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May Ayuzawa

"Get to know me and I can garantee you won't like what you see.

0 · 351 views · located in True Cross Academy

a character in “Ao no Exorcist: The Spawn of Satan”, as played by estrelas


ImageName: May Ayuzawa
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Appearance: May is one of the smallest, yet most looked up to people you’ll ever meet – how ironic. She stands at 5’2’’ and is on the skinny side. Though she doesn’t have a very impressive bust, she is still slender and has a grace about herself that gains her a lot of attention. After much argument with the Headmaster, she managed to be allowed to wear a, well, more revealing outfit. Unlike the pictures, she wears a black cropped tank that exposes her belly and extremely short shorts with a thick black belt. Knee high black boots are usually adorned as well. Her jacket is black as well and fairly tattered and oversized. May’s black hair is usually pulled back in two high pigtails while her bangs sit on her forehead to frame her sharp ice blue eyes. To top off her rather dismal appearance, she has her tail that is a fairly stereotypical demon tail: thin but with a pointy arrow at the end. Also not shown in the pictures, she has seals and runes tattooed across her arms, legs, back, and on the tops of her hands and feet.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Personality: Because she’s been at the academy for such an extended period of time, May is obviously very intelligent and aware of her abilities and their extents. She has a very controlled and indifferent way of holding herself, although even if she seems like a know-it-all-nutjob she is regarded very highly amongst her peers. She is tender on the matter of her “demon problems” and can be offended easily when people call her names regarding them. May can often be seen as a rude person who gives everyone the cold shoulder, but she does this because she doesn’t want to let people see how scared she is; how scared of herself she is.
Likes: winning, exorcists, her weapons
Dislikes: losing, demons, sweet things, meat
Hobbies: reading (text books/manga), sketching (people/demons), listening to music, napping
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship with any other members in the school: TBA
Weapons(if any): A scythe with a retractable handle (carried in a sheath on her back and twin handguns which she has strapped to each outer thigh.
Abilities: Flexibility has always been a major bonus for her fighting techniques. Due to being partially possessed by a Demon God, she can hear the thoughts/voices of demons. She is also more agile and strong. When she is in a life threatening situation, the Demon God inside her gives her a boost of power, which causes a blue flame to erupt around her left eye.
Rank: Page
Exorcist class/Meister class you are aiming to achieve: Dragoon and Knight
Backstory: May was born a child with a dream of working with animals. She didn’t realize, however, that the creatures that she thought were animals were actually demons; at the age of three she was given her spirit wound and it nearly stole her life. Her parents delt with her “problems” until she was six and they dropped her off at True Cross Academy with a suitcase. A teacher there took her under his wing and explained to her what was going on, although she didn’t fully understand it until she was ten when she was burdened with a horrific experience. The teacher, now her guardian, was to leave on a mission and though she was told to stay home she followed with anticipation to see a real battle. When she peeked around the corner to watch the fight, however, she found herself watching the teacher as he was slaughtered cruelly. The demon, who turned out to be a Demon God, attempted to possess her. The teacher, on the brink of death, prevented him from fully possessing her before he died. Once back at the academy, they were unable to remove the Demon God completely so they placed seals on her body to hopefully prevent the Demon God from managing to fully possess her. To this day she can hear the thoughts/voices of demons she battles. To remind her of the experience she has a tail and the seal markings running along her body. Because of the Demon God in her body, May has been diagnosed with a "nonexsistant" disease. Her soul grows weak every time she summons any of the power. The Headmaster predicted that she doesn't have long before the Demon God starts taking her over once more. The Teachers have been reinforcing her seals more often so May seems to understand that the time she has is limited.

So begins...

May Ayuzawa's Story