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Jay Walsh

Who lit the fucking fuse on your tampon?

0 · 397 views · located in San Francisco, California

a character in “Anything But Simple”, as played by ChaosxChild13


Jaylin Anne Walsh


Full Name:
Jaylin Anne Walsh



June 15th

Sexual Orientation:

Apartment Number:

Majoring in Journalism

Jaylin is your typical California girl, she wears the feather earrings, and has bleach blonde waves. She normally does bolder make up, to stand out more and she loves to style her hair almost every three-four months. She loves to do her nails so they're always vibrant, and she normally carries a pack of cigarettes in her back pocket wherever she goes. Skinny jeans are her favorite to wear, and a sweater and scarf with a beanie to match. She's what some people might consider "hipster" she enjoys thrifting and finding unique looking clothes.


"I seem like your typical California, shopaholic junkie girl. Minus being a total bubble head. More to the point, I don't care. I don't give a fuck what you think, and I don't give a shit if I hurt your feelings. Meaningless sex is kind of my thing, I don't do ties, they're a waste of my time, along with staying in bed all night, and all that other shit. I picked up snarky, witty comments from my two older brothers, and I have a quirk of twirling one strand of hair when I'm bored, and biting my lower lip when I'm stressed -- which happens more than often.

Underneath the crazy persona I put off [flirty, expressive, fuse easily-set off] I'm quite timid and shy, my seemingly shallow emotions are deeper than the ocean. One of the things I hate the most. I cry a lot when I'm alone. My depression has a way of consuming me whole, along with my social anxieties, and my childhood memories. I get worried about the ones that are close to me, which is few, but enough. I work my ass off for what I earn. Some nights I don't sleep, sometimes I don't wake up for class. I always try to juggle more than I can handle, including school life, jobs, and school work just doesn't seem to fit into my schedule. I miss my Mama every day. I may not be very religious, but I went to church every Sunday with my family, and if there was one thing I learned from all of it was forgiveness and second chances. I believe in those, but I'm strong enough to know when to quit and cut ties with someone. And trust me, I'm not afraid to let people go."

Some people believe because Jaylin is such a party girl, she is stupid, but that's hardly the case. Jay has a perfect driving record, and has never missed a day of school. Her father was always very strict about school and always wanted his kid's to succeed in whatever they plan on doing. Andy was in the Honors Society at her school with a perfect A record. She got scholarships for her writing, and her soccer. But once the sun went down, she was at all the hot spots, drinking away. Jay loves to plan crazy nights. Maybe getting drunk and running around the town, jumping in a fountain and almost getting caught by the cops. Some may say she's crazy, she prefers to call it creative. But without all the parties, in her down time she loves to relax, maybe read a book, or take long rides on her long board. She loves going to the park with her notebook and writing short stories, drawing and writing lyrics for songs.


Jay is flirty, she is proud of her sexuality and has a strange way of bringing straight girls to date her. Despite all her flirtatious behaviors, she is a romantic underneath. She would love to find that perfect someone and be with them, bring them flowers, go on midnight walks, and go out to dinner. No one ever really sees that soft side of her though, mostly because she covers it up.

  • Reading:
    Always has been an escapism for me, I love to get lost in books.
  • The Supernatural Realm:
    Don't let people tell you the supernatural isn't real...I've had some really powerful experiences with that, first hand.
  • Writing:
    It kind of comes with reading... I like to create and be able to control characters and books.
  • Daydreaming
  • Long Boarding:
    My long board's name is Henry. It's a Sector 9, green bamboo sidewinder
  • Partying:
    Where the dub-wub at? And where the fuck are my rave gloves?
  • Drinking:
    Yaeger bomb, anyone?
  • Smoking:
    People: Do you smoke?
    Me: Smoke what? *smirk*

  • Horror Movies:
    Anything with a good blood spill scene is my kind of thing. Or a super twisted plot.
  • My kitty cat, Tammy the Ally Cat.
  • Her family.
  • Food:
    Anything with cheese please

  • Being left out of the loop
  • being tied down to a certain way of living.
  • Doing things the "right" way -- who's to say what's right and wrong?
  • When people aren't adventurous.


Social anxiety where i feel I have to wear make up in public, I get nervous I don't look good enough a lot of the time. Not only that, it's kind of fun to play with it.

Become an author for children, become a baker -- maybe open her own coffee shop with homemade baked goods. She wants to find a true love. Jaylin was always taken, but she had never let herself fall into a relationship full-heartedly. She's scared, but she thinks with the right person she could try it.

Although her serious hatred for girls seems to thrive on her behavior, she has a soft spot for them as well, if they happen to be pretty and intelligent. Green eyes never hurt either. She will do anything to protect her family and her close friends. She keeps her mom's necklace on at all times -- it's her mother's First Communion cross.

I grew up in a small town called Jupiter, California. I grew up with a father, two older brothers and a twin sister named Annabelle. How I got the name Jaylin? Well, my uncle picked it out. I was supposed to be a Jayson Matthews Walsh...But, when I popped out, it was a huge shock because another girl popped out when they were expecting a set of fraternal twins. Guess the doctor was cracked out, because what is down there doesn't resemble a penis...At all.

Whatever, I guess.

So, the years passed and three years came around, and my dad told me our mom had passed away after she gave birth to me...

High school rolled around and I began to pick up nasty habits, getting in the wrong group of people and doing juvenile things. I got in a lot of trouble, yet no one could honestly put me down because I always received A's in school. The principal knew me by name, and so did all the staff members. I had been sent to the office for fights too many times to count, and at my old high school I was a bad ass.

Until my dad thought I had gained "too much of a rep" and decided to move our entire family my Sophomore year of high school. It was an awful move, I missed all my friends back home, and turned to a lot of drugs and getting into an even worse group of people.

I began to spiral, until sent to counseling and therapy. I started going to church again with my dad, and my became closer with my siblings. For so long I had never known what it was like to be loved unconditionally because I thought that everyone just leaves in the end, but soon I began to understand that those who love you most won't ever let you down when you need it most.

Theme Song (s): Optional.

So begins...

Jay Walsh's Story

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Jaylin Walsh

The alcohol sat on Jay's morning breath as she stumbled to the bathroom, and suddenly realized that she wasn't necessarily in her OWN apartment... With a pause, Jay backtracks into the small hallway of the apartment and saw Eli laying on his bed, but she was unsure if he was asleep or not.

Even though she was a bit shocked, she shrugged, it wasn't anything new... The last thing Jay remembered was sitting outside of the apartment complex with a bottle of Yaeger and a cigarette.... The rest of the night was probably spent watching some dope horror movies with Eli, who seemed to be less bothered by her every time she stumbled into his room. With a sigh, she rolls her shoulders and throws her bleach blonde hair up into a ponytail then strolls into the kitchen, swinging open the fridge. Balancing the eggs in one hand, bacon and orange juice in the other she closes the door with her foot, humming a bit as she does so. With a swift movement, she sets the eggs and orange juice on the counter and opens up the cabinet to find pancake mix.

Making breakfast was kind of her thing, she remembered her house would always smell like bacon first thing in the morning. Flicking on the stove, she grabs a pan and cracks open two eggs into the pan, placing a spatula next to it when they needed to be flipped.

Backtracking, she goes into the living room, finding a mess of movies spewed across the table, chips and unfinished drinks and... Her purse!!! With a smile, she grabs her purse, rummaging through it, her hands clasping around her cigarettes, lighter and her bowl, which happened to have a full bowl pack left. With a smile, her eyes flicker over towards where Eli was laying down and she meanders towards the kitchen and places her bowl, cigarettes and lighter on the counter, flipping the eggs.

"Hmm.." She wonders, as she listens to the eggs sizzle and she flips on the radio, and the Black Keys hummed through the kitchen and she dances a bit as she flips the eggs and begins on pouring the pancake mix into a huge blue bowl. Rummaging through the cabinets, she finds chocolate chips and throws it into the pancake mix as well as butterscotch chips. Good thing Eli had a thing for sweets, because to be honest, that was her ultimate weakness, anything sweet can cure any kind of sadness or anxiety.

"YOOO, sleepy head," She turns her head towards Eli, "Better get up if you want something to eat." She smirks, and waits for a response as she whisks the mix in the bowl and begins to make the pancakes in the other pan on the stove.

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|| In His Room At 2 a.m. ||


Leelo had stayed lying on his bed for hours he glanced at his clock occasionally hoping that time would fly by faster. He wanted to fall asleep, he wanted to be tomorrow because tomorrow was Evangeline's birthday. How long had Leonard waited for her birthday? He had stopped counting the days but he was ready as hell to give her the best gift ever.

Okay, yesterday Mr. Black confirmed it, everything should go perfectly! Leelo was so excited his heart was fluttering.

He kept on hearing the party going on at the HUB. Danny was most likely there. That guy was always up for a party, just like Jay. . . Worry rose in Leonard so he jumped out of bed and checked through the window to see what was going on. Yup, there Danny was a bottle in one hand and a girl or maybe two under his free arm. How could that guy so despicably flirt with Eva? Leelo sighed, at least he didn't catch any sight of Jay which probably meant she was safe and sound at home with Eli. Leonard turned to go back to bed when he saw his black, folk, electric acoustic guitar.

“One more time?” He asked himself softly then glanced at the time, it was almost two in the morning, Walt was probably still awake he wouldn't mind, “One more time before the party.”

Leonard picked up his guitar and started singing the song he especially wrote for Evangeline's birthday. He couldn't wait to see Eva's face when she hears his song and see's everything Keila and Leelo had prepared for her, as well as everyone else. Then when he was finished playing he fell asleep with a smile on his face and flopped onto his guitar. The guy could sleep in any sort of position so sleeping on a guitar was not a problem.

“Hey Leelo! Wake up call! Guess who's birthday it is?” Walter's sudden wake up call startled Leonard.

Yes! It was Saturday. . . well it was Saturday at 2 a.m. as well but now it was official!

While Walter went on babbling about if Leelo would finally fess up about his feelings, Leonard got dressed. He slipped on some jeans, a plain black tee shirt, a belt to hold his pants, a pair of his favorite boots and he jumped out of the room. Their cat, Fluffy, was just passing by when Leelo popped out of his room so Leonard took advantage of the chance and picked up the furry cat high in the air like the scene from lion king.

“I don't need to say anything because there is nothing to say,” Leelo tried pathetically to hide his feeling for Evangeline even though his smile was abnormally brilliant on this particular day, “But I did prepare something great for her birthday party!”

Leonard took a bowl of cereal as he hummed to the same notes he had played on his guitar last night and he stuffed his face. He fed the cat and went to see Walt.

“So how was your studying last night?”

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Eli had never been a drinker; sure, he had no issue with it, and for anyone who drank that he knew, which was, just about everyone, he had never said anything, it just wasn't his thing...Come on, Eli, what IS your thing..? These were usually the meaningless thoughts that would takeover Eli's mind when his insomnia would kick in, leaving him in a sleepless night full of nightmares. He was used to these by now.

Allowing his eyes to open fully now, he took the time to glance over at the clock: "..Too...fucking..early..." he let out with a small groan. This was not how he had planned spending his day, waking up way to early, only to sit around all day.

The sudden smell of perfume overtook him, and, although he recognized the scent right away, it still never ceased to amaze him; of course, how could he have forgotten? The thoughts of last night's occurrences began to fill his mind, as Jay’s voice filled the air: "YOOO, sleepy head, Better get up if you want something to eat." Catching mostly the last part, Eli sat up at the thought of food, and finally he could smell the sweet smells of cooking. ”..but it’s so early,” he spoke the words soft, his English accent hardly understandable at hours so early in the morning. Nevertheless, he forced himself up out of his bed, almost tripping over his shirt which was now on the floor, leaving him in nothing but his sweats; he had never been able to wear a shirt while sleeping, which was just one of many weird quirks about him.

Stepping out of his room, he walked through the hall and through the living room, noticing the mess, a slight smirk taking over his lips before entering the kitchen, walking straight to the fridge, grabbing a Monster, then leaning against the counter, his eyes sleepily falling onto Jay. ”..if you wouldn’t have offered food, I’d still be in bed,” he said in a teasingly type of way. ”Where’s Sal? Is he even here?” he said the words more to himself than Jay, as he glanced around back into the living room, more at the mess they had made the previous night than anything. "..we sure know how to create quite the pile of rubbish...rubbish that I certainly do not plan on cleaning." Cleaning had never been Eli's thing, unless it came to his room, and he wasn't about to start, especially not in the wee hours of the morning.