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Any Port in a Storm

Any Port in a Storm


[Closed] Construction site for Sea of Thieves; Tavern Tales

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Since ancient times, though seafarers might have known the Earth was round, they believed that if you traveled too far in the wrong direction, and fall of the map.Yet regardless of beliefs, all sailors knew to stay leagues away from a region of the sea covered in a thick red fog—the Devil’s Shroud—grew and shrank at the edges, turning the water to blood. An acrid tasting air will make you choke, and your ship begins coming apart at the seams under the stress of its own weight.

Yet, during the Golden Age of Piracy, the infamous pirate Ramsey and his small crew sacrificed everything to chart a route through the Shroud, and they returned, speaking of new waters and new lands, with unthinkable hordes of treasure—gold, silver, gems, and other such elaborate artifacts of an ancient civilization long gone, leaving only their art and treasures behind—and one way or another, other treasure hunters, adventurers, and thieves, began following in the footsteps of the man who would become known as the Pirate Lord.

Many pirates, and those who associate with pirates, began sailing and settling these new seas, where the Navy could not follow them, and found these new lands truly lived up to their promise—yet other, stranger things would also become apparent. Just as every pirate’s dream came true, so did every pirate’s wildest nightmare—skeletons of pirates rising again to terrorize sailors once more, terrible ancient curses inflicted one would-be grave-robbers that might turn your skin to gold, roaming maelstroms that makes the ship itself run wild down to the very compass, and great leviathans in the deep to make breakfast out of any truly unlucky crew.

Still, perhaps the benefits outweighed the risks, and one will regularly see the sails of other pirates on these previously uncharted seas, although there’s no telling if their intentions are peaceful, for it’s just as easy for any pirate to find his or her plunder honestly as it is to take it from others. Thus, it became known as the Sea of Thieves.

You are one of these thieves. Make a Legend of yourself that will be told across taverns for all time. Athena’s Fortune awaits.


Pray, enter, and take respite. Welcome to the Sea of Thieves! Unfamiliar with these waters? Don’t worry, all the better! As long as you know how to swashbuckle, you’ll find a long career ahead of you. This is a more free-form roleplay, where the tale you tell is yours alone.

You are a pirate (yar-har-fiddle-dee-dee) and you will be a part of, or join, a crew of other pirates. There will be several jobs and quests to take on at the outposts across the Sea of Thieves, be it a contract with a Trading Company, a rumor slipped from a tavern drunk’s tongue, or a message in a bottle, and perhaps wealth and fame will await you at the end of it… or an early trip to the Ferry of the Damned, for this is no telling what your crew will encounter on either land or sea, be it skeletons, the Kraken, or other crews.

Crews will be small (2-10 pirates per vessel) as only small yet hardy ships can even make it through the Devil’s Shroud, and a big ship is a big target regardless. Although all pirates are equal on the sea, a seasoned captain who can maintain order and morale is key to the function of any crew, and anyone who expects to take on the role of captain should have experience sailing on the Sea of Thieves, or at the very least has a thorough understanding of sailing and how their ship works. Character Creation info, including the profile skeleton, are in The Rules below. Join us on Discord!

See you on the seas!



The Crew of the Dragon's Ruby ~ Captained by George 'Gallus' Septim. (8 positions open)
[More vessels open]

Toggle Rules


Activity ~ Roleplayers should not keep any other players waiting for a response for more than a week. If you are unable to uphold the posting schedule for whatever reason at any time, please do find a way to notify myself (Lloyd999) via Private Message, Discord, or an Out of Character thread, and I will be happy to make an arrangement for you. Otherwise, if I am not notified and a lack of posts is proving disruptive to the flow of your crew's RP, corrective actions will be made. It will start with warnings but repeated offences can lead to you being removed from your crew, and potentially, the roleplay. Withholding other players from being able to post is simply in bad form.
Quality ~ I won't dock you too hard for forgetting to proofread (I forget to do so all the time) but I do at least expect you to be literate in the English language, as difficult as it may be. Posts should be a paragraph or two long or at the very least, three sentences. Essentially, it would be disrespectful to follow up the hard work of a fellow roleplayer with a single-statement response. I would appreciate it if posts retain an easily readable font and it would be best to leave any out of character notes in out-of-character channels. Also, do take note that while this roleplay may appear to appear to have flashy aesthetics on the surface, this roleplay values literary talent overall.
Validity ~ All roleplayers should let us know what theirs or their character's favorite shanty is in the OOC or in the character profile before entering a character so I know that they have read the rules. I will likely remind you to reread the rules if you have not. If you don't have a favorite shanty, I might suggest using 'We Shall Sail Together' as an answer.
Content ~ Indeed, the content that this roleplay is derived from is Teen rated, and generally speaking, one should expect to see that level of content in this roleplay, albeit we'll allow liberties to be taken. Yes, you may swear excessively like a sailor, and darker themes can and may be discussed, but generally, things ought to be kept in good taste (as in, you should have no trouble eating a pineapple as you read). All of that said, I'd like to keep this roleplay free of highly explicit sexual content. I'm sure this doesn't need to be said, but this website does not permit it.
Order ~ Again, I don't believe this needs to be said, but please do not be disruptive to this roleplay. This includes spamming, godmodding/powerplaying and being rude to other players.
Law of the Sea ~ I, the GM, am the final word in settling disputes. I look to be fair and can be negotiated with, but defy me and be smitten.


Here are some guidelines to consider when making your character
- Although the history of many cultures throughout the world in this time period might prove inequitable or discriminatory towards people of different genders, races, nationalities, classes, or creeds, the Sea of Thieves proves to be a place of total freedom to pursue the path you choose (as pirates hardly care for societal rules, only glory) so feel free to be as diverse or creative with your character as you like (while still being believable within the time period.).
- Likewise, as long as your character is old enough to drink grog at the tavern, they’re sea-worthy regardless of age.
- Feel free to give your character an opening of your choosing (newcomer to the Sea of Thieves, an outpost settler looking for adventure, or part of a crew already), just know that soon, you will be part of a crew manned and commanded entirely by players.
- The best way to describe the content of this roleplay will be semi-realistic. Yes, there are many fantasy elements, and yes, many features of the game will exist (such as cannons you can be fired out of) but nonetheless, not everything will operate on pure video-game logic, and some considerable effort should be made in immersing yourself and fellow players in a believable setting. Written works such as the Athena's Fortune novel should provide a good guideline as to how that might work.
- A captain is expected to meet the specifications listed above (knowledge/experience with Sea of Thieves, knowledge of how the ship would realistically work, and so forth,) and as such, they will be allowed to design/equip their ship however they please, as long as the ship isn’t too big (no more than 60 meters).
- The GM(s) will be responsible for playing any and all NPCs, so do not even think about playing them yourselves, or we’ll hang you from the mast.
- I might be willing to make compromises in the interest of creativity and fun, so, do let me know if a character you’d like to make might infringe on the guidelines provided or lore of the world.
- The character profile skeleton, listed below, can be modified however you want to suit your liking, just as long as it contains all of the information required.
Code: Select all
[center][size=300][font=Constantia]NAME HERE[/font][/size]
[size=200][font=Constantia][i]CHARACTER TITLE HERE[/i][/font][/size][/center]
[center][img]CHARACTER IMAGE HERE[/img][/center]

[b]Full name[/b]:
[b]Physical Description[/b]: (Describe a character's physical attributes and general appearance in full description.)

[b]Personality[/b]: (Describe a character's personality, mental attributes and general demeanor in full description, preferably in at least two paragraphs.)

[left][b]Likes;[/b][/left] [right][b]Dislikes;[/b][/right]
[left][color=#0D9D00][b]✦[/b][/color] Like1[/left] [right]Dislike1 [color=#FF0000][b]✦[/b][/color][/right]
[left][color=#0D9D00][b]✦[/b][/color] Like2[/left] [right]Dislike2 [color=#FF0000][b]✦[/b][/color][/right]
[left][color=#0D9D00][b]✦[/b][/color] Like3[/left] [right]Dislike3 [color=#FF0000][b]✦[/b][/color][/right]

[b]Personal History[/b]: (Describe the character's past in detail. Feel free to withhold elements you only wish to reveal later.)

[b]Possessions[/b]: (Optional. Personal possessions that your pirate will likely be bringing on board with them, such as weapons, instruments, pets, or blinged-out buckets.)
[b]Affiliations[/b]: (Optional. Former crews, Trading Companies they're in good standing with, etc.)
[b]Ship[/b]: (Ship and crew that the character is currently serving with. If you're a Captain, include details about the ship.)
[center][img]OPTIONAL CHARACTER IMAGE HERE[/img][/center]
[b]Roleplayer Details[/b]: (How much knowledge do you have about Sea of Thieves? How about sailing in general, or the time period? Have a Discord tag we can use to contact you? Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?)

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