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[NPC] Art

Art the Hunky Water Nymph

0 · 148 views · located in Bluffington, Minnesota

a character in “Apple Pie and White Picket Fences”, originally authored by Cayleen, as played by RolePlayGateway



♂|Feb23|♓|22|MN|Water Nymph


Water Nymph

Physical Description
Height- 5'11"
Hair- Natural red
Eyes- Pale, golden brown
Skin- Pale, freckled

protective of his lake and all things in it,
loves a good party,
not afraid to fight for what he believes in,
easily enjoys himself

He only feels comfortable leaving his lake when he has a piece of it with him, as such, a glass pendant filled with lake water hangs by a thin and worn rope around his neck.

Whenever he leaves, Art leaves his lake under the watch of the mermaid Shela. Unfortunately and without fail, every time he returns, Art finds his lake in some form of disorder or chaos

So begins...

[NPC] Art's Story

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C a s s i u s

Diving into the lake, freezing water shocks my warm-blooded body. Holy fuck, I wish it was summer. I mean I could set the water on fire that would warm it up. It would also piss off everything else in the water. Nah. Bad idea. I’ll have to deal with it. Slipping hands one after another in an easy free-style, I start losing feeling in my toes and fingers. Lazily kicking across the lake I end up on the other side and flip onto my back. Damn is the sky blue. At least clouds dot the sky to disrupt all that blue. Hmm, right now seems like a lovely opportunity to think of some deep thought or something. Nah. Why entertain mind-readers with thought provoking shit?

Fingers brushed against my calf causing me to flail, sink, and push away from whatever caressed my poor leg. Oh. Just a dumb water nymph. Glaring at the stupid nymph, he beams smugly for startling me. Rude jerk.

“Go seduce some fishermen and drown them ,” I grumble.

“That’s a misconception, luv. ‘sides they never set a lake on fire,” he retorted.

“Okay, that was one time! One!” I scowled pulling myself up onto sun-warmed rocks.

I only want to unwind without interacting with people. High school already shoves enough of that down my throat. Luckily, something else caught the dumb nymph’s attention, don't really care what did, leaving me to lay on the lovely warm rock. Mmmm, warmth. I stretch out my arms and yawn. I could use a nap after a lengthy string of nights dedicated to scrambling to finish homework instead of sleeping for a sufficient amount of time. My eyes shut with delightful relief from being open for who knows how long.