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Caspian Mar Grey

"Everyone's the same to me. Rich or not."

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a character in “April 1912”, as played by BlueTeddyBearMelody







"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."
- Martian Luther King Jr.

{Mad at Myself by Issues}

{Can't Slow Down by Hedley}

{Desire by Meg Myers}

{I Get Off by Halestorm}

{Amaryllis by Shinedown}

{Would You Still Be There by Of Mice & Men}

{The Mighty Fall by Fall Out Boy}



Full Name
Caspian Mar Grey
"Don't ask me why, Ma just had a fancy for the name Caspian. I think maybe she wishes she married one. My father's name is Mar and Grey is the family name."

"Parents always called me by my full name and I never had friends long enough for them to come up with one."

Date of Birth
November 13th, 1894
"The first out of four."

[color=##252C62]Zodiac Sign[/color]
"I got a stinger, don't get to close."

"Not very amazing if you ask me."

"Girls...Is there anything better?."

Social Class?
"We only got on cause Dad is works on maintenance for the ship."

Relationship Status
"No girl can stand me for very long."



How old does he/she appear
Late twenties
"Where i grew up, no one stays young looking and innocent for long."

"Ma had me in her belly for six months before she started to show. Then she and Pa had to elope or risk the wrath of both their families."

"Unlike what you might think, Ma is the tall one. So i take after her."

203 lbs
"Mostly all muscle."

Eye Color
Deep Blue
"This i got from my father. Ma always jokes that Dad had to have made a deal with the devil to get eyes that deep and alluring."


A healthy peach color

Hair Color
Muddy Brown

"What the hell do i need to style it for? After a long day it's just gonna end up greasy and ruined."

Accessories or Jewelry
Brown, leather worn gloves
"They come in handy. THough my hands are still calloused."

Standard Outfit/s
[OUTFIT 1] [I could only find one that fit best. But Caspian usually wears cheap clothes, mostly for working]
["If i can afford to ruin it, it works for me."



[font=Times New Roman][size=88]Hobbies
  • Fighting
  • Writing
  • Eating

"I'm what the police would call trouble."

Plays a musical instrument?
"Don't have time to learn or listen to it."

Spending habits
Caspian uses most of his money to help provide for his family. Though he is known to spoil himself when he has money to spare.
"Can't i have some fun?."

"I don't care if it's a bad habit. It helps me relax."

"What poor man doesn't drink."

  • Cracks his knuckles almost all the time
  • goes silent when he's actually not wanting to pick a fight
  • always likes to nibble on candies and usually has a small baggy of them somewhere on his person

"Yeah, i got a sweet tooth. It's my only weakness."



Greatest Joys In Life
Caspian's greatest joys are the feeling of his knuckles colliding with something, writing in his little black book, being in a woman's company, and eating good food.
"Sex and good food. Sounds like a night I always dream of."

Greatest Fear
He fears losing his family. Though he'll never admit it.
"They're...important to me okay?! You'll never find anybody like the people in my family."

He wants to work hard and earn a living while enjoying life. And secretly he eventually wants a family of his own.
"I don't expect fortune or hitting it big in my life. I'm content living a working man's life."

Life Philosophy/s
"Even if all the clocks in the station break down, thought Hugo, time won't stop. Not even if you really want it to. Like now."
- Brian Selznick, The Invention of Hugo Cabret

"I'm going to keep going until I succeed — or die. Don't think I don't know how this might end. I've known it for years."
- J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

"Maybe they didn't want you to realize that every civilization has its weakness. There's always one thing we depend on. And if someone takes it away all that's left is some story in a history class."
- Scott Westerfeld, Uglies

Caspian is a rough character. He doesn't care if someone is happy or comfortable, He's going to do and act how he wants whether they like it or not. He has a constant hard look on his face that makes him come across as cold and indifferent. He goes out of his way to get under peoples skin and cause fights when he wants something to hit. Caspian and is really only very close with his family. Caspian has a thick skin but if you get him to care you'll see a man you never thought could be under his usual scowl.


Favorite color/s
  • Navy blue
  • Dark Red
  • Pure White

"Nothing special."

Least color/s
Muddy greens

"There's no need for them."

Caspian like rough, rock, or sexual music.
"A lot people tell me i'm very physically orientated."

Red meats and spicy food
"Nothing better."

Caspian doesn't read much but when he does it usually about action, adventure, or war.
"A good story is where there is blood spilled."

Form/s of entertainment
Spending time with his family

"All the fun i get."


Currently Living With?
His Parents
"Ma and Pa are good, hard working people but they still need some help."

"Like we have the room for a pet.

Caspian works in a lumber yard.
"Full of heavy lifting and sharp objects."

$530 a year
"Eh, it helps keep food in our bellies. "

Aspen, Colorado

Reason for boarding Titanic
Caspian father got a job on the boat and with it, (after some negotiating) Permission to bring his family along for the trip.


• Username - BlueTeddyBearMelody
• Timezone - Central Standard Time [CST]
• How Often Do You Post - Once or twice a day. It all depends on the speed of the roleplay.

So begins...

Caspian Mar Grey's Story


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Date: Wednesday, 10 April 1912. xxxLocation: Southampton, England. xxx
Arrival Time: 9:30 a.m xxx Time of Departure: 11:30 a.m. xxxWeather: Brisk winds northwest at 15-20 mph; 50°C

"Aye, batte'n down the hatches will ya'?"

"Are my eyes deceiv'n me, or am I seein' this ship's ready to land?"

"Eeeeh, boy!"

"I'm needin' help to pull this lever."

"Ready to land, Captain!"

A slow, crooked smile had spread across Captain Smith's face resembling that of much content. The great ocean liner had took approximately three years to construct, engineered to be the largest and most luxurious steam ship in the world. Its very first voyage would truly be something worth remembering; articles about the ship were thus written, claiming it to be a marvel of modern engineering. Both men, women, and children alike came fleeing from their homeland to get a glimpse of the monstrous beauty that dared hinge itself onto the British port as if it was the only thing that withheld dominance. The passengers to board the luxury ocean liner were nonetheless grateful. Many had lifted their chins up in prestige because not only were they able to gain enough money to enter, but they were the first to do so. Street market sells boomed significantly, men were getting their beard groomed quickly as their wives pimped their children for the long journey; brushing off any specks from the petticoats of young girls, and straightening their son's woolen jacket.

And, it all happened in a speck of time. Everyone clustering, like ants. It wasn't later until the ship's plank board was lowered had everyone began pushing and shoving for a leading spot up the ramp.

"You want first-class passengers to board first, Captain?" One of the ship's crew member approached him. It was no surprise that even the most wealthiest aristocats were given better treatment. To Captain Smith the first-class were 'walking money', they would surely help spread the word, and perhaps bring in even more fortune. "Yes," Smith assured, "let the first-class board first."

And, off the worker went to announce the news to the people who waited impatiently. "Listen up," he had to shout over the uproar, "so, far we have at least two thousand two hundred and twenty eight thousand of you. I want first-class passengers to board first, then second, and lastly third. I want this to be done in an orderly fashion. We will set off in approximately two hours."

At that the commotion grew much louder, people kissed their loved one's a farewell. It was a moment of ecstasy, all for the ship that deemed as virtually unsinkable, the Titanic was truly a phenomenon.

Mood: Observant xxx Outfit:herexxx Theme song: N.A. xxx

'Two hours, two hours, two hours ..'

Arthur McGhee felt the perspiration beginning to form at his temple, like thousands of tiny crystals scattered about his ivory skin. He wiped at it with the back of his hand as he chewed at his lower lip, it was a habit he had possessed since it was his conceitedness that got him stuck in the game of Cheat at the British port pub.

He remembered his words, a mockery as he smirked at the dunderheed that had just sent another man walking with loss. 'Ah bet yer ass I can win you at a game of cards. Aw or nothin', lad.' But, nevertheless it was those very words that had got him a pound short out of his pocket. If only he'd kept his mouth shut.

"You give'n up yet?" Arthur looked up from his stack of cards to the burly man who sat before him, the way his crusted lips curled back in amusement every moment he saw the poor Scott's exasperation.

He kept his answer short. "No." He concentrated on his next play.

He put down an ace, and at that, the man guffawed something bitter and awful that made Arthur fight the urge to hurl.

"You aren't gonna win, mate." Arthur ignored him as he put down a two.

Then, a four; six, eight, and before you know it he's all out of cards. Checkmate.

Arthur looked up at the man's now gawked expression, and smirked. "Mibbe ah jus did."

The guy was infuriated now as he looked at the cards, to Arthur, to the cards, then back up at Arthur. "Bullshit," he spat out a wad of tobacco juice out of the side of his mouth.

The man was nothing but muscle and tattoo compared to Arthur. However, as he said that Arthur couldn't hold it in anymore. He laughed, and laughed until his sides were cramping; until the man grabbed at his white button down, and heaved him up from his chair. "I want a rematch". He demanded, spit freckling across Arthur's face.

"Not how it works." The man pushed Arthur against a wall; hard. Others began to move away immediately in the process at the same time the owner shouted for the two men to take their tussle outside, but he was only ignored. "Listen to me, mate. I will hurt-" he was distracted by Arthur's hand moving behind his ear, thus a silver dollar had appeared between his fingers as if by magic.

"Did you not hear me? Arthur's smile widened. "Yer outta luck, lassie." He threw the coin at the man's face, causing him to loose his grip on Arthur.

"Aye!" he called out as he saw the sly Scott scoop up a few coins from their table, including a third-class ticket to board the 'White Star Line', and ran free from the pub toward the grand ship.


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Domonic scanned the crowd with his emerald eyes and stretched as his mother hissed at him through clenched teeth to fix his hair.

"Why your father would let you grow your hair so long I have no idea but at least make yourself presentable. Spare me that much embarrassment." She said, her thick german accent less then subtle in her forced english.

He gave her a polite smile and nodded, reaching up and fixing his pitch black hair that reached to his mid-back attractively as he stepped out of the car that had brought them to the docks. He held the door open for the others to exit.

"Better, but i swear i will take scissors to your hair myself boy if you don't get it cut soon."

"I'm allowed to make some choices myself mother, my hair length being one of them." His mother scowled and opened her mouth to scold him but was cut off by an over ecstatic young woman practically flying out of the car. Domonic's cousin, Amira, twirled around in her blue dress and clapped her hands together.

"Oh Dom, this is going to be simply wonderful. We'll have so much fun. I'm so glad mother allowed me to come." She took Domonic's hands and whirled him away from the car to join in her excitement.

"My word Ms. Lucas, act your age. And have my son do the same while your at it." His mother cursed, already fanning herself in frustration. He was always confused as to why his mother insisted in calling Amira, Ms. Lucas even though she was her Aunt.

Seeing the two cousins together was surely a sight. Her being his younger by two years and his Aunt's daughter the two twined each other in appearance. The only difference being Amira's obviously more feminine and soft features as well as her eyes being more of a pale, light green than Domonic's deep, emerald ones. Though she wore her's cut just above her shoulders they both shared the same thick, black hair.

The two were very close and because of their similar appearance anyone from outside the family usually mistakes them for siblings.

Amira rolled her eyes to her aunt's scolding, "And the sooner we are rid of that witch the better." She coed quietly before kissing her cousin on the cheek and returning to the car to fetch her bags. One of Domonic's usual lazy yet cheerful smiles spread across his face. If could have had a sister, He would have wanted it to be Amira. She could turn any situation into a good one.

As his father hopped out of the car, they gathered their things and headed for the grand ship they would be traveling on and stood in a line as they we're slowly boarded with the rest of the first class passengers. Domonic tried to tune out his mother's bitter comments as they passed all sorts of people. This clearly was a ship for all. Domonic whoever was fascinated by the diversity. He was seeing something different than all the same, clean cut, business like families that made up his neighborhood in Hamburg.



Caspian staggered back and spit blood from his mouth. He had no time for this. He was supossed to be getting ready to meet his family at the docks in time to board this Titanic ship everyone's been in a huff about. But yet here he was, in another alley fighting another drunk. They were every where like flies in this part of town.

Caspian should have ignored him, should have kept on walking home when the bastard first yelled out to him but when he smells a fight he comes running like a dog to a treat. He was addicted to the rush i gave him. The drunkard wavered as he moved in a jittery circle, unsure of his footing. If it weren't for his lucky swing Caspian might have walked away unscathed. But busted cheek or not he could tell that in one more round the intoxicated fellow in front of him would go down. Now was the perfect time to run.

He cursed under his breath. He hated running from a fight. But he hated disappointing his mother more. If he didn't make it in time she would never let him live it down.

After taking a couple more careful steps back, Caspian turned on his heel and bolted. He could hear the man's slurred yelling fade more and more as he got farther away. It was best this way. Now he would have time to pack what little he had and then run all the way to the dock to meet up with his family.

It was still a bit of a shock to him. Never had they been able to afford a vacation and now he was going to be relaxing and doing nothing for what he was sure was going to feel like forever. He never had a moment in his life where he wasn't doing something. But thanks to his dad pulling a few strings they would finally get to experience what it's like to be lazy. even if just for a few days.

When he arrived at the docks he nearly plowed into his mother as he skidded to a halt, panting and coughing from the strenuous task but happy to have made it.

"Oi, Cas, you 'ittle devil." His mother chuckled, "Ye scared me half to death." He smiled brightly. It was nice to see his mother so happy. If anyone here deserved a break from everything it was her. He leaned over and kissed her cheek.

"Sorry ma. Just didn't want to be late and miss out on all the fun." She smiled and patted his back, letting him know he was fine as his father came out to join them.


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Date: Thursday, April 11th 1912. xxx Time: 10:30 am. xxx Location: the coast of Celtic Sea
Headed to: Queenstown, Ireland xxx Arrival time: 3:30 pm. xxx Weather: partly cloudy with an abundance of stratocumulus clouds. moderate breeze at 50°C N/NW

Titanic's departure from Southhampton yesterday was quite the success! Afterwards, the massive vessel sailed to Cherbourg, France to board more passengers. Nonetheless, everything seemed to be running smoothly, not a mishap identified. Its passengers are enjoying the long voyage as well. Some even managed to make friends with those within their social heiarchy, but who knows? Maybe love will parish within this grand vessel, or rivals will be made. Sometimes fate just has to be waited upon before it is allowed to make its next move.

As first class passengers began to make their way towards the Parisian Café for an early morning coffee, most second and third class passengers aimed to put on their best fitting garments to join them, passing the bouncers who are scouting for any possible intruders. Nevertheless, people are making the most of it until their final destination to Pier 60 in New York on April 17, 1912.


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Domonic stood tall as Amira straightened his favorite tie around his neck with gloved fingers as they waited in line to be seated in the cafe for breakfast. He could tell she was nervous by the way she chewed on her bottom lip. With how strict her family was it was a shock she was even allowed to go on this trip in the first place. She was never allowed to go anywhere but school and home before.

He looked past her at his parent's in front of him. They stood side by side silently, the apparent disgust for each other thick and foggy around them. Her arm hooked around his with less affection than a necklace clasped together. They were married, and had a child, that's as far as they would take their act. Anything further and they would surely make themselves sick.

Domonic shook his head. He felt dread and defeat every time he looked at them. He knew he too would have to go through with an arranged marriage at some point, and so would Amira, but if this is what they had to look forward to he'd rather be alone till the day he died.

"Hey. Earth to Domonic. Did you hear me?" Amira's voice cut through his worried thoughts like a sharp knife and brought him back to reality.

"Hm? No. I apologize. My mind was elsewhere. Do you mind repeating it?" He smiled down at her. She shook her head and grabbed his hand, pulling him forward.

"For someone so smart you sure are spacey. You need to move. We're being seated finally." She said, her nerves hiding in the edges of her voice. She pulled him roughly and bee-lined for the table. Domonic barely had time to open his mouth to give warning before Amira drove herself into what appeared to be a young man in a pageboy cap. They exchanged apologies before she brushed off her dress and picked up her clutch purse from the ground.

She cleared her throat and moved to Domonic's side, wrapping her arm around his and holding him tightly. He could feel her slightly shaking. He gave her a warm smile and started walking towards the table his parents were seated at.

"Just breathe. You'll make things worse by being a nervous wreck." He said softly, patting her hand on his arm.



Caspian, having been woken up by his internal clock at the crack of dawn, placed a stick of sweet nicotine between his lips and inhaled. He had spent most of the morning exploring the massive ship and finally stumbled in the first class area. He leaned against the wall and watched all the first class passengers file into the Parisian Cafe along with the few lower classes sneaking in with them. It wasn't hard for him to spot someone from his own world in a sea of higher ups.

He moved to the front of the line and nudged the bouncer with his elbow. He could smell a hot head from miles away and this man was one of them. And having left a fight early the day before he was itching for something to finish the job.

"What do you want kid? You can get lost if you think you're getting in." The bouncer said, looking him up and down.

Caspian took a long drag of his cigarette and blew into the man's face,"Just wondering if you like you're job of sucking up to people." The bouncer gritted his teeth and gave him an annoyed look.

"If it pays the bills, any job is good enough." Caspian shot him a smile and nodded. It was to true to argue back. He wouldn't even know how to when it was the same motto he went by. He wouldn't be getting a fight with an audience today. Besides he promised his mother he wouldn't cause trouble and get them banned from ever getting on the ship again. It was hard for him but he'd do it. He licked his lips and placed the cigarette between his lips as he fished through his pockets for a small piece of candy.

He popped a small, blue hard candy into his mouth and moved as the bouncer shooed him away. He was getting bored anyways, just standing around. Caspian flicked some ash to the ground and made his way through the rest of first class, making a mental list of all their luxuries and wondering if he should take some home. He shook his head, "Ma wouldn't even know what to do with it all if i did." He thought to himself as he passed up the tempting offer he made himself.

He instead resigned to spend some time outside on the deck of the ship.


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______________Juliette Le Sauvage______________


    Dɪᴀʟᴏɢᴜᴇ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✧ #ea98c6|| Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛ Cᴏʟᴏʀ ✧ dim gray
    xxxxxTʜᴇᴍᴇ ✧ Suite Bergamasque|| Oᴜᴛғɪᴛ ✧ X
_____The morning sun created a gleam of light upon the English Harbor. Most chose to wave goodbye to their loved ones or to the onlookers of such an esteemed and historic occasion. Since Juliette had no family present and had been on the ship since the day before considering she was technically staff, she took the scenic route to the other side of the ship and watched the sun rise over Southhampton. She left her hair down, as she always did when she was free to move about, and inhaled the salty air. The few times she visited Spain with her parents she was completely drawn to the sea. Unfortunately Paris, her home since birth, merely has a river for her viewing pleasure and she smiled now at her good fortune of spending time floating about it for a solid length of time.
Juliette was not certain as to how long she had spent simply looking out at the view before her, but she imagined it to be quite a while since people could be seen filling out the ship and taking advantage of good weather and open decks. She sighed wistfully looking at them, knowing her brief moment of piece was spent and this place would hold no more privacy for her. She gathered up her skirts and began to make the trek back to her small quarters in Third Class, knowing by now people will be crowding the cramped hallways, when she was run upon by a very aggro servant. This man she had already been introduced to and he paused to catch his breath as if he'd been running. She reigned in her accent as she spoke knowing it was simply better for everyone involved if she didn't have to repeat herself.
"Bonjour Marc. What has you looking so flustered that you'd run all this way to find."
Forgive me Miss Juliette. But it's the other musician, ya see, 'e's sea sick. Tosser can't even hold his stomach five minutes into the damn voyage. We need a replacement at the Breakfast Cafe.You're the only other employed Pianist here and the quartet only plays for lunch and dinner."
"Merde,"she looked down at herself and was thankful she wore something semi-work appropriate. Her white shite, black ascot, and black skirts would have to do. She pulled a hair pin from her sleeve and quickly did her hair into a neat bun, with only a few strands falling but never too much to look messy.
"Very well Marc, take me to the cafe. I will just have to improvise."
Marc pulled her at a swift pace and she nearly lost her footing trying to keep up. "Please hurry we're already late!
The soon arrived to a slowly thickening crowd entering the French-style cafe and she straightened her skirts and pressed her fingers to her blushed cheeks as they'd grown pink from the exercise. She strode in quickly and smiled as she heard Marc letting out a deep exhale before he ran to inform his supervisors of her arrival no doubt. She accidently brushed passed a tall, rather rugged looking blonde gentleman and quickly apologized before continuing on. Despite there being people already in attendance, she walked straight up to the piano as if it was planned and began to play one of the many pieces she has memorized in her many years, Suite Bergamasque by Debussy, a favorite of hers. It had a lively into and was a moving piece in all. She quickly lost herself to the melody as people filed in.


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Domonic sat back in his chair and looked up towards the stage as music filled the air of the busy cafe. He took a deep breath and rolled his shoulders, relaxing and slipping his hair out of the tight bun his mother put it in that morning and letting it fall over his shoulders. He preferred his hair down and the tightness of it was giving him a headache.

A familiar scowl cut through the music but he ignored it. He had only ever heard the church organs back home and this was different. Softer and less foreboding. He leaned forward and kissed his cousin on the cheek before grabbing his drink and standing. He moved through the room closer to the source of the sound. The farther from his parents the better.

He stood by the stage and smiled his signature smile up at the woman playing, watching and relaxing. The last 10 minutes at that table was hell. Between his mother's bickering and his fathers snide and cutting remarks back to her had left wanting to either punch a wall or runaway. But this, he figured, was a better escape. Beautiful music was more of a distraction.

Domonic lifted his glass to his lips and sipped the almost flat champagne, rolling it over his tongue as he looked around him. He was in a sea of strangers. His father didn't have business with many outside of Germany and those he did were not on this ship. It didn't bother his parents at all. They usually kept to themselves anyway but for Domonic it meant no escape. He had no excuse to slip away and neither did Amira for that matter. Unless they were doing something together but even then they'd have to fight for approval to do so from his parents.

He sighed and shook the thoughts from his head, running a hand through his hair and returning his attention to the woman playing the piano, his eyes watching her hands glide over the keys.



Caspian took a final breath off his cigarette and flicked the bud of the side of the boat into the waters below. Salty air blew against his face and whiped his hair around his face. He smiled lightly. This was nice. He'd never been on a boat before but being here made him think he might trade in his land legs for some sea ones.

He shifted his weight from one foot to the other and leaned against the railing as other passengers who had presumably finished their meals, came out to enjoy the beautiful morning. He listened to the sound of their distant conversations as he watched the moving scenery. It really did feel like a dream to him. All of it did. He worked all day, every day of his life and here he was relaxing on the deck of a grand ship and not having to lift a finger for it.

He pushed off the railing and placed his hinds in his pocket, grabbing another candy and joining the movement of the rest of the people outside. He rolled his shoulders as a slight feeling of not belonging fell over him. These were mostly first classers and since he owned nothing but his work clothes he stood out like a sore thumb. He slowed down his pace and turned, pulling his cap down and making a bee line for the door leading back inside.