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The God of Chance, Luck, and the Fortune of Mortals

0 · 221 views · located in The Forests of Aerire

a character in “Apotheosis”, as played by Eisenhorn




Chance: Fortuna is the god of luck and chance, and as such has control over this very thing. Within his realm, he decides the luck that humans have compared to others. Though with as many people as there are, he has a system to make his work easier. Mortals have a replenishing supply of 'Luck' that they passively regenerate over time. In times of need, mortals can tip the scales in their favor with this unseen energy. Certain mortals, the gamblers and conmen, usually have more of these reserves than peasants and honest men. When low, things do not seem to go a mortals way until enough time has passed to regenerate their passive reserves.

Fickle: Chance is, by its very definition, uncertain. There is no absolutes when dealing with Fortuna and the realm of Chance and Luck. Every action, every thought, is another roll of the dice and prayer to Fortuna to make, or break, their lives. As such, no action done when Fortuna is watching or interfering can be certain, even to such an extent that science, and in rare cases, reality fail to stand up to this fickle nature. Whether it aids, or hinders, is uncertain, but such is the machinations of Luck.


Lucky Draw: At whim, Fortuna will make it seem the luck of a being is unending, giving them favorable events one after another, while misfortune fails to find them, or skips over them to touch another.

Unlucky Roll: The opposite of his Lucky Draw, he saps the luck available to a being and leaves them utterly luckless, for as long as he desires. Every fortune leaves them, and all misfortune strikes them true and leaves them desolate and broken.

Dead Man's Hand: Two eights (One Club and Spade), an Ace of Clubs and Spades, the fifth card is the kicker. The four cards shown begin to cycle around their target, growing in size equal to their target, and the fifth kicker slices forward, attacking the locked in foe.

Bluff: In a flurry of cards, Fortuna appears where he can see, the teleport tripped by an assailant or ranged attack, the flurry of cards being dangerous as they are sharpened, and could leave numerous cuts and open wounds in the flurry.

Appearance: Fortuna is rather lacking in his godly presence, as he cares not for such things. He wears a long traveller's coat, reaching down to his ankles, a simple breastplate with no ornamentation, under that being a clean white shirt. He wears leather colored trousers, and walking shoes. His mop of red hair and black eyes, silver when striding about as an Avatar, usually hidden under the brim of a wide leather hat. When in the realm of Gods, he has an almost mirage like affect around him, making it difficult to even look at him straight without focusing utterly in him, and beyond the change in eye color, his dress does not change.


Personality: A highly confident and stable being, Fortuna is also very fickle in his choices at time, being apparently unable to just stop playing games with chance. Under this facade, the God of Chance is a ruthless and cunning being, with utter focus on what he wants to accomplish. He will play his games in a more dark manner, throwing literal and figurative issues into things, playing fickle games with the flows and eddies of chance, making whomever incurred his wrath see their life become a living nightmare of one bad situation after another, with no clear way to appease him beyond waiting until he finished venting. His outlook is odd, as he refers to Chance not as his power, but what he represents. Nothing is certain, not even death, in the eyes of Fortuna and the forces of luck and chance.


Equipment: Being, at most, one to strike with a cheap shot and kick them while their down, Fortuna does not carry much in the way of weapons.

A single die, his Die of Fortune, which when rolled, has a local affect on the amount of passive luck that beings, excluding himself, have.

When in the realm of Gods, he carries a two handed sword, appearing as simple steel, though stronger than anything short of another weapon of a god.

Lastly is his playing cards, which are infinite to him, and are sharpened to the point of being able to split the hairs of a minuscule being.


History: Fortuna is as old as any god, and has watched the world grow and change. This has tempered the old beings original wildness, though this facade remains. He grows bored easily, and has played and toyed with the fortunes of man, always one step away from falling out of his job. He has finally taken that step, and has detected the winds of change are blowing, for him and four others. This is not what he desires, but will see how it plays out with his meddling, as the chance of anything happening always exists.
Other Important Information: His Apotheosis and following are very atypical. No temple of worship to Fortuna stands, nor any statues or monuments to his glory, as when one is erected, disaster just so happens to find this creation, and the chance of its survival does not exist. Even the very ground the former chapel or monument stands on is cursed with poor fortunes, and yet almost every mortal believes in Fortuna, even if they do not acknowledge it, as getting lucky happens to everyone.

Description of Personal Realm: The personal realm of Fortuna, what a seedy dive that is. Being one of the few gods to not care for being godly in appearance and style, his realm is very similar to a den of gambling on the mortal realm, with its own flavors. Fortuna has his own office overseeing the actual floor, where he will be when he doesn't feel like toying with a game of chance. This facade can change quickly, as luck is often to change quickly, whether it be subtle or massive. But the gambling den is the most common feature.
"Good" or "Bad": Bad, of course.

So begins...

Fortuna's Story