Kieran Decivel

"Are our actions really that great."

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a character in “AntiFreak”, as played by zane saphire



Kieran Decivel

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Kieran has black hair cut in short layers, with a tint of almost blue that can be seen in the light. It often appears very messy, even when he does run a hand through it. He has very light blue eyes, like a pool of water with a drop of color to them. His features are very sharp and angular rather than soft, giving him an 'on the edge' sexy look. He has high cheekbones, and a sharp, narrow chin. He often wears jeans, and long-sleeved dress shirts with a jacket overtop, maybe just a casual hoody. He is pushing just above average for height, and because of his lean build not often shown in the clothing he wears, he may appear very lanky and thin when standing. Often has bandages around his arms and neck, due to his reckless behaviour.

Height: 6'2 weights about 165

Kieran is a kind, honest man who is often contemplated with the shadows of his past. His past, a touchy subject that he does not discuss with anyone that he doesn't trusts is a major contributor to his cold, yet interchangeable attitude. He is like two sides of a coin, whenever in a fight Kieran becomes devoid of emotions, his hatred for the monsters gives him a internal blood lust. In the fights, his weapons move at resounding speed and amazing grace. His eyes are often filled with a anger that does not let him make careless mistakes, only smart ones.

The second part of the coined is that he is kind a friendly to the people he trusts, though there isn't allot of them. His cold attitude often drives people away, but when a person gets past it he will open up his warm, friendly side.

Weapons: Kieran's main weapon whenever on the job is a double halberd that he use's with astonishing grace. He makes short work at whoever is at either points of it. Kieran secondary weapon is a short blade which he keeps to his back and only use's when his halberd is not on hand.

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