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Jericho Cross

A natural born soldier, tempered with age.

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a character in “Apotheosis”, as played by Eisenhorn



Name:Jericho Cross
Abilities:Having been around for more than a few years and been fighting most of them, and raised by a family of soldiers, Cross has developed more than his fair share of combat tactics and skills. He has picked up some practical skills, underhanded at times but he isn't an honor bound warrior.

Swordsmanship: Being, first and foremost, a front line warrior, Cross has many years of experience wielding his two handed sword. Being able to effectively make up for the lack of a shield and still press in his offense. He fights on endurance rather than speed, outlasting and striking with precision rather than a rain of blows meant to wear down a foe. Despite being aged compared to most mortal warriors, and lacking blistering speed, his endurance and strength conservation is astounding, unfatigued by the plate and two handed sword he bears in combat. He has, on numerous occasions, struck an enemy with the hilt of his weapon, many times in the groin, to open up their guard and strike them down, and that is the tip of other dirty tricks his young comrades do not yet understand are necessary to survive to his age.

Tactics: Cross has battled professional armies and bandits alike, and has more than once led a group of men into battle, their survival reliant on his ability to act accordingly in the face of changes in war. Cross is very perceptive and constantly scans for trouble and strong points that can be turned into defensive positions with little work and time, and turn a last stand into another victory. Likewise, he picks out the weak points in a potential foe, striking there with the correct strength to shatter that point, and at times, the whole enemy force, and leaving nothing more than cleaning up the surviving enemies, whether it be execution or capture and send them to their fate.

Courage: Any real warrior has courage, but Cross has the tempered courage of a veteran. He isn't the suicidal berserker that fears nothing, and dies quickly after a single battle. Nor is he the skulk that hides at the rear of the lines. He has a inner strength, a quirk, that drives him to not only claim victory, but survive to see that victory in all its glory. This inner strength can seep out and affect his allies and enemies, striking doubt and fear in the face of the unrelenting and unphased elder warrior, and rally and embolden his allies, their veteran pressing forward and fighting the good fight.

Appearance: Already having the white hair of old age, the two hardened blue eyes that peer out of the heavily scarred and battered face show experience and lack the tired look that some older men hold. He lacks the thin and wiry nature of some soldiers, but is not the hulking ax man who can not fit through the inn door. Broad at the shoulders and built like a rock, Cross lacks anything subtle about his build. He is almost always in armor, the full plate having, while not ornate, interesting designs and etch work done to show his status. His shoulders, and elsewhere that a single plate is ineffective, multiple layers of much shorter plate reside, fastened together in such fashions as to deflect as well as stop attacks. He bears a crimson cloak, the edges lined with artistic works and also help hide injuries he has suffered in the field. He wears the plate pants and boots that provide a high level of protection, but also limit his mobility at times. The few times he is out of armor, he wears a leather tunic, arms exposed to the elements, leather trousers and well broken in shoes.


Personality: Cross has a very matured outlook on life, and the Gods, in general. He has a very grand fatherly way of acting with the younger generation, at least the ones he respects and get alongs with. He helps them with little consideration for what will happen to him, having lived long enough and, in his belief, a hearty and well lived life thus far. He is cautious in following blind causes based on fickle things such as the newest religion or money, both being dangerous if chosen poorly. He knows luck has played a role in his survival, as well as death not visiting him just yet.


Beyond his heavy amount of armor, Cross carries only one true weapon, his rather large two handed sword. The blade is made of a lengthy process of tempering and reforging, a mage presiding over the creation to reinforce the blade and allow it to wound things that the utterly mundane would fail to touch. As such, when facing the unnatural, the blade leaves an icy blue afterimage in its wake.

He will also carry all the provisions he will require on his war mount, an older horse that he rarely forces into battle anymore, dismounting and fighting on foot, leaving his oldest friend to rest after having survived as much as he had.


History:Born into a regiment of mercenaries by the medic who tended to the wounded, Jericho Cross was not so much raised by his father and mother alone, as his mother was rarely free due to numerous injuries at a steady flow but did what she could, but by his father and the men he shared arms with. He was the apprentice of one of the only soldiers who still used two handed weapons in the regiment, sword and boards, as his mentor called them, were far too popular for their ease of learning and defense. A wise and patient man, the mentor would say time and again, can defend himself with a single steel blade rather than a blade and shield. Under the strict physical and mental regime put forth, he rapidly grew in strength and stature.

Eventually he left the regiment, a young and proud fighter. The pride was tempered quickly in his many mercenary fights, nearly dying more times than he could count, whether it be of arrow, poison, or a more skilled fighter. He would always survive, and he grew to respect the laws of life, and death, more than usual. This helped solidify his unusual choice of deity, or twin deity, as he harbored a belief in the God of Chance, something his mentor had instilled in him as well. He made mistakes, and they weigh heavily on him, however he looks at what he did right to counter these shadows of his past, and many times has worked for nothing, finding the aid usually rewarded him in unforeseen ways later on.

Other Important Information: The old soldier has a firm belief in both the Goddess of Death, and the God of Luck. He isn't a blood crazed cultist or sneaky crook for either of these, and finds it annoying when someone asks him of his belief, and promptly denounces them. He does not raise any man to a state comparable to Apotheosis, instead respecting them but not willing to go that far for any one man. He is called the Son of Man, due to the common assumption due to the fact that the fighting body, therefor the known face, was all male. This will irk him if pestered on, usually lying about its real origins, giving other reasoning. He introduces himself as Cross with no title.

Starting Location: Braesorn
"Chosen"?: Nay

So begins...

Jericho Cross's Story