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Nico Erenheart

"If you couldn't handle the truth then you shouldn't of asked for it."

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a character in “Anthemia Academy”, as played by BespectacledBeauty




"Can we really rid the world of monsters? Probably not, but I'll be taking a load of em' with me when I go."

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Nicolla Mine Erenheart










✔ Action
✔ Good Food
✔ Fireworks
✔ Pet Stores
✔ The Sky
✔ Things That Shimmer
✔ Cats/Kittens
✔ Bright Colors
✔ The Smell Of Rain

✘ Sour Cream
✘ Lectures
✘ Her Height
✘ Daemons
✘ Silence
✘ Mud/Dirt
✘ Ignorance
✘ Sleeping Early
✘ Insects

Adaptable - Nico isn't the type to be taken aback by things that would easily surprise anyone else. She takes things as they come, not worrying about how odd or impossible something might be. If a friend were to suddenly turn their back on her, she'd have no problem calling them an enemy right then and there. Strange things don't surprise her in the least, making it easy to keep her composure in practically every situation.
Short and Long Range Attacks - With the use of Nico's weapon, she mostly focuses on short range attacks. However, she's fully capable of dishing out long range attacks as well. Her long range attacks are usually much stronger, but take up quite a lot of energy, so she only uses them on occasion.
Emotional Control - Falling into her ability to adapt, Nico has a very strong hold over her emotions. She's certainly not a sensitive little girl who'll go crying in a corner for being called weak or ugly. When in combat she's especially good at not letting her emotions get in the way of her fighting.
Evasion - As small as she is, it's fairly easy for her to dodge her way around attacks. She's both flexible and light on her feet, swiftly moving out of the way of her enemies blow until the right moment comes for her to strike.

Hand-to-Hand - Nico specializes in using her specific weapon and she's significantly more vulnerable without it. She can use other weapons, such as staffs, spears, battle axes and other things alike, but when rendered weaponless she's practically helpless. She's had some basic hand-to-hand training, but never really went much further than that.
Low Defense Capabilities - As previously stated, Nico has quite the small, petite body. She's not built to withstand heavy attacks, which is the very reason she dodges instead. She wouldn't do well trying to block a weapon bigger than her, which is why she prefers to be on the offense rather than playing defense throughout a battle.
Lack of Elemental Magik - For someone with the primary class of exorcist, Nico is surprisingly lacking in the art of elemental magik. In fact, you could say she has zero talent when it comes to controlling fire, water, earth and air. During any attempt to use it in the past, it would only backfire and sometimes cause her injury. However, she's quite skilled at using energy magik, making up for her lack of control over the natural elements.
Congenital Analgesia - A disease in which case the victim is incapable of feeling pain. Some might consider this to be an advantage, but it can be very dangerous if not carefully monitored. If you're unable to feel your injuries, one might just go on fighting until they die without realizing how fatal their wounds really are. After every battle or accident, Nico must be checked over by a doctor to make sure no serious damage has been done to her body. She also has weekly check-ups for signs of illness or a temperature.


Carefree || Friendly || Reckless || Blunt || Energetic
Befitting to her child-like appearance, Nico is quite the rambunctious girl. She's easily entertained, finding even the smallest things to be funny or interesting. Her enthusiasm can be hard to keep up with some times, as she's always on the go with a cheerful smile on her face and a constant hunger for adventure. She's as friendly as can be, not in the least bit shy to interact with her classmates and others. She makes for great company and rather enjoys being placed in the spotlight, happily announcing her presence any time she walks into a room. It's rare for one to see Nico in a bad mood. In fact, even if she is annoyed by something it's hard to tell, as she's very good at slapping on a bright exterior.

The second one were to mention danger, you bet Nico would be on top of it in seconds. She loves the thrill of the fight and all things risky, but she can be pretty irresponsible when it comes to her own safety. Recklessness is just in her nature, and in all honesty being stuck in challenging situations isn't that different from playing a game for her. She doesn't worry much about whether she can come out of something unscathed and has very little strategizing capabilities. With her ability to adapt, though, she really doesn't find a need to plan ahead and finds just diving in to be a lot more fun. The disease she carries doesn't concern her at all when fighting and it often takes someone else to point out how much damage that she's taking.

As easygoing and buoyant as Nico may be, she's actually got a much more complicated side to her that anyone may become aware of sooner or later. She's certainly not as naive and sweet as she lets off. When things get serious, she can be incredibly focused and precise. As stated before, having a friend turn their back on her wouldn't falter her, which might seem strange to some. The truth is, and to those who only see the bubbly girl on the service this may come as a shock, Nico can be rather cold-hearted. She knows how to inflict pain, despite not being able to feel any herself, and won't hesitate to do whatever is necessary no matter the situation. The numbness of her body has also numbed her soul, or at least some like to say.

Very rarely has a lie ever made it's way through Nico's lips. What would be the point of lying to someone anyway? To make them feel better about themselves? To avoid getting into trouble or to make someone trust her? She really doesn't understand this concept at all, saying that it's much better to just be brutally honest instead of saying things that you don't really believe. Well aware that the truth can be harsh and hurtful, she still doesn't find that to be a good enough reason to bite her tongue and keep her opinions to herself. Keeping secrets, on the other hand, have nothing to do with being honest and she'd have no problem telling a lie to keep certain things hidden that she doesn't want to share.

Nico isn't the heartless monster that many might make her out to be, though. She has just as many feelings as anyone. Hate, love, sadness, anger. She's felt just about every emotion under the sun, but the rumor that her not being able to feel physical pain has also effected her humanity isn't just something some unknown person made up. From childhood, not being able to feel pain has slowly taken it's toll on her mental state. Of course many events that occurred in her past has also lead her to become hardened and somewhat remorseless. Nico's not ignorant to this either, and her awareness may also be one of the reason's she's so careless when it comes to her safety. She doesn't see much value in her life, truly believing that she's not much good for anything but fighting. She doesn't mind that either, and wouldn't care if she died as long she manages to drag a few enemies down with her first.


This is a story of a girl who befriended a daemon. Let's start at the very beginning, shall we? Nicolla was the first and only child born to the wealthy Erenheart family who were well known for their air and fire magik. Her father, one of the many military general's who resided within the city of Kozamu, was a strict and hard-headed man, but also protective and even gentle at times when it came to his daughter. Her mother, an outgoing and cheerful woman, was an air mage who once traveled to many places, but settled down after meeting her husband. As parents they were quite responsible and loving, but did not hesitate to discipline and scold if their daughter misbehaved.

It wasn't long after Nico began running around that they knew something was off about her. She never cried if she scraped her knee or stepped on a thistle like most children would. She even fell and broke her wrist once, but did not scream or run to her parents despite her wound swelling up and turning a dark purple color. After just a few trips to the doctor they discovered their daughter had been born with CIP and could not feel any physical pain. It didn't take them long to come to a decision that it was far too dangerous for Nico to play with other children or even be outside without an escort. From then on she would be raised indoors and forbidden to leave the house without supervision.

Nico grew up without any interaction with other children. However she spent the majority of her days training with the private teacher, something her mother had decided was good for her despite her husbands protests. She would have her body looked over before and after training and even on days when her teacher was busy with other students. Mako was the man's name, a young but intelligent man whom Nico treated more like an older brother than a teacher. He was kind and well-mannered, as well as an exceptional teacher and mage of both elemental and mental magik.

Mako wasn't the only friend that Nico had though, as she also had a frequent visitor that would play and talk with her in her room at night. It was a rabbit. A small black one with glowing red eyes, to be exact. Nico never spoke of this friend to anyone, the rabbit always saying that their friendship was their secret. Nico would tell the rabbit many things. How she wished she could go outside more often, or maybe even see the world. How her parents would always tell her that she was too fragile to go outside, that there were monsters that could easily harm a girl like her. Her relationship with the tiny rabbit continued in secrecy for quite a long time, until the rabbit offered to grant Nico anything her heart desired as a gift on her 11th birthday. Nico, unaware that her beloved rabbit was actually a Daemon itself, wished to be free to leave her home whenever she wanted.

On this night, the Erenheart family, as well as the guards and house keep, were unexpectedly murdered. The mansion would be destroyed devoured by fire and blood, a price a child had to pay all because of a wish to see the outside world. The details of this night, or how Nico managed to escape the destruction and rage of the daemon she believed to be her fried, are unclear to even her. She barely remembers how she felt as she stood before her parents shredded bodies, or the crippling regret and confusion that clouded her mind. Her forgotten emotions are all connected to her teacher, the man who found her and took her away from that place.

Little to Nico's knowledge, in order to help her cope with the horrible pain of being responsible for her parents death, he used mental magik to suppress the worst of the memories and emotions that she had witnessed that night. Knowing that she could be severely punished for conspiring with a daemon, Mako hid her away and left Kozamu. The desert lands of Ura would be the safest place for her now, and from there he would raise her and continue to aid her in her training until she was old enough to attend Anthemia Academy.



The weapon Nico is always seen fighting with is quite the interesting contraption. It's a large hammer that Nico likes to call 'Karma', that can grow in size depesnding on how much power the wielder uses. It's created by using two separate forms of magik. The strong, yet somewhat flexible handle is something she conjures by using her talent as a summoner. The handle was crafted by woodland Fae's, Nico only being able to acquire it by the help of her trusty familiars. It's original purpose was to work as a staff for casting high-level elemental spells, but Nico thought up a different way to use it, saying as she's still unable to use elemental magic herself.

This is where the odd-looking head of the hammer comes into play. She form the head using energy magic, the multi-colored dots working as conductors for her to flow her energy magik through, harvest large amounts, and blast it at the enemy. Though the hammer head looks very much like glass, it's incredibly strong and can obliterate concrete with a single swing. This weapon takes very little energy to create since the head of the hammer is heavily-compressed and carefully measured. However it does has it's downsides, as using it for long periods of time can cause it to weaken and eventually shatter, leaving Nico with nothing but the handle. Even so, she can still use similar weapons such as battle axes,spears, halberds, ect. as a means for attacking if need be. Visual

Nico specializes in the use of energy magik. She's incredibly skilled with this form of magik for someone of her age and experience, but for good reason. Since she was incapable of using other elements such as earth, air, water and fire, her teacher instead focused on training her in the arts of energy magik, the only thing she could use. Because she spent all her time learning how to harness and control energy, she's become quite the master in the making. She can take energy and shape it into many different forms for a majority of uses. Of course there's the big bang as well, with her being able to harness a large amount of energy in one place and send it blasting at an enemy.

Something she herself would call a 'neat trick' is when she projects negative or positive energy into another being, though this could easily be considered a type of mental magik as well. Nico is very good at keeping her emotions in check, but any negative or positive emotions she might be feeling at the time can sometimes be projected onto others. She's still a novice when it comes to controlling this form of magik, so even if she's keeping something bottled up, just a sliver of that emotion can be shared with others if she accidentally loses her composure for even just a second. If she uses this deliberately though, the negative vibes she sends over can be mentally crippling, causing the victim to possibly lose control of their own emotions.

Nico has two familiars that once served her mother. Though they were never officially passed down to Nico, they chose to stick with her after the death of their master. Like Ying and Yang, these two Fae are considered a pair and can even combine themselves to become a single familiar. With the names of J.(blue) and Fawn(pink), they look somewhat like cats when small, but take on a more canine-like appearance the larger they get, with their mouths and teeth growing larger with size. Their surface is neither fur nor skin, but rather a sort of electricity that can sting if they feel threatened.

Aside from their simple powers, such as being able to speak, fly, and glow brightly, they can also grow in size. While they could once grow to the size of a house when in the hands of Nico's mother, they can only manage the size of a large dog now. By releasing a powerful screech they can temporarily damage another beings hearing, making them deaf for about 20 to 30 seconds, sometimes minutes. Bullets and other small projectiles have no effect on them, but blades can cut through their electric bodies and it may take some time for them to heal. Visual

Tracking - Nico has a surprising attention to detail, especially when it comes to searching for evidence. Her sense of smell and taste or quite impressive, and her teacher has shown her many ways to track down animals, humans, and more importantly, daemons.
Daemon Knowledge - Despite some of her memories of the past being suppressed, she's still fully aware that what killed her parents was a daemon. She became obsessed with finding out what kind of daemon it was, and eventually got into studying the forms and abilities of all sorts of daemons. However, the knowledge she has is only on a handful of the millions of daemons that inherit the world and still has much to learn.
Climbing - Because she so light, Nico has no trouble at all lifting herself up over ledges and rocks. She's not so different from a cat really, even using her fingernails to dig into earth or wood to get herself up into high places.
Drawing - She's no million-dollar artist, but she's still fairly talented when it comes to sketching living and inanimate objects. Drawing is a sort of therapy for her and is something she does when she's got something on her mind.

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Dialogue ~ #4AA429


So begins...

Nico Erenheart's Story


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Dialogue ~ #4AA429

Nico placed her boot lightly on the surface in front of her as she walk along the thin ledge of a balcony, her arms spread out in a balancing act as she took one little hop after the other. There was a dim glow on the horizon, the sun quietly announcing its presence before it would shed its morning rays across the city. Nico had awoken earlier than usual, about an hour from now, and was already washed, fed, and fully dressed before the sky even began to lighten. With no morning class to attend after the inconvenient death of her teacher, she could only slump in the chair of her desk. Of course, boredom took a hold of her in mere seconds and with nothing better to do, she decided to take a leisurely morning walk along whatever open ledges the school provided.

She took another light hop, one she probably would've landed with no problem had a voice not shouted into her ear at the same second her boot made contact with the surface of the ledge.

"Would you find someplace safer to walk!?"

Her leg wobbled as she stepped down and her arms wavered as she attempted to regain her balance. She managed to straighten herself out and remained standing on one leg as she gave the owner of the voice that had nearly made her fall an irritated glare.

"It'll be your fault if I fall, Fawn. Go away."

The cat-like Fae hovered a little more than a food about Nico's head.

"Maybe chose someplace a little closer to the ground?"

Fawn's blue twin followed along a little further behind, his voice cautious as he made his suggestion, unlike the pink Fae who's voice was proud and extremely annoying on top of that.

"I don't remember summoning you," Nico said bluntly, taking another few hops along the ledge. They were constantly showing up out of nowhere, with Fawn always ready to scold her whenever she was having even the slightest bit of fun. Wobbling again as her foot stepped a little too close to the edge, she could hear the gasp of the pink Fae above her, then a heavy sigh of relief as Nico slid her foot over and regained herself. "and we're only eight stories up, it's not like this is a dangerous height or something. Besides, check out the view!"

Her heel maid a scraping sound as she spun around to face the direction of the sun. The burning light was beginning to creep its way upwards, the faint orange beams flashing over the city whose lights were gradually dying out. The sky was taking on a much lighter blue now, and the sound of morning birds were mixed in with the distant sound of the city waking up in the distance.

"I think falling from eight stories would certainly be a life hazard."

"You're ruining the moment, J.," Nico said in a somewhat hushed tone as she placed her hand over the blue Fae's mouth, but she shuddered as something wet brushed over her fingers.

"Ah, gross!" Her hand snapped back, J.'s tongue slipping back into his mouth as his expression turned to pure satisfaction. This didn't last, however, as Nico's quick movement caused her foot to slip completely off the surface of the ledge.

"Uh-oh," were the only words she could manage before falling. Though her familiars had lost all composure and were zipping after her, Nico kept her usual wide-eyed expression. Her familiars worried too much for their own good. There was a loud crash and dust filled the air, taking a few moment before it began to clear. A hammer about the size of a car had been lodged into the ground with Nico firmly grasping it's handle.

"U-using your weapon outside of battle is against the rules!"

A careless smile spread across Nico's face as the hammer shrunk down to the size of a key chain before disappearing in the same matter as a bubble popping.

"Haha, oh yeah, guess we better get outta here then, huh?"

Erenheart, Nicolla.

Fawn let out a terrified, raspy whimper at the fear of Nico being caught by whomever had said her name, but she quickly relaxed.

"Thomas!" Nico said cheerfully, turning to face one of the many androids that belonged to the school. Since they all had complicated names made up of only a couple of letters and a plentiful amount of numbers, Nico had decided to call them Thomas. Yes, every single one.

Your Homeroom has been changed to sixth floor inside room 2-2-1-3. You are to report there during these morning hours at Anthemia. Any inquiries?"

"Finally, I was starting to worry they were gunna drop you."

Nico would ignore that statement, partly because it actually didn't bother her that much, and partly because she was also starting to worry herself. Obviously she did nothing to deserve to be thrown out. She was a perfect student in every way. Well, mostly. Sort of.

"Roger that, Thomas! That'll be all!"

The android gave a slight bow before leaving them to do whatever androids do in their spare time. With the sun now completely illuminating the sky, it would be about time for usual morning classes to start. 2-2-1-3, however, was on the opposite side of her location, not that it mattered to much to her. Tardiness meant nothing as long as you showed up.

✄ âœŋ ✄

Nico stood at the doorway of 2-2-1-3, her familiars no longer trailing behind her, thank tacos. She stretched her arms above her head and leaned backwards, taking a long stretch before letting out a sigh and relaxing her muscles. Her lips parted slightly as she let oxygen fill her lungs. Slowly she raised her foot before she smiled wildly and she slammed the bottom of her boot against the door, causing it to fly open and hit the wall behind it.

"Sorry I'm late!!" she exclaimed loudly as she practically leaped inside, though she quickly realized that there was an absence of an adult in the decently-sized classroom. " way! I'm here before the teacher? This is awesome!"

She let out a proud, but brief laugh before she moved her eyes over the other bodies in the room. Looked like there were a lot of familiar faces, but Nico decided to take a seat in the middle spaced away from the others. She wasn't in the mood for conversation just yet.

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