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Florian Iver

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a character in “Apocalypse Academy: Survival of the Fittest”, as played by kiran-sama


Florian Iver
"Unholy Mack, I'm bored. Savvy for a game? What? 'Fraid you'll lose?"


About Me




Yuki Onna

Who I Am


Florian could very easily be summed up as an imp, hence the nickname. His number one pastime is making people hate him via practical jokes and childish japery. He enjoys probing others for their faults and exploiting them for the sake of his entertainment (although if you ask him, it’s a much simpler process than that). This is not to say that he’s averse to making friends, it’s just that it’s really hard for him to do so, mainly because it’s hard to tell when he’s being friendly because of all his jokes. But he does try, every once in a while. It disappoints him, though, when people can’t tell the difference, and so he abandons his pursuits of friendship very easily. Florian hates being told what to do with a BURNING passion. It makes him feel like a child, which does his enormous ego no favors. As such, he’s wont to disobey the majority of figures of authority, out of sheer spite, even if what they have to say is to his own benefit. Florian will have none of that. Needless to say, he is very childish. He likes the things children like: stuffed animals, games (hide and seek and arm wrestling being his favorites) sweets, explorations, things of that sort. He doesn’t like being serious, especially not with the disasters their world is facing. In a way, being a kid helps him forget about their situation, and remember how things used to be.

Likes Dislikes
Teasing people Authority
Cold weather (naturally) Sunshine
Hide-and-Seek People who are weaker than he is
Arm wrestling Excessive heat

Arrogance: One of the things that could very seriously end up being the death of Florian is his temerity. He has the audacity to do things that any person humbler than himself would not be able to do. His ego is, one could say, inversely proportionate to his height. He’ll readily pick fights, and charge headlong into things he is simply not capable of handling. His exaggerated self-opinion oftentimes makes him disdainful towards authoritative figures, another thing that many a time leads him to tackling dangerous situations without guidance and heedless of consequences.

Low Stamina: As fast as he is, one would usually initially assume that he is a good runner. However, that is not really the case with Florian. It’s difficult for him to stay moving for more than a certain amount of time before he starts slowing down, getting sluggish and having a hard time breathing. Obviously, this puts him at a disadvantage when in combat, but even when he’s not fighting, travelling for a long time by foot takes a toll on him, although he tries to keep it from showing.

Spiteful: Florian, being the childish little thing he is, is very prone to holding grudges. Unfortunately, he oftentimes also tends to let personal problems interfere with him even during the most serious of situations. So, when he’s angry at someone, and they (somehow) end up needing his help, even if it is a teammate, it will take him a little bit to decide let go of his anger and do what needs to be done instead of allowing a teammate to come to harm. This also makes him a little uncooperative with people he does not like, which is not a good trait to have during a time where being able to work with other people is damn near necessary.

My Tricks

Shard Field
A cluster of sharp ice shards that bend to the will of the controller.
Strength- Shard Field can be used in a variety of different ways, both offensive and defensive. Mainly, Florian uses this ability to hurl these shards at opponents to cause damage.
Weakness Ineffective when countered with a fire attack, naturally. The shards can also disintegrate if the wielder loses too much focus.

Ice Blade
An extension of the wielder’s self- a sharp blade formed over the user’s arm and extending past their fingertips.
Strength- Ice Blade, like Shard Field, can be used both offensively and defensively, both for shielding the wielder with the armor-like ice or for attacking with the sharper edges and end of the blade.
Weakness The ice can break, and tends to more in Florian’s case due to his sheer physical strength.

Frozen Confine
An area enclosed in the thickest of ices, a most impenetrable wall.
Strength- Frozen Confine is stronger against fiery offensives than typical ice, being so thick and all. Also, while it can be used as a shield to keep opponents away, it can also keep them from escaping.
Weakness While it can keep opponents from escaping, it can also trap the user in its walls as well in the event that they wish to abscond, as it takes concentration to break when use is finished.

My Past

Florian grew up with a well-to-do family consisting of only his parents and himself. He didn’t have very many friends when he was a youngster, and oftentimes would play hide-and-seek with his father in lieu of any companions his own age. He quickly grew out of playing with his father at around the age of thirteen (he didn’t want to seem too dependent on his parents, that is), but still hid in small nooks and crannies whenever he could; he liked his hiding spaces.

When the plague struck his home, his parents infected one another, and turned on him while he slept. He woke up in the nick of time and only barely managed to escape the clutches of his once-parents. He ran off into the night, and was subsequently found and led to a 'safe' haven: the Academy.

So begins...

Florian Iver's Story