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The Goddess of Death.

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a character in “Apotheosis”, originally authored by Script, as played by Disdain


Selphina, Goddess of Death


Name: Selphina
Domain: Death
Sex: Female


Godly: (These abilities are the powers that the deity possesses to be applied only in the carrying out of their domain's role, and solely affect mortals. Improper, unnecessary usage of these powers is forbidden)

  • Death: Selphina commands death. If she so commands it, a mortal will die. As long as she is present, death will occur naturally. If she so commands it, a mortal may also be preserved from death.
  • Judgement: Selphina decides where mortals go after they die. Obviously, however, she cannot attend every trial in person. As a result, she has one simple test, very similar to the Egyptian portrayal of Osiris' test. The human's heart (not the physical one) is weighed upon her scales by her angels and spirits, against a skull weight. If the heart is heavier than the weight, then the human is sent to hell. If the heart is lighter, they are sent to heaven. If the heart is equal in weight, then they become a ghost, until such a time as their heart tips one way or the other. This often takes a while, seeing as it's hard to do things when you're a ghost.

Powers: (These abilities are those that Selphina's avatar commands, rather than her Domain. She uses these personally, though infrequently, and are the abilities that she may (sort of a little bit if she's careful) use to influence the mortal plane, and grant her followers on a low power scale)

  • Night: The more basic of Selphina's powers, her powers of Night consist of bolts and flames of black and midnight blue energy. Immensely powerful, due to her god-like nature, these may be replicated on a more mortal scale amongst mortals.
  • Bone: Selphina's powers can also be employed as bone 'magic', summoning and manipulating an exoskeletal set of extremities - wings, arm blades, and general extra bony appendages that can be extended outwards like chains, swung around like flails, or wielded in close combat. The wing-like appendages in particular are deadly up close.
  • Spirits: Selphina may command spirits of those passed, trading their services for favour in moving on from the limbo of being a ghost.
  • Generic: Being a Goddess, Selphina has access to generic god-like abilities. This includes projecting herself as an avatar in the mortal realm, be it in a dream or physical form and general reality alteration upon the mortal plane e.g. suddenly being very big, walking through things, altering her appearance (this being limited to affecting herself and non-sentient things, she can't simply make a mortal or demon poof).

Appearance: Selphina is a being of ephemeral, eerie beauty. With deep and lustrous eyes of pure black that seem to draw in the souls of those who look into them, and long silky black hair which seems to have a spiritual life of its own, she is clearly supernatural despite her humanoid shape. Typically, she dresses herself in silk gowns and other light, flowing clothes that fit with her quite ghostly and ethereal look, adorned with bone, lace and ivory embellishments. Her figure is slim and her breasts are small to average in size - she borders on skinny, though she is imposingly tall at six foot four.


  • Lunar Sword: A massive golden greatsword, almost as large as Selphina herself and beyond the capacity of any other to wield. The weapon will only respond to Selphina, or one she designates personally, and in their hands it behaves as light as a feather. Only with more crushing and stabbing.
  • Scales of Pitiless Justice: A replica of the scales used to judge people at death, these scales serve multiple purposes. In the event that the wielder faces a more powerful foe, spikes will jut from them to embed into both the wielder's chest and their enemy's. Power from the foe is then drained and granted to the wielder, leaving them at an equal power level. Similarly, they can be deployed near death or when severely wounded, and the same effect will occur, except with life force.

Personality: Both dominating and slightly airy, Selphina can be aloof and nonchalant one moment, and then severe and commanding the next. Independent and introverted, she is quite odd, even for a Goddess.

History: What do you put as the history of a god? It's quite extensive. Sort of goes on forever. As far as significant events that Selphina has had a part in, there are few outstanding apart from obvious roles she might have played. While not the one who 'came up' with the idea of replacing the slacking gods with new chosen, she is a strong advocate of it, and positively disdainful of the gods in question.

Description of Personal Realm: Selphina's realm, aesthetically, resembles her quite acutely. Dark and eerie, it is a realm of perpetual full-mooned night, with a low blue glow constantly filling the landscape. The landscape itself is a mix of untamed hills and fields, dotted with forests, and barren rocky areas, with very unnaturally sudden boundaries between them. A common theme, however, is water - rivers, lakes and pools are dotted very commonly around the realm, and all of them seem to reflect the exact same image of the moon in the sky. There are no stars. There is a sea on one edge of the realm that seems to go on forever. The water itself is icy cold and deadly to those who are not Selphina or her servants, freezing to the touch, it sucks the very soul out of mortal, god and demon alike, drawing them into a frozen limbo beneath its surface. The only person who can save people from this limbo is Selphina in person, though her servants can pass through the waters without harm.

"Good" or "Bad": "Good".

So begins...

Selphina's Story