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Chun-Hwa Mun

"There are no losers in this world. There are only winners and learners."

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a character in “April 1912”, as played by Anonymous Miss


XXX I'm an open book. If you don't understand me, maybe you just haven't learned my language yet. XXX

Chun-Hwa Mun [춘화문]

Moon- A name that some of the English
speaking foreigners she met gave her
since it is easier to remember than Chun-Hwa
and it is how her last name is pronounced.

28th August, 1889.
[22, turning 23.]

100% Korean.
[Interracial marriage is looked
down upon in her culture.]



Currently Unemployed.

Currently In No Relationship.

Chun-Hwa's oval shaped face is adorned by deep chocolate cat-like eyes and soft pink lips. One thing people seem to comment about the most with her is how her skin appears to be an almost sickly white. Her pale porcelain skin is even further whitened when framed by her elbow-length dark brown hair. While Chun-Hwa is a little over average height Korea, in Europe she appears to be quite short. And while it may be a bit hard to see underneath the many layers that the dresses she wears contain, it is slightly noticeable that Chun-Hwa has been going underfeed as of late. This is further shown by the fact that she is currently underweight.

Chun-Hwa can usually be found wearing a hanbok, a traditional Korean dress, around the ship. She does own an European styled dress, but she only had enough money to buy one, so most of the time she will be sporting Korean fashion. Chun-Hwa was only able to fit three hanboks into the two small suitcases that she brought from home. Two of these hanboks are made for everyday wear, and one is made with heavier material for the winter time. Her hair can usually be found up, decorated with a hairpin that her mother gave to her before she left. Or she'll just braid it if she doesn't have enough time to pin it up.

Slim, slightly underfeed.
Small bust and little curves.

33 1/2", 25", 35 1/2"



Korea: 240, USA: 7.5, UK: 5.5

Korea: 44(85), USA: 2, UK: 4-6

XXX Going to a different country is not only a great learning experience, but also a great teaching experience. XXX


Chun-Hwa was raised very traditionally, therefore it isn't hard to believe that she enjoys many traditional Korean things. She loves her family and would do anything for them, disappointing them is the last thing she would ever want to do. Chun-Hwa finds herself craving her mother's home cooking since she's been gone, her mother's kimchi having always been her favorite. Chun-Hwa holds special memories of making food with her mother, and would be ecstatic if she could end up teaching people from European countries how to make Korean dishes. Over the years she has developed a love for the spicy foods her country has to offer, and can't help but find it sad that most European dishes can't even compare on the hotness chart to the food of her home country. Chun-Hwa also has a special place in her heart for the music of her country. The janggu drum having always been her favorite. She'd often go to watch performances of local musicians with her friends back home. She even learned how to play the janggu a bit before she left. Chun-Hwa also loves to read, her father having taught her to read and write from a young age. If she's ever having a stressful day, all it takes is a good book to calm her down, be it fiction or non-fiction. Although, you may have a hard time getting her head out of the clouds afterwards. Chun-Hwa also harbors a love for the ocean, seeing as her father was a fisherman and he would sometimes take her out with him to sea on days where the water was especially calm.

Chun-Hwa has recently grown to dislike the Japanese since they created the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty two years ago. She never would have expected the neighboring country to take control of her home so easily. They are what forced Chun-Hwa to venture into Europe and face all of the prying eyes. While she had never minded foreigners while she was in her home country, now that she is a minority everyone seems to constantly be staring at her as if she's some alien. It makes Chun-Hwa just want to blend in with everyone else, which is practically impossible in her situation.

Chun-Hwa has managed to collect varying amounts of vocabulary from different languages since she was little. Though she is defiantly not fluent in any language except Korean, she at least hold basic conversations in multiple languages. Chun-Hwa has always been a bit of a fast learner when it comes to languages, so she hopes to be able to learn more about English rather quickly. Chun-Hwa is also a fairly decent negotiator, having done negotiations since she was young at her family's shop. She also knows how to play the janggu a bit. She can play basic rhythms, but she left the country before she could learn to play a full song.

Chun-Hwa is not completely fluent in English. There are times where she doesn't know the word for something, or when she doesn't fully understand what somebody is trying to tell her. Her accent can also pose a bit of a problem, seeing as how it is sometimes hard for people to understand what she is saying. Her accent gets easier to understand the more you hear it, but for people who she doesn't talk to normally, it can be a bit tough. There is also the fact that Chun-Hwa is not fully versed in Western etiquette, so there may be times when she is unsure about how to go about a situation.

Chun-Hwa is a pretty soft-spoken person, preferring to stay quiet most of the time rather then always speaking her mind. This doesn't however mean that she is shy, if Chun-Hwa has a problem she won't even have to think twice about telling you. She doesn't beat around the bush either, she'll come right out and say what needs to be said. This can make her appear a bit cold at times, but she doesn't mean it to be rude. She grew up in a culture where things weren't sugarcoated like most people try to make things in European countries. If she does end up hurting somebody however, she will likely end up apologizing profusely. She'll end up feeling guilty about her lack of knowledge in Western culture enough that she hurt someone's feelings.

Chun-Hwa can also be found with her head stuck in the clouds quite a bit. She enjoys literature and music, so it's not unusual for her to get lost in thought while replaying a scene from a book in her head, or doze off as she hums a melody that she's had stuck in her head all day. Chun-Hwa has never cared much for practical studies like mathematics, she'd much rather explore the theoretical side of life. Give her a complex question and she'd happily spend the entire day thinking on it before giving you her opinion. Chun-Hwa enjoys approaching complex questions with an open mind, listening to both sides of the story and then searching for as much information as possible on the subject. Once you get the girl going on a question, you'll find that she'll likely be preoccupied for at least the rest of the day.

She is also very interested in learning about different cultures and languages. If there is something that she doesn't understand, you can expect that she will be asking somebody who does. She might even end up asking somebody to help teach her more about a certain aspect of culture or language if she's close enough to them. In turn, Chun-Hwa is also very open with teaching others about her culture. She enjoys telling others stories of her home country, and she'll never get tired of explaining Korean culture to people who are interested. She misses Korea and her family dearly, but Chun-Hwa is also really looking forward to learning more about Western countries.

XXX I've already lived through my past. Time to see what the future holds. XXX


Chun-Hwa was born into a modest family in Busan, Korea (At this point in time the north and south had not split). Being born an only child, she often had to help out her parents quite a bit at their shop. Her father was a fisherman and her mother would usually run the store. Chun-Hwa would help out by packaging the fish, making deliveries, or running errands if need be. Busan being the country's designated trading port, Chun-Hwa spent a lot of her childhood around foreigners. While most of these foreigners were from neighboring Asian countries, they would get the occasional rare European as well at times. Her young mind would eagerly take in all of the different and unique languages that were spoken around her, Chun-Hwa's still developing mind able to pickup these languages much easier then her parents. Due to this fact, she'd also be given the job of negotiating prices sometimes when dealing with foreigners.The Mun family was never rich nor powerful, but they had enough money to get by and they lived through their days peacefully and happily. Tradition had always taught Chun-Hwa that family came first, so as long as she had her parents, she would be fine. Earning a lot of money was never a priority for her. However, in the year of 1907, things drastically changed in Korea.

The Empire of Japan and the Korean Empire ended negotiations on July 24, 1907 for the Japan-Korea Treaty. This treaty effectively turned over Korea's internal affairs to Japan. Thus, Korea lost it's right to conduct diplomatic exchanges with other countries. Six days later a new agreement was forced on Korea that gave Japan the right to get rid of any Korean officials that they wanted. Now that there was no longer trade with countries besides those that Japan deemed ok, Busan was not nearly as lively as before. Not to mention that the Mun's shop was not doing as great as it used to, seeing as there weren't as many people to trade with anymore. The moral of the Korean population was at an all time low now that they knew that even their country's highest representatives could no longer stop Japan.

Things only got worse when three years later, in 1910, the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty was completed. This treaty ensured that Korea was now completely under the control of the Empire of Japan. This turned out to be a horrible period for the people of Korea. Most of their food would go to the Japanese that now ruled over them, starvation was a very real threat in these times. Chun-Hwa's family got noticeably thinner as time when on, though her parents took the worst of it since they would give portions of their own food to their daughter. While she felt horrible for eating what she knew they should be eating, Chun-Hwa knew better than to argue with them over it.

Starvation wasn't the only problem the Korean people faced however, many also faced unemployment. Chun-Hwa's own family was devastated by this unemployment when thousands of Japanese fishermen took over Korea's oceans, leaving Korean fishers with little to nothing. While the recent years had certainly been hard on Chun-Hwa's family, nothing could have prepared them for this. Their family was now able to barely scrap by, some days they weren't even able to eat since they didn't have the money for food. Chun-Hwa's father would sometimes leave for months at a time in order to sneak out of the Korean border into China in order to trade what little fish he could catch there. He'd even sometimes bring some of the family's household items to sell over there. It was on one of these trips to China that Chun-Hwa's father came across the Titanic ticket.

While searching for somebody to trade or sell his items with, Chun-Hwa's father came across a young British merchant. It was the man's first time venturing out of his home country for trading, and the naïve man readily gave up his story about how he had just managed to buy a third-class ticket onto the so called 'Unsinkable Ship' with his own working money. Chun-Hwa's father never told her exactly how he obtained the ticket, and she never asked, realizing that the only plausible way he could have obtained it was by stealing it. But either way, her father returned home to Korea after that trip with a one-way ticket to America. Chun-Hwa had at first refused to leave her family to travel halfway across the world. However, they told her that they just wanted the best for her, they told her that in America there would be plenty of opportunities for her, and that she would never have to worry about when her next meal was coming. Chun-Hwa also realized that with her out of the way, her parents would be able to live a bit easier since they wouldn't have to spend money feeding her. With this in mind, Chun-Hwa agreed to board the Titanic. Telling her parents that once she had made enough money to support all three members of their small family, she would come back to them.


Anonymous Miss.

Pacific Time.

Since it's summer break,
I'll probably be on here quite a bit.

Yoon Eun Hye.


Chun-Hwa's accent.

So begins...

Chun-Hwa Mun's Story


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Date: Wednesday, 10 April 1912. xxxLocation: Southampton, England. xxx
Arrival Time: 9:30 a.m xxx Time of Departure: 11:30 a.m. xxxWeather: Brisk winds northwest at 15-20 mph; 50°C

"Aye, batte'n down the hatches will ya'?"

"Are my eyes deceiv'n me, or am I seein' this ship's ready to land?"

"Eeeeh, boy!"

"I'm needin' help to pull this lever."

"Ready to land, Captain!"

A slow, crooked smile had spread across Captain Smith's face resembling that of much content. The great ocean liner had took approximately three years to construct, engineered to be the largest and most luxurious steam ship in the world. Its very first voyage would truly be something worth remembering; articles about the ship were thus written, claiming it to be a marvel of modern engineering. Both men, women, and children alike came fleeing from their homeland to get a glimpse of the monstrous beauty that dared hinge itself onto the British port as if it was the only thing that withheld dominance. The passengers to board the luxury ocean liner were nonetheless grateful. Many had lifted their chins up in prestige because not only were they able to gain enough money to enter, but they were the first to do so. Street market sells boomed significantly, men were getting their beard groomed quickly as their wives pimped their children for the long journey; brushing off any specks from the petticoats of young girls, and straightening their son's woolen jacket.

And, it all happened in a speck of time. Everyone clustering, like ants. It wasn't later until the ship's plank board was lowered had everyone began pushing and shoving for a leading spot up the ramp.

"You want first-class passengers to board first, Captain?" One of the ship's crew member approached him. It was no surprise that even the most wealthiest aristocats were given better treatment. To Captain Smith the first-class were 'walking money', they would surely help spread the word, and perhaps bring in even more fortune. "Yes," Smith assured, "let the first-class board first."

And, off the worker went to announce the news to the people who waited impatiently. "Listen up," he had to shout over the uproar, "so, far we have at least two thousand two hundred and twenty eight thousand of you. I want first-class passengers to board first, then second, and lastly third. I want this to be done in an orderly fashion. We will set off in approximately two hours."

At that the commotion grew much louder, people kissed their loved one's a farewell. It was a moment of ecstasy, all for the ship that deemed as virtually unsinkable, the Titanic was truly a phenomenon.

Mood: Observant xxx Outfit:herexxx Theme song: N.A. xxx

'Two hours, two hours, two hours ..'

Arthur McGhee felt the perspiration beginning to form at his temple, like thousands of tiny crystals scattered about his ivory skin. He wiped at it with the back of his hand as he chewed at his lower lip, it was a habit he had possessed since it was his conceitedness that got him stuck in the game of Cheat at the British port pub.

He remembered his words, a mockery as he smirked at the dunderheed that had just sent another man walking with loss. 'Ah bet yer ass I can win you at a game of cards. Aw or nothin', lad.' But, nevertheless it was those very words that had got him a pound short out of his pocket. If only he'd kept his mouth shut.

"You give'n up yet?" Arthur looked up from his stack of cards to the burly man who sat before him, the way his crusted lips curled back in amusement every moment he saw the poor Scott's exasperation.

He kept his answer short. "No." He concentrated on his next play.

He put down an ace, and at that, the man guffawed something bitter and awful that made Arthur fight the urge to hurl.

"You aren't gonna win, mate." Arthur ignored him as he put down a two.

Then, a four; six, eight, and before you know it he's all out of cards. Checkmate.

Arthur looked up at the man's now gawked expression, and smirked. "Mibbe ah jus did."

The guy was infuriated now as he looked at the cards, to Arthur, to the cards, then back up at Arthur. "Bullshit," he spat out a wad of tobacco juice out of the side of his mouth.

The man was nothing but muscle and tattoo compared to Arthur. However, as he said that Arthur couldn't hold it in anymore. He laughed, and laughed until his sides were cramping; until the man grabbed at his white button down, and heaved him up from his chair. "I want a rematch". He demanded, spit freckling across Arthur's face.

"Not how it works." The man pushed Arthur against a wall; hard. Others began to move away immediately in the process at the same time the owner shouted for the two men to take their tussle outside, but he was only ignored. "Listen to me, mate. I will hurt-" he was distracted by Arthur's hand moving behind his ear, thus a silver dollar had appeared between his fingers as if by magic.

"Did you not hear me? Arthur's smile widened. "Yer outta luck, lassie." He threw the coin at the man's face, causing him to loose his grip on Arthur.

"Aye!" he called out as he saw the sly Scott scoop up a few coins from their table, including a third-class ticket to board the 'White Star Line', and ran free from the pub toward the grand ship.


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ImageChun-Hwa's eyes flittered restlessly over the large crowd of people that had gathered around the docks. Her gaze traveled from face to face as she took in all the varying expressions of awe that people displayed over the magnificent ship that sat close by, currently boarding first-class passengers.

Reaching back, Chun-Hwa gently touched the hair pin that she had carefully placed in her hair this morning. The girl had gotten up an hour earlier than usual just to make sure that she had enough time to put her hair up and put on her hanbok without having to rush. It wasn't as if she had anybody to impress, but she definitely didn't want to look as if she had just rolled out of bed before boarding the ship. Not to mention the fact that Chun-Hwa was basically representing her home country in this foreign land. She didn't want to make Koreans seem unkempt and tasteless in these European's eyes.

The reminder of what was on the line caused the girl to heave a sigh. Turning to look out towards the sea, Chun-Hwa thought about everything that had led to this moment. She wondered about the man that was supposed to have the ticket that she now had tucked away inside her luggage. Her father had said that he was a young merchant, barely on his first trip out of the country when they had encountered each other. Chun-Hwa was sure that if the man had waited a year or two he would have been able to afford a second-class ticket. But everyone wanted to be a part of Titanic's maiden voyage, which is way she now stood here with her very own stolen third-class ticket.

Turning her head in order to watch the people boarding the ship, Chun-Hwa wondered about what her future held. Starting out a new life in America surely wouldn't be easy, but she knew that she had to succeed there in order to make enough money to support herself and eventually her mother and father. That's right, once she had enough money she could travel back to Korea and be with her family again. She would be able to afford actual hearty meals for them that would allow them to actually fill their stomachs for the first time in ages. Maybe she could even afford to buy them a bigger house, one where her family would never have to worry about being cramped again.

Chun-Hwa was only brought out of her daydreaming when she felt something run into her legs. Looking down, she locked eyes with a little girl. The child's big blue eyes seemed to stare at the woman she had run into with slight curiosity. Though Chun-Hwa waited, no apologies came from the small child. Deciding that maybe she should apologize herself, she began to speak to the younger girl a bit unsurely. "Um, I am very sorry..."

This single statement seemed to release the child from her trance, and she stepped back as if to get a full view of the older female. "Why do you look so strange?" They asked with a slight tilt of their head, as if genuinely baffled. While this caused a flash of shock to run through Chun-Hwa, she quickly dismissed it. Looking down at the innocent child, she realized that she meant no harm by it. She realized that there were many children in Korea who would be confused if they saw a person with blonde hair or blue eyes walking around.

Smiling gently at the child, Chun-Hwa was about to answer when the mother of the girl rushed over quickly before grabbing the girls arm. Mumbling out a quick apology, the woman never fully look Chun-Hwa in the eyes as she dragged her child away into the crowd. Feeling other people staring, she looked around only to find that everyone looked away whenever her eyes reached theirs. She figured that even adults must become curious when they see someone different.

Staring had never particularly bothered Chun-Hwa before, but this type of staring was making her a bit uncomfortable. She loved her home country and its culture, but all of the prying eyes only caused her to wish that she could blend in, even if just a little. Chun-Hwa had never had a problem with foreigners, in fact she loved meeting new ones when they'd come to trade at the ports in Busan. But now that she was a minority rather than a majority, they only served to make her feel as if she was strange. Their curious stares causing her to feel as though she was some caged animal out for display. She wondered how the Europeans that visited Korea managed to deal with it.

Sighing once more, Chun-Hwa lifted her head to the sky and took a deep breath. The familiar scent of the ocean calming her down a bit. She would get through this just fine, there was nothing to worry about. Hopefully everyone would get tired of staring after a few days.


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Date: Thursday, April 11th 1912. xxx Time: 10:30 am. xxx Location: the coast of Celtic Sea
Headed to: Queenstown, Ireland xxx Arrival time: 3:30 pm. xxx Weather: partly cloudy with an abundance of stratocumulus clouds. moderate breeze at 50°C N/NW

Titanic's departure from Southhampton yesterday was quite the success! Afterwards, the massive vessel sailed to Cherbourg, France to board more passengers. Nonetheless, everything seemed to be running smoothly, not a mishap identified. Its passengers are enjoying the long voyage as well. Some even managed to make friends with those within their social heiarchy, but who knows? Maybe love will parish within this grand vessel, or rivals will be made. Sometimes fate just has to be waited upon before it is allowed to make its next move.

As first class passengers began to make their way towards the Parisian Café for an early morning coffee, most second and third class passengers aimed to put on their best fitting garments to join them, passing the bouncers who are scouting for any possible intruders. Nevertheless, people are making the most of it until their final destination to Pier 60 in New York on April 17, 1912.