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Lana Perri

Lana doesn't let anyone really get to know her. She's not exactly the nicest girl in school but it's better to be feared right?

0 · 193 views · located in Appaloosa Plains

a character in “Appaloosa Plains: The New Start”, as played by Sparkle


Name: Lana Perri
Family members: Parents(NPC), Older Brother: Josh Perri
Have a Career, in the high school Academy, in the University, or On the Streets roughin' it?:High School
Wealth Status/Class (i.e. Poor, Middle, Upper):Upper
Don't forget a Picture and you may add in a Bio if you wish to as well! Any other details are also acceptable.

So begins...

Lana Perri's Story

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Character Portrait: Amber Archer Character Portrait: Josh Perri Character Portrait: Lana Perri Character Portrait: Chelsea Stard
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#, as written by Sparkle
Chelsea gets in the car and puts on her seat belt and then waits for Amber to do the same before pulling out of the driveway and starting towards the mall. "So I think it's really exciting that you're staying with us! Um so what are things that you like doing now?" I bite my lip nervously and try to hide how awkward I feel. I mean we don't have much stuff in common but maybe we do? "What stores do you normally get your clothes from? Your dress is really cute I like it". That's not a complete lie I do like the color of it. I pull into the parking lot and walk into the mall with Amber "So just tell me when there's a store you want to go into!"
Lana rolled out of bed and sleepily and shuffled to the shower. After she was clean she got dressed in denim shorts and a light blue tank top. After fixing her makeup and blow drying her hair she walked downstairs to find her brother sitting on the couch watching tv "Hey Josh I really want coffee so if you drive me to Starbucks then I'll pay for yours?" she pouted a little and he just stared at her for awhile before shaking his head and saying "No, get off your lazy ass and just walk there yourself". Lana sighed but slipped her feet into her flip flops and grabbed her purse before walking outside and down the sidewalk to the coffee shop. She walked past Subway and saw her reflection in the window so she stopped and started fixing her hair standing in front of the restaurant.