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Orlene Vitale

"Within every human there is a beast, slumbering... and the pain it may cause, is indeed numbening. But I will fight and I will be strong, that is my hearts song."

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a character in “Appaloosa Plains: The New Start”, originally authored by Gladis, as played by RolePlayGateway



Age: 19
Month of Birth: August
Career, Academy, University: University
Theme: Memory


Family: Gregor Vitale(father-NPC), Claudia Vitale(mother-NPC), Lewis Vitale(brother), Andrew Robertson('Grandfather')
Wealth Status: Poor
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Personality: Orlene is most likely one of the kindest and most soft spoken people you are ever going to meet. She is sweet and kind and easily starts caring for people, which is also her weakness. However, hiding this side of herself to stop herself from getting hurt, Orlene has put on a mask which can make her seem rather cold, if not bad. It is her way of shielding herself from all the hurt which would consume her otherwise. She doesn't trust easily, and doesn't like to show her emotions, even if she sometimes has no choice but to do so. Sometimes, she may also appear as rather impulsive. Besides all this, Orlene loves horses and music.
Biographic History: Orlene and her family moved to America from Switzerland when she was eight. Her family was wealthy, and she had a happy childhood, living with her mother, father and sister. Or well, Claudia isn't really her mother, though she viewed her as such. Truly Orlene was a bastard born of one of his fathers lovers, but as she died when birthing Orlene, her father took her in instead. However, he treated her no different than he treated his other children. Her father was a complex man, who could sometimes be warm and loving, and sometimes uncontrolled and icy cold. It was not unusual that she would hear her parents fight, though she supposed she wasn't actually meant to do so. When she was thirteen, she accidentally overheard one of their conversation, and so learned the dark secret about her family. They her father was in fact, the head of a mafia organization. ImageThere on from everything just went downwards and one traumatizing moment led to another. It all resulted in Orlene running away from home and trying to establish a new, cleaner life elsewhere. That is when she met her 'grandfather'. After weeks of running away, avoiding her family and their henchmen at all costs, not to mention other things happening to her, she one day found herself on a wide, green filed by a lake. There she met her one and true friend for the time; a mare with a beautiful white silver white pelt. They became friends quickly, and from that day on, she would always come visiting the horse when she was sure no one was there. However, what she did not know what that an old man had been watching her every time she visited the horse. One day he confronted her, and invited her in for a glass of lemonade and some cake. After that she would come visiting him every afternoon, and she came to call him 'grandpa'. This went on fore a year until the man finally noticed she was homeless. Arrangements were made, and he adopted her as his own. A while her life was wonderful again, as she loved with him on his ranch and was surrounded by things she loved. When she was sixteen, however, trouble was once again knocking on her door. Her grandfather was in depth for a lot of money he had borrowed from the bank, and unless he payed back in time, they would have their ranch and horses taken from them. Devastate by the thought of losing everything she held dear, Orlene sunk so low as to prostitution behind her grandfathers back. She did manage to earn a lot of money, but it broke her spirit and killed a part of herself... she hated it. Yet she would never complain, and she would always have a smile remain on her lips... for her grandfather, whom she loves so. She did meet people who wanted to help her, but for the reason that she was afraid of help she could never accept it... and now... she is still stuck in this situation. At least the ranch is still there, and so is her grandfather.

Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Body Form: Slim

So begins...

Orlene Vitale's Story

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#, as written by Gladis
(Don't be mean towards the Gothic Lolita! O.o... I think I'll have to make the twins post soon too... o.O)

Orlene sighs happily where she is laying in the grass; having slightly the likeness of an angel; with her long flowing blond hair and her fair yet not pale skin. The soft smile twitching on her lips lights up her features and gives life to her beauty. Added to it all, she is wearing a long, flowing, white dress. Her eyes eyes shut and she looks truly content. The morning sun shines down on her brightly, and warms her face. A light breeze sweeps over the field of soft green grass, and over her too, gently caressing her skin. Yes, this day could have been no more perfect; the weather is beautiful, for once she is actually relaxing, she is with her best friend ever and today she has off from work. Yes, it is better than any day she has had in a long time.
The young woman's eyes flutter open as she suddenly feels something soft and slightly wet nuzzle her neck. As soon as they open, she is greeted by the wonderful sight of her beautiful but old white mare; her best friend ever. "Good morning, Hope," she muses softly, giggling as the hose continues nuzzling her neck. Carefully, Orlene pushes her head away and stands up. "Stop it," she laughs, "it tickles."
She pauses and loses her embrace of Hope when she suddenly hears the signal that she has gotten a message on her phone. Frowning sightly, she saunters over to her bag which she has placed by the fence a bit further away, and bends down to open it and pull out her phone. "Whoever would message me?" she asks herself as she takes it into her hand, quickly types in her PIN code and then opens the message. She could not see from whom it was, as it happens to be a hidden number.

Lewis is on his way.
I am glad to see you are doing well, Orlene... even without us.
Love, Papa

Orlene almost dropped the phone to the ground in shock of the message, though she manages to somehow keep her grip of it despite her shaking hand. All color has drained from her face and she doesn’t seem to know how to react. “H-how…did you… find me?” she whispers after a while sinking to her knees as she feels a small tear trickle down her cheek. She never cries when other people around around; but when she is alone or just with Hope… she is allowed to do that. She is allowed to simply be herself without needing to keep up a mask to shield herself. Wrapping her arms about herself, Orlene gazes out over the lake in stunned silence. Of course they knew. It would have been stranger if they didn’t. And yet… when Orlene has felt safe now all this time… she suddenly doesn’t feel safe anymore. Especially not knowing her younger brother is on his way. What will he do? What does he want from her? To return home? Orlene would never do that… No, Orlene would not, will not. Sighing and deciding that moping around and feeling sorry for herself will not change the situation even one bit, she wipes her tears and hesitates as she gazes down at her phone. Somehow, she held it… she had accidentally opened up one of her old contacts.

“Josh,” she murmurs, blinking at the screen. How long ago has it been since she talked to him last? Orlene isn’t quite sure. All she knows is that she suddenly misses him immensely and would so much just like to call him but… she doesn’t dare. Closing her contact list, she slips her phone back into her bag, bids her horse farewell (at least for the moment) and then makes her way into the house, starting to prepare breakfast. Her grandpa is still asleep, and she knows that doing this will make him very happy when he wakes up. She likes seeing the old man happy… it makes her happy. And yet… she cannot shake off her fear or stop thinking about Josh…

After breakfast she finally picked up her phone and walked up the staircase, opening the door to her room and stepping inside before shutting it again. Sighing, she sat down on her bed, staring at her phone and hesitating several times... until she finally dialed the number and put the phone to her ear; her hear throbbing in her chest.

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#, as written by Sparkle
Josh was startled when he heard his phone ring and looked at the caller ID. Orlene? Why would she call? He sighed heavily and after a few moments of staring at his buzzing phone, he muted the TV and hit the answer button "um Hey What's up?" he cleared his throat a few times and awkwardly waited for a response. He was worried that something was wrong,why else would she call him? They hadn't exactly ended their relationship on the best terms and he didn't want to go through the horrible heartbreak that he had already experienced a second time.

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#, as written by Gladis
Orlene hesitated, for a moment both at loss of words, as well as not knowing why she had called him in the first place. Why... had she called him? She didn't know. Or well, yes... she did. She needed to speak with a person she trusted, and although they hadn't spoken for years, he was the only one she had. Well, he and her grandfather. But she didn't want to worry him about it, with his weak heart and all. Knowing she was utterly selfish for doing this, and feeling awful about it, she finally spoke in a weak and slightly quavering voice. As she did so, she glanced at the picture of the man who should have become her husband which was standing on her side table. Grasping hold of the frame and pushing it down so it was laying upside down, facing the wood of the table, Orlene stood up and walked over to the window. It was her way of mentally cutting all ties she had with the dead man... well, other than her memories and the fact that part of her would always love him...

"I-I'm sorry," she started in a stutter, feeling her cheeks starting to redden slightly, "I-I'm... so sorry for everything," that wasn't how she had imagined starting the conversation at all. Wanting to slap herself, Orlene took a deep breath and tried again, staring out the window and fingering the frame of it nervously, "I know that I am a selfish, horrible person asking this of you but... I... I... I miss you," She continued quietly, carefully caressing the fine wood with her fingertips, "I've missed you ever since that day. I don't think there is anything I can do to make up for hurting you... but if there is something, no matter what... truly no matter what; I would be ready to do it. I-I want to be your friend again..." she inhaled a deep breath, letting her hand fall to her side and clenched it, scared of how he would react, and even more scared of what left her lips next. "I love you, Josh... I've always loved you; just been too much of a fool to realize it... please don't hate me; even if you have every right in the world to. I wouldn't blame you... but I beg you not to," she finished in a whisper, feeling a tear roll down her cheek.

(Lacare, I will reply to Crisella once I get on my computer. That gives me a little time to think of a good reply. XD :3)

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#, as written by Sparkle
Chelsea smiled awkwardly at Amber and started walking down to one of her favorite stores called Madewell. "So this is probably my favorite store" she said happily as she walked into the store filled with preppy ish sweaters and jeans. She began to look through and pick out a few tops for herself "Get whatever seems nice to you it's my treat!" Chelsea's arms soon became full of jeans, tops and a few dresses "Amber! Find anything yet?" She knew that her false happiness probably appeared bitchy but Amber could try a little harder too! She just had to keep a smile on her face and remember that she was doing this for Will, Amber was going to be her sister-in law soon and she needed to treat her like family.
Josh sighed heavily and his grip tightened around his cell phone "Orlene, you know it's not that easy. You were horrible to me and I could be nice and just let you walk back into my life but honestly, that's not how things work" he angrily shut his eyes and stood up from the couch to pace around the room. "I think that if you're that serious about having me in your life then you're going to have to try a hell of a lot harder!" the end of his sentence became more angry and his voice became close to yelling. Then, the anger drained out of him and he slumped onto the couch. "Orlene" he whispered softly "Just, please I.." he shook his head and then hung up the phone.

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#, as written by Gladis
Orlene smiled weakly as he hung up the phone, forcing herself not to cry- she had no right to. He was right, this was all her own mess. She lowered her hand with the phone and gazed out the window in silent thought for a while, nodding her head slightly. What had she thought he would say? She wasn't sure, and she already hated herself so much she just wanted to go drown somewhere. She was already mentally suffocating... and again, she had no right to do that either. She had no right to suffer herself when she had caused another so much pain. She had been horrible, she had hurt him... and now she came crawling back to him? That sounded pathetic and pitiful, even to her ears. Sighing, Orlene wiped her tears and was just about to leave the room when... the door bell rang.

She arched an eyebrow and started walking towards it, though by the time she reached it the old man had already opened it and was standing there, talking to a young man with long, blond hair. Orlene froze, quickly hiding in the kitchen, but it was too late. He had already seen her.

Her brother pushed past the old man, shoving him out of the way so that he almost fell, and then strode into the kitchen, his hands stuffed in his pockets and a sly, triumphant smile playing on his lips. Her grandfather was shouting at him and threatening him that he would call the police if he didn't leave that instant, but Lewis simply ignored it.

"Gretzie, süsse Schwester," he mused in Schweizer Deutch, watching her where she sat by the kitchen table. As she didn't reply and just watched him like he was some kind of alien, he pulled out a chair and slumped down on it, still smiling triumphantly. "Found you... you won't get away this time..." he pulled out a gun and twirled it between his fingers as he looked thoughtful. "Now... give me a reason as to why I shouldn't just kill the old man? How much does he knew, hmmm?" her little brother mused, as though his statement meant nothing.

Orlene's eyes widened and she froze. "H-he knows nothing!" she exclaimed, "please don't harm him, Lewis!" she almost snapped at him in half fear, half anger even and well, a tinge of shock. Her brother hadn't been like this back when she still lived with her actual memory.

He smiled at her. "Don't believe you, prove it," he taunted.

She sighed, clutching her forehead. This would be a very long, annoying day. Not to mention that Josh was still fresh in her thoughts and made her hurt... it wasn't his fault, she knew. It was her own, but it still hurt. She was serious, and she was going to prove it... somehow. But how? She didn't know, she didn't know at all.

"And then there is that boy you flirted with a year ago... how much does he know?" Lewis smirked.

Orlene blinked and blushed bright red. How the hell did he know that?! "L-leave Josh out of this, Lewis!" she snapped, almost angrily. "Gosh, he knows nothing either..."