Helena Ross

"Moving is harder than I thought. "

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Helena Rae Ross
16 - ♋ -


Lena or Nina works fine.

July 12th

Sexuality/sexually active:
As far as she knows, she is heterosexual but really she's curious and questioning still. She is also not sexually active.

Relationship Status:
It's Complicated. (Her old boyfriend has turned into a long distance one and she's considering breaking up with him.)

The Shell

Five foot four.
A hundred and eight pounds.
Body build:
Slim but rather athletic.
Face Shape:
Eye Color:
Ice blue.
Glasses or contacts:
Skin Tone:
Hair Color:
Light brown.
Long down to the middle of her back.
Nina's clothing style is a preppy/chic look.
Standard Outfit:
Here you'll see two standard outfits of hers.
Overall Attractiveness:
Helena is a solid 8.5

Under The Skin


[ ッ Intelligent ッ Creative ッ Artistic ッ Charismatic]
[ ☹ Sarcastic ☹ Stubborn ☹ Defensive ☹ Gullible]
Personality: Helena was always raised to have confidence in herself. In that sense that is where she gets her defensiveness and stubbornness from. She tends to be stubborn when you tell her she's wrong and hates when you try to prove her wrong. Helena loves being right, as she has a sense in direction and a sense in pride when she's right. Coming from a slightly repaired family, her mother is where she has happened to get her more gullible feature from and she can be quick to believe something someone says despite being rather intelligent. Often times when someone points it out to her she will blush and push on through her day. Her mother being a heavy influence made her have a love for art and being creative. She loved to paint and draw it was her passion and it really just made her eyes light up. She's proud to share such a hobby like that with her mother.
♥ = Joys
♥ Painting ♥Sleeping ♥Make-up products ♥Water/swimming
☠ = Fears
☠ Heights ☠Being Alone ☠Dark Ally ways.
Priorities: Graduating top of her class is her top priority. She doesn't have any priorities burning a hole in her pocket thus far.
Success is getting what you want. Happiness is liking what you get

Fine Details

▲ Swimming ▲ Water ▲ Sour Skittles ▲Knee high socks
▲Art ▲Skirts ▲Fashion ▲Horses ▲Smell of rain ▲Snow ▲Snowboarding

▼ Her Hair up ▼ Dog Hair ▼ Heat ▼Ignorance ▼Stupidity
▼Beer ▼ Hats ▼Wearing shoes ▼ Losing ▼Feeling stupid ▼Spiders.

Favourite Films: Mockingjay Part 1, The Notebook, and Olympus Has Fallen

Favourite TV Shows: Breaking Bad, Orange is The New Black andDexter

Favourite book: Narnia The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Favourite Album: Night Visions by Imagine Dragons

Favourite Food: Pizza and sushi.

Favourite Drink: Orange juice and sprite.

Favourite Sport: Swimming.

Favourite Colour: Light Blue Pink

Defining Facts


Swimming, horse back riding, painting, drawing, and writing.

Musical Instruments:
Guitar and bassoon.

She does swim meets.

Ideal Weekend:
At home drawing and keeping to herself, listening to music.

Ideal Holiday Destination:
Athens, Greece.

Spending Habits:
Helena is a miser with her money and spends as little as possible.

She doesn't smoke.

She has gone to multiple parties, but they aren't a regular every weekend type deal.

Nope. Helena is fairly straight edged.



Her mother, her art, and her love for knowledge. As well as her competitive edge.
Graduate the top of her class, graduate as the valedictorian, make new friends, go to Emily Carr school in Canada for her art.
Top Goal:
Graduating as the valedictorian/top of her class.
Later down the road:
In Five years, she hopes to be in university working on getting better at her art and trying to become successful. In ten years, Helena would like to travel and perhaps start to settle down and think about a family. In twenty years she would like to have a family by then and hopefully be as successful as she can be and love life where ever she seems to be situated

Historic Findings


Hometown: Chicago, Illinois was where she was born and lived until she was the age of five, then they moved to Evansville Indiana.
What was your Childhood Like?: "It was interesting, it had it's moments and it had it's beauty and horror. I wouldn't change a minute of it for anything." Helena was born to Brittany Williams and Mark Ross. They were high school lovers and lost connection for awhile. It wasn't until after they had their own separate careers in their twenties that they met up again. Their relationship was really rocky sine the start and eventually one thing led to another and before they knew it, Brittany was pregnant with Helena. Mark wasn't sure he was ready to be a father but he didn't want to walk out on her life and wanted to be better for his kid than what he had himself.

Mark her, father had been the fun parent making everything all about fun. They would bug her mother, they would play guitar together even though Helena was horrible at it. For the longest time Helena and her father Mark were very close, and he had been in her life until she was about the age of thirteen. At thirteen her father moved away for work, and Helena rarely saw him, maybe on holidays but it was rare. When her and her mother decided to move, he didn't want to follow and it made Helena devastated.
Childhood Idol: Her father, was her idol when she was growing up. She loved him dearly and he was everything she wanted to be and looked up to him.
Dream Job: Her dream job was to become a Brain surgeon, and it has differed greatly since then.
Schools Attended: She had attended Reitz Memorial High School before coming to LA with her mother. Her mother wanted to support her dreams and so decided to move with her daughter and hopefully help her.

Present Day

Currently Living With?:
Her mother.
She has a husky dog named Beowulf.
She has a part time job at starbucks.
They have a stable budget. Her father sends money all the time from his higher paying job.
Her present home.
Just a plain old bicycle. She likes to get exercise.



Brittany Williams
Helena adores her mother Brittany and they act more as though they are best friends than mother and daughter. Brittany can be a bit of a push over with her but they tend to be fairly close and tight. They will tease each other and paint together whenever they can. They still have mother daughter time.

Mark Ross
This man used to be the man who filled her heart and made her happy. He was her one and only. He kept her safe at night and he kept her always giggling and smiling. He was the best daddy that a girl could ever have. They did everything together and he used to be the favourite parent to her, until he had to move away for his job. It saddened her deeply and she didn't want him to go. She's still a little upset about it.

All about School

Spent the Summer How?
She spent the summer moving and getting to know her way around LA and meet some new people.
Grade 11, Junior.
Transfer Students (So far)
Place on the Ladder:
Are you Happy?
"As happy as I can be for the moment."
If you could be apart of any other clique which would it be? Why?
"I don't really have a preference, it's all new to me, we weren't this separated at my old school."
Helena tries to keep her brains to herself, although it gets difficult when she wants to join clubs such as mathletes and decatholon. She was actually probably considered a prep at her old school, but academics were a high priority on her list too.
Do you plan on joining a club or sport this year?
"As for clubs I would love to join the Mathletes, Academic Decathlon, and art club."
Best Subject:
Worst Subject:
Pd 1 - U.S. History
Pd 2 - Studio Art
Pd 3 - Accounting & Finance II
Pd 4 - Algebra II
Pd 5 - American Literature
Pd 6 - Physical Education
Pd 7 - English
Pd 8 - Lunch
Pd 9 - Chemistry

So begins...

Helena Ross's Story


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The last weekend before the start of another year at Hollywood High. The students of Hollywood High both returners and newcomers alike are all preparing themselves for the first day of school, as well as planning out their final days of summer. Soon all the hours spent sleeping in till noon and staying out with your friends doing the worst things your parents could possibly imagine will be nothing but a faded memory replaced with things like equations, the periodic table and the never-ending drama that plagues the halls of Hollywood. Brace yourself for another crazy, stressful, drama-filled year at Hollywood High School.

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Annelise's Dialogue Color: #81D8D0 || Thought Color: #786D5F

By the time seven in the morning had rolled around, Annelise was already dressed, done up, and posting her attire for the day on Instagram which received likes as soon as she posted it. It was a pretty tame attire for a girl who had thrown her room around like a tornado, but simplicity had seemed the best route. Plus, she felt and looked like the queen she had always been, so that was a plus. The very long cardigan was simply an addition since she knew HHS had a habit of cranking the AC all the way up and Annelise would be damned if she caught a cold on the first day of school. Not bothering to do too much with her hair, she had tossed her luscious locks into a semi-messy ponytail before rifling through her jewelry. She decided on Juicy Couture pieces she still had around, a bracelet and dangling earrings. Grabbing her Michael Kors bag, Annelise had been officially ready and ran downstairs to get her breakfast.

While on most mornings she showed up with Chantal without fail, this morning proved to be the start of something different. Her best friend was awake, yes, but with another cheerleader and probably going to round up a few of the other Devil Girls so that they could arrive together. That mentality led her to texting all of her Royal girls and insisting on meeting in the parking lot. They used to do it when she first became a Royal, but that togetherness had stemmed from them having a very sweet, motherly queen before. And Annelise Rothschild was far from motherly, but she did enjoy the idea of it. Besides, she needed to assert her claim on the throne and what better way was to have all of her girls with her? With that thought in mind, she barely greeted her staff as she grabbed her Slender Banana and Oat Shake, made from her Slender Blend protein powder, and headed out to her Ferrari.

"So, tell me about these new kids," Annelise said, which was more of a demand, but Amber was quick to answer her. As soon as Annelise had pulled up onto campus, the redhead and her newly blonde bestie, Brooke were both waiting. The others were on their way and Annelise had text Chantal to make sure she wouldn't be late. And knowing her, if Chantal wasn't late, Christian wasn't going to be late either. As Amber regaled her with the information Annelise had honestly not felt like finding out through social media, she allowed her gaze to fall onto the students who were arriving. The familiar throng of students passing by, the excitement of seeing friends again, the eyes that roved over her vehicle since everyone knew that it was she who had taken the crown - it was all exciting. And honestly, she couldn't wait for the drama that would unfold this year. When it seemed like Amber was done, Annelise hummed almost thoughtfully before turning the engine off, sliding Chanel shades over her face. "Alright, bitches, let's be out. If they're not here now, then they're late and I'm not waiting." Annelise had never waited for anyone, not even Chantal - not even the former queen. And that damn sure wasn't going to change today.

With that, Annelise Rothschild led her Royal girls into the school, making her debut as the new queen of mean.





[Christian's Outfit]

[Chantal's Instagram Photo]

[[url]Christian's Playlist[/url]]

Chantal's Dialogue Color: #C8A2C8 || Christian's Dialogue Color: #0020c2

"I swear to God, if you two aren't done in two seconds, I'm leaving both of your asses and you'll be late for school," Christian barked through the driver's side window of Chantal's last birthday present from Julian, which was a 2016 Bugatti Chiron. She would definitely deny it if asked, but Chantal definitely squealed when she first saw the luxury car and had been in love with it from the moment she laid eyes on it. Of course, she didn't even want to hear the price on it and had accepted without question. And Christian currently sat on the driver's side, impatiently glaring at his sister and her fellow bandmate.

The girls, despite having had an exhausting weekend performing at the Pandora Summer Music Festival and having an appearance at the Teens Choice Awards, had been up before him. Well, most people were up before Christian. Instead of being a good father and actually being home to wake his son up, Julian decided to give one of the maids the password to Christian's phone to set up an alarm - an alarm that sounded like a horn that could make even the deaf hear again. It was Julian's first prank of the year and Christian vowed to get him back. Luckily for Chantal, her mom had settled for a call and wishing her a good first day. Lauren had felt too tired to wake up when they stopped at her home, so she stayed glued to Chantal's side and had collapsed in her bed. Which meant that she was borrowing clothes from her other close friend, which they had done several times during the summer. Her look was rather simple seeing as how she was too tired to even want to eat the breakfast that had been prepared until a travel mug of coffee was placed beside her. Lauren was known for having this dark, edgy look to her so the outfit was fine and she only took a rock&roll style bracelet that she was definitely going to keep from Chantal. Her and Christian, surprisingly, were done before even the dark-skinned beauty.

Which wasn't even her fault, really. Annelise had been texting her nonstop with nerves that made even Chantal a bit anxious, which was different considering Annelise didn't always appear as unnerved as she really was. And Chantal appreciated the trust, but it was time-consuming trying to pour out all this affection about a throne Chantal gave absolutely no fucks about. Unlike either Deanna or Annelise, Chantal really didn't care about who ran the hallways or who were even the Royals. It didn't matter to Chantal, even when Annelise made it clear that Chantal could have very well been elevated last year. She just had not seen the point and didn't see the point of fretting over it now. Not when it was obvious that Annelise had won and that the throne was hers. Which she ended up telling her bestie before ending the call and hurrying to get dressed. As per her Instagram post, she wore a black short-sleeve top under a short jean overall, which were edgy enough and had a sensible class added by her bandaged heels. While most girls only wore heels for show, Chantal had performed on stage too many times in heels to really have her feet hurting as quickly as others. Plus, her dark, toned legs - which had an extra sheen and smoothness due to her Almond Oil skin products from L'OCCITANE - looked fabulous with them. Chantal would more than likely return to her sweats or more casual looks at some point in the semester, but showing off on the first day was not at all off limits even for her. Her hair was staightened, she wore a thick white-gold bracelet with matching hoop earrings, a Givenchy ring, and she even did a little makeup, adding an edge with her dark blue lipstick. Once she had her Chanel bag and sunglasses, she met the pair downstairs, grabbed her Active Chocolate Shake from Glow Bio, and they were off.

"Chill, chill, we're coming," Chantal finally answered and the girls rushed over from their perching in the nearby park for selfies. It was a little out of the way and they needed to be on campus in about fifteen minutes, but it was worth it. The picture was awesome, Chantal had it posted, and she felt ready for her first day. Christian rolled his eyes and barely waited for them to buckle up before continuing to drive. "If I didn't know better, I'd think you actually wanted to be at school." He snorted at his sister's statement. "As if. I just don't have time to be your chauffeur while you run off doing mini photo shoots." Lauren giggled and Chantal muttered something about him being over-dramatic. Before long, the trio were on campus and Chantal was quick to abandon her brother in favor of walking in with the Devil Girls. Christian, meanwhile, sent a text to a few friends.

To: Taylor, Casper
Shoot me now

"Okay, so slut," Chantal said lowly, only to the girls as they passed by Via Stone's car. She then allowed her gaze to rove the crowd and she saw a few familiar faces and above the girls giggling, she didn't see Cherry yet. Or even Hermann. However, she couldn't stop and look since she had French in a few and after making their entrance for the first time for senior year, the girls parted ways with Lauren continuing on with Chantal to their first class of the semester. Meanwhile, she let Annelise know of her arrival before texting a few friends. She wasn't close to Bea, but she still felt like including her in case the girl slept in. Which also led her to texting someone she probably shouldn't be starting anything with this early in the morning.

To: Cherry, Rhia, Bea, Hermann
First day jitters bet not have any of ur asses skipping skool.

To: Casper
What? U think ur 2 good 2 b on time 2 skool?