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[NPC] Sal

0 · 118 views · located in Forest

a character in “Apple Pie and White Picket Fences”, originally authored by Cayleen, as played by RolePlayGateway



♂|Jun30|♋|18|MN|Faun & College Student



Physical Description
Height- 5'4" (3 inches shorter than Leo)
Hair- Light brown, dirty blond
Eyes- Dark brown, basically blind
Antlers- Twig-like, deer
Fur- Solid black, dark brown

Above average smarts, a bit ditzy, quiet
Generally liked by others
Generally likes others

Shares an apartment with Leopold

So begins...

[NPC] Sal's Story


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#, as written by Cayleen

“Did you hear that bitch? She asked if I got my hooves buffed by the local goblins. Goblins! Like I’d ever stoop that low. And I mean even if I did, I most certainly wouldn’t let the local goblins touch my babies. Have you seen their claws? Honey, I don’t think so.” Leopold looked up from his phone screen to see Sal nod sagely. That’s what he liked about Sal; he was cute and he listened. But mostly he was cute.

Speaking of attractive people, Leopold had a certain water nymph to see. He went back to his phone and turned abruptly on his hooves, effectively cutting Sal off and causing him to stumble. Without looking up, Leopold continued into the forest, leaving Sal all by his puzzled self.

“Uh-um, so I’ll just be going then?”

“See ya, Sal.” Leopold pocketed his phone in his open cardigan and lit a cigarette. Health warnings be damned, he looked cool as hell. The forest was relatively peaceful, and by that Leo meant loud-mouth birds and gross-ass bugs infested his space and air. Ugh. Why did nature have to be so gross. He frowned down at the bramble. Bluh. He was probably gonna get twigs and shit all stuck up between his toes. And he had just gotten them buffed and trimmed, too. Sigh, the things one does for love.

Leopold hummed to himself, lost in a lover’s reverie, and tilted his head back and exhaled. He watched the puff of smoke drift and curl through the leaf-filtered light. Damn. He should have brought his camera. That would have been such a choice snap for his blog… add a little photoshopped triangle in the center, maybe even an inspirational quote… ‘My brain hums with scraps of poetry and madness‘. Yeah, something like that. So choice.

He would have continued that thought, except a highpitched motherfucking screech tore him from his daydream. Leopold’s ears folded back against his skull in pain. “Jesus!” He gripped one of his throbbing ears and cursed. Stupid fucking oversensitive ears and stupid fucking kids. He huffed and stubbed out his cigarette on a neighboring tree, tossing it to the floor. What, it’s not like he was going to stub it out with his hoof in the underbrush, that could potentially start a forest fire. He couldn’t let that happen, he was a forest deity after all.

Righting his beanie and tugging his cardigan back into place, Leopold started back on his trek to the lake. He had future-boyfriend stalking to do.