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Arlathina Dalisia

"You can choose to see only the darkness, or you can acknowledge the stars."

0 · 342 views · located in Bluffington, Minnesota

a character in “Apple Pie and White Picket Fences”, as played by Creek


"We can't give up hope! Not yet."


Full name: Arlathina Dalisia
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Elf
Nationality: Isterian
Birth Date: June 26th, 3861
Age: 249 years
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Descendent Of: Daughter of Adelphine Dalisia; Queen of Isteria for 458 years
Title: Mistress of the Wood
Allegiance/Alignment: Neutral



Height: 5'10
Weight: 116 lbs.
Build: Curvy
Eye Color: Steel Blue
Hair Color: Silvery Blonde
Handedness: Left-handed
Skin Shade/Color: Fair
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: None; religion on her planet strictly forbids altering the body in any way.
Description: Arlathina bears a lithe, yet curvy, build that is suitable for climbing. Her ears, outlined by her silvery blonde hair, protrude outward and often attract unwanted attention. Piercing blue eyes stare out into this harsh world holding a kindness that is increasingly rare. Her clothes consist of many shades of forest green paired with white. She has a small wing headband; the actual wings of a bird native to her planet, although she rarely wears it.


Sexuality/Preference: Pansexual; culture on her home planet had evolved to the point where gender no longer mattered.
Relationship/Marital status: Single
Family/relatives: Seven older sisters whose whereabouts are unknown to Arlathina.
Sanity: Stable; sure does talk a lot though.
Friends: Arlathina has many friends, but a bad memory.
Mental Skills: Herbalist
Likes: Green, Positive People, Talking, Getting Things Done, Forests, Animals, People in General, Everything Else
Dislikes: Not much. Evil people, I guess.
Hobbies: Gardener, Socialist, Author, Gymnast, Singing
Personality: Find out in the roleplay, but I will say this: extremely positive.


Weapons: Arlathina uses a multitude of weapons, but mostly prefers her high-tech bows and arrows. However, she also has twin daggers that she can use to defend herself in close-combat.
Combat Attire: Arlathina dons a form-fitting jumpsuit constructed of a special material, promoting mobility and speed.
Accessories: Arrows?


General/Preferred Style: Long distanced sniper
Hand-to-Hand: Only slightly versed. While wielding her two daggers, Arlathina will mostly evade attacks until she sees an opening that she can exploit.
Weapons Style: Bow and Arrow
Special Abilities: Blessings of the Forest: She can manipulate plant life around her.


Chant Magic: None
Rune Magic: None
Elemental Magic: Blessings of the Forest
Psychic Magic: Psionic Burst (A special attack that sends enemies hurling. She mostly uses this to create distance between herself and the enemy.)
Conjuring Magic: None
Enchantment Magic: None
Space/Time Magic: None
Arcane Magic: None


Relationship Status: Single
Family: Arlathina never knew her father, as her mother had many paramours. Adelphine Dalisia gave birth to 8 female children during her reign, the youngest being Arlathina.
Known Languages: Elvish, Fae, English, Spanish, Latin, Tithrian, Sumerian
Proficiency(Affinity): Bow and Arrow, Singing,
Personal History/Background: The moon hung high in the night sky of Isteria. Birds cooed softly as they prepared their young ones for sleep. The relative peace was only broken by the cries of a newborn child. This child, the eighth daughter of Queen Adelphine, was brought into the world in a time of great political strife. The Houses of Isteria, Baschann, Dleatherus, and Faerain, were starved for power. After holding power consecutively for nearly two thousand years, the House of Dalisia could no longer keep tensions at bay. However, Arlathina was never exposed to these political tensions as a child.

In the heart of the forest city of Connous, a wondrous palace stands tall and proud. This was the place where Arlathina spent the majority of her childhood, wandering its many, many chambers. Song was always ringing through the corridors and about the hallways, but the location of the phantom singer could never be pinpointed. Here, Arlathina was given a noble's education, versing herself in a wide variety of subjects. When Arlathina wasn't studying, she was content helping the gardener in the royal orchards or playing games with her seven sisters. This peace, however, was not to last. After many meetings held in secret, the leaders of each house joined to issue a declaration that called for the eradication of the House of Dalisia. Arlathina still remembers that horrible night as if it had happened yesterday.

The night smelled faintly of crushed leaves and wet grass, and Arlathina laid in her bed. She had been preparing to drift off into her ocean of dreams, but the departure was interrupted. "Arlathina! Get your things! We must leave, now!" Esmira, her eldest sister, commanded as she burst into Arlathina's chambers, hastening towards her armoire.

Arlathina sat up lazily, using the palms of her hands to wipe the sleep from her eyes. "What are you talking about, sister? What is going on?" She received no response. After Esmira had gathered a suitable amount of clothing, she grasped Arlathina's wrist and roughly tugged her out of bed. Arlathina let herself be led by her older sister out into the corridor adjacent to her room. She was wide awake by now, examining the corpses of slaughtered servants with a horrified expression stamped onto her face. As they rounded the corner at the end of the next hallway, she released a sigh of relief. There was her mother, Queen Adelphine, and six sisters standing in an escape pod, gesturing for the bedraggled pair to join them.

Esmira and Arlathina raced each other, but Arlathina was too slow. The elegant golden tresses that had always been her pride proved to be her downfall, as they were caught in the firm grasp of an assailant's hand just as she crossed the threshold of salvation. Her family rushed back to save her but the launching sequence had already initiated. A glass panel slammed down, reducing her family's cries to nothing more than the frantic squeaks of mice. Moments later, her family was gone. Arlathina and her captor both gagged on black smoke as it enveloped the room. Blindly, Arlathina groped in the darkness. Her hands slid around a shard of marble. Probably broken off during the invasion of the palace.

When the assassin reached for her, she slammed the primitive tool into the space where she imagined his ribs would be. She heard him scream and fall to the floor in a limp pile. Arlathina couldn't be sure if she had killed him, and although she possessed a strong sense of morals that advocated pacifism, she didn't stay to find out. She dashed to the nearest escape pod, not even knowing its destination, and slammed down on the huge red button in the middle of the central control panel.

An artificial voice announced, "Launching sequence initiated."

The glass panel slid down. Her home receded as if a great riptide were sucking her away into an unforgiving sea of oppressive blackness. She huddled in the corner of the craft, weeping silently, wondering how—and even if—she would get back to her family. And as she sat, Arlathina looked out into the vast depths of space, seeing only nothingness and despair, but then something winked into existence: a star. First there was one, then two, three, six, twelve. Their numbers grew, on and on, until they reached infinitude. They watched over her, glittering and brilliant. Although it seemed childish, they comforted her in an unexplainable way.

After that, time began to blend together. It seemed like she could have spent a hundred years in that craft, surviving off the vast amount of emergency food. But one day, her vessel was bathed in a red light, and outside the glass panel, Arlathina could see streaks of fire growing along the perimeter of the craft.

The artificial voice, that had been silent for so long, finally deigned to speak again. "Entering planet atmosphere."

The escape pod began shake violently as if it were having epileptic fits, and the glass panel was lit up by a fire brighter than a thousand suns. Just when Arlathina began to think the aircraft might incinerate itself, the thrust kicked in and the roller coaster from hell slowed to a stop.

The rest of the story, I am sure you can imagine.

So begins...

Arlathina Dalisia's Story

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#, as written by Creek
Arlathina Dalisia

I couldn’t believe that the ride from hell was over. I brushed a few stray, blonde hairs behind my ear and stood, walking from the interior of the escape pod. Before me, there stretched a forest, very similar to the ones on Isteria, but there was something different. The colors here were less saturated. On Isteria, the hues were so vivid that you could practically taste them, making this environment pale in comparison.

My pointed ears twitched at what sounded like speech, a short distance to the west. Given what had just happened to me, I was not sure whether or not I could trust anybody, but remaining alone was not an option. My assailants could be tracking the location of the escape pod right now. Frantically, I weighed my options.


The earth delighted to feel my bare feet, or was it that my feet delighted to feel the bare earth? Either way, the crunch of leaves would have exposed my location to any enemies. This was intentional, of course. As I crashed through the troublesome branches and undergrowth, I began to moan and feign a sob. The halt of the aircraft had resulted in some minor abrasions, and I knew that I must play them off well. They were right ahead of me now, a group of—according to my best estimates—three people; two male and one female.

They spoke in a language that I could not understand, but this did not deter me from seeking their aid. One of the many special qualities of Isterians was their exceptional skills in the craft and understanding of language. After these beings spoke a few sentences to me, she would be able to analyze, deconstruct, and then reconstruct the language, thus learning to speak it—or at least be able to get my general message across.

They were very close to me now, and this was when the true actor began to shine. A tad bit overdramatically, although I honestly wasn’t that worried about it, I crashed through the last wave of foliage. Upon seeing the trio, I crashed to the ground in a limp pile, my body shook by fits of coughing. I was hoping that my performance would illicit the appropriate reaction.

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C a s s i u s

Huh, Finland packs more muscle than she looks. I should probably walk like a normal person instead of letting myself be dragged by my familiar, but homework is her goal. Homework is the enemy. She is the enemy. But she is my friend. No. She is the enemy. I am conflicted. I sob. “Where are my shoessssssssssssssss?” I whine because that is the only option, to annoy so much she abandons me in favor of sanity.

Finland simply waves my lovely, old-as-fuck oxford loafers. I should purchase more shoes; only owning one pair of feet-protectors that are older than my father does not produce functional citizens. Hah, like I am a functional citizen. Finny, wonderful Finland carries all my stuff, drags me over gross dirt and probably massacres bugs with my poor body. “Ya know. One time, I saw a snake vomit a half-digested bird into the lake. I don’t know why I still swim there. There’s also those stupid nymphs, well one of them is really stupid and annoying and has freckles. I like his freckles. They’re cool. Freckles are cool. Why don’t I have freckles? Why don’t you have freckles? Why is everyone at the lake? I’m tired,” I ramble fluttering the arm that isn’t being dislocated from its shoulder spot.



“Shut up.”

I follow her suggestion because I am an obedient friend. The ground kisses my legs with scraps and cuts; the air pollutes my ears with people talking then coughing. Who coughs anymore? That is so overrated. Trees. So many trees, trees are everywhere. I miss the lake. Dirt is replaces with dried leaves and rocks, sufficiently increasing the pain of the foliage grating against my princess-sensitive-soft-precious skin. Birds chirp pleasantly, squirrels did squirrelly things; it is all very pleasant and nature-like. I hate it.

One moment it was just Finland and I accompanied by people noises and nature white noises, then it was a bunch of people and Finland and I. Awkward. “Finland,” I hiss totally discreetly, “I forgot to wash the paintbrushes,” which is code for “we need to leave now there are people here and I don’t like people”.

Unfortunately, my darling Finny felt some motherly urge to help the person coughing and abandoned me, I quickly pick myself up paranoid insects would swarm my prone body. How could he do this to me? She pats the cough pile of person’s back, asking in her sweet tone, “Hello, do you need to go to the hospital?”

Rolling my eyes, I note besides coughing girl, lingering the area are pointy-ear guy, sassy gay satyr hipster, and creepy looking female. Lovely. Goddamnit. Leo is here to stalk the stupid nymph no doubt. I hope he loses interest in whatever this is. I hope Finland loses interest actually. Silently, I will him to flounce over to the lake, but, alas, my will is not powerful enough.

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Lola sighed and sat down, not paying attention to the two males. Until a female came over, she paid no attention whatsoever until she came coughing up dust. Lola asked the person patting on the girl's back, "Shall I take her to my father? He is a doctor." She looked at the girl. "If that's fine by you."

Xavier entered the scene. Looking around, he immediately ran over to Lola, embracing her in a tight hug. "Lola! What are you doing here? Why didn't you leave a note when you left?"

"Woah, Dad! I DID leave a note, I left it on the fridge." Lola sighed at her overly protective father, forgetting the girl for a minute.

The setting changes from Bluffington, Minnesota to Forest


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#, as written by Creek
Arlathina Dalisia

Almost immediately, Arlathina felt a plethora of supporting hands, patting her back and stroking her arms. The physical contact would have made her feel uncomfortable, but she let it slide due to the circumstances. "Shall I take her to my father? He is a doctor," Said a female voice. It sounded faint, like a whisper, although Arlathina could hear everything she was saying. A thought occurred. Why is she referring to me in the third-person while speaking directly to me? After noting that the thought came to her in the tongue of this new planet, Arlathina pushed the question to the back of her mind, and opened her eyes slightly. She gave the girl an itinerant stare, sizing her up in case she became a problem later on.

The girl leaning over her had a jovial and good-natured face, almost childlike. In her deep brown eyes, Arlathina could see wisdom and kindness. After scanning for a few more moments, Arlathina sensed her naivety, also noting the distinct odor of magic around that the less magically attuned might have missed. Whatever this being was, her origins were not of flesh. The girl, being, or whatever you preferred to call it, turned her attention away from Arlathina for a moment to speak to an unknown person. She could sense the presence of another powerful magic being behind her, but couldn't break her façade to investigate.

Instead, she said miserably, "Please..."--Arlathina paused to let out a fit of coughing.--"help me."


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Xavier went over to the girl. "What happened? You look pretty beat up." Looking her over, he said, "Y'know, the answer can wait. Let's get you to my office.. I'm Dr. Xavier Goodman, and this is my daughter, Lola." He began to help the elf up, and began to walk her to his office, Lola following close behind.

The setting changes from Forest to Bluffington, Minnesota

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#, as written by Creek
Arlathina Dalisia

Arlathina looked up to find a pair of blue eyes greeting her. "What happened? You look pretty beat up." Arlathina opened her mouth to answer, but the man standing over her interrupted. He revealed himself as Dr. Xavier Goodman, and the being radiating magical energy behind him was... Lola.

Arlathina liked that name, how easily it rolled off the tongue. She tested it out with her own mouth silently, her lips savoring the strange feeling that lingered. The man gathered her up off the ground, informing her that they were heading towards his office. Arlathina wasn't sure what an office was, but it sounded nice; better than lying on the damp forest ground. She didn't struggle as the man looped his arm around her waist. She let her limp head swivel back and forth on her shoulders, occasionally offering an incoherent mumble to the pair escorting her.

Events had moved so quickly that Arlathina didn't have the time to observe the other members of the group. In the corner of her eye, Arlathina could have sworn that she saw a goat/human hybrid of some sort, but then she let out a snort. What a silly thought. It mattered little now. They were all fleeting, like a distant dream. All Arlathina cared about was that the pair were taking her away from the escape pod. Away from her assailants, her history.

When Arlathina was very young, she was instilled with a strong sense of morality. One of the sins in her planet's ecopagan religion was duplicity, but she felt that she had little choice. Verolissa. That will be my name. And I have no memory of what happened to me before I came to this planet. The decision had been made.

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#, as written by Cayleen

”Now go hump a tree or something.” His glare was interrupted by a loud and ear-abrading noise. Which is unfortunate because that was a pretty impressive glare. Leopold, doing his best to look a mixture of irritated and sexy, the latter not that difficult considering, turned his glare to… Another elf. Nope. Nope nope. Two elves in one day? Leo needed another cigarette. “No way. I am having none of that. I’m outta here.” He lifted his arms and ducked his head before turning back to the path towards the lake. It was his ‘I-give-up/surrender-please-let-me-be-I’m-so-done’ pose.

Now he was going to the lake, hopefully uninterrupted, to bask on a sun warmed rock and watch the sun set (and hopefully maybe watch his favorite shirtless-nymph swim around). That was his intent anyways, until he walked straight into a fleshy blockade. Leopold stumbled back and threw his head up to find the receptor of much of his disdain; Cassius. His body was smeared in mud, it hung by clumps in his hair, leaves stuck out in impossible ways from improbable places, he looked utterly atrocious. Leo didn’t know whether he wanted to laugh or puke. He did neither, instead looking down at his own shirt. He blanched and a shrill and gaspy whine pulled itself from his throat. His shirt, his favorite white V-neck Solid! Smeared with ungodly mud and filth! Leo sputtered, tugging hopelessly at his shirt and pointed at the devil’s spawn. “I-you where’d- I- You!” Fucking hell! How could he face his hunky nymph looking like this? “You-you hooker!” His face flushed with anger and his face scrunched in unpleasant ways. The anger practically oozed from his soul and Leo wished uselessly for it to pierce through the witch’s body. And of course his ears chose that moment to twitch and shoo away the disgusting winged insects that infested the air. Leo wanted to stomp his hoof in frustration, he hated when they did that. It completely shattered his menacing appearance.

Leopold wanted to scream. Or cry. Or maybe both. Just, damn it all! All he wanted was to watch hot, dripping wet men in peace. Was that too much to ask‽

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Lola followed Xavier to the clinic he worked at. Xavier eventually arrived at the clinic and set the pointy-eared girl down in a room, putting her on the bed. "Looks like I'll need to call up the beekeeper. We're out of honey to make potions." He said as he turned to Lola. "Try to not dissapear on me again. Also, try to make this girl feel at home." Lola nodded and stayed in the room as Xavier walked to his office to make the call.

"Hi. Are you feeling any better?" Lola asked the girl on the bed, standing against the wall next to the bed.
Xavier called David and waited for an answer.

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The varnished oak chair supported the solitary creature's form quite nicely, the cushions preventing his circulation, what there was, from being impeded. This same feeling of comfort could not be said to be shared by his mind. Tax forms, bank receipts, and inventory lists filled the top of the poor creature's desk like a flood and were boring him to no end. Each letter addressed to 'David LeFleur, Pacific Fields Apiary' was another dull piece of paper sent by people who seemed to take pleasure in making others miserable with boxes to fill in, lines to sign, spaces to leave blank, and formulas to follow.

Leaning back in the chair, teetering on the edge between falling forward or backward, David scanned his office for the umpteenth time to try and purge the phantom sight of black and white from his eyes. It went from the walls painted a baby blue to the shelves lined with curios and knick knacks to the grandfather clock sequestered to one corner with both digital and analog clocks surrounding it. The window let in the light of a bright sunny day, still in the bright light of a mid-day sun. A curse, being beautiful while David was to be held prisoner by bonds of ink and graphite.

The ringing phone brought a welcome distraction from the multitude of papers that David was filling out. He had finally glimpsed a rescue helicopter that would take him away from the flood. Surely he should not ignore possible business.

Not even bothering to get up from his desk, a slick tentacle darted towards the cordless phone and whipped it back into David's other hand. Punching the button to answer like a self-medicate button on a morphine drip, David put it up to his ear and tried to sound like he wasn't thrilled by the diversion from the current monotony.

“Pacific Fields; Bluffington, Minnesota. You have money, we have honey. What can I do for you today?”