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"Don't worry Lianis. I'll protect Nami-sama"



      Kunyo Fang Yung

      Hurricane, Kun




      "Drasice" Rain Dragon/Famous actor

      Kunyo has long well groomed silver hair that bangs over his face, drapes to his buzzom, and stops near his rib cage. His ears are pointed and narrow, which he was teased for as a child, being called the elf, when he had short hair. He's pretty short for his age only being 5 feet and 9 inches, but makes up for this with a pretty mature looking face. He has greenish blue eyes that are narrowed down, making him always look peeved about something. He usually takes roles that don't require him to get fat, though because he likes to stay flexible, he may be shredded with muscle one time you see and months later pretty skinny. He prefers to be in between. For dress wear he usually doesn't care, though people he likes a mix of tight and baggy, keeping his shirts tight and his pants baggy.


      Like the other members of the 7 dragons, Kun has a two sides to his personality. It really stems from his contract with the dragon ring and from the revolutions of times he's had to do it. For (check weaknesses) he feels as if even though he knows himself, he really doesn't. He thinks a lot about the two desceased members of the family. One being his planned fiance, he usually has a depressive mood so decides not to speak much least he brings down the room. The only people he enjoys talking are the "dragons" and even then it's hard for him to make words. He's not sad though. More like he's inbetween and doesn't care. Still, he will continue to think about those two even if he becomes happy one day. Even if it pushes him below happiness. For he is more family oriented than even Joel. One could say it even goes so far to being a deep pride. In his eyes the Dracari are number one and no one should touch them. He feels as if they all are nobles with a cursed fate. One which he is proud to be apart of. He's willing to kill himself for any of them if need be. Dying on the inside when he can't and they die instead. His self given job as Sice is to die before Sette does. If he doesn't, and she doesn't go naturally, he will kill himself. This he swears.

      He's not quite a bad person. He doesn't go looking for trouble, but because he's always focused on his own internal problems he doesn't see how he could help others. However, Kunyo's not the best with comunicating with people he's not close with. Mostly preferring the shortest sentences possible to give someone, some people think of him as a jerk.

      While using the flames and ring, he's quite a talkative one. He likes to get his opponent to talk to him so he learn what type of person it is he's fighting. He also is really aggressive and expresses anger. He hasn't thought much on it, but is this pent up anger from bottling things in? Only a person who he was close to could tell. Someone like..."Lianis....."

      It should be noted that despite his personality, he's really good at faking all of the funk he needs. He's a well known actor and picked up on impersonations at a young age. Being someone else, keeps his mind away from being him, which is a good way for him to hold off on thinking about the bad things. Unless he's staring in a sad movie. He hates those even though critics say it's what he's best at. He's not one for smiles, but he loves his fans and smiles for them when face to face.

      Rainy days
      Sitting in his room using only his property to keep him entertained
      Practicing lines
      Watching movies

      Talking about what's on his mind
      Disrespect to anyone, but mainly his family and their allies
      Cold weather
      Unworthy people who believe they're worthy of the rings

      Losing himself forever
      Drasette dying before him by either suicide or murder
      Anyone in his family dying by suicide

      He's a pretty good fighter, relying on his instincts to fight. His style is unconventional, taking the right moment to throw a fist or a catch a kick. His grappling skills are pretty good too and is his preferred method of fighting people without flames, for it causes less injury.
      Apart from having extremely good vision, his sense of sound is close to dog level. He says it's because his ears are big.

      Touring with the rest of the family
      Going to auditions whether he wants to be in the movie or not
      Sit down events at conventions where he gets to meet fans and sign autographs.

      Hasn't thought of it. Not ready to move on yet.

      Has elf like ears. Blunt.


      He's pretty flexible. On top of being able to twist his body to fit inside of a suit case, he also is capable of manuevering around tight spaces, even in mid air. Since he wears a Dracari ring, his flames are shade changes of orange instead of blue.

      The Cursed Dracari Ring:Zero Requiem
      ImageKunyo is the bearer of the cursed Dracari Ring known as "Zero Requiem" (on the right). Before engaging his Dracari Forma, he utters the phrase "Purify the wicked: Zero Requiem!"

      There are only seven of the super-rare Storm-attribute cursed Dracari rings on Earth. Like their counterparts, the Hell rings, these Dracari rings bear a curse that, when the appropriate price is paid, bequeaths an immense power unto its bearer in three forms: the ability to engage Mezzo Drago, the ability to unlock the Dracari Dragon Box to call forth a small dragon box animal, and the ability to invoke the rings' full potential with Dracari Forma.

      Further, the Dracari rings can be used by any deathperation flame user, no matter the type of their wavelength. Sky, Storm, Cloud, Rain, Lightning, Sun, Mist. All can use the Dracari rings to their full potential. One of the effects of the Dracari rings' curse is that they transform the bearer's wavelength input (Sky, Cloud, etc) into Storm flame output. Hence, the Dracari rings will only ever emit storm flames and nothing else.

      Mezzo Drago
      So long as the ring remains on the bearer's finger, each Dracari ring can be used to engage Mezzo Drago, or a unique "half-dragon" state. In this state, certain parts of the bearer's body are transmogrified into forms more befitting a dragon than a human being. In some cases, this can result in bearers gaining things like wings, claws, horns, dragon scales, tails, or even a mouthful of razor sharp dragon's teeth! It is said that this attribute of the Dracari rings was the inspiration behind the Millefiore's Carnage Box weapon technology.

      Dracari Dragon Box
      When the ores that would eventually be fashioned into the Dracari rings were first discovered, long before the advent of Box Weapon technology, they were encased in egg-shaped stones. When sufficiently powered, the ores could bring forth from the stones impossible creatures—namely dragons. After box weapon technology became the de facto standard in mafia combat arms, the Dracari family fashioned from the primitive stone eggs the Dracari Dragon Boxes, which were much more flexible and versatile in use (unlike a big heavy stone, they could be carried in your pocket).

      When the proper Dracari ring is used to open its matching Dracari Dragon Box, a small dragon box animal will springs forth. The dragon will exhibit flame properties and attributes matching the bearer's original wavelength. This means if the Dracari ring user is naturally a Sky flame user, their dragon will also utilize Sky flames, despite the Dracari ring exclusively emitting storm flames when it opens the Dragon Box.

      Dracari Forma
      When the dragon box animal has been released from its Dracari Dragon Box and the Dracari ring bearer has engaged his or her Mezzo Drago half-form, the bearer has the option to invoke the Dracari ring's full potential, an ability know as Dracari Forma. Dracari Forma is analogous to the Vongola's exclusive Cambio Forma. In Dracari Forma, the dragon box animal merges with both the ring bearer's body and the cursed Dracari ring. As a result of this unholy merger, the ring bearer enters his or her most powerful form, taking on the likeness of a full-sized dragon. The most immediate result of this is that the bearer begins to emit both Storm flames and his own wavelength type flames simultaneously. Essentially, the full-sized dragon emits a mixed flame with two attributes.

      The Price of Power: Remuneration
      Though very few are even aware of the Dracari rings outside of the Dracari family, these cursed items are not artifacts to be taken lightly. Like the Hell rings, the existence of the Dracari rings easily predates both the Dying Will Flames of the Sky and the Earth. Moreover, when used to their full potential via Dracari Forma, bearers of the cursed rings are said to be able to rival even the super S-class Vongola, Shimon, and Mare Gear in combat... but at a steep price!

      After using the Dracari rings to their full potential, the bearer must uphold the "contract" of the curse by paying a price, known as a Remuneration. They must do this whether they wish to or not. Although this payment can be delayed, especially in the midst of combat, it is ultimately unavoidable. Delaying it is similar to delaying one's breath: eventually, you're going to have to breathe in, whether you want to or not! Each bearer of one of the cursed rings has a unique Remuneration. Failure to complete a Remuneration results in the Dracari ring taking the bearer's soul, which usually ends with the bearer going comatose and/or dying immediately. What's more, Remunerations are typically difficult to complete and can even be painful. An example Remuneration would be: every single time after invoking Dracari Forma, the cursed ring bearer must break one of her fingers.

      It is for this reason that several of the previous Dracari ring owners have ended their own lives via suicide. Unfortunately, without removing the ring and ending the contract properly, the majority of their souls were taken in by the rings and trapped for eternity.

      Like the rest of the family, Kun's box animal is small dragon. He calls it "Opi" after a stray dog that belonged to him once. Opi can breath rain flames, purifying or defending whatever it touches.Moving inanimate objects, such as bullets and throwing knives gradually slow down before reaching their target, thus softening impact. Opi is small and pudgy. Image

      Mezzo Dragon: The Hurricane- Using his ring, he can transform into a half dragon state. His hair get's considerably longer and his eyes glow yellow and bestial. His body becomes more solid to the point where his muscles are flexed to feel like bone and his skin becomes surrounded in blue rain flame like tattoos. His actual flame does not change. On top of theses changes his nails grow on both his hands and feet and grow strong as steel.

      He is not able to fly in this form, but does have the ability to jump hurdles over buildings. This is do to his increased physical capability making his dragon strength come out in a fourth of its power. His carry strength and attack power is also increased, though his won't be seen breaking boulders with one punch. His main focus is using his rain flames to coat his body, making his senses rise to their peaks and making his claws blades of rain flame. His strikes act as energy sponges. With each hit, he takes his enemies energy away and with enough attacks can stop someone from using their flames for about a minute. Also, with each strike to a hard surface, slowly but surely it will grow softer making his attacks more dangerous when repetition is done.

      In this form he is able to throw balls of flame at his opponent that slows movements and can even freeze them on impact. The furthest distance he can throw a ball is 10 feet and every foot the radius of impact lessens.

      Dracari Forma: Hurricane Dragon- When his back is against the wall, Kun will yell his incantation to turn into his cursed dragon form. Though he loses the ability to grab object with his hands, Kun's dragon breath is all he needs in terms of combat. By shooting a beam of Rain flame energy into the sky, he makes it rain rain flames on an area, leaving all he hits frozen. He also has a rain flame beam that doesn't burn or freeze, but pushes with the force of a train and also extinguishes exposed flames and dulls object making it hurt more and more the longer someone is in its path. It's last breath move is the breath Nuclear rain. Instead of shooting upwards at the sky, he rises and breaths downwards. Causing a ball of light to shine for an acre's radius. This last move is his most powerful when it comes to extinguishing flames, but isn't the slightest bit dangerous from a physical standpoint. His wings that burn with the rain dragons flames can also be expanded, providing a good shield which acts as defense for his lack of arms.

      Mostly a defensive fighter, he has a lot of stamina and keeps moving throughout the fight. Even if it's just walking, usually circling around his opponent.

      His main job in the seven is to provide support, weakening enemy defenses for a full assault.

      His weakness is that his power mostly comes from the Dracari ring. Meaning that if you cut off both his arms so he can't wear the ring, he'd be out of luck in a fight.

      The greatest weakness of his is that he doesn't just power down after a tiresome fight, but will also have to pay his Remuneration. After Dracari Forma, he loses his sense of self and all memories that pertain to him. The more this goes on he'll start to lose memories of how to do things as well as what and who people are. This puts him in a state of confusion, especially if there's enemies still afoot. He basically becomes a normal kid who just so happened to walk on the battlefield.


      He's not over his past love.

      Misa Yung- Mother- alive
      Dantz Yung- father- MIA since birth


      Raging winds. Glowing black clouds. Restless tides. He could see it with his own eyes. Firsthand. It was her first time ever changing. Her first day as one of the family. Even though her vision was tainted, she had her will. Through all the pain she went through, her conviction to surpass the highest of plateaus was clear. Through her screams, he was assured. For she wasn't screaming from the agony, but more towards it. She was calling, no, challenging the mere thought that this pain would stop her from being who she was meant to be. Thus, in that moment, he to wished that he could be the same. Though try as he might, he couldn't even force out a scream. For his time as a human was up. Now he was Draconi. That's how he would always see it.

      Since birth, Kunyo has been alone with his mother with the occasional abusive boyfriend here and there. She even had one that wanted to be greeted everytime Kunyo entered the room. Meaning that he'd give a "good morning sir" at least four times in one morning before it was time for his afternoon block. His mother never did make good decisions with men, but Kunyo made sure that she wouldn't regret keeping at least him in her life. He tried to help his mom the best way a child could and would beat himself up for not being able to defend her against being beat on. He'd imagine she'd feel the same way whenever he was beaten.

      Around the age of ten, Kunyo became a little less forgiving towards her boyfriends, setting one on fire with actual gasoline and matches and doing small things to harm the ones that came after. He had enough and since then his mom hasn't been able to keep a man. She tried to blame him, but something about her son calmed her so. It was obvious his heart was in the right place. So, she let it go. When he was thirteen he was discovered to have rain flames and the current rain dragon of old saught him out via the rings searching for a newer younger contract holder, since, at this point, the old man refused to use Dracari Forma. During his training, he met Nami, his current boss, and all of the other memebers of a the group he would call family. Including Lianis, whom he fell in love with at first sight. Lianis loved him and trusted him. Giving him a chance to see for himself that he was right to keep on going. To keep on living. Being with him made him happy and for a long time there was the widest smile on his face. However, Lianis couldn't handle serving her contract and in her state of delusion, killed herself. To this day, Kun blames himself for not being there to help her.

      Around the time he was training to become Drasice, he began venturing into performing arts clubs. His mom, now with a little more money in her pocket for giving up her son to the Dracari, spent all of the extra money she had on his classes and sending him to programs, even getting him an agent. Today, he lives everyday, counting down the days until he die normally. Though, he doesn't really see a point because he as well as everyone else knows what happens when a person kills themselves mid contract. "So what if I die? Heaven, hell, or nothing at all. There's nothing waiting for me in any of those places. So I'll stay here and protect my family. When I finally do die, it wont be by my hand, but do to the fact that I was protecting my family. For I will die a dragon."


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