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Evangeline "Cajun" Babineaux

"Hey! Can I help y'all with anythin'?"

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a character in “Anything But Simple”, as played by Vix




“Oh! Hi there! My name is Evangeline Lilly Babineaux. I'm from Louisiana, if y'all couldn't tell already. Way down south! I also go by Eva, Angel, Lil, Cajun, Southern Belle, Bayou Belle, Belle, Evan, or Babi. That last one is pronounced Ba. Like the beginning of bad. And be. Just like that. I am at the glorious age of twenty years old. I will be turning twenty-one in a few days! Isn't that great?! My birthday is obviously on April 27th. Oh, as far as my sexual orientation, I happen to be heteroflexible. I don't mind dating women. But when it comes to thinkin' 'bout marriage, I want to be able to have children with a man, y'know? Oh, by the way, if you ever need me you can find me in Apartment 1A. Also, you can usually smell something really good coming from my house all the time because I happen to be near gettin' my Masters in Culinary Arts. Isn't it great?

A few things that I like...Well. There's a lot that I like, actually! Cooking, but that's pretty much a given right there! Leonard, because he's so sweet and cute. Working with him is fun! Oh! I can't forget Keira because she's just an amazing roommate. We make the best meals. Then there's my animals. Juno, who is a solid black Great Dane, Beezel, who is a Reticulated Python that my daddy paid a lot for because I was obsessed with snakes when I was thirteen, Morning Glory is my Sugar Glider that Keira got for me, Moto is my fat little tabby kitten. Zelda. The entire video game franchise of it! I have every game! The puzzles are great brain teasers for me. Romance. Girlish and cliché, I know. But I do dream of one day finding 'The One'! Also I love singing. Keira and I sing while we cook all the time and our harmony is amazing!

For future reference, here's some things that I don't like. Reality television. Its just dumb! A bunch of trashy people acting all ridiculous and getting paid to be whores and deadbeats. How is that entertaining? Being yelled at is another thing. I didn't move here to get yelled at. I moved to get away from it! I don't do well with yelling because it takes me to a real bad place. Poorly cooked food. Darlin', if you can't cook and you notice that you've sucked at it for a while, move on. Obviously you aren't meant to cook. Conservative clothing. I like being comfortable and being able to show off my body. I work hard to maintain this figure and I deserve to wear clothes that compliment it without people assuming that I'm a whore! The landlord. He's so mean to everyone! We know that we have to pay rent, dumbass. You don't have to try and bully us. I also hate handsy men. I don't like bein' grabbed on.

I'm afraid mainly of three things: My daddy or brother or both findin' me and...uh...harassing me here, becoming an alcoholic again, and getting beat up.

One day, I'm going to be a five star chef with my own restaurant. I mean it, too! If I work real hard, my dream will come true. I'm also going to go to Japan. I admit it, I love Japanese dishes and it is one of my specialties! Hopefully I can get in the program where they pay for me to go learn from real Japanese chefs. In Japan! I'm also going to have a family. Not like the shit one back home – I mean a family that I'm gonna start!

Nobody really knows these things about me, not even Keira. But, I go to AA meetings every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I'm not an alcoholic anymore! I just go to listen to the others, scarin' myself to not become one again. I mean I drink, but not like crazy. Not anymore, at least. Its my fault my mama died how she did. When I was fifteen, we were fishin' out on the bayou and I accidentally bumped into her when I was pullin' in a big catfish and she went overboard. I don't know how to swim so I couldn't jump in and save her and daddy or J.R. wasn't with us, so they couldn't help and when I threw the line out to get her, a big gator done got to her first...And speakin' of gators. I know that everyone thinks I'm real sensitive and probably real weak, but it ain't true. I used to wrestle gators for a part-time job when I was younger. And I was always pickin' fights. Though, all that changed after the good Lord took mama home. I came here and started fresh. Also I'm naturally red-headed. And I dance. I look too much like my daddy with my red hair, so I dyed it blonde. And I have been taking dance classes since I've been here, so I'm known to mysteriously disappear sometimes for practice and recitals. I'm kinda real nervous about dancing in front of a bunch of people (for now) and I don't want someone to be like “Hey! Show us some moves you learned!” because, what if I trip or mess up and look like a fool? This...Last one. Its real personal. After mamma passed on...Well. Me and daddy and J.R. started drinkin' somethin' fierce. And that's when they started...touchin' me. Not just beatin' on me...I don't know what possessed them to do it...But they raped me.

Anyways. What am I like? Well, I'm a really happy sort of person. I don't like being sad because it takes up so much energy and then you can't really do anything right because you're too busy focusing on what's bringing you down. So I let a lot just roll off my shoulder. People say that I'm a pushover because I never really defend myself. I just shrug and keep on truckin'. I don't like confrontation. I guess you could say I'm a cry baby. I mean, I don't cry about every little thing. I just kind of break down after a lot of pressure builds up and then I jus' kinda fall off the edge.

I am not a fighter at all. I don't get into physical or verbal fights because its just not me. I prefer talking things out like adults. Though, if you're yellin' at me, I'm more likely to just sit there with my head down, tryin' to fight back some tears and seizures and hyperventilation. I always take my anger out with exercise! And some cookin', too. Sometimes I'll sit down and play Keira's piano for a little while if I ain't really that mad.

Flirty? Me? I don't know. I'm real friendly with people and a lot of people take it as me flirting with them, and I'm completely oblivious so when they ask me out and I turn them down, I get called a tease for supposedly leading them on. I don't mean to. I'm just...nice. Its like a girl can't be nice 'round here without someone thinkin' it means they're about to get in her pants! I can get real bashful and talkative at the same time when I really like someone. I talk about random, inappropriate things before usually excusing myself and runnin' on back home.

Also, if its not obvious I'm real soft hearted and very big hearted as well. I'm very capable of empathy and I can't help but to stop and ask someone if they're doin' okay whenever I feel like they might be down. I'm good at keeping secrets so sometimes people confide in me. I love helping people with whatever they ask for – Feeling better, rearranging furniture, bringing in groceries, studying. You name it! Besides sex, of course. I got that from my mama. I don't really talk about her with anyone else. Or about my past in general. Sometimes, I can be real skittish towards men that get a little grabby...But that's understandable.

Now, about my past. Well, I used to have this really great, happy family. There was William, my father. Annabelle, my mother. And then my big brother, Jeneral-Robert. But we all called him J.R. My family wasn't exactly the brightest stars in the sky. All of 'em dropped out before they even hit the ninth grade. But, not me. I loved to learn and I was always bringing home books. I was always doin' somethin'. Learnin' to cook from mama, learnin' about animals from books and Animal Planet, fishin', climbin' trees, wrestlin' gators. I remember how happy I was when daddy paid a lot of money to get Beezel for me. He was a moonshiner – And yes, I can make some damned good moonshine. Anyways, I was a real brawler in school. People picked on me 'cuz they said I was a geek.

Ain't nothin' wrong with wantin' to be somethin'. But I came from a real backwoods town and went to a backwoods school with a bunch of inbred idiots. Anyways, I was a real fighter. Had to defend myself at home from my brother, too. My daddy didn't believe in boys can't fight girls. He always said Well, God gave women all the fightin' material he gave men. So why the hell not? He wasn't sexist at all, that man. Anyways, I told y'all how my mama died. After that, daddy and J.R. were real hateful towards me. They started drinkin' and was always fightin' and they'd end up beatin' on me. So I ended up drinkin' and fightin' back. But, after they started...sexually harassing me, I decided that I had to sober up and get outta there real quick so I went ahead and applied to every culinary school that I could find online. I finally got back my letters and every one of them accepted me. But, the Art Institute of California was more appealing to me. Sunny days, beaches, Hollywood nearby. I couldn't resist.

I packed my bags and saved up my money from my part-time jobs and I left and I ain't never looked back since then. When I got there, I already had a job lined up and an apartment. I was golden. I really do love it here and I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be right now. I guess you're probably wonderin' about my love life. Well, there was this guy - Chad. He was a real looker and so sweet. He and I were serious for about a month before I finally...slept with him. I confided in him what happened and I was real skittish about it at first...But he promised that he wouldn't hurt me. After that, he hardly spoke to me. So I confronted him about it and he told me that it wasn't nothing personal, but he moved on. He didn't fall in love with me - He was just bettin' with him stupid friends to see how long it'd take him to get in my panties. So, I keep my heart real close to me now and I don't give it out to no-one...Oh, by the way, my favorite song would have to be Don't Stop Believin' by Journey. It totally represents me!”

So begins...

Evangeline "Cajun" Babineaux's Story

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#, as written by Vix

Ding dong!


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!


Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding dong!

Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

Evangeline finally caved in and let her eyelids flutter before she slowly opened her eyes fully. A quick glance at her clock showed that it was seven in the morning on a Saturday; And on her birthday, nonetheless! Shouldn't she be sleeping in...? But the constant ringing of the doorbell, the banging on the door, and finally the deep, bass toned barking of her Great Dane, Juno made her grumble her way out of bed. She bumped around her room as she struggled to pull some spanks on under the big Hello Kitty! T-shirt that she had worn to bed the previous night. “Juno! Shut it up!”
, she yelled at the big dog, shooing her away from the door as she unbolted and opened it. A sleepy gaze fell onto the young man at the door; Danny. “Danny....Its seven am. On mah birthday. On a Saturday. What do you want?” She sighed, not meaning to sound so agitated as she held back Juno from pouncing on her playmate.

Danny looked down to Evangeline, his head throbbing from the dog barking, already regretting the many drinks he had at the party the night before. He was stuck in the horrible phase between being hungover and still being drunk, everything just hazy in general. Raising his sunglasses slightly to see clearly was his first mistake, his eyes blinded by the light, frowning as he blinked, his headache getting worse. The most he could do was pull out the several sticky notes that had been scattered around his apartment all saying 'Cajun's Birthday Today!', unable to help but smirk slightly, "I set up a few reminders for myself, wouldn't want to miss it."

His voice was a little hoarse from last night, but he still had his normal cocky attitude, his hair obviously not having been styled this morning. He groaned a little when he pulled his glasses off, squinting to Evangeline, "You missed one hell of a party... at least I think it was a good party... to be honest the whole thing is a little hazy. But next time you should come with me, maybe we can get you boozed up." Danny teased, knowing his friend wouldn't drink even if he begged her to.

She rolled her eyes as he squinted at the rather dim lighting of her apartment – Sheesh, how much did he drink? “So, you're sayin' you remembered it was my birthday and thought you'd drop by and wake me up at seven in the mornin' instead of letting me enjoy sleepin' in?” She put her hands on her hips, chastising him lightly for waking her up. But, unable to stay mad at him for too long, she put her hands on his shoulders and softened her gaze. “C'mon, cher. You gon' sleep or somethin' and I'm gon' make breakfast.” The problem with Evangeline was that once she was awake, she couldn't go back to sleep.

It was because of it that she had actually gotten to spend more time with the playboy Danny who was known to come banging on her door at three in the morning for dinner. She pulled him inside gently and pushed some blonde curls from her face as she closed the door. “Bacon, grits, steak, waffles, biscuits, and scrambled eggs again?” She lifted a brow as she began to pull her hair into a ponytail, watching as Juno practically shivered with excitement, waiting for him to acknowledge her presence.

Danny smirked for a second, "Well, since you offered..." he smiled, feeling a bit better in the comforting aura of the apartment. He stretched, yawning loudly as he did, knowing he most likely smelled of alcohol still but smiling a little as he looked down to the large dog before him, "Hey Juno? How's my puppy? Come on girl!" He laughed as Juno pounced onto him, making the man stumble back a bit as the dog happily licked his face, "Alright, alright Juno, I get it, you missed me!" Danny joked, his head still aching as he went to lean against the counter close to where Cajun was cooking, Juno following and sitting beside him. With a small laugh, he reached down patting her head, "Aww Juno, you're my best girl. Don't worry Cajun you're a close second." Danny teased, winking.

“I swear, I don' know what dat dog gonna do when I move from here and she don't see you anymo'.”, she teased right back, rolling her eyes as she pulled out all the necessary ingredients. She was glad that Keira went grocery shopping yesterday evening; Evangeline didn't have time to because she went straight to work after school, but she had left her share of the grocery money on the counter for her friend to pick up.

Her mood picked up some as the smell of cooking bacon wafted under her nose. She really could not be anything but happy when she cooked – It was her passion. Her mother used to tell her that cooking while you were feeling negative would make your food taste bad because of bad juju. Therefore, Evangeline always made sure to cheer up when she cooked. She couldn't have someone telling her that her food didn't taste anything but amazing!

“I'd ask you to help, but I don' want chu throwin' up on the food. Speakin' of which, you go 'head and get dat trash can or a bucket from under the sink. I jus' mopped these floors last night.” She teased some more, becoming increasingly chipper as the scent of food on all four burners began to slowly fill the apartment and waft out the windows and under the cracks of the doors.

"Please, what kind of partyer do you think I am? I'm halfway sober at this point at the very least." Danny says, an ever cocky smile on his lips as he continued to pat Juno's head. And what he spoke of was true, if he ever had a hangover it normally didn't ever last very long. He felt as though he might have been beginning to develop an immunity to alcohol recently. But at the moment all he wanted to do was eat, getting a little closer, practically drooling at the delicious smell of the food.

"And if you move from here I'll just move right behind you. I could never be away from Juno! Isn't that right Juno?" He smiled down to the dog who already had her tail thumping against the ground at the mention of her name, "I want a dog but I don't think I'd be too good at taking care of it. Not as well as I take care of the girls coming in and out of my apartment, can I get an amen Juno?" He smirked again, chuckling lightly as the large black dog gave a loud bark in response.

At his last comment, Evangeline really could not hide the cherry red color that had consumed her face. “Danny...Jus'....Stop talkin'. Kay?” She rolled her eyes as she used a fork to stab the porterhouse and flip it over. “Juno, don't listen to him. He's a bad influence.” She resumed her teasing, turning her back to Danny as an excuse to hide her face, cracking eggs into a bowl. “At least make yerself useful and give Beezel his mouse for the mornin'.” She pointed over to a gerbil cage that housed ten white lab mice. “He's in my room on the bed.”

She often kept Beezel's cage open which would lead to him slithering into bed with her sometimes. Usually he coiled around her legs, but this time he had just coiled around her pillow instead. She did her best to ignore Danny, busying herself now with chopping up cilantro and dicing tomatoes and onions.

Danny smiled brightly, looking like an excited little boy at the mention of being able to feed the python, "Seriously? Holy Crap, this is the moment I've been waiting for my entire freaking life!" He grinned, grabbing a mouse from the cage, grinning to himself. He wandered into the room slowly, holding the now terrified mouse by it's tail, "Breakfast is ready Beezel!" Danny hung the mouse over the snake's head, grinning as the python hissed and moved quick as lightning, snatching the rodent from the air.

Wiping his hands off on his pants, he walked back into the kitchen, "I swear you have the coolest pets, it's like a petting zoo in here." Danny leaned right back against the counter, "You should pay admission at the door to make a little extra money on the side." He joked, a small smile on his face, "I would pay it everyday... Well as long as you'd let me pet you too." Danny teased, instinctively winking even though Evangeline had her back turned to him.

She rolled her eyes as Danny's voice inflated with excitement at being able to feed Beezel. “I swear, you are so ridiculous.” She sighed, though she couldn't hide the light smile that danced across her lips. “Yes, because people will pay big money to play with a dog, a cat, a snake, and a marsupial.” She snorted softly, emptying the beaten eggs into a large sauce pan. At his mention of being able to pet her, she gave a light cough. “Now. You come to my apartment at o'God thirty in the morning practically every other day. I make your breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. I let you sleep in my bed while I sleep on the couch. And I let you play with all my darling little animals every day. All of this without pay. But you're sayin' your willin' to start forkin' out money if I let you pet me?” She gave him an incredulous look, putting her hands on her hips as she faced him.

Danny smiled slightly, rubbing his chin as if in thought, "Well you know, most the time I don't have to think through the things I say when flirting, most girls just giggle and go along with anything I say then leave in the morning." He thought for a second, "Really it's much easier when they're drunk I guess." He nodded thoughtfully to his own explanation.

"And I already pay you for all the stuff you do for me. Just instead of money it's with being able to see me all the time." He grinned, flexing and kissing his muscles. "I also offer sex but you haven't cashed that in. Yet. But seriously I'd whore my body out to you in exchange for your food any day of the week." He laughed mainly to himself, his smile illuminating his face.

Okay, so now she really looked like the tomatoes that she had just finished dicing. “I will have you know that I'm not one of your groupie floozies. I am a respectable woman. I don't want your money and I'm definitely not paying you or anyone else nor will I accept any payment for sex. So...So...” She was flustered, unable to think of something else to say. Ever the hopeless romantic, talk of sex and whores unnerved her. She usually just left the room. It took her a moment to realize that she had raised her voice with him and that her eyes were watery.

“I didn't mean to yell at ya, cher...Sorry. Early birthday mornin' jitters...” She wiped just under her eyes really quickly as she mumbled before turning back to the stove where she unloaded the steak, bacon, grits, and waffles. She poked gingerly at the eggs and took a deep breath before exhaling slowly. She could feel Juno nudging her thigh with her massive head. Inwardly, she cursed herself for getting so worked up over nothing.

Danny frowned a little at her, shaking his head, "I'm sorry Cajun, it was just a joke. But I know that you don't like to talk about those things. Here I'll shut up officially now, would that be better?" He questioned, feeling uneasy seeing Evangeline upset. Really, when ever Danny saw a girl cry before, he was never really phased by it, but it really was different with his friends, it just made him want to back track and make them feel better.

Despite his earlier promise, he continued to speak, honestly nervous at the possibility of losing a friend. "You know you don’t have to explain to me how you are, I get it, that's why I like hanging around here, cause you really are different and I like that. Just don't get mad, kay?" He said, hoping he had managed to maintain all his nervousness from slipping out.

The eggs were ready so Cajun turned off the burner and let them sit there as she moved and wrapped her arms around him, giving him a tight hug. “You know I ca'int ever stay mad at you. Damn chucklehead.” She smiled as her head rested on his chest. Oh, the lovely awkward yet sometimes touching moments they had when she was tired and he was hungover. At least those moments gave her reason to hug him so tight.

She released him from the hug and again wiped at her eyes, giving a soft 'phew'. The apartment smelled absolutely delicious! The food was laid out around the stove and counter. She never made food for a single person unless she was making a bowl of cereal or ramen – She always cooked in bulk because she never knew who all was going to come over looking for food. Except Danny – He was always over looking for food. “You go ahead and fix you a plate. I gotta go get a shower.” She had to stand on her tip toes to kiss his cheek before heading out of the kitchen and towards the bathroom.

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Danny smiled down to Cajun as she turned to hug him, a feeling of relief washing over him as he hugged back slightly tighter than her. "Oh thank god, I'm storing that information and using it against you from now on." He teased, really contented that she had said that. He had lost a lot of friends in the past because of his teasing and flirty ways. At the mention of fixing a plate, Danny rubbed his hands together already looking to the food, "Alright, you go do that Evan, don't worry about rushing though, I'm gonna be here for a while." He just smiled slightly as she kissed his cheek, and being as experienced as he was, really saw it as nothing. He served himself a big plate, sitting over at the table as he stuffed his face with food. Danny pulled his phone out, seeing several messages from random girls always made him shake his head. He just put them under the grouping he always put them under, 'Hot Chicks from the Club'. He raised an eyebrow as he saw there was no text from his roommate and bro, Jack. Danny shrugged a little, figuring he was still asleep. He sent out a quick message: 'Hey Lightweight, Not still tired from the party last night right? We should go for round two on that drinking contest, see if you can beat the master. But you better get your ass out of bed, don't forget you /have/ to come to Cajun's party or i will bash your head in. -Love Danny He smirked to his text going back to his food. He finally paused for a moment looking down to Juno who was looking from Danny to the plate of food in front of him. He chuckled, grabbing a piece of bacon and throwing it up, the Great Dane snatching it out of the air. Danny laughed, patting the dogs head. There was no possible way for him not to be entertained in the apartment. "Hey Eva?" He yelled out, hoping she could hear him and he wasn't talking to himself, "We should go out to the gym later! Or just out in general, you know for your birthday." He yelled out as he was eating. It was already decided that it was his job to make sure that Evangeline was kept busy and away until the surprise party rolled around, so he wasn't about to take no for an answer.

Walt looked blindly to the legal papers of his mock case, trying to decipher the words through his sleep deprived eyes. How long had it been since he last slept anyways? Looking over the clock reading 3:46 AM in big blaring red letters, he blinked slightly. That would make it around 20 hours at his point. "Oh that's practically nothing." He muttered to himself, shaking his head, trying to wake himself. "Come on Walter, you have to be able to do better than this." He spoke to himself, standing from his very organized desk, setting his pen down in it's usual place. Walt paced around his room for a few minutes, which of course was always kept very clean and organized. He always tried to resist being a freak about the cleanliness of his home, but he couldn't help himself most the time. With a large sigh, Walter fell back onto his neat bed, closing his eyes for a split second. When he opened them again it was to his phone buzzing. He looked over to his clock, several hours had passed in a matter of seconds. Walt groaned, picking up his phone, slightly refreshed after the few hours of sleep he did get. He couldn't help the small smile on his face from the text Luz had just sent him. It was short but knowing Luz was enough to figure out all there was to know in the short text. He fired back a quick reply, 'So what did the landlord jerk do this time? And are you are planning on going to Evangeline's party today?' he sent the message, which actually reminded him to send a quick message to Cajun, 'Happy birthday! Say out of trouble!'. He hopped out of bed, smoothing out the sheets before heading downstairs to the kitchen, still in his pajamas. He poured himself a bowl of cereal, half heartily eating half the bowl before throwing it out and cleaning the bowl quickly. Before he did anything else he went up to his room, opening the closet that displayed his outfits in an organized fashion, color coded and all his shirts hung up, pants neatly folded and shoes in rows on the floor. Walt quickly pulled out a plain white dress shirt and jeans. He changed just as quickly, still buttoning up his shirt when he knocked on his roommate's door, "Hey Leelo! Wake up call! Guess who's birthday it is?" he asked, smiling to himself, it was of course obvious that Leelo liked Evangeline, to Walt at least, "So are you going to... try tonight? or at least ask her out?" Walter questioned, prying into his friend's life was rather uncommon for him but he really couldn't help it, he was excited for his friend. But of course what kind of friend would he be if he wasn't willing to help his friend get the girl he liked? Not a perfect one, that's for sure.

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|| In His Room At 2 a.m. ||


Leelo had stayed lying on his bed for hours he glanced at his clock occasionally hoping that time would fly by faster. He wanted to fall asleep, he wanted to be tomorrow because tomorrow was Evangeline's birthday. How long had Leonard waited for her birthday? He had stopped counting the days but he was ready as hell to give her the best gift ever.

Okay, yesterday Mr. Black confirmed it, everything should go perfectly! Leelo was so excited his heart was fluttering.

He kept on hearing the party going on at the HUB. Danny was most likely there. That guy was always up for a party, just like Jay. . . Worry rose in Leonard so he jumped out of bed and checked through the window to see what was going on. Yup, there Danny was a bottle in one hand and a girl or maybe two under his free arm. How could that guy so despicably flirt with Eva? Leelo sighed, at least he didn't catch any sight of Jay which probably meant she was safe and sound at home with Eli. Leonard turned to go back to bed when he saw his black, folk, electric acoustic guitar.

One more time?” He asked himself softly then glanced at the time, it was almost two in the morning, Walt was probably still awake he wouldn't mind, “One more time before the party.

Leonard picked up his guitar and started singing the song he especially wrote for Evangeline's birthday. He couldn't wait to see Eva's face when she hears his song and see's everything Keila and Leelo had prepared for her, as well as everyone else. Then when he was finished playing he fell asleep with a smile on his face and flopped onto his guitar. The guy could sleep in any sort of position so sleeping on a guitar was not a problem.

“Hey Leelo! Wake up call! Guess who's birthday it is?” Walter's sudden wake up call startled Leonard.

Yes! It was Saturday. . . well it was Saturday at 2 a.m. as well but now it was official!

While Walter went on babbling about if Leelo would finally fess up about his feelings, Leonard got dressed. He slipped on some jeans, a plain black tee shirt, a belt to hold his pants, a pair of his favorite boots and he jumped out of the room. Their cat, Fluffy, was just passing by when Leelo popped out of his room so Leonard took advantage of the chance and picked up the furry cat high in the air like the scene from lion king.

I don't need to say anything because there is nothing to say,” Leelo tried pathetically to hide his feeling for Evangeline even though his smile was abnormally brilliant on this particular day, “But I did prepare something great for her birthday party!

Leonard took a bowl of cereal as he hummed to the same notes he had played on his guitar last night and he stuffed his face. He fed the cat and went to see Walt.

So how was your studying last night?

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#, as written by Vix
Evangeline opted for a bath over a shower – Really, she just wanted to be in some hot water. She groaned as she slid into the tub, letting her hair tumble down around her stomach before leaning back. She closed her eyes until she heard Danny calling out to her followed by the creaking of the bathroom door. “Gym first! Then the zoo! And the pet shop! You're getting me a new pet!” She glanced at the creaking door, snatching a rag to cover her exposed goodness until she saw that it was just Beezel. “Sugar, this bathtub will fall clean through the floor if you get in here.” She giggled at the snake who simply rose his head up some before turning around – Cajun imagined he was pouting.

“Can you feed Mornin' Glory, Juno, and Moto? And please give Beezel a couple more mice. I think he's still hungry. And bring me my phone?” Cajun felt comfortable enough with her playboy friend to have him moving around the house and tending to her animals as well as walking in on her in the bath – It wasn't the first time. He once got in the shower with her because he was too drunk to realize that she wasn't the girl that he had left at his apartment.

Danny chuckled to himself, shaking his head at Evan's amusing demands. He looked down momentarily to his now empty plate as Cajun asked him to feed all the animals. Once again he was excited. It really was like a petting zoo and now he got to feed all the animals. He put his plate in the sink, heading to the pantry where most the animals' food was kept. First was two bowls, a large one filled with dry dog food and the other smaller bowl filled with dry cat food. The large black dog came first, beginning to eat even before Danny could set the bowl down. Moto came towards the food at a more leisurely pace but began to eat as well. With a smile and a quick turn towards the kitchen, Danny had to struggle slightly to remember what it was that Morning Glory was fed. It took him a few minutes before he recalled sometime when Cajun had been chopping up fruit for the Sugar Glider. He pulled out a few pieces of fruit, chopping them up and putting them in a dish, putting the dish in Morning Glory's cage, running his thumb over the top of it's head before going towards Eva's bedroom.

He grabbed the phone from the bed, entering the bathroom and smirking, "Are you trying to make a move on me?" He teased coming a little closer to her and handing her the phone, peaking down for a split second but finding that she was practically covered up. He stepped back, almost tripping over Beezel. "There you are, you little snake." he muttered, gathering as much of Beezel as he could into his arms, still most of him being dragged out, "You better start thinking about what you're getting and it better be awesome." Danny nodded towards Evangeline, referring to the pet he was to buy. as he dragged the snake back into the bedroom onto the bed. He fed the giant python at least three more mice, smiling as he pet the scaly skin as the snake ate. "You're welcome by the way!" Danny said loud enough for Eva to hear from the bathroom.

“Yes, because we all know that I'm cravin' for you somethin' fierce.” It was true - Except the part about people knowing. The Bayou Belle rolled her eyes yet again as she took her phone from Danny's hands. “Thank you – And I plan on getting three more Sugar Gliders!”, she called out after him, checking her text messages. A smile graced her face as Luz's was the first one she read.

[Aww, thanks sug! Hope you got me somethin real nice! You remember that real pretty purse with the fleur d'lis on it, right? ;) Definitely up for lunch! Can we do Ruby Tuesday's? And please don't be eatin stale pizza for breakfast again. You know my door s always open. Silly. *kissy face*]

She sent off the text message before getting to Walt's. Oh, how she adored Walt! He was better than the older brother she had back home.

[Thanks! And that's a big order to fill – Danny's taking me out for the day. Isn't that nice? Oh! And breakfast is ready. <3]

She smiled as she sent it before putting her phone on the floor. She only soaked for a little while longer before getting out of the tub and draining it.

She disappeared into her room, wrapped in a towel only to find Danny there. Shaking her head, she grabbed some clothes after rummaging through her dresser and went back into the bathroom, emerging a few minutes later wearing a pair of white sweatpants and a tank top that outlined her body very well – Danny had bought it for her to wear to the gym a few months ago. Needless to say, she was sure he bought it half a size too small on purpose. She didn't say a word as she sat at the table and looked down at the empty spot, highly expecting Danny to fix her plate – It was her birthday, after all. She tapped her fingers gently on the tabletop, waiting for him to return to the kitchen area where she was starving.

Danny raised an eyebrow as she came out wearing the outfit that he had bought her so she could actually have something to exercise in. It was rather innocent, he really just wanted someone to work out with and Evangeline was the first person to come to mind, he picked up what he thought her size was and apparently it was too small. But damned if she doesn't look good in it. Danny couldn't help as his eyes trailed down her frame as she walked to the kitchen.

He cleared his throat, taking a moment to adjust himself before following her and sitting beside her. It took a moment to read the signs but he eventually did get it, he stood, smirking, "You know what, let me make you a plate." he laughed softly to himself as he walked over to the food she had made, making her a plate and making himself another plate. He sat down placing her plate in front of her and his in front of him. It wasn't uncommon for him to eat multiple servings of her food, it was the best of the two buildings after all. "Are you really going to get more Sugar Gliders? What are you trying to do, build a Sugar Glider army?" He teased, standing, "I got to go change if we're going to the gym. Don't touch my food." He said, walking towards Cajun's room, already pulling his shirt off.

As he entered the room, he automatically went towards the drawer that contained his things. It hadn't started out as anything really and hadn't really been declared his drawer, it's just that he had accidentally left his things around so often and Eva would always leave them in that drawer. It just sort of became his drawer. As it was changing it sort of dawned on him how all of his stuff was here already sort of like a... "Hey, it's almost like we're dating, with all my stuff over here, just you know, no sex or kissing or any of the good parts at all." He said, sort of uneasy at the prospect of being in such a serious relationship but shaking it off. 'We're only friends.' He thought to himself, trying to reassure himself that it was nothing more and that she wasn't trying to use him at all. He shook his head, walking out in his basketball shorts and a cotton v-neck and sitting down, eating again.

She smiled, pleased as she began to eat her food, though in mock spite she stole three strips of bacon from his plate and scarfed them down before digging into her own food. Oh, dear God her food was delicious! She savored each and every chew, counting the carbs in her head. She had a figure to keep, after all. She lifted her head up some as Danny came back into the kitchen with his remark. She lifted a brow at him and snorted. “Yeeeaah. You're undateable, Danny...No offense.” It was her turn to do the teasing now, sending a wink and a smile his way.

Danny scoffed, putting on an expression of mock anger at the comment, but it quickly faded into laughter as he shook his head. He looked down to his plate raising an eyebrow, "You ate my bacon. I'm sorry but I can't be friends with bacon stealers." He teased right back just a tad flustered at being 'undateable', "Pshh, who needs to date when I have you to cook and take care of me. That and when I'm getting laid every night?" he gave a cocky grin, leaning back in his chair and folding his hands behind his head. For some reason he always liked to brag about how many women he's been with, to everyone he'll brag, it's like a natural conversation piece at this point in his life. "Besides, who would I even date?" He questioned, more rhetorically than anything.

“Who needs dating? I don't know. People who like knowing that there's someone that really loves them. Someone who likes comin' home to tight hugs and gentle kisses after a long, hard day. People who don't care about havin' nothin' as long as they got that someone that makes their eyes light up and their heart skip a beat when they see 'em or hear from 'em. People need love, Danny.” She answered him with that dreamy look in her eyes that she got when she watched movies like The Notebook and The Vow.

“And, if you don't want to be friends with a bacon-thief, then I guess that means I don't have to take care of you no more.” The teasing never ended with those two. Though with his last question, she just coughed and blushed, shoveling a forkful of eggs into her mouth while looking the other way. She didn't dare tease him with the answer “Why not me?”.

He was a little mystified at the dreamy look in her eyes, she seemed in her own world as she explained exactly why she thought people needed love. With the shell that Danny had developed over the years, he'd learn a lot of lessons with 'love'. Like how painful it actually was. And how he neither needed it nor wanted it. Danny was tempted to say all his thoughts out loud, express his actual contempt for the word 'love' in general. But the look in Evangeline's eyes make him keep his mouth shut. She really did believe what she was saying, she still thought it to be true. Who was he to disregard her hope as misplaced?

Danny just smiled slightly to her, "Well even if you stopped taking care of me, you're not gonna stop cooking for me, you're food is too good for me to just stop eating it." he took a bite of his biscuit as if proving his point. He chewed thoughtfully as she seemed to avoid eye contact with him, prompting Danny to raise an eyebrow at her. "Is something wrong?" he questioned.

“I'll stop cookin' for you whenever I feel like it.”, she retorted, giving a light scoff. Though, she honestly couldn't imagine she ever would. Except when she started dating someone or got married – But that was probably forever and a day away. She was like Danny in the way that she wouldn't give her heart out so easily after having it crush – He had been used for money and she had been used for sex. She paused for a moment, actually thinking about what it would be like to date Danny. Honestly, she couldn't see much changing.

She cooked for him, sometimes she cleaned his apartment, they hung out a lot, he teased her, she teased back. It was as he said: They pretty much already were a couple minus the kissing, cuddling, and sex. Minus the good parts, as he said. She gave a light smile and a giggle, though she quickly looked up at his question, shaking her head quite vigorously. “Huh? What? No! We should head to the gym.” She blushed and stood, having hardly touched her food.

Danny was officially confused at the very moment she giggled then looked up to him, acting very nervous about something. Exactly what that something was was a mystery to him. The weirdest part to Danny was that she had left the plate filled with her food. He tried to shrug it off, just nodding and picking up his plate, but something was off. He practically stared a hole through Cajun as he stood, trying to find a clue as to what could be bothering her. Clearing his throat, Danny made an attempt at conversation as they started to walk towards his car, after having to stop Eva's animals from following them out the door, "So has anyone else besides me actually wished you a happy birthday?" he asked, still glancing over to her.

As she slid into the passenger seat of his car, tucking her simple HTC Inspire between her flesh and the band of her sweatpants, she gave a nod. “Just Luz an' Walt so far. Its not even nine yet. An' its a Saturday.”, she reminded him. For a moment, she wondered where her roommate was – But, immediately assumed that she was at Jack's apartment. Sometimes Keira would sleepwalk down to the cafe and Jack would be the one they called. Mostly because the Belle's phone didn't do shit to wake her up, always going to voicemail. It took a great deal of noise to wake her up from her usual dead sleeps.

“Since...I'm turnin' twenty-one an' all. That means I can drink legal now and get into HUB...I want y'all to take me there tonight. But you gotta promise that you'll take me home. To my apartment. Not yours. She warned him, not wanting to end up as just another girl he slept with.

Danny chuckled to himself, looking to her as she started up the car, "And I'm the only one so far to come and actually greet you in person, aren't you just so grateful to have a friend like me?" he joked, smirking. He looked over to her as she made her demands for the second time today, these much more amusing that the first set. "Hell yes we're taking you, we're gonna get you smashed." Danny smiled widely, looking to the road, his smile dropping slightly but pulling it right back up, "Okay we'll sleep at you're house then." He teased, "And yes that was a joke, but I am going to see you again in the morning because I've always wondered what you'd be like hungover." He said honestly, "But don't worry about it, besides, I can name a few people that would kill me if I actually had sex with you while you were drunk." He smirked, chuckling to himself.

“Well, I ain't got to worry about that because even though you are a...what's dat word? Cad. Yes. Even though you are a cad, I know you wouldn't do that to me because I'm special.” She smiled widely, her face looking as innocent and pure as it ever had, though completely genuine in its sweetness as she spoke. She had no problems with him sleeping over at her place – He often teased that he might as well move in, considering how often he was over there. But she always just rolled her eyes.

Donning a wider smile, she rested her head against the window as they drove to the gym, a soft hum coming from her. It didn't take long to get there, and when they did, she immediately went for the treadmills. She knew that Danny was going to be lifting weights that were nearby, so they could still talk while they worked out.

Danny pretended to be offended at such a comment but ended up laughing. When they did get to the gym he smiled as they took the place they took basically every time, with her on the treadmill closest to the weights and him lifting weights at the machine closest to the treadmills, "So I take it you wouldn't be interested in a competition if we do happen to go to HUB? You know, a little drinking competition? Normally it's customary for the loser to pick up the tab but since you're the birthday girl I guess we could just make it a friendly competition in this case." He winked in her direction as he begun his exercise as he normally did, with pull ups, hardly breaking a sweat as he did a few sets.

“Let's not and say we did, 'kay?” No way was she going to get into a drinking competition with him. Of course she said that now, but she probably would end up doing it anyways after a few shots of tequila. She smiled as she started jogging at a 5mph pace, setting her phone in the holder for water bottles. She noticed from the side of her eyes that a group of four guys were moving with gusto towards Danny. As soon as his weights were set down, they wasted no time in assaulting him.

“Danny!” She seriously fell off the treadmill like the way you see in those funny videos on YouTube, her head smacking into the belt that was still moving. Grunting, she forced herself up and ran to him as he was pushed off of the weight bench. And of course the lazy manager of the twenty-four hour gym wasn't around to do anything and there was hardly anyone else there. But those who were already had their phones out to call the cops.

That didn't stop Cajun. Oh, dear no. She immediately threw herself into the fray, pushing off who she could before her fists and feet started flying. She thanked the Lord that she had started going to the gym with Danny and that she had started dancing – She was stronger than she was in her teenage years when she was simply brawling. Maybe it would help if she took up boxing...

Either way, she got thrown down and away from the group a couple of times but she kept getting back up and fighting them off until the cops came with an ambulance right behind them. They had to pry her off of the main guy who was screaming at Danny for having slept with his girlfriend. Cajun was on his back with her legs wrapped around his waist as she tried her best to choke the life out of him with a sleeper hold.

Afterwards, it took a lot of crying and sniffling, but she managed to slide both her and Danny out of a trip down to the police station after they had given their statements. Instead, they were headed to the hospital. Of course, Cajun didn't know because she passed out on the pavement. But, when she did come to, she felt like shit. Her body was aching something fierce and she could feel the bandages on her face and a brace on her wrist. Shit! How was she supposed to do the Spring Recital with a sprained wrist?

She blinked rapidly and groaned until she could see straight. She felt someone on her bedside and glanced to see Danny sitting on her left, feeling his hand resting on hers. She felt a wave of dizziness before letting her head slam back into the pillow. Her head was pounding! Slowly, she began to remember a bit of what happened. All she could get out of the flickering images of her memory was beating up some guys...hurting her wrist...talking to the cops....and blackout.

She took a moment to catch her breath before speaking slowly. “You tell anyone that I fought today...And I will kill you, Daniel Foster. Never speak of this again.” Her voice was a weak whisper as she closed her eyes again, feeling his fingers curl around her hand.

He glanced over at her, remembering exactly what the doctor had said. She passed out from a concussion and hitting the pavement didn't exactly help that, she sprained her wrist on someone's jaw, and other than that, she just has some cuts and bruises on her face from hitting the sidewalk. He had suffered fewer bruises, a busted lip, and a nasal fracture. He had gotten his nose fixed, thankfully. Couldn't have his Adonis-like face ruined!

It wasn't but another five minutes before they were discharged from the hospital - Much due to their complaining of not wanting to be there. They skipped out on getting a prescription because the doctors were taking too long - Nothing that ice, good food, and some ibuprofen couldn't fix. The ride home was silent - Except for the time when she told him that if he told anyone, she would kill him, again. He was curious as to why she wanted to keep her epic brawling abilities a secret, though. There really was more to her than met the e and he was going to figure it out.

It was barely a two minute ride from the hospital to home and when they got there, he picked her up and gave her a piggy-back up to her apartment. She mumbled a thanks as he set her tenderly on the couch. "I really don't want to ditch you like this, but I should probably get cleaned up...I'll send Keira over." And he was gone, headed for his apartment. When he got there, he caught sight of Jack and Keira sharing breakfast. "Uh...Hey...Keira? Cajun's kinda broken." He still hadn't thought up of a decent lie to cover for her, so he just left it at that and assumed that Cajun had something planned already as he ditched towards the bathroom for a shower.

[Really need you right now. Bring the sappy stuff? I got snacks <3] She texted Leonard before tossing her phone over by the television. She wasn't mad at Danny - She couldn't be because it was her own fault she got beaten up. But she couldn't just stand there and watch. But, she was aching too much to think too hard about it for now, so she simply lay in wait for Keira and Leelo to get there, which no doubt would bring around Luz and Walt as well. She smiled softly knowing that her friends cared for her so much. Though, she was a bit sad that she didn't get to go to the zoo or the pet shop. She was going to cash in on that later, though. For now, curling up with Leelo watching her favorite sappy movies would be great.

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|| In His Apartment ||


The body needs sleep because or else it can't hold together,” Leelo patted on Walt's back as he replied, “You'll be fine, you always are great at everything you do!” Leelo winked at Walt even though he knew that it didn't just happen like that.

Leelo admired Walt for his hard work, for always wanting to be better. If Leonard wasn't good at something he would try to get better but he wouldn't completely dedicated everything he had to it. Leelo bit his lip when Walter mentioned confessing again. But Leonard found the right words, once again.

Patience my friend, patience and everything comes,” Leonard tried to take on a philosophical tone though he wasn't the type of guy you can take seriously even when he tries.

Instead he headed back into his room and took out his old type-writer. He loved all of the old stuff, the way the keys on the type-writer smacked onto the long never ending paper, the way the slidder made that 'ding' sound once he slipped it back to the start. He had been working on a story for such a longtime and was almost finished. . . actually, he had finished several already but never deemed them worthy to be published. He just left them in boxes, each story separated by folders that started to rip from the several hundred pages each story was.

When Leelo's phone made the same tone it always did every time he received a message he finished his sentence then checked his old Nokia. It was Evangeline. As always he gave a little squeak and his phone suddenly became a bar of soap he could barely get hold of. Finally, he checked the texte.

| Really need you right now. Bring the sappy stuff? I got snacks <3 |

Leelo sprung onto his feet and immediately grabbed The Breakfast Club, The Notebook and a deck of Uno cards. Then he took his MP3 player with all the cheesy love songs he just adored and he sped out of the apartment.

Time payed up!” Leonard shouted so that Walt could hear him loud and clear as he left the apartment.

Leonard ran up to Eva's apartment and just waltzed in and saw her on the couch. He wrist was in a brace and her face was cut. Leelo immediately approached her and carefully put his hands hovering around her face. He was afraid to hurt her if he touched the cuts that he stared down anxiously.

What happened?

He had let the movies and cards fall to the ground with no care in the world because something had happened to his beloved Cajun on the very day of her birthday. He examined everything. Her wrist, her face and the way she was dressed. She had most likely been working out with Danny. How could he have let something like this happen to her? No there was no way he would let her get hurt, he wasn't a complete ass hole, just a player.

Does it hurt? Why am I even asking? Of course it must be hurting!” Leelo always felt stupid around Evangeline which just made his heart beat faster.

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#, as written by Vix
“Got into a scrap at the gym. Some guys. Danny slept with someone's girlfriend and they were beatin' him up. Told them to leave 'im alone and tried to push 'em off and they went at me.” She offered a light shrug as she lied through her teeth to him with as sweet a smile as she could manage. “Don't worry about me, cher. All I need is some good ol' fashion movie time.” She gave him a grin and reached out to ruffle his hair some. She could tell that he hadn't groomed before coming to her apartment – But it was cute. She pulled her hand back gently with a blush and gave her usual absentminded cough.

“Can you get the ice cream out? I can put in The Breakfast Club.” She glanced down a bit nervously before looking over to Juno. “Blanket!” She watched as the great dane bounded off to her room before coming back dragging a thick pink comforter. She looked to Leelo expectantly with bright blue eyes. She tried her best to appear as though she didn't feel like she just fell down a flight of stairs.

His hands were still hovering over her face and he looked shocked still. She grabbed his hands gently, pushing herself up a little bit. “I'm fine. Just a few bumps and bruises. Please don't get so worked up. We'll both feel better after some ice cream and movies...alright?” She released his hands slowly and set them down on the couch. She was surprising herself at her ability to stay so calm while speaking to him - Normally, she was a clutz about it and said rather random and inappropriate things. Make it was the head trauma that was helping her to not look like a fool. Well, she was going to cherish the moment while she had the chance.

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"Patience?" Walter muttered, "Oh I think I need to work on that too." He nodded slightly, making a mental note to start that night. He watched his roommate head back to his room, shaking his head slightly. His friend was much closer to perfect than he was, always creative and passionate about the things he loved. Walt didn't even know what he loved. Well he loved his father, that's why he was doing all this. He wasn't even sure what he would do after making his father proud, it wasn't a very specific goal to begin with, and he wasn't even sure how he'd approach the man in the first place.

The apartment was silent for a moment, until Leonard yelled out something about time paying off. But before Walt could even open his mouth Leelo was already gone. So Walter was left alone in the apartment building, with only Fluffy. Now would have been a good time for him to practice that whole patience thing. "Nah." He shook his head, ploping down onto the couch, placing Fluffy in his lap. He took his phone out, trying to find a distraction. He saw the text message that Evangeline had sent him [Thanks! And that's a big order to fill – Danny's taking me out for the day. Isn't that nice? Oh! And breakfast is ready. <3]

Walter smiled at that, contemplating heading over for some Cajun made breakfast. Then an image of her large, black, terrifying Great Dane popped to the forefront of his mind, just the thought of the monster dog jumping on him made his shiver slightly, petting the much smaller cat curled up in his lap shaking his head, 'I think I'm good with breakfast, Juno's probably still over there and I'm not sure i need to have a heart attack today thanks. But if you go out with Danny at least be sure to be safe! And maybe spend more time with someone... nicer... like not Danny. But don't tell him I said that... seriously I don't want to die Cajun...'

He smiled slightly as he sent out the message, hinting at Leelo but not realizing that his friend was already over there. He frowned down at his phone as he saw there were no other new messages. He sent another message to Luz rather than wait for someone to text him, 'You should come over! I mean I'd come over but no boys allowed right? :P'

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Keira began to eat her plate as she waited for her friend to come out of his room. She could hear the water of the restroom turn on and turn off after a brief moment as she just waited. After awhile Jack walked out of his room with his pajamas on and a wife beater. She gave him a smile before seeing him stumble a bit which made her chuckle before biting softly on her bottom lip to stop from laughing at her best friend who was obviously on a hangover from the previous night. "Very graceful, Jack." She said to him as he tried to tell her something, it took her a few seconds to actually figure out he was saying, "Good morning, Ms. Cullen," She sighed as she smiled toward him as he went over to the coffee machine and started it. Once it started Jack walked to the found and started to pile everything onto a plate. "You eat a lot my friend." She told him as he sat down next to her. She grabbed a little of everything before almost grabbing the syrup right as Jack did. She raised an eyebrow toward the man and grabbed the bottle after he put syrup over everything over the plate. She put it over her pancakes and hash browns before setting it down. She began to eat the hash browns just as Jack looked at her and began to speak. "Don't ever let Danny con you into a drinking contest, That guy cheats." She chuckled as she turned her chair to face him and cleared her throat. "I wasn't planning on it. I mean, remember the last time I got drunk. I fell asleep and almost slept walk into the middle of the street. Until you got to me." She said, trying to hide her accent a bit like she had to do when she was at work. "After that I have decided to know my limit just so you don't have play superman and save me again." She turned back to her food to eat so more before smelling the coffee aroma fill the room. She inhaled before exhaling out. "That smells so good." She said out loud before putting her plate in the sink and going over to the couch to fold the blanket up and put the pillow on top. After doing so she walked barefoot behind Jack and wrapping her arms around his shoulder to give him a hug and lay her head on his shoulder.

"Thanks again for being my babysitter, Jack Jack. You're a great friend." She said to him right as the door was opening. She didn't hear the door to the apartment open but she did hear Danny coming into their apartment. "Uh...Hey...Keira? She rolled her eyes as she answered him, "Yes Danny?" She said before his responding to her. Cajun's kinda broken." With that she took her arms away from Jack and looked towards him. "Wait, what? Dammit Danny, what did you do?" She said as she rushed towards the door. But she stopped in her tracks and walked over to Jack to give him a small kiss on the cheek. "You're the best, Jack." She said as she rushed out the door closing it behind her. She rushed towards her and Cajun's apartment quickly. She walked out the Red Building and into the Bean. She nodded towards Mr. Black before going into a door near the back and walking up to the apartment. She walked into the building to see Cajun on the couch with Leelo near her. She smiled towards Leelo before walking towards her room to leave the two of them alone. She knew the two had feelings one another and she wasn't going to get in the way. She walked into her room and locked the door behind her. She turned on the light before walking to her closet to get out of the black dress that hugged her curves. She kicked the matching shoes off the the pile of shoes that were all organized. She grabbed out a pair of blue jeans and a white lace shirt. Before slipping them off the slimming black dress and tossing it in her hamper which was almost full. She slipped on her new undergarments and then began to slide into her skinny jeans with ease. She then got her shirt on and walked to her shoes, most heels and grabbed a nude colored pair.

As she sat down to slip them on, she looked at the pictures she had set up of all her friends, all of them having both Cajun and Jack in them with her. Except for one with just her and her best friend, it was before most of their friends moved in. They were young and it was before she had feelings for him. It was less... complicated when they were young. She shook her head as she stood up finally with shoes on her feet, which made her about 5'7 with the heels on. She looked in the full length mirror at her reflection and looked down at her outfit. She walked out of the room and into the living room to see them watching The Breakfast Club. But, she also heard Leelo saying he had a surprise for the young Cajun girl. She walked up slowly before speaking softly, "Sorry to interrupt but... Cajun, you ok? She asked as she put her hand down on the top of the couch as she looked down with worry in her light green eyes.

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#, as written by Vix
She sighed as Leelo went on about her wounds, sitting up all the way and pulling the blanket around her body. She listened to him as though she were a child being scolded. She mumbled a silent and solemn apology, glancing down. A single tear streaked down her cheek as he ran off to go get the ice cream, but she was quick to wipe it away. Everything was fine and everything was going to be fine. Its not like she was seriously injured. She wasn't the one that had gotten her nose broken. She did, however, turn her frown upside down when Leelo came back with the ice cream, popping the movie into the DVD player.

She giggled as he mentioned a birthday surprise, her eyes lighting up immediately as she sat her bowl down on the end table. “Oh! What is it?” Her smile was bright as she leaned over, though before she could shake him as she intended to, her roommate walked in and gave what she perceived as a knowing smile that made her face get red all over again as she somewhat “scooched” away from Leelo – She didn't recoil. She just...casually moved away just a little. There was an awkward silence except for the movie and the sound of Juno's tail thumping until Keira came back through. Moto mewled and weaved his chubby little self through Keira's legs, rubbing up against her.

The Bayou Belle sighed at the question, though she gave a smile. “Don't worry about me, mon cher. Just a misunderstanding. I got home safe an' sound. An' I got Leelo here takin' care of me. We're gonna watch some sappy movies an' then Luz is takin' me out for dinner an' at some point, I'm goin' to da zoo an' then I'ma get three more Sugar Gliders 'cuz Mornin' Glory seems just so lonely. But don't you worry about me because I got ice cream an' sappy movies and good friends an' its mah birthday. Just a few bumps and bruises.” She would have wrung her hands with nervousness, but her wrist was sprained and now that she was slowly recovering from the concussion, she went back to her usual bubble-headed, cherry-faced, chatterbox self around Leelo.

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|| On The Couch With Evangeline ||


That's what the word surprise is employed for, suspense!” Leelo giggled and took another bite of his ice cream.

Then Keira just came into the apartment. It was both Keira and Evangeline's apartment but Leonard couldn't help but want to say, “Don't just barge in like that!” He kept his spoon in his mouth, leaving it to freeze his tongue before the heat of his mouth counter attacked the cold. He felt Eva barely place herself a little less close to Leelo. He couldn't help but smile a corner of his mouth. He knew that she was embarrassed when he face went red. Then again, he was too. He just had his spoon in his mouth as an excuse to not have to explain anything. His heart was a bit in a rush until Keira went into her room.

He didn't like the feeling that he had been caught. . . “caught”? Caught doing what? He was just sitting next to Evangeline, his very good friend and colleague. There was nothing to be caught doing. But why was Leelo feeling like he was on a top secret mission that just got found out?

He continued eating his ice cream quietly as Evangeline answered Keira's question. She was obviously lying about the “just a few bumps and bruises”. Leonard felt a slight and brief shot of pain in his heart when she said that she was watching sappy movies with a “friend”. He put his ice cream bowl down and turned to Keira.

Obviously Eva got hurt but she doesn't want to make a big deal so we're going to watch The Breakfast Club and eat some delicious ice cream!” He smiled at Keira then winked at her and gave her a hint about the birthday party, “So how's the Mighty Bean, is everything in place?

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#, as written by Vix

|| On The Couch With Leonard ||

“Y'all stop worryin'. I jus' need some ice cream and rest. Like I said, I got my Leelo takin' care of me, so everything is gonna be just fine. Y'all know the healin' powers of The Breakfast Club.” She kept her tone light and cheery, adding at the end a cheesy yet often-found adorable joke at the end, polishing off her entire act with a bright white smile, a twinkle on the surface of her blue eyes. Keira gave a lift of her brow at my Leelo, simply smiling and giving a shrug of defeat. “Alright, I'll leave you with your Leelo, then.” She winked as her roommate went a brighter shade of red. Aw, they were so cute together. She glanced to Leelo and gave him a thumbs up and a wink, trying not to enjoy Cajun's frustrated expression too much before leaving, closing the door silently behind her.

Evangeline turned some, facing Leelo once more. “Ain’t y'all ever heard that friends don't tell secrets and secrets don't keep friends?” She gave him a playful smack on the arm before doing her best to mess up his hair. Content with the damage done, she stuck her tongue out playfully before turning her attention back to the television. She picked up her bowl and shoveled the Sunday flavored ice cream into her mouth with a wistful sigh.

“I swear, there ain't no good, ol' fashion romantic guys left in this world. Hollywood has some nerve. Gettin' up the hopes of girls like me an' then leavin' 'em to get crushed when we realize that you might end up havin' to settle instead of gettin' your dream guy.” She was practically pouting as she ate her ice cream, though with a quick glance at Leelo, she laughed bashfully. “Don't pay any mind to my ramblin'.”

She gave a light yawn, a wave of exhaustion washing over her. She finished up her ice cream with a few more shovels and set her bowl down before setting her bowl back down and pulling her blanket around her. She gave another yawn and lay down, resting her head in Leelo's lap, curling up some. “Thanks for comin' over, Leelo.” She smiled up at him with that small cute smile that she saved for him whenever she could actually manage to.

Keira had made her way back to Jack's, gently pushing the door open and popping her head in slowly. “Danny! What the hell happened to Evan?”, she called out into their apartment, frowning some. “Why didn't you call any of us while you were at the hospital?

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|| On The Couch With Evangeline ||


Leonard almost coughed up his ice cream when Eva said “my Leelo” and he became bright red when Keira said, “Alright I'll leave you will your Leelo”. He turned his face away from both girls and tried to calm his heart. He put his ice cream bowl on his face trying to be discrete about it. He couldn't have Evangeline see him like this, it was too embarrassing. He was already ridiculous as it was, he couldn't be more. Or could he? Keira's thumbs up to him just about topped it off.

Evangeline turned toward him and he tried to face her for a second but her smile just made his turn right back around. He didn't want to seem impolite but he just couldn't look at her right then. She ruffled his hair which oddly made him more comfortable. He loved it when she ruffled his hair because he could do it right back which he immediately did.

Alright, let's watch this movie!” Leelo got comfortable and suck his tongue right back at her then stuck another spoon of ice cream in his mouth, he left it in there was he pressed on the play button.

Hearing Evangeline ramble about romantic guys, there not being enough, he felt a little hurt. He was trying his best but he knew that since they weren't officially together she couldn't possibly consider him being romantic. She probably only saw it as a friendly gesture. Leelo finished his bowl and took Eva's once she had finished hers.

When she put her head on his lap he ran his fingers through her hair and twirled her blond locks between his fingers. He loved her hair, he loved her smell. He loved Evangeline. Her peaceful smile she gave him just crushed his heart. He couldn't bear sitting there being her friend when he was have a cardiac arrest around her.

I'm always here for you,” he smiled then bent over and kissed her forehead.