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Celestia Wright

"Heartbreak may hurt...But Time always heals."

0 · 74 views · located in Appaloosa Plains

a character in “Appaloosa Plains: The New Start”, originally authored by Sanarith, as played by RolePlayGateway


Age: 22 (Birthday is in June, just passed.)
Gender: Female
Family members (including non-blood relations as well. If they have NPC relatives, just write NPC *insert whatever relative is.* For instance, "NPC Parents" and "5 NPC Siblings" and etc.): Ex-husband: Jackson "Jax" Daniels (Played by Sparkle) Father: NPC, Mother: Deceased, Daughters: Kaylie, Ashlyn (NPC) and Kira (NPC)
Have a Career, in the high school Academy, in the University, or On the Streets roughin' it?: Cel is working by day at the reception at the hospital and at night is studying to be a nurse.
Wealth Status/Class (i.e. Poor, Middle, Upper): Middle class
Bio: Celestia, or Cel, is a girl that's had many ups and downs to her life. She has forgotten that, and made a new name for herself after her daughter was rediscovered by two teenagers down in the bunker that Kaylie had supposedly died in. She had not died, but was in fact being hidden there by Cel as it was part of a plan she and Sepiroth, Alyssa's ex husband had proposed. Cel is now very inclined to her daughter's health, as the antidote to her daughter's past illness has needed speech therapy and causes her to go off into a world of her own sometimes. Cel is now happy for Kaylie to see her father, and is happy to see Jax and Alyssa happy. She's even thinking about letting Kaylie ride regularly now. She's turned her life around, but will Cel be able to adjust to being a single mother of three?

So begins...

Celestia Wright's Story

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Cel awoke to sunlight streaming through the cream curtains at her window. She must have slept in again, much to her annoyance. She had things to do, people to feed! Her stomach growled, reminding herself that one of the people she had to feed. From the covers of the bed, Cel could hear the slight rufflings of her 8 year old daughter Kaylie playing in the room next door. She pulled the covers about herself and sat up, and decided she needed a shower. Rubbing her bleary eyes, Cel slipped on her slippers and made her way slowly to the bathroom. The water was cold, and woke her up as she showered, and the relaxing feel of the shampoo massaging into her scalp soothed her mind until she was ready for a new day. Today Cel was to finally get what Kaylie had wanted for a good long while. A riding lesson and to see her friend Melody. Cel had mentally prepared herself for today, and she was ready. She stepped out of the shower and dried herself off, and got changed into a pair of white skinny jeans and a pretty floral top. She towel dried her hair and brushed it out so it didn't look so tangled. Once changed, she pulled on her slippers once again and crept back to her room to make her bed. Cel liked being neat, it made a change to what she was living in two years ago, in the ruined apartment. She opened the curtains and made her way over to her daughter Kaylie's room.
"Morning, beautiful!" Cel looks around the door and into Kaylie's room. She was playing with her dolls house, complete with plastic horses that Kaylie had begun to collect. She recalled that her favourite was the bay pony. "You know what's happening today?!" Cel asked Kaylie, excited for her daughter. "Riding!" Kaylie squealed as her mother tickled her, before carrying her daughter to the table. "What's for breakfast?" Cel asked. The answer was pancakes, and Cel made a small batch, complete with her favourite topping, sugar and lemon. Kaylie was still eating when Cel had finished, so she got up and dialled Alyssa's number. "Eat up, and I'll do the hard work." Cel winked at her daughter, sending her off in a fit of giggles. She smiled and waited for who she hoped would be a friend to pick up.