. And, do you speak Japanese or was that all BabbleFish? I suppose this was the anime version of your character coming out. I am still trying to figure out where the talking (Japanese) hamster came from... Oh, and I love how, after his all-powerful fight scene, he manages to trip on a rock : )

Geekly - I liked your post and I think you are good at staying true to Ru's character, but I think I would like to have a little more control over her, if that's alright with you. I would have loved to tell the scene from her point of view, but since all of her words and actions are already written, it wouldn't be much fun to write.

Tell you what, lets leave it up, but we'll think of it as a flash-forward instead of something that has actually happened yet. Then, go back to the scene where Ru asks for Ally's name. Just write Ally's part, however short (you can go into internal dialogue, scenic details, etc.), and then we will continue the RP writing only for our characters. I would like to explore how Ru and Ally come to trust each other and how Ru comes to understand friendship.

Let me know what you think!

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Can't wait, I look forward to collaborating with you, I'm sure Damon might be very confused by Lep. But they'll be buds none the less...

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EDITEDIT: I think my next post will reveal the more serious side of Lep.

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@ Newkid I hate to tell you this but Katie is right, Damon's been out for a while now... But if Lep can get out I'm sure he'd meet up with Damon eventually... Also I think you were thinking of Ally, Anna was my character.

@Geekly thanks I think... I wasn't sure how it turned out, but I needed to include his history...

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Lol, Newkid - I think Damon has been out of that lab for months now, is Lep still stuck in that wall? I can imagine him just hanging there for months on end - annoying the scientists who can't seem to get rid of him ^.^

Geekly, you did fine (very well, in fact). To tell you the truth, I ran into a bit of writer's block yesterday. I wanted to stick with the style I had in my first post, but Ru simply does not have the vocabulary to describe anything outside of the laboratory. Perhaps I am holding onto this idea a bit too tightly, but so much of her character is defined by her naivety and simple-mindedness. Anyways, now that Ally is there to teach her about the world, I think it will make my job a lot easier.


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Any who, REGO, seeing as Anna and Ru have kinda paired off already, perhaps your character can meet up with mine. MAybe pull him out of the wall?

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Woah... REGO... I'm sorry I promised I wouldn't cry.... that was sad. And really long!! Well you and I have 2 posts up, now its up to you guys... ya I'm technically calling you out Newkid, Katie... jk I love your guys posts... you can ignore this.... I was never here....

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Id like to reserve the immortal anomaly!