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Juliette Sutherland

Come on then, surprise me!

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a character in “Anything But Simple”, originally authored by Deguu, as played by RolePlayGateway




Full Name: "So, hi...My full name's Juliette Rose Sutherland..."

Nickname: "...But most of my friends call me Jules."

Age: "I'm 21..."

Birthdate: "...and my birthday is on the 16th of July. Perfect time for a summer party, right?"

Sexual Orientation: "Oh...well, I like guys, but sometimes when I do modelling I'm asked to work with, like, other women? It's all clean stuff, and I'm definitely straight!"

Apartment Number: "I live in apartment 3C with Santiago."

Occupation: "I really love animals, so I guess it kinda makes sense that I'm a student vet, right?"

Likes: " favorite thing ever has to be...being with my friends. As much as they wind each other up, I guess we get on well enough. Secondly...I love cookie dough ice cream, but not too much, 'cause I've gotta keep an eye on my figure, ya'know? I love kittens too. I remember when I was a kid, and I brought home a stray, and hid it from my mom for three days before she found out. There's this guy too...but I can't tell you his name, and I guess another thing I really like is...I don't know...Shopping!"

Dislikes: "I think I'm an easy going kind of person, mostly...But something I really can't stand is when people leave clothes lying about. I mean, yeah, I know I share an apartment, but no one wants to see someone else's undies on the back of the sofa! And, another thing, I hate when people talk down to me. I mean, yes, I am a model, but that doesn't mean I'm not as intelligent as you. And yes, some people think I have a nice body, but there's no need to stare at my...ya'know...all the time - although between you and me, parties are completely different situation!- and I really hate when people kill parties by crying or something. And, you've probably already guessed, I hate when people abuse animals. It's just...what's the point, ya'know?"

Fears: "Oh god. I absolutely hate spiders. I can't stand them. They're just...Why should any animal have more than four legs? I'm also scared of heights, so I get panic attacks when I go on planes. And, don't tell anyone because this is so childish...I'm also afraid of the dark. Don't laugh."

Dreams: "My dreams? Well, for one, I'd like to get to be a really great vet, for definite. And, like, later, after that, I think I'd like to have a family, with a decent guy, instead of those perverts out there. And well, I know it's completely impossible...But one day, I'd like to visit Paris"

Secrets: "Well...with my modelling, I only do it for the money 'cause it's difficult. And it was one time, just one, 'cause I was desperate, but I did this nude shoot...It was tasteful and stuff! Nothing that dirty...but I'm still really embarrassed 'cause it wasn't all that bad. And I like to keep my biscuits away from the person I live with, just so that he doesn't eat them"

Personality: Juliette is a loud, generous young lady, who can be somewhat high maintenance. She knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it, and will do what it takes to get there. That doesn't mean, however, that she is selfish. Although she is quite self concerned, she still loves her friends and family, and feels compassion for other people too, particularly for animals. She is very hard working, and determined, and stubborn too, as relentless when aiming for a goal. She has a good sense of humor, though if she is humiliated, she will hold a grudge until she is able to take out revenge.

Around men, she can be very flirtatious when she wants to be, but at the same time, refuses to be looked at as an object. Because of her modelling career, she is often looked at as little more than a woman, and she hates that. Though she isn't in any way a feminist, she refuses to be looked down on or patronized. In some ways, she is a proud person, but at the same time, she has a very sweet, romantic side with a dream of the 'perfect guy'.

History: Juliette was born in England, to a very affluent family. She was home schooled from an early age in English literature, French, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Latin, and Music. It wasn't quite formal, as it was her mother that taught her. It was a quiet childhood, for the most part, and she was restless throughout. Until, when she was just twelve, she met one of her neighbors moved out, and the hottest kid she had ever seen moved in. They spent the entire summer together, until he went away again, but her childhood sweetheart will always hold a special place in her heart.

By the time she was eighteen, Juliette had decided she wanted to be a vet, and had began to study biology. However, in a once in a lifetime opportunity, she was offered a modelling contract in America. Having decided that she needed to get away from home, Juliette left to pursue a veterinary career abroad.

So begins...

Juliette Sutherland's Story

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#, as written by Deguu
Juliette Sutherland

||Apartment 4D||

Juliette sighed and dropped her bags on the ground by her feet with a heavy thump, and began to rummage through her pockets in search of keys. She had enjoyed the stay with her parents immensely, and had achieved a healthy looking tan. Juliette had passed the better part of a week shopping with her mother, and had the spoils of that in the bags that were now around her feet. They had had fun. Spending afternoons in cute cafes, catching up over a coffee. She had spent a lot of time with her dad too, reading while laughing as he fished. It had been lovely seeing them again, and the weather had remained gorgeously warm.

Juliette found her keys deep in her pocket, and sighed with a relief. She wasn't in the best mood. Her plane had got in four hours late, and she had almost been unable to pay for the cab home. She had dropped all of her bags down one flight of stairs, and had had to go back down and carry them all up, hoping to God that nothing had broken. And, she had a shoot booked in for the following day, and if she didn't get into bed on time tonight, she would look awful on camera.

Putting the key in the lock, she stumbled home, and dragged her bags in after her. Thank God. It was empty, and the sounds echoed slightly. Juliette had almost been hoping someone would be home to welcome her, but it was probably just as well that there wasn't. Lugging her bags of new clothes to her room, she left them by the door, and then returned to her suitcase. Dragging that over to the sofa, she sank into the cushions with a deep, heartfelt sigh. It felt good to sit down, in the comfort of her own home.

She thought of having a nap, but forced herself back. Opening the case, she drew out a few small bags full of gifts for her friends. Even at home, she had made sure not to forget them. Juliette smiled tiredly, and placed them carefully on the coffee table before taking her suitcase into her bedroom. She fancied a coffee. Maybe she could catch up with whoever was in The Mighty Bean. But she would need to freshen up first. Turning on the shower, Juliette got ready to go out again.

OOC: Sorry for taking so long to post, guys, but I'm here now :)