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Masked heroes of Earth

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         Jinx took a drag from her cigarette as Peyton came out with the garbage. “I’ve still got two whole hours, Drum. Which means you have three.” She said and flicked the cigarette on the ground and stomped it out. She leaned against the wall. She knew she should stop. It was a nasty habit that she shouldn’t have even started but she was having a real hard time. It was really a whole year since that day. The day her whole life literally went up in flames. She didn’t know what but something about today just It was like that static in the air when a fight’s about to jump off. It was freaky. She decided she should ignore it but the feeling was buzzing in the back of her mind. “Hey, We had practice today, right. I’m totally freaking out, I need to take my mind off” She asked him. He knew what happened to her, everyone in the band knew what happened. They’d been dating at the time but after everything, She wasn’t really herself. Something changed and they felt they were better as friends so there was no hard feelings.


Bulk n Buds Grocery

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         As Jinx takes his hand his eye winced only slightly as the rush of information hit him instantly.

At first, he felt everything she had felt currently at that time. Her uncomfortable feelings toward shaking his hand. Then, working backwards, He relived her day, and what she could remember at that moment rushed through. The memory of ‘Drum’ come outside and practically blowing her off and telling her it was best to ignore what happened. Suddenly he replayed the accident, seeing her house burn. Her father’s combustion, and then him beating her. He quickly, as if the speed of the memory turned into flashes, showed her whole life of her and her father. Constantly being hurt by him for every mistake she made. It ended with rushes of guilt of him dying so horribly, and some guilt for an unexpected revenge.
He also saw that is was only a week ago that a man approached Jinx with a job offer. He said he knew of her special ability, and that he could help. Jinx didn’t believe she had a special ability and said what happened to her house that night was an accident. The man tried to explain to her that she was the cause of the fire, but she told the man to fuck off and stormed out of the building. Since then she has tried to forget about that guy and what he told her.

It only lasted for a second, as well as their handshake. All her deeper memories would tap the back of Nobodies mind, but like her mind, wasn’t prevalent to bring up right now. He could access her memories just as she could. He looked up at the roof and with the her emotions still fresh in his mind said “Well, just because its broken and in bad shape doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed…” He paused for a moment then retrieved his tools and made his way up the ladder with her help. He yelled his thanks down to her and she vanished into the store. While on the roof he took a moment and sat and mourned the loss of her adopted parents. He felted her guilt and even though she couldn’t explain it in the back of her head she felt that it was her fault.

She of course had no idea that he was anything more than a maintenance man. She also wasn’t fully aware of her ability. It was surprising that having her ability for a year and not every really accessing It except for that first day. He wasn’t sure the full extent of her ability. And this man she met. How did he know of her abilities? There is a good chance the man has abilities himself, much like Nobodies, and can somehow know the abilities of others. Its either that or he is some sort of investigator with interest in Jinx. He was going to find away to reach her, but hadn’t figure out how yet. In the meantime, he began to make the repairs to the roof.

Back Inside the store Peyton was dealing with a costumer. They were too large men who started to whisper to each other when Jinx came in. One brought out what looked like a picture, and the other nodded. The men paid for their sandwiches and left the store. Peyton looked back to jinx and said “Those dudes where huge… “ he counted out the money and put it in the till. “They totally gave me a 20$ tip though. Looks like its going to be a good night after all.”

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