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Antiva Chronus Online

Chapter 3 - Christmas


a part of Antiva Chronus Online, by Ageha.

First Christmas in Antiva Chronus Online.

Ageha holds sovereignty over Chapter 3 - Christmas, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

653 readers have been here.


What happens after bit less then a year? How far have players gone? Will they'll be able to get out of this death game?
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Chapter 3 - Christmas

First Christmas in Antiva Chronus Online.


Chapter 3 - Christmas is a part of Antiva Chronus Online.

2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Kahlan Yuzuriha Character Portrait: Marius
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Marius entered the room after Kahlan, the alcohol he had drank finally affecting his system too. He hadn't drank as much as Kahlan, organizing the groups escape from the bar and all, but he certainly felt it now. He followed Kahlan into the room behind her. As he objectified his sleeping back and set it next to the bed, he caught a glimpse of Kahlan removing her armor and undoing her braid. Unbidden thoughts of how this just made Kahlan look cute were immediatly pushed back down into the subconcious depths from which they came. Marius just looked up at the ceiling from his sleeping bag and uttered a shy "Goodnight..."

Seeing part of the emotional exchange between Kahlan and the cloaked player reminded him even more of his own expierience with such a discussion, and how it had gone horribly wrong. He couldn't help but pull the reminder he kept of that little incident out of his inventory. It was a shiny piece of metal by the item name <<Air Blade Fragment>>. It was all that was left of the blade that player from the first boss fight had given him, a blade which had saved his life. He contemplated ever telling anyone what secrets he kept beneath his friendly exterior. About his life outside, about the accident, or even about what had created this weapon fragment. If there was anyone he would talk to about it, it would probably be Kahlan. Too tired to think on it anymore, Marius rolled over and fell asleep.

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Character Portrait: Refa Character Portrait: Kahlan Yuzuriha Character Portrait: Yoshitsune Shineda(AtoobuuO)
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As the night fell, the moon was at it's peak and Shineda's nightmares grew more and more painful for him, he awoke with a start. Sweat and tears meld until it wasn't clear which was which. He looked at Refa, afraid he might have woken her up. No. She was in a different position now, but she definitely wasn't awake. It was just him and the caressing darkness. The hot chocolate on the table was quite empty by now... Refa must've drank from it a few hours ago.

He went outside for the bathroom, washing off the sweat and tears from his face. Looking at himself in the mirror, the shadowy cloak seemed to pull the darkness towards him.

'Yea...that's what I am...a person only fitted to hide in the shadows.' Shineda thought sadly to himself, 'Not some extravagantly dressed hero.'

He returned to the room to find the two still sleeping. He pulled the scattered blanket back over Refa once more and moved Tatsu into bed next to the girl. Ruffling the child's hair with a gentle smile, Shineda thought through all the events that happened today.

'Was this destiny? Was it God's work? Or was it just Yoshihiro's doing?'

Refa, Marius, Canon, Asher, Kahlan...and Tatsu. Shineda smiled to himself. What had he gotten himself into?

And Kahlan...she yet again approached her even in a different form and this time, they talked far more than before. So much was revealed today... Shineda pulled up his inbox and ran through the messages Kahlan had sent him, that he had never replied. Finally, Shineda realized just how much she had tried to contact him upon actually reading through all of them and counting each message.

'...Idiot.' Shineda looked up through the window to see the moon and decided. Memories of his family seemed to play through in the beautiful night sky. It was so beautiful... it was hard to imagine the dangers that were out there...Yoshihiro...

Shineda sighed and typed out a message,sending it to Kahlan.

"Dear Kahlan,

I'm doing well. I hope you are too.
...I know it may be a little late now, but, I'm sorry.
I just needed sometime to think. And I think I've made a decision.

So next time, I'll listen to your story and I'll tell you mine.

...When we meet...we'll team up, won't we?

Sleep well and good night, <<Azure Paladin>>."

It was short, true... but it was all Shineda could think off... and it held everything Shineda wanted to convey. He felt at peace for once, no longer alone to deal with things. Maybe except for the burden of the deaths upon his shoulders.

For the first time, Shineda smiled a smile that was relaxed and carefree, the moon lighting his face as he leaned against the window, watching Refa and Tatsu having their well-deserved sleep.