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Q Alterix

{need to flush out weaponry}

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a character in “Apollo's Colosseum”, originally authored by Alliqua_Dark, as played by RolePlayGateway


“Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.”

Immortals| Fall Out Boy||Still Counting| Volbeat||Comin' In Hot| Hollywood Undead||

Speech Thought

||Full Name||
Quin Wilson Alterix

||Arena Title||
Q 021




Bot Battler

||Positive Traits||
Daring||Willing to do dangerous or difficult things. Showing a lack of fear
Chivalrous||Having the qualities of chivalry, as courage, courtesy, and loyalty. Considerate and courteous to women; gallant. Gracious and honorable toward an enemy, especially a defeated one, and toward the weak or poor.
Resourceful||Able to deal skillfully and promptly with new situations, difficulties, etc.

||Negative Traits||
Snide||Derogatory in a nasty, insinuating manner. Mocking using sarcasm and insults.
Boastful||To speak with exaggeration and excessive pride, especially about oneself; to speak with pride
Lazy||Averse or disinclined to work, activity, or exertion; indolent. Causing idleness or indolence: slow-moving; sluggish:


Food, Alcohol, Gambling, Women, and combat.

Discussing feelings, Losing, Getting lost, Tight spaces, and Disappointing people.

Becoming the best in the business, just like his father before him.

Covered in scars from testing out new equipment.



||Brief Appearance Description||
He is short, which he is self-conscious about. He has short brown hair and stubble. He always has his little companion with him, a small personal health bot he made called "Lix." He usually wears unassuming clothes and such. He likes to blend in with the crowd most times. He is muscular and slightly more stout than most.


He is great at getting out of tough situations. On the spot repairs to just about anything- even people. Making enemies. Combat.

Can get cocky. A pretty face. Alcohol. Gambling.

As a boy he grew up in his father's shadow, his father was the best Bot Battler there ever was. Q was always drug around behind his old man. All of them freaking out over his father. The great Alphonse Alterix. Life was basically Q following Al around and going to all the matches and after parties and "getting lost" when his father spotted a cute groupie. Male at that. Q would run home to his mom, a frail, sickly woman known as Rain. She used to be drop-dead gorgeous but now she looked so sad, every time Q saw his mother like that he'd cry. Rain loved Q with all her heart. She kept him a good boy. She knew Al was cheating, and with men at that. She didn't care much, she did but she knew the Al she loved died when she got the note saying she was doomed to die.

One day Rain passed away, Q started acting out, he went to illegal Bot Battles. He got money from it and he was good. Everyone in the underground knew him by age 15. He practically ran the illegal Bot Battles by the time some scouts came in to check him out. Little did he know they wanted him on their team. To Bot Battle. Just like his father had. Q wasn't going to agree but they informed him Al had passed away, and that his final wish was for Q to fill his shoes. Q loved his scumbag dad, and as such he agreed. Leaving the slums behind to join a professional team.

So begins...

Q Alterix's Story


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Chapter 1
The Day Before Dawn

The White Knight

Kadir Zinc stood as he studied with attention as he studied Lelah Piaget's every move, he had to, and he knew it. For practice put in today would reveal in the performance tomorrow. But Kadir would not be fond to call a slaughter, performance, no a performance is a show, and no matter how famed the matches were, Kadir would never be one to see death as a means of entertainment. And Kadir also would never take today's training light, especially in Lelah's perspective. Kadir was being difficult today, but that was only because he bore mountains of pressure against his shoulders, and he was not going to set her up for failure, because he knew what the prize was for a loser in Apollo's Colosseum, Adelina showed him that.

And Kadir cared about Lelah, though he really did just meet her the day before. But why? She of course reminded him heavily of his own daughter, so much hope, and the hunger for adrenaline inside of her. Kadir could tell Lelah wanted the rush and excitement of being a gladiator, it was the reason why she joined him. And Kadir just could not say no, though he found many flaws with her techniques, he knew she would continue with her life, Kadir just did not want to know how many matches it would take to finally end it, and he did not want that to happen for the young girl.

"No, that's going to get you killed, Lelah," Kadir instructed her. "You're form is too jumpy, and attacks, unpredictable to the point of insanity. It is good strike at your character's off-guard moments, but with moves that random you might be only hurting yourself. You need a more organized method of fighting, and... slow things down, you’re getting to ahead of yourself not executing critical hits." Kadir was working with her on close-combat, and so far he was winning, of course. He gave her his hand to pull her off the ground he knocked her to.

Kadir glanced at the clock against the wall of the room, he needed to make a phone call, Kadir was getting doubtful that she was coming. "Listen, Lelah, keep practicing I have to step out-- Here, I have someone you need to meet. I was going to introduce after practice, but here, he can help, he's good at that."

Kadir rushed to the target practicing room where he found Augustus Zephyr, "August, you remember the rookie I dueled yesterday, Lelah Piaget, also known as Skuld Well, she's in the team, and I want you train with her while I step out and make some contacts." Kadir now in a whisper, because Kadir didn't want Lelah to get offended, "Go easy on her, remember she's a rookie, not like you, and an amateur, to tell the truth." Kadir started to walk away but stopped, turning another to say one last thing, "Oh and, don't hurt her, I mean it, she has to be ready for tomorrow's match. Walk her through some of your moves, maybe. Just not a scratch."

Kadir dialed his phone for Lucy, she was the only teammate missing, he was afraid she was never going to show up until a "woosh" swept the streets and in she came and arrived in a heartbeat. She was not called, Lighting Lucy for no reason. "I was almost afraid you would never come," Kadir confessed, because really there was not much purpose for her to come to the gym other than to greet the other fellow teammates, because like the bot battler, they would not belong in a building for gladiators, but Kaidr knew if they were going to work like a team then they had to start by getting to know each other. "You wouldn't ever miss out on meeting some new friendly faces, would you?" Kadir spoke scarcastically, which was as rare thing he did, but it was true, and Lucy knew it, she was never the one to be sympathetic to others, she was selfish, and greedy. She would have not even joined the team if Kadir did not press her to feel as if she had a debt to repay him. But if we are going to work like a team, we have to be able to trust each other. United we rise, divided we fall. Are you willing to do that, Lucy?"

Beatrix Phoenix

Bullet after bullet Beatrix hammered through the dummies' skull. Beatrix was a legend in the making, and she knew it. Like all the other champions chosen by Apollo to competing in his little game, she was undefeated, but what made her special what that she never missed, her accuracy was golden, especially to a blind woman. Skills so perfected, she grew boredom from practice, and often abandoned it after the continuous streak of head shots became monotonous. She enclosed her guns into the hostlers strapped to her pants before marching over to the pull-up bar where she then concreted on her upper-body strength.

As she hoisted herself up the bar, constantly strengthening her arm muscles. She felt a roll of sweat form as she was working out, giving it all she got, as she fiercely stormed her body over the pole. She pushed harder and harder as she repeatedly thought of her sister Lily, and her power-hungry bastard of a step-father. Thinking of Bentley just formed a burning inferno within that never stopped to cease to surround her ever being. This, is what she assumed that caused all the grumpiness and fur inside of her, she let her mind wander into the dark and sufferable of her life. She was going to fight like hell before letting that man even lay a finger on that girl.

And after Beatrix had worked out her body and skills, she decided it was time for a drink. Well, she always had a strong liking for all alcohol in general. She had already been training in Apollo's VIP training grounds, he reserved it entirely for his teammates. Funny how he referred to them as teammates, a team he had no part in other than to watch their, his opponents crumble in defeat. He could have had the White Knight dead by now if so really wished, but no Apollo wanted the cash to start flowing. There would be crowds wanting to see the returning legend fight, but who can blame them the White Knight has been missing for five years, and all of sudden he returned. But as for Beatrix she made her way to the lounge where she would find herself a seat at the bar.

As Beatrix was dumping another shot in, she sensed and heard footsteps entering the room. Beatrix was always very sensitive to people's footsteps, entirely because she was blind and that was one of the ways she could identify a person, it was Rook Palmer, she could tell, she already knew about the rook who was doing his best to rise in the ranks, for the glory and fame. But Beatrix hated how he was too cocky, too confident, and too proud. And she would be deeply angry with him if he lost the match tomorrow, she could not allow team White Knight to gain a single point. She could not allow them to win, Apollo would kill them, or worse, sell them into slavery. And Beatrix knew she had to be there for Lily. So noticing Rook was in the lounge rather did annoy her, believing that he should be practicing and not in the lounge where the main goal in a lounge is to relax.

But she remained silent knowing that she already has plenty of enemies and doesn’t need to create anymore, especially with her own teammates. Though she has heard of Rook, believe it or not, the rookie has raised some eyebrows, but he was not picked by Apollo for nothing. And Beatrix knows he looks to talk, he was a charismatic fellow, and she was more of a quiet girl. She just hoped he was not coming around to make a conversation or anything.


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Character Portrait: Rook Palmer Character Portrait: Beatrix Phoenix Character Portrait: Q Alterix Character Portrait: Knight of Apollo
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Rook Palmer

Steady reassured steps heralded Rook "The Duke" Palmer's passage through the corridors of Apollo's personal facilities. Although personal would be pushing the description. Until now they bore host to those gladiators, racers and bot battlers like himself that were lucky enough to have Apollo's sponsorship. Now, they were empty of all except the small team gathered together by Apollo. Rook didn't like it. He hated the overwhelming emptiness of the place and he tightened his hands into fists to keep them from shaking and fought off the desire to turn around, to head back the way he came. Back to the welcoming business of the world and whichever willing woman who would keep him company. The solitude was precisely the reason he had delayed his arrival in this place. It was also the reason why he was on his way towards the lounge in hopes that someone would be there. If not he would check the training fields, at the least he could distract himself with his training.

Of course beneath the temporary dread was the eagerness. When he was a boy, all he had dreamed of was taking to the arena. It had only been a year since he made his first appearance on the fields of death and here he was, requested by Apollo himself! To fight The White Knight, Cataclysm of all people! It was his dreams come true, he would show all of Crypt City that he was the best. Although, the fact he wouldn't in fact be facing off against the venerable warrior was a technicality, he was fighting against those hand picked by the man. Not to mention he would be fighting alongside some of the best of the current age; Beatrix Phoenix and even the mysterious Knight of Apollo. So beneath his near-phobia, he was practically giddy.

Stepping into the lounge he was both unnerved by the silence and reassured by the female form sitting at the bar. With a smile he approached, having already recognize the woman in question.

"Beatrix Pheonix, its a honour to meet you." He greeted, sincerely. His tone was honeyed and his smile was charming. It didn't quite occur to him the she couldn't see it or his proffered hand as he slipped into the seat next to her.

"Rook Palmer. I look forward to being on the same team as you. I've seen some of your fights, I may not be far better with my fists than with a gun but even I can recognize you're like a sharpshooting goddess." He was certainly laying the praise on thick, however he may tend to embellish but he was completely honest with his words.

"Its like something out of a dream. Being hand picked by Apollo to fight with you against Cataclysm and his team, of all people. I mean it was my dream but I didn't think it would happen in my rookie year. A little effort goes a long way I guess." He grinned smugly, after all he lived for this and he wasn't above indulging in a little satisfaction and pride. Even as he spoke he felt the earlier tension ease from his body. He didn't even need some alcohol to relax a little.