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Aaron Elijah Murphy

"I try my best to blend in, yet I always seem to stick out."

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a character in “Anything But Simple”, as played by ClaudiiBear





Full Name:

Aaron Elijah Rosse


“I usually go by Eli.”


“I just turned nineteen, actually.”


“Ironically enough, I was born the thirty-first of October. Yes, Halloween. I know it’s weird.”

Sexual Orientation:

“I really have no wanting of being in a relationship…but I suppose you could call me bi-sexual.”

Apartment Number:

Apartment 2B


“I don’t really have an occupation…I was in England for a while, hence my accent…other than that, I just live day by day. You know?”

+Being alone+
…I’m more of an introvert. I find comfort in being alone.”

+The Supernatural+
It fascinates me…then again, who wouldn’t be fascinated by the unknown living amongst us.”

+Anything sweet+
”Most people don’t know it, but I really do love anything that is sweet or unhealthy. It’s my little addiction.”

+Bendy straws+
”..not much to say about this. It’s so much better than having to lean up to drink a beverage. It’s right there at your level. When you think about it, it makes sense.”

+The Nightlife+
”The night is comforting. I like to just take long walks at night alone, and listen to the sounds that only night can offer.”

+Sleeping in+
”I don’t get to sleep in late much, due to my insomnia; but in the few cases that I do, I adore it.”

+The Dead Language+
”Latin, for me, is like a second. I’m fluent in it, and despite the fact that it isn’t a ‘spoken language’ anymore, it comes in handy when I’m writing poetry.”

”I really like coffee. So, Frappes are an obvious favourite of mine. Especially when there’s caramel on top.”

+Horror films+
”I have all of the collections in my room on the wall, so anyone that’s seen my room understands this.”

+Writing Poetry+
”My poetry tends to be sad and full of emotion, kind of like the thoughts in my head.”

”The thought of failing bothers me. I want everything to be perfect, so when it isn’t, I tend to close up more than usual.”

”Every other day, the shit breaks or needs another download. I may use it, but I certainly don’t praise it.”

-Being Humiliated-
”When I’m doing anything, I think more about what may go wrong than the actual outcome. I can’t stand the thought of embarrassment.”

”They take up more time than the actual shit they show you on television. What’s the point of that?”

”…more shit happens when people are under the influence than any other time, including ‘mistake babies’, like myself.”

”People bother me. Sexual contact bothers me. No questions.”

-Creative-less people-
”People who have no creative thoughts in their body annoy me. I live in my own imaginations. The surreal is so much better than reality, why would you want to
stay there?”

”Religions came to be when some higher up twats in society decided to humour themselves by tricking everyone else into believing some stupid story of a God that’s never existed.”

-Pop music-
”I simply don’t see how one can burn their mind with this shit they consider good music. It’s god awful.”

”Society tries to brainwash people into believing whatever they say, and for the most part, for some understood reason to me, people actually believe them.”


”I’m honestly scared of myself and the thoughts that I have…they aren’t normal, and as much as I wish to pretend that there was nothing wrong with me, there so obviously is.”

-Never Reaching Perfection-
”Even though I know that no one can truly be perfect, my mind continuously pushes me to be.”

”Death scares me as much as it interests me in actuality. I find the thought terrifying, yet I would love to know what it feels like…if that makes any sense.”


+Publishing his Poetry+
” would be cool to finally get my work out, so that people can see what goes through my mind...poetry is the only real way for me to explain that in words.”

+Becoming Something+
”Sometimes, I wonder if all of this work has been for nothing. I want to know what my future holds. I hate not knowing.”

+Moving back to England+
”I quite miss England…if I get the chance to go back, I certainly plan too.”


”No one knows, not even my brother, that while I was in England, I was seeing a psychiatrist, and while there, I was diagnosed with having Bi-Polar disorder. I was given medication, but I rarely take it.”

+Social Anxiety-
”If it isn’t already obvious, I was also diagnosed with social anxiety. The thought of people stresses me out. I get extremely paranoid, and I just feel as if I need to escape.”

”While I left for college at the age of eighteen in England, my grades soon began to drop, and I ended up dropping out. I continued to live in England for the next seven months, but I didn’t have nearly enough money to support myself, so I came back. I have yet to speak of the events that occurred while I was there.”

+Birth Parents-
”…unknown to my adopted family, I have taken it upon myself to find my birth parents, only to find out that they had no wanting to meet me.”

“I am what one may consider to be eccentric. Standing out is something that I’m known to do, but I certainly don’t try too. In fact, I don’t find myself to be ’out of
the ordinary
at all. I simply stick to myself, keeping quiet behind closed doors as I feel that I should. Some people belong in the world to be leaders, and some followers…then there’s me.

Unless you come to speak to me, you’ll most likely never hear a peep out of me. I’m not one to start conversations with strangers; in fact, the mere thought of that absolutely terrifies me. Anyways, off of that topic…I suppose I’m not exactly the friendliest of types. For some reason, I always tend to say the most awkward things, which tends to push people away. Although I don’t let the fact of being alone get to me, to some extent, it does. I wish I could be care free and friendly, much like my brother. But it’s obvious that just wasn’t in the cards for me, which is life. I can be pessimistic, and often, I don’t even realize I’m acting that way. I don’t often see the brightest side of a situation, and I’ll spend hours focusing on the negative before I finally give in and realize that there is a positive side to the situation. I’m extremely stubborn. If I believe in something, nothing will change my opinion of it, so there’s no use in trying too. I’ve never been one to follow what someone says in order to ‘blend it’; although I try to do just that…I’m a man of many faces. At times, I may seem like a sweet guy; then at others, I can be very cold. Yet again, this is not a surprise due to my bi-polar disorder, which anyone has yet to find out about.

When it comes to relationships and friendships, I don’t have much to say. I can’t really consider myself friends with anyone, simply because I don’t talk to anyone enough to become close to them. It’s really rather impossible to explain my dislike for close relationships. I get increasingly uncomfortable around large groups of people, or even just a few. The only people I can really feel comfortable is my brother, and Jay, which is still sort of a work in progress. I guess, overall, what I’m trying to say is that I really don’t know what it takes to care for someone, because I’ve never felt that…and, I wouldn’t know how to react if I ever were too.”


“I can’t really say it is such a surprise that I’ve turned out the way that I have. It’s just what society expects from an adopted child, who was offered up because of a mother who didn’t give a damn and a father who had no idea I even existed. But, onto the full story of my life…”

“That cool October night was not one full of the happiness and excitement that one would expect coming from a woman who had just given birth. No, this was nothing like that…my birth mother, Anya, was not someone you’d want to take home to your mother…she had experimented with every kind of drug, and alcohol? Oh, that was like her middle name..of course, I never knew her personally. These are only the things I was told growing up in the care of St. Holly’s…also known as, the worst experience of my life.”

“Being raised in an orphanage wouldn’t have been so bad, really, expect for the fact that it was. We were way overcrowded, and sleeping in a room full of crying children was next to impossible. Every day you would see so many hopeful children-less people coming in, observing us all as if to decide which one they thought would be the least fucked up; I suppose they thought I would be the worst of them all. For eight years, I lived here…unlike the others, everyone could tell I was different. You could hardly ever get a single word out of me, and when you did, I would usually say something that made the kids go running. How was I supposed to know any better? I saw nothing good out of the life I lived…it wasn’t until my family…my true family saved me from all of this. Which is something I will for all eternity be grateful for.”

“The Rosses showed me a happiness I had never known. Toby, although six years older than me, was more of a brother to me than any of the guys back at St. Holly’s. We instantly clicked, and even to this day, we’re closer than ever…I would do anything for him, as I know he would for me. As for my adopted parents? Well, they’re just as much my birth parents as my actual birth parents…I guess you could say I got lucky in a weird, sort of fucked up way.”

“Going through school was difficult for me. I was always seen as the weird kid that everyone desperately tried to avoid; of course, who was I to blame them? I was different. I felt different. I felt that I was well beyond my years, and I could never seem to find somewhere that I belonged. Graduating high school was such a relief, but I soon found that college was no better. I wanted a change, and so, I made that change by moving to England, to attend school there. It was then that I was diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder, along with social anxiety, something I had already guessed at. The stress of that, along with college life, soon sent my life spiralling out of control. I tried things I normally never would have, even cut myself a few times…I’ve never spoken of the events that took place while I was there, nor do I plan too. Point is, when the stress became too much, I dropped out, and the only thing I brought back with me was my accent.”


So begins...

Aaron Elijah Murphy's Story

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Jaylin Walsh

The alcohol sat on Jay's morning breath as she stumbled to the bathroom, and suddenly realized that she wasn't necessarily in her OWN apartment... With a pause, Jay backtracks into the small hallway of the apartment and saw Eli laying on his bed, but she was unsure if he was asleep or not.

Even though she was a bit shocked, she shrugged, it wasn't anything new... The last thing Jay remembered was sitting outside of the apartment complex with a bottle of Yaeger and a cigarette.... The rest of the night was probably spent watching some dope horror movies with Eli, who seemed to be less bothered by her every time she stumbled into his room. With a sigh, she rolls her shoulders and throws her bleach blonde hair up into a ponytail then strolls into the kitchen, swinging open the fridge. Balancing the eggs in one hand, bacon and orange juice in the other she closes the door with her foot, humming a bit as she does so. With a swift movement, she sets the eggs and orange juice on the counter and opens up the cabinet to find pancake mix.

Making breakfast was kind of her thing, she remembered her house would always smell like bacon first thing in the morning. Flicking on the stove, she grabs a pan and cracks open two eggs into the pan, placing a spatula next to it when they needed to be flipped.

Backtracking, she goes into the living room, finding a mess of movies spewed across the table, chips and unfinished drinks and... Her purse!!! With a smile, she grabs her purse, rummaging through it, her hands clasping around her cigarettes, lighter and her bowl, which happened to have a full bowl pack left. With a smile, her eyes flicker over towards where Eli was laying down and she meanders towards the kitchen and places her bowl, cigarettes and lighter on the counter, flipping the eggs.

"Hmm.." She wonders, as she listens to the eggs sizzle and she flips on the radio, and the Black Keys hummed through the kitchen and she dances a bit as she flips the eggs and begins on pouring the pancake mix into a huge blue bowl. Rummaging through the cabinets, she finds chocolate chips and throws it into the pancake mix as well as butterscotch chips. Good thing Eli had a thing for sweets, because to be honest, that was her ultimate weakness, anything sweet can cure any kind of sadness or anxiety.

"YOOO, sleepy head," She turns her head towards Eli, "Better get up if you want something to eat." She smirks, and waits for a response as she whisks the mix in the bowl and begins to make the pancakes in the other pan on the stove.

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Eli had never been a drinker; sure, he had no issue with it, and for anyone who drank that he knew, which was, just about everyone, he had never said anything, it just wasn't his thing...Come on, Eli, what IS your thing..? These were usually the meaningless thoughts that would takeover Eli's mind when his insomnia would kick in, leaving him in a sleepless night full of nightmares. He was used to these by now.

Allowing his eyes to open fully now, he took the time to glance over at the clock: "..Too...fucking..early..." he let out with a small groan. This was not how he had planned spending his day, waking up way to early, only to sit around all day.

The sudden smell of perfume overtook him, and, although he recognized the scent right away, it still never ceased to amaze him; of course, how could he have forgotten? The thoughts of last night's occurrences began to fill his mind, as Jay’s voice filled the air: "YOOO, sleepy head, Better get up if you want something to eat." Catching mostly the last part, Eli sat up at the thought of food, and finally he could smell the sweet smells of cooking. ”..but it’s so early,” he spoke the words soft, his English accent hardly understandable at hours so early in the morning. Nevertheless, he forced himself up out of his bed, almost tripping over his shirt which was now on the floor, leaving him in nothing but his sweats; he had never been able to wear a shirt while sleeping, which was just one of many weird quirks about him.

Stepping out of his room, he walked through the hall and through the living room, noticing the mess, a slight smirk taking over his lips before entering the kitchen, walking straight to the fridge, grabbing a Monster, then leaning against the counter, his eyes sleepily falling onto Jay. ”..if you wouldn’t have offered food, I’d still be in bed,” he said in a teasingly type of way. ”Where’s Sal? Is he even here?” he said the words more to himself than Jay, as he glanced around back into the living room, more at the mess they had made the previous night than anything. "..we sure know how to create quite the pile of rubbish...rubbish that I certainly do not plan on cleaning." Cleaning had never been Eli's thing, unless it came to his room, and he wasn't about to start, especially not in the wee hours of the morning.