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Taylor Cunningham

"I plan on ruling the halls of Hollywood High. Get in my way and that'll be the last thing you do."

0 · 364 views · located in California

a character in “Another Year at Hollywood High”, as played by Dumisa


Personal Information

β€’ Full Name
Taylor Mitchell Cunningham.

β€’ Nickname
Taylor often likes to be called Tay but only by close friends or his brother. He will not accept anything else other than Tay from people.

β€’ Age
Seventeen; 17.

β€’ Date of Birth
November 25th; 11/25.

β€’ Zodiac Sign
Sagittarius ♐.

β€’ Sexuality
Heterosexual; Biromantic. He very much so likes to be with girls but will cuddle up to a good movie with a guy every once and awhile.

β€’ Sexually Active?
Yes. He has slept with at least three girls from Hollywood High.

β€’ Relationship Status
Single and not looking for something real right now.

Physical Appearance


β€’ Height
Six foot one; 6'1.

β€’ Weight
One-hundred & thirty pounds; 130 lbs.

β€’ Body Build
Athletically built.

β€’ Shape of Face
Chiseled well rounded face.

β€’ Eye Color
Hazel Green.

β€’ Glasses or Contacts

β€’ Skin Tone
Sun Kissed.

β€’ Hair Color
Chestnut Brown.

β€’ Hairstyle
Taylor likes to keep his hair unkempt, honestly. He just likes to wake up and not having to worry about combing it or anything.

β€’ Style
Taylor's style depends on his mood although, he does have a very good taste in clothing. He often wear anything Ralph Lauren, whether it be shirts, pants or shoes. He usually dresses up whenever he is in a good mood but if he isn't feeling well or in a bad mood, he'll wear nothing more but a t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts.

β€’ Standard Outfit
Taylor doesn't really have a standard outfit. Whatever he wears, he likes and just for that day, it becomes his standard outfit.

β€’ Overall Attractiveness
Eight out of ten; 8/10.


β€’ Good Personality Traits
{Loyal, Intelligent, Ambitious, Clever}

β€’ Bad Personality Traits
{Overly Sarcastic, Arrogant, Flirtatious}

β€’ Personality
"Rules? I see them as guidelines."

Taylor is not really a rule breaker, he just sees them as something that was made to be broken - Just like a promises or a heart. He is very proud of his rebellious nature and continues to keep that intact as the remainder of his time at Hollywood High. Aside from that, he is very loyal towards others - More importantly, Tyler. His loyalty sometimes comes off as him being a bit overprotective but he is that way towards the ones he loves and cares for. Even though he may be a slight rebellious, he is very bright and most of the teachers love that about him and can see straight through that bad boy nature he is portraying. Taylor is arrogant enough to be very conceited. Yes, his brother hates this side of him but he does not care a single bit. He is arrogant enough that he is a major flirt and thinks that every girl that crosses his path wants to be with him and no one else.

β€’ Greatest Joys in Life
Taylor honestly loves having a Twin, so that he can switch places with him, if need be. They haven't switched places recently but whenever they feel the need to do so, Taylor will switch. Another great joy is food since he loves to eat but still maintains his athletically built structure. Beaches, which he thank the almighty Gods for since without them, Taylor would have an awesome body and skin tone for nothing. Workout equipment, he works out about every single day before school though if he forgets to work out before school then he'll either work out at school or definitely after school.

β€’ Greatest Fears
His biggest fear is losing his brother. He has a very strong, unbreakable bond with him and without Tyler, he'd basically be lost. He also fears getting a girl pregnant, losing his parents, tight spaces, choking, catching a STD or STI and Clowns.

β€’ Priorities
Making sure that Tyler, his twin brother is safe at all times is number one priority, no matter how much Tyler may gripe about him being overprotective. Along with that, he also plans on graduating high school and getting accepted into New York University for Creative Writing. Taylor will also try not to fight anyone at school but that usually ends up failing when it comes down to it.

β€’ Life Philosophy
"Terri Guillemets once said that Life is not always fair. Sometimes you get a splinter sliding down a rainbow. I love that philosophy about life, honestly. It gives me an even deeper feeling on how life comes with many obstacles but it is up to that person on how they deal with that obstacle."






β€’ Likes & Dislikes
βœ”Being Wealthyβœ”Womenβœ”Tylerβœ”Writingβœ”Fanficsβœ”Readingβœ”

✘Bullies✘Poor People✘Smelly People✘People who smoke near him✘Someone being mean to him or Tyler✘

β€’ Favorite Films
Taylor favorite films are Divergent, Insurgent, The Maze Runner, All of the Fast and the Furious, The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 1&2 and Beyond The Lights.

β€’ Favorite Books
The Hunger Games Trilogy, The Divergent Trilogy, Harry Potter{Owns the whole collection}, The Fault In Our Stars and The Maze Runner.

β€’ Favorite Album
Taylor rarely listens to music but when he does, he'll listen to Kiss: Greatest Hits, OneRepublic's Waking Up or Native & Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors and Night Visions album.

β€’ Favorite TV Show
The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Undercover Boss, How I Met Your Mother, and The Big Bang Theory.

β€’ Favorite Sport and Team
Football & Basketball. University of Southern California{USC}.

β€’ Favorite Food
Pizza, Steak, Ribs, Cheese Crackers and Movie Theater Butter Popcorn.

β€’ Favorite Drink
Taylor likes sports drinks more than anything else. Powerade & Gatorade, mostly. But he will have a soda here or there.

β€’ Favorite Color
Taylor absolutely loves the colors blue and green more than any other color. He also likes the color red.

Habits & Hobbies

β€’ Hobbies or Pastimes
|| Blogging || Writing || Hanging Out || Tanning on the beach || Camping || Computer Activities ||

β€’ Plays any musical instruments?
None but really wants to learn how to play the guitar.

β€’ Plays any kind of sports?

β€’ Ideal Perfect Weekend
Taylor's ideal weekend would consist of him and a few friends, leaving town and conquering another town. He hasn't had a perfect weekend in so long and thinks that it is about time that he had another one.

β€’ Ideal Holiday Destination
Amsterdam. Taylor thinks that Amsterdam would be the perfect holiday destination for him and his family and not because of the vigor things that goes on there but because of the scenery and the souvenirs that you can get from there.

β€’ Spending Habits?
Taylor is an avid spender. Whatever he sees that he wants, he'll definitely buy it without a second thought.

β€’ Smokes?

β€’ Drinks?

β€’ Other Drugs




β€’ Drives & Motivations
First, Taylor really wants to make his parents proud of him, no matter what. He'd absolutely hate himself if he disappointed them. He strives to keep his grades intact and they start slipping then he'll have no choice but to turn to his brother for help.

β€’ What are your goals?
"My goals are not to have any drama this year at Hollywood High and maintain my 3.8 GPA. I also wanted to graduate high school and move to Manhattan, New York to go to New York University and hopefully graduate from there as well."

β€’ What goal do you most want to accomplish in your lifetime?
"I want become one of the best selling authors out there and I hope to win some awards for at least three of his books."

β€’ Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years? Twenty years?
"Hm, in five years, I see myself graduating college and finishing then hopefully going overseas for a bit of relaxation. But in ten years, I see myself finally settled down with a women that I can adore, marrying her and hopefully we'll be having our first born kid by then as well. Hopefully Twins! In twenty years, I see myself sitting in the audience of an Author's Award Show and praying to the Gods above that I win an award on whatever night the award show will take place. Honestly, I hope to win two in one night."



β€’ Hometown
Washington, D.C.{Birth-5 years} Las Vegas, Nevada{5-14 years} Los Angeles, California{14-now}

β€’ What was your Childhood Like?
"Well, I basically grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth to say the very least. But my childhood was very busy due to moving around a lot since my dad was in the military. I've probably seen things that other people haven't seen before."

β€’ Pets

β€’ Childhood Hero or Idol
Taylor grew up idolizing the work of William Shakespeare and oddly, Edgar Allan Poe. He also idolizes today Nicholas Sparks and John Green, though he will not admit those two out loud.

β€’ Dream Job
Taylor's dream job is to be an author and he is damn sure determined to make his dream, a reality.

β€’ Schools Attended
They were home schooled for quite sometime due to the constantly moving around but when he finally became old enough to go to middle school, his mother enrolled him and he has been within the school system ever since.


β€’Currently Living With?
Tyler, his twin brother.

β€’ Pets
Tyler's dogs Eden and Ethan - Siberian Huskies

β€’ Occupation
High School Student. Aspiring Author. Part time Model.

β€’ Finances
Upper Middle Class.

β€’ Home
The House; Indoor Pool; Game Room

β€’ Transportation
Taylor's Mustang

Taylor's Aprilia Motorcycle


β€’ Family Member Name

β€’ Relation
Tate Michael Cunningham | Biological Father | 43 | Retired Military | Living

Savannah Rae Cunningham | Biological Mother | 40 | District Attorney | Living

Tyler Matthew Cunningham | Twin Brother | 17 | High School Student | Living

β€’ Relationship
Taylor has a fantastic relationship with his twin brother, Tyler and loves him to death. Him and his parents weren't that close growing up because he became rather rebellious and disrespectful towards his mother every time his father was away from home. Though over the years, they've became somewhat close though Taylor only fakes it for Tyler's sake.

Hollywood High

β€’ Spent the Summer How?
Taylor and Tyler spent their summer on the coast of Panama City, hanging out with random people and turning it up. When they didn't feel like going out, they stayed at home and invited a few friends over for a movie day or night - Or just to simply hang around their summer beach house, play pool or video games.

β€’ What are you most looking forward to this year?
Besides the girls, Taylor is looking forward seeing how talented everyone has become over the Summer and even hopes to make a few new friends.

β€’ Grade

β€’ Clique
Use to be an Artist but this year shooting to be the King Bee.

β€’ Place on the Ladder
Use to be in the Middle of the Ladder but now is slowly ascending to the top.

β€’ Are you Happy?
Being in the Middle of the Ladder, Taylor wasn't happy though he maintained there because of his brother. When he reaches the top of the Ladder, he'll be extremely happy and will hopefully maintain that spot.

β€’ If you could be apart of any other clique which would it be? Why?
Neither. I wouldn't want to go lower on the Ladder again this year.

β€’ Secrets
Due to losing a bet, Taylor slept with a guy though that was a one time thing and he will never do it again.

β€’ Do you plan on joining a club or sport this year?
Yes. Taylor plans on being on The Crimson Chronicle as a reporter this year, plans on staying in the L.A.C.E.R Club, Gay-Straight Alliance and the Outing Club.

β€’ Best Subject
Taylor loves History because of all the dates that really helps him out when it comes to test time.

β€’ Worst Subject
Math. Taylor hates having to figure out long equations.

β€’ Schedule

So begins...

Taylor Cunningham's Story


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The last weekend before the start of another year at Hollywood High. The students of Hollywood High both returners and newcomers alike are all preparing themselves for the first day of school, as well as planning out their final days of summer. Soon all the hours spent sleeping in till noon and staying out with your friends doing the worst things your parents could possibly imagine will be nothing but a faded memory replaced with things like equations, the periodic table and the never-ending drama that plagues the halls of Hollywood. Brace yourself for another crazy, stressful, drama-filled year at Hollywood High School.

Forecast of the Day


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β•” β•—
[Chantal's Hair]

[Christian's Outfit]

[Annelise's Work Out Outfit]

β•š ╝

Chantal's Dialogue Color: #C8A2C8 || Annelise's Dialogue Color: #81D8D0 || Christian's Dialogue Color: #0020C2

"You lying bitch!" Annelise Rothschild exclaimed as she burst into Chantal Jackson's bedroom. Chantal only glanced up from her phone and paused on scrolling through her Instagram feed. If it hadn't been for the fact that Annelise had a smile on her face and the fact that she was actually talking to Chantal to begin with, the singer would have seriously thought she was going to get cussed out by Hollywood High School's new queen bee. However, because of the brunette actually throwing herself in a sitting position on Chantal's queen sized bed, she wasn't exactly perturbed and actually chuckled at the pout forming on her queen's face. "Good morning to you too, best friend. Or should I say your majesty now? I'm doing well, thanks for asking." Annelise only rolled her eyes at Chantal's sarcasm and fixed the strap of her Victoria's Secret slip, which was set in an exotic pink shade.

As per her typical schedule, Annelise to jog through the Holmby Hills neighborhood. She hadn't really gone for runs during the summer, mostly attending yoga sessions and playing tennis against her cousins over in France and Normandy before simply working out with Little Temptations in between sets. The girls, despite how much junk food she had found in their buses, were actually quite fit and all were about keeping up with their figure. Either way, Annelise knew she didn't want to falter in her workout regimen and the jog earlier in the morning when the sun was just rising had definitely woken her up. Most kids hated being awake early, Annelise figured she might as well get a jumpstart since school would be starting on Monday and she would be traipsing down those halls as the queen she always felt like she was. After making her way up the long heated marble driveway of the Hernandez estate, she hadn't bothered waking Chantal or Christian up. She simply went to her room and took a long bath filled with her White Mint & Jasmine body oil from Jo Malone. The scent was refreshing and upbeat, and lingered on her skin while making her skin extremely soft and moisturized. Annelise practically lived at the extremely spacious home, so she had a good number of clothes and toiletries in her bedroom. Then, after her soak, she had proceeded to complete her skincare regime. Which included mostly La Mer products like her cleanser, moisturizing cream and finally, her SPF tinted moisturizer. Afterwards, she had gotten dressed and been on Instagram herself until she realized that Chantal was wide awake and doing the exact same thing.

"What part of quick girl meeting included driving over to Santa Clara?" Annelise demanded, proceeding to grab one of Chantal's many pillows and hit her friend with it upon each word and Chantal actually giggled, trying to stop her. "Wait, wait, wait! That ain't even my fault!" Chantal cried, her Texas accent stronger in the midst of trying to reason with Annelise who was still smiling. Bipolar heifer! "The message literally only said emergency group meeting. I didn't even know we were going 'til we were out of LA." Annelise only hmphed before hitting Chantal once more, hard, and dropping the pillow to curl her long legs underneath her trim body. She wasn't really upset with Chantal for leaving for Santa Clara and performing in Taylor Swift's 1989 tour stop there. It made her a bit proud, seeing her best friend on stage. Still, Annelise was usually there during those times and she couldn't help but pout. During moments like these (or the moments she allowed), she wasn't queen anything. She was just the best friend of a singer of whom she was very proud.

"Since when did you get back?" Annelise inquired, relaxing against the same pillow she had been attacking the girl with and stretched her legs out so that she could lay on her side while being propped up. Chantal relaxed back against her mountain of pillows at the headboard, donning a glazed guava satin cami and short set from Victoria's Secret. Once the girls were finished with the performance, they had stayed for the rest of it and then hung out with Taylor afterwards. They did a meet-and-greet the next day before heading back for a photo shoot, which meant Chantal hadn't gotten home until last night. She refused to allow them to make her miss cheer try-outs, especially with her being captain. "Last night. After I got my hair done." She said it while messing with a stray strand of her hair...well, more her weave but since she purchased it, it was her hair. After wearing it in various styles during her tour, Chantal had decided upon long jet-black locks (her natural hair color) with various streaks of silver and gold. It was a unique twist and she was already known for experimenting with hair colors since getting the weave installed and cutting her own hair. At the moment, it was styled in a simple messy bun with tendrils framing her face. Annelise tucked a particularly long strand behind Chantal's ear, which caused her friend to smile softly, before grinning. "Well, hurry up and cook me breakfast, bitch. Like you promised." Chantal's initial answer was to kick the queen bee before slinking out of her bed before she could receive the retaliation. As she left her room, she sent out a text to all of the current cheerleaders just as a pillow hit her in the butt.

To: Cherry, Dee, Lauren, Sienna
Remember, I'm making breakfast 2day. We can head over 2 skool afterwards

Most of the ones who had to try out again were sophomore and a few juniors who had been on the weaker end of the spectrum last year, an agreement she and the coach had come to at the end of the semester. But it didn't stop Chantal from inviting everyone to her house for breakfast, which she was only helping cook. She couldn't make everything herself since it was more than three people, but if there was one thing Chantal had taken from her mother, it was a love for cooking despite having a house filled with cooks. The girls made their way to the kitchen in time to see Christian running inside through the door that led out to the pool area. The Royal smirked at the girls and bit into the apple he had snatched up. "Just in time for breakfast!" Annelise smirked and propped herself on a stool while Chantal shot Christian a small glare, shoving past his tall frame to get past the kitchen island to get to her cook, GrΓ©gory Lecomte. He worked with her mother for catering and helped out at the home, in the middle of making waffles. "I'm surprised you're still here. Weren't you with, what's her name again, Allison?" Chris honestly had to think about it, a hand in his pocket before grinning at the memory, and then shrugging. "Got clingy. I dipped." Annelise only shook her head and mumbled "pig" before requesting a strawberry mimosa. Walking around to his sister, Christian wrapped an arm around Chantal's shoulders without her noticing, causing the cheerleader to squeak, and squeezing her in a hug. Annelise hurried up to pull up her phone and capture the moment on Snapchat. "Awww, sibling love!" She cooed, dragging the phone from the view of her face to the two hugging. Chantal turned around, in the midst of chopping vegetables, to sneer at the camera while Christian laughed, face against the top of Chantal's hair so that he could smell her Manuaka Honey & Mafura Oil hair products from SheaMoisture. It was a naturally sweet and warm scent that everyone loved when they were allowed close enough to smell her hair.

"Get off me, you're sweaty and I already showered, sasquatch," she finally growled, trying to get all the ingredients to make omelets. Christian only grinned and released her. "I'll take mine with cheese, ham and tomatoes, thanks." He said and Chantal rolled her eyes. A minute later, when he was walking towards the closest living room, she turned around with a knife pointed at him. "And don't be inviting your friends over my house for food. I'm not their servant." Christian only gave her a thumbs up and left the room, but not before shooting a text to his boys while Annelise decided to check with her meddlesome cousin.

To: Casper, Taylor
CJ's cooking breakfast. Said u guys were welcome

To: Hermann
Plz tell me u found sum thing 2 do 2nite


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Sorry, posted from the wrong account.


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#, as written by Dumisa
Taylor & Tyler Cunningham

Tyler had rose from his bed a bit earlier this morning and went downstairs to make a small breakfast for himself and his brother, Taylor, who was rushing down the stairs and fully dressed for the day. "Oh, hey, bro. I made us some breakfast." Tyler spoke as Taylor made an apologetic face then grabbed his car keys. "Oh, sorry, I am going to have breakfast with some of the Royals." Tyler lowered his head with muttered words but Taylor couldn't make them out and didn't even bother to as he waved his brother goodbye then exited the house. Tyler sighed while staring at the other empty plate, wondering who could he invite over for breakfast at his place. There was Raquel but she'll just talk about herself and he didn't really want to deal with that early this morning before school. Blair crossed his mind so he just went with his instincts and texted him.

To: Blair
From: Tyler
Want 2 come over and eat breakfast with me? My bro sort of ditched me.

Tyler hit the send button and sighed softly while putting the plates in the microwave and going upstairs to shower, brush his teeth and put on an outfit. Tyler then set the table with the necessary utensils then sat his plate down and grabbed the glass jug of orange juice and sat it down on the table as well. He continuously glanced at his phone to see if Blair had texted him back or not but hoped that he wouldn't turn down his offer. With another sigh, Tyler started to sort of nit pick at his breakfast.

Taylor was outside, sitting his vehicle while pulling out his cell phone and texting Annelise back.

To: Annelise
From: Taylor
I'll b there shortly.

Taylor sent the message then backed out of their driveway, making his way towards Chantal's home. Upon arriving, he parked his car in the appropriate area then got out, locking his car with the simple click of a button. He walked up the few steps before reaching the door and opening them, making a small trek towards the inside. Of course, he could instantly feel like he didn't belong there but mustered up his strength and held his head up high. "Hello? Anybody home?" He'll asked while entering the dining hall, seeing Cherry, whom he smiled at a little then eyed Annelise and Chantal, which he offered them a small wave.

"So, what's for breakfast?" He'd ask while walking a bit closer to them now and standing beside the table. "Also, thanks for inviting me." He continued to say while looking at the ladies before him, speaking a little bit nervously. "Uhm, where is Christian?"


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β•” β•—
[Chantal's Hair Color]

[Christian's Outfit]

[Chantal's Jam]

β•š ╝

Chantal's Dialogue Color: #C8A2C8 || Annelise's Dialogue Color: #81D8D0 || Christian's Dialogue Color: #0020C2

"Oh, I totally forgot. Didn't even remember to stock up on your favorite creamer or anything," Chantal remarked with a sly smirk, only jesting of course. Chantal could forget what assignment was due the night before, but small things like how her friends took their drinks or their allergies were always on her mind. Going back to check on the French Toast and then the frittata she knew was in the oven, Chantal gave her chef a pat on the back before heading to the coffee machine. One batch had already been brewing and was finished with the other still doing what it needed, so she concentrated on the fresh pot of coffee while listening to Cherry. Before she could even say a word, Annelise had already piped up. As soon as Cherry even asked Chantal to come over, Annelise knew she wasn't going to go. She also knew that she was already making plans for the evening. "Oh, sweetie, she is all yours for the night. Especially since some people," she chanced a glare at Chantal while skewering a piece of waffle on her fork, "aren't even gonna be there for Dominic's party on Sunday. Besides, I'm not the type for sleepovers with little critters crawling around." She finished, referring to Isabella in that last portion of her statement. Chantal rolled her eyes. "I am not missing the TCAs for a party that Dom is probably gonna throw again in a month. I'll just send some vodkas and models his way." A beat later, she glared at Annelise while handing Cherry her mug of coffee. "And don't call my baby a critter. She's an angel." Annelise only shrugged her off.

While Chantal busied herself with preparing the omelets, Annelise was the first to hear the male voice in the hallway. She didn't recognize it at first and slowly turned in her stool, eyeing Taylor slowly before turning back around. "Chris, one of your lapdogs are here!" She called to the other Royal, who was in the midst of an Assassin's Creed session in the room next over. He only tensed for a second at the sound before smirking and yelling back, "Stop being a bitch, Annie. Idk who that is, but I'm here! And hurry up with my food!" While also pausing the game to send a text to another friend.

To: Dominic
CJ's cooking breakfast if u want any. Just 2 let u kno, her omelets r da best. Hands down

Chantal couldn't help herself and flipped her brother off even though he couldn't see her, before turning her attention to Taylor. She wasn't really mad that Chris invited his friends since she always made enough to feed a village, but she definitely did have something for her brother when she saw him. "Hey, Chris is in the other room, one door over. GrΓ©gory's got waffles, regular eggs, turkey bacon and sausage over on that counter with the muffins and fruit. Juices are in pitchers, coffee over here, and if you want anything special, just ask any of the staff. They've been running in and out all morning...and baby!" Chantal was cut off in the middle of her sentence to Taylor when her fellow band member, Lauren, came in behind him along with two seniors, one of whom was no longer a cheerleader to her grades. Immediately, despite having seen the raven-haired girl early in the morning, Chantal lunged at her. Annelise only rolled her eyes at the display of affection and the increasing amount of people, hurrying up to finish her food. She honestly didn't care to be around for the other cheerleaders to be here and for all of the "girl time" Chantal wanted to have with everyone.

"Well, this has been fun but some of us have actual plans for the day," Annelise declared, finishing up the syrupy goodness. Lauren offered her a frosty smile, just like Sienna and the other cheerleader. Annelise barely even acknowledged them. She simply glanced back at Cherry. "Don't get to comfortable in your Hello Kitty jammies, mkay? I'll hit you guys up with the deets later, but we're all hanging out tonight." With that said, Annelise exited the area with Lauren and Sienna parting to give her room as she went. Immediately afterwards, both girls rolled their eyes, swore under their breaths, and Chantal couldn't help but laugh. She loved her bestie, truly did, but she was more demanding than she needed. "Anyways, now that that bitch is gone, everyone needs to tell me about their summer. Except you Lauren. Last thing I need is a reenactment of you trying to do a split while we were playing hide-and-seek on the bus." Chantal laughed as Sienna demanded details, taking Annelise's forgotten stool as she waited for the food to be finished and just enjoying being with her girls again. Which also included texting Deanna to make sure she was still coming since she was one of the only girls not present.

To: Dee
Breakfast's almost ready, u still coming?


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By the time seven in the morning had rolled around, Annelise was already dressed, done up, and posting her attire for the day on Instagram which received likes as soon as she posted it. It was a pretty tame attire for a girl who had thrown her room around like a tornado, but simplicity had seemed the best route. Plus, she felt and looked like the queen she had always been, so that was a plus. The very long cardigan was simply an addition since she knew HHS had a habit of cranking the AC all the way up and Annelise would be damned if she caught a cold on the first day of school. Not bothering to do too much with her hair, she had tossed her luscious locks into a semi-messy ponytail before rifling through her jewelry. She decided on Juicy Couture pieces she still had around, a bracelet and dangling earrings. Grabbing her Michael Kors bag, Annelise had been officially ready and ran downstairs to get her breakfast.

While on most mornings she showed up with Chantal without fail, this morning proved to be the start of something different. Her best friend was awake, yes, but with another cheerleader and probably going to round up a few of the other Devil Girls so that they could arrive together. That mentality led her to texting all of her Royal girls and insisting on meeting in the parking lot. They used to do it when she first became a Royal, but that togetherness had stemmed from them having a very sweet, motherly queen before. And Annelise Rothschild was far from motherly, but she did enjoy the idea of it. Besides, she needed to assert her claim on the throne and what better way was to have all of her girls with her? With that thought in mind, she barely greeted her staff as she grabbed her Slender Banana and Oat Shake, made from her Slender Blend protein powder, and headed out to her Ferrari.

"So, tell me about these new kids," Annelise said, which was more of a demand, but Amber was quick to answer her. As soon as Annelise had pulled up onto campus, the redhead and her newly blonde bestie, Brooke were both waiting. The others were on their way and Annelise had text Chantal to make sure she wouldn't be late. And knowing her, if Chantal wasn't late, Christian wasn't going to be late either. As Amber regaled her with the information Annelise had honestly not felt like finding out through social media, she allowed her gaze to fall onto the students who were arriving. The familiar throng of students passing by, the excitement of seeing friends again, the eyes that roved over her vehicle since everyone knew that it was she who had taken the crown - it was all exciting. And honestly, she couldn't wait for the drama that would unfold this year. When it seemed like Amber was done, Annelise hummed almost thoughtfully before turning the engine off, sliding Chanel shades over her face. "Alright, bitches, let's be out. If they're not here now, then they're late and I'm not waiting." Annelise had never waited for anyone, not even Chantal - not even the former queen. And that damn sure wasn't going to change today.

With that, Annelise Rothschild led her Royal girls into the school, making her debut as the new queen of mean.




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"I swear to God, if you two aren't done in two seconds, I'm leaving both of your asses and you'll be late for school," Christian barked through the driver's side window of Chantal's last birthday present from Julian, which was a 2016 Bugatti Chiron. She would definitely deny it if asked, but Chantal definitely squealed when she first saw the luxury car and had been in love with it from the moment she laid eyes on it. Of course, she didn't even want to hear the price on it and had accepted without question. And Christian currently sat on the driver's side, impatiently glaring at his sister and her fellow bandmate.

The girls, despite having had an exhausting weekend performing at the Pandora Summer Music Festival and having an appearance at the Teens Choice Awards, had been up before him. Well, most people were up before Christian. Instead of being a good father and actually being home to wake his son up, Julian decided to give one of the maids the password to Christian's phone to set up an alarm - an alarm that sounded like a horn that could make even the deaf hear again. It was Julian's first prank of the year and Christian vowed to get him back. Luckily for Chantal, her mom had settled for a call and wishing her a good first day. Lauren had felt too tired to wake up when they stopped at her home, so she stayed glued to Chantal's side and had collapsed in her bed. Which meant that she was borrowing clothes from her other close friend, which they had done several times during the summer. Her look was rather simple seeing as how she was too tired to even want to eat the breakfast that had been prepared until a travel mug of coffee was placed beside her. Lauren was known for having this dark, edgy look to her so the outfit was fine and she only took a rock&roll style bracelet that she was definitely going to keep from Chantal. Her and Christian, surprisingly, were done before even the dark-skinned beauty.

Which wasn't even her fault, really. Annelise had been texting her nonstop with nerves that made even Chantal a bit anxious, which was different considering Annelise didn't always appear as unnerved as she really was. And Chantal appreciated the trust, but it was time-consuming trying to pour out all this affection about a throne Chantal gave absolutely no fucks about. Unlike either Deanna or Annelise, Chantal really didn't care about who ran the hallways or who were even the Royals. It didn't matter to Chantal, even when Annelise made it clear that Chantal could have very well been elevated last year. She just had not seen the point and didn't see the point of fretting over it now. Not when it was obvious that Annelise had won and that the throne was hers. Which she ended up telling her bestie before ending the call and hurrying to get dressed. As per her Instagram post, she wore a black short-sleeve top under a short jean overall, which were edgy enough and had a sensible class added by her bandaged heels. While most girls only wore heels for show, Chantal had performed on stage too many times in heels to really have her feet hurting as quickly as others. Plus, her dark, toned legs - which had an extra sheen and smoothness due to her Almond Oil skin products from L'OCCITANE - looked fabulous with them. Chantal would more than likely return to her sweats or more casual looks at some point in the semester, but showing off on the first day was not at all off limits even for her. Her hair was staightened, she wore a thick white-gold bracelet with matching hoop earrings, a Givenchy ring, and she even did a little makeup, adding an edge with her dark blue lipstick. Once she had her Chanel bag and sunglasses, she met the pair downstairs, grabbed her Active Chocolate Shake from Glow Bio, and they were off.

"Chill, chill, we're coming," Chantal finally answered and the girls rushed over from their perching in the nearby park for selfies. It was a little out of the way and they needed to be on campus in about fifteen minutes, but it was worth it. The picture was awesome, Chantal had it posted, and she felt ready for her first day. Christian rolled his eyes and barely waited for them to buckle up before continuing to drive. "If I didn't know better, I'd think you actually wanted to be at school." He snorted at his sister's statement. "As if. I just don't have time to be your chauffeur while you run off doing mini photo shoots." Lauren giggled and Chantal muttered something about him being over-dramatic. Before long, the trio were on campus and Chantal was quick to abandon her brother in favor of walking in with the Devil Girls. Christian, meanwhile, sent a text to a few friends.

To: Taylor, Casper
Shoot me now

"Okay, so slut," Chantal said lowly, only to the girls as they passed by Via Stone's car. She then allowed her gaze to rove the crowd and she saw a few familiar faces and above the girls giggling, she didn't see Cherry yet. Or even Hermann. However, she couldn't stop and look since she had French in a few and after making their entrance for the first time for senior year, the girls parted ways with Lauren continuing on with Chantal to their first class of the semester. Meanwhile, she let Annelise know of her arrival before texting a few friends. She wasn't close to Bea, but she still felt like including her in case the girl slept in. Which also led her to texting someone she probably shouldn't be starting anything with this early in the morning.

To: Cherry, Rhia, Bea, Hermann
First day jitters bet not have any of ur asses skipping skool.

To: Casper
What? U think ur 2 good 2 b on time 2 skool?