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Ao No Exorcist The Secret

Ao No Exorcist The Secret


What happens if Mephisto was holding more then one child of Satan. What if he has two of them locked up somewhere...and they escape. No one knows of there apperance yet and how powerful they are. What will they do..what will you do. (o.cs~)

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Ao No Exorcist The Secret
(This RP is based off a real anime/manga that is not mine. The owner is Kazue Katou)

Its the middle of the school year for True cross Academy and the students are still aiming to be a Exorcist. No one except a few know of Rin's secret, but new secrets are going to be revealed. Mephisto was being very naughty lately and was holding two other satan children capative testing them. But when he leaves for a week something goes wrong. The two children escape into true cross enraged and they both have a plan to kill the humans residing in True Cross. The children are acting like normal students for the time but when Rin and some others sense something Different what will they do. Will Rin help the children, will people find out of their secret, or will every human die.

Satan Child 1:
Satan Child 2: +Reserved+
Other Students such as Bon could be played but they arent as nessecary
O.Cs (unlimited amount)

Types of Meister exorcist classes(Your character may choose what type of Meister they are aiming to become. You are only allowed to be 2 of the 5 categories tops.):
Knight- These exorcists utelize swords to combat against demons.
Dragoon- These exorcists use a wide variety of guns and different special kinds of bullets to kill demons.
Aria- These are exorcists who use the power of the "Fatal Verses", which are found in the bible and other holy scriptures to combat against demons.
Doctor- Exorcists that are able to heal wounds that are inflicted by demon.
Tamer-The rarest of all the meister classes. These are the very few exorcists who are able to control and summon different types of demons at will and use then as familiars. This requires a type of blood magic that can be drawn on the ground or on paper. They then simply need to recite any words that come to mind. However if the paper is torn or burnt, the familiar will dissapear. Also, if the Tamer is not confident, then the demon will attack them. Begginer tamers should start out with harmless level 1 type demons such as goblins.

Exorcist Ranks(Everyone besides Yukio will start out as a page, unless they are a staff member. Anyone wanting to start out as an exwire will have to pm me.):
Page- Begginer exorcists who start by learning the arts of exorcism. Basically the only thing a page is allowed to do is study, and try to stay alive in gym class.
Exwire- A page can become an Exwire by taking a special exam that requires a group of pages working together to defeat a demon. Once you become an exwire, you still basically do the same studies, but are in the same classes as the rest of the school and are required to do menial jobs such as cleaning a demon's cage, or collecting samples, etc.
Meister- Meisters are the cream of the crop. They are exorcists who have graduated from True Cross academy and can either take teacher positions, or take jobs eliminating demons. They are also the only ones who can be catergorized as Knights, Dragoons, Aria's, Doctors, or Tamers.


Role: (O.C, Rin, Bon, etc)
Race: (Half demons, Humans excluding satan children)
Sexual Orientation:
Relationship with any other members in the school(not only like boy/girlfriend. Basically any relationship from friends, to rivals.):
Weapons(if any):
Rank: (Everyone should be Exwire any higher level Pm me)
Exorcist class/Meister class you are aiming to achieve:

+O.Cs will act like they have been in True Cross academy as long as Rin has been.
+O.Cs can be half demons or humans only no full demons
+If you want to be siblings with an Orignal character you have to Pm me about it or if someone takes the role of the orignal character ask them
+If you want a demon to attack please report in Pms first. I dont want a demon all of a sudden attack but if its only a small attack. Like if the demon only attacks your character and the character kills it. Its fine
+When we start the Satan Children will post about being in a tube and they watch Mephisto leave. They both escape somehow.
+ For people who need to do research.
+Ideas are wanted please Pm or tell in Oc.

+Romance is allowed just go too far
+No killing other characters without permission
+No god modding maybe for the children a couple of times just to make things tough
+Please dont spell like this "U r So Stupid!" And please at least a paragraph. 4 sentences?
+More rules may be added please check every once and awhile
+If you read this put "Blue Flames" On the end of your Skelly

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Character Portrait: Mitsuki

Satan Child

Character Portrait: Saito Ishita
Saito Ishita

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Character Portrait: Mitsuki

Satan Child

Character Portrait: Saito Ishita
Saito Ishita

Knight Exorcist.

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Character Portrait: Mitsuki

Satan Child

Character Portrait: Saito Ishita
Saito Ishita

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Re: [OOC] Ao No Exorcist The Secret

If this RP is still alive I would be up to it now that I have read the manga up to now anyway. I thought about joining before but wanted to read the manga first but I was busy.

Re: [OOC] Ao No Exorcist The Secret

We're not getting many characters, are we? :/

Re: [OOC] Ao No Exorcist The Secret

@ArhaHitomi888 : Mhm yes you can Alice oh yes just to tell you i reserved the 2nd satan child and its gunna be a girl~

@ Atheol Cowin : Alright and no you can create any power yoy want well nothing "Too" powerful.

@Jung567 : Well the manga is fine the anime and manga are actually pretty the same. And great character you made *claps*

Re: [OOC] Ao No Exorcist The Secret

Alright, I'll make one oc. Count me in. :/ But, I read the manga... I haven't seen the anime yet... I'll try it out later on...

Re: [OOC] Ao No Exorcist The Secret

I'd like to make a .O.C. I'll have him in by tomorrow night. Ok? It isn't take long. Is there anything you want, like powers, or skills..

Re: [OOC] Ao No Exorcist The Secret

May i reserve the other Satan Child?

[OOC] Ao No Exorcist The Secret

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